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When Dreams Come True

Introducing Angie

by Bill Quinn

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Back in August there was a most intriguing entry in my Guestbook by Annie:

"Thanks for your books. Gave me some great ideas. I'm the type who loves the marriage bed, more than my husband. Its time to make him ask for it. Thanks for Laurie and Nikki!"

Those familiar with my stories know that they offer a wife many cute, romantic, and sexy ideas for what to do if she is not "in the mood" quite as often as her husband. Annie seems to have the opposite problem. So I wondered: what ideas did Annie get from Laurie's antics? Then a few thoughts occurred to me, and...a new story was created! It's based on a new couple, Derek and Angie, but like the Nikki stories, it's written in the first person from the wife's point of view.

This is a tender story that portrays the sadness and hurt some wives experience. But like all my stories, it has a sweet and happy ending!

Thanks, Annie! I hope you enjoy my story.

P.S.: The Web site mentioned in this story is real. Check it out!

Annie's Response

I was so happy to get Annie's response! It's also in the Guestbook, but here it is:

"Thanks so much for your Derek and Angie story. I almost cried. You described my love life. I've cried myself to sleep in the disappointment and hurt that Angie describes. I love the way she overcomes it all..... gives me lots to think about. Thanks again!"

You're entirely welcome, Annie! I have prayed that you will "overcome it all" too and that your marriage will become that wonderfully, sweet, romantic marriage your heart longs for.

* * * * * * * * * *

The restaurant was very romantic.

We were both dressed in our finest, and Derek looked so debonair! The lights were low, each table had its own candle, and there even was a man walking around the tables playing soft, melodic music on a violin.

We had invited our friends, Jim and Stephanie, to dinner. Well, okay, that really isn't quite the whole story. I had heard about this restaurant and really wanted to go there. My hope was that the atmosphere might actually put my somewhat unromantic husband into a romantic mood. But naturally I didn't want this strategy to be so transparently obvious. Yes, I was just dying to experience the romantic ambiance myself and see the effect I hoped it would have on Derek--but, subtlety was called for.

Several months ago Stephanie had asked us over to their house for dinner, and we had yet to reciprocate. What was wrong with killing two birds with one stone?

The restaurant had been everything I'd dreamed it would be. How could a man not be in a romantic mood after having dinner in that atmosphere?

But...no sense leaving everything up to a man's rather dubious ability, especially Derek's, to be moved by an incredibly romantic atmosphere. So on the drive home, I reached over and rested my hand on his shoulder, softly caressing his neck. Then I started playing with his hair.

That should be enough of a hint as to what was on my mind. But after this unforgettable evening, I didn't want to take any chances.

"This was such a romantic evening. Guess what I'm in the mood for tonight," I whispered.

He gave me a quick glance and smiled.

"Why, Angie, I, um, can't imagine."

"Oh, yeah? Well, try real hard. Just let your imagination run wild. We've got about ten more minutes before we get home."

I tried to make my voice seductive, but I never did have much confidence in my skill along those lines.

As I've done so often in the past, my mind pictured a number of romantic scenarios for when we got home. Like Derek coming up from behind, putting his arms around me, and kissing my neck. Or taking my hand gently in his and leading me into the bedroom. Or actually sweeping me into his arms and carrying me into the bedroom saying, "I just can't wait another minute to get you into bed!"

Well, when we finally did got home, I puttered around doing things that didn't need doing in order to give Derek every chance to make some romantic move.

But he didn't.

I followed him when he finally went into the bedroom. My last hope that tonight he might make the first move was to undress in front of him.

Which I proceeded to do. I tried to do it slowly, and I did notice him look at me a few times. But when I pulled on my nightshirt, he was already getting onto the bed and under the covers.

Disappointment started to well up inside me, but after this beautiful evening, I wasn't going to give in to it.

I crawled under the covers and snuggled up to Derek, putting one arm under his shoulders and running my fingers up his inner thigh with the other...higher and higher.

"So you couldn't figure out what I was in the mood for?"

He turned toward me and embraced me. We kissed passionately.

"I guess it's pretty clear now," he said in a husky voice. He leaned down and kissed me again.

Then we made love.

Derek was already asleep beside me. Yes, our lovemaking is always sweet and satisfying. But...why do I always have to initiate it? Doesn't he have any desire for me? I had just had a heavenly time with him in bed, but I still felt that familiar sadness that seems to surface all too often.

The next day I couldn't get those questions out of my mind. They've bothered me before, and I've felt this sadness before, but eventually it fades, and my hope for the future builds up again. But this time...well, the sadness was still lingering. I wanted so much for him to...be more aggressive, to come after me, and show me he really wants me...that he really desires me.

Sure, I can tell he enjoys making love, but not only do I obviously want it more often than he does, it seems like I always have to initiate it!

So I thought about that most of the day. What could I do to build up his desire for me? To build up his desire for...well, sex!

Then I remembered reading somewhere that a wife who wants to make love more often than her husband can increase his desire for sex by being more seductive in the bedroom. Yeah, that was it: the author--a woman, I think--said that not many men can keep from getting aroused by a sexually stimulating wife.

Wow! Is that what I need to be? I had always thought that just by being female, a wife should automatically drive her husband wild with desire. Of course, our marriage experience certainly seemed to contradict that notion. So maybe I really do need to be sexier in the way I act and dress at home, especially in the bedroom.

Still...it's difficult, isn't it? There's just that feeling deep inside you that says "good girls" don't try to look and act sexy. But of course my head tells me, and that marriage book tells me, that in marriage there's nothing wrong with that. And in my case, it just might be the solution.

So maybe that's just what I'll do. Yeah, instead of wearing an old, baggy T-shirt to bed, I'll get something really sexy. Some flowing nightgown maybe. No. That covers too much. I need to be more risque. Something short--very short--and silky, with ruffles. Absolutely! That's what I want: a baby doll nightgown.

I got on the Internet and started searching, my excitement building every minute.

What I saw surprised me, though, and it seemed to me that these baby doll styles were more crassly gaudy than sexy. They all had those silly-looking spaghetti straps, and most of them just had a single clasp or bow holding them together in the front--with just about everything showing! What's left for the male imagination?

No, this wouldn't do. To find something really sexy, maybe I needed to go back a few years. I knew there were a number of "vintage" Web sites.

More searching.

Yes, now here's more what I had in mind. The site was called "Hooked on Vintage," run by someone named Lisa. It had an enchanting baby doll nightgown from the Sixties.

Baby Doll Nightgown

The description made it sound as good as the picture:

"An adorable vintage 1960's pajama set by Virginia Wallace. It was made in a super short, very full flared style with sheer puffed sleeves. It is trimmed in delicate, soft white lace and pink satin ribbon. The scoop neckline is accented with tiny embroidered rosebuds."

Hmmm...one problem, though. It had matching bloomers. Bloomers? They used to be pretty common, I guess, with baby dolls, but no, I don't think so...

Here's the answer! Right on the same page--and bright red too!


Let's see how Lisa describes these:

"A flirty pair of vintage panties by Vanity Fair. They were made in stunning sheer red Tricot nylon and chantilly lace insets."

"Flirty." "Lace." That's what I'm looking for. And besides, being bright red, these panties will probably project a very teasing silhouette under the nightgown. That ought to get Derek's imagination going. He'll just have to get a "closer look," won't he?

I placed the order.

When the order came, I planned the evening very carefully. To my way of thinking, a candlelight dinner with all the trimmings (incense, soft music, etc.) would certainly get me in a romantic mood. But I've learned that it has little effect on Derek. Let's see, what else could I do? What would a guy want for a special evening with his lovely and charming wife? Yeah, probably order a pizza and watch a Van Damme movie! Well, maybe the pizza's not a bad idea. But a Van Damme movie? No way! Not even I'd be in the mood after that!

We'll watch a romantic movie, but one that has a guy-interest too. I know just the one: "Sleepless in Seattle." It's a romantic movie, and I like it, but it also has a few scenes that guys can definitely identify with--like where Sam and his friend--what was his name?--make fun of the friend's wife for getting so emotional over that "chick movie," "An Affair to Remember." Yeah, Derek always liked that scene.

To get myself ready, I spent a lot of time on my hair--washing it, setting it in curlers, and trimming my bangs and the hair around my ears. Then I put on one of my prettier "casual" dresses. As I looked at myself in full-length the mirror, everything seemed to be just right.

The evening went, to use Annie's phrase, "like clockwork." The movie was still going when we finished the pizza, and I snuggled up close to Derek. The dress I'd chosen was pretty short, and I made sure plenty of thigh showed when I pulled my legs up onto the sofa. Derek actually look down at my knees and put his arm around me!

I felt so happy. Maybe tonight would be the night. How would he try to seduce me?

When it came time for bed, I hurried to get my new baby doll nightgown on while Derek was still in the bathroom. When he came into the bedroom, I made it a point to be standing in front of the mirror brushing my hair. Raising my arms would pull the gown up even higher. When he walked in, I could tell that he stopped abruptly and looked at me. My heart started beating faster.

"Angie, you got a new nightgown."

"Do you like it?"

"Yeah, you look really cute in it."

Just what I wanted to hear! Well...maybe he could have come up with something a little more passionate, but at least his mind was moving in the right direction.

I had purposely left some of the clothes I'd just taken off lying about the floor. That way I could move around the room and...bend over a few times. Will he lose all control and attack me?

But as I picked up my shoes to put them in the closet, I could see that he was getting into bed and pulling up the covers.

Stunned! Shattered! I couldn't believe it. I just couldn't believe it! My heart suddenly was aching. I had had such high hopes.

Well, this time I wasn't going to initiate anything! I got into bed and just lay there...maybe there was still hope.

No. Derek did nothing. He didn't even put his arm around me.

I turned over onto my side as I felt my eyes tearing.

The next day I felt so empty. What could be wrong with me? Men are supposed to be oversexed. I know I really couldn't compete in the Miss America Contest, but I'm not ugly. Guys used to find me cute when I was dating. Heck, Derek finds me cute--he's told me--and he told me again last night! So what could it be? I've got a pretty good figure too. No, I don't think I could become a Victoria's Secret model, but I haven't gone to fat either!

I wonder if I'm the only wife that has this problem? I hear wives complain all the time about how often their husbands are after them--a lot more often than they're in the mood.

I just don't understand Derek. He enjoys it when we make love, but I want him to take the initiative, at least once in a while. Is there anything wrong with that? I want to feel...wanted, desired. I know I probably want sex more often than he does, but he should want me enough to come on to me at least some of the time.

I was still hurting inside, and the next few days were pretty dreary. Then when I was doing some surfing on romantic Web sites, a came across a comment by a wife that hit me like a ton of bricks:

"I'm the type who loves the marriage bed, more than my husband. Its time to make him ask for it."

Of course! Maybe that's what's going on! I "love the marriage bed" more than Derek does, so I get things going as often as I can. But what does that mean? It means he never has to do it himself! He can get all he needs, and probably more than he wants, by letting me to all the..."work." Then I'm always left wondering if he has any desire for me at all.

Well, what if I stopped initiating it?

I'll play with him, I'll tease him, but I won't start any lovemaking. I've just got to believe that he has too much red blood in him to do without sex entirely. So from now on, he'll just have to come to me to get it.

Yes, that means that at least for a while, I'll have to go without it too. But if this works, it'll be worth it.

If fact, once his need finally reaches a point where he has to act, I just might make him wait a little longer. I think I've heard that men like a challenge. Plus, it'll have a psychological effect--the "forbidden fruit." The "fruit" is more desirable because it's "forbidden." All this ought to really build up his desire!

Oh! I just thought of a problem. I've read that a wife should never use sex as a weapon or withhold it as a punishment--and I've always believed that too. Is that what I'd be doing?

No. I'm doing this because I want to make our marriage better. I've felt so hurt for so long, I can't really be the wife I want to be. And if this does build up his desire, he'll enjoy our love life a lot more too. Oh, I'll probably never get to make love as often as I'd like, but at least I'll feel the joy of having him come after me for a change.

"Operation Deprivation" will begin immediately!

Around the house, I wore short skirts. I wore leggings so tight they looked like they were painted on. I wore tight sweaters. And every other night or so, I wore my new baby doll nightgown, complete with lacy, red panties peaking out with a frequency I hoped would produce a very disturbing effect on the male equilibrium.

I also displayed my usual affection. I'd walk by Derek and squeeze his shoulder or mess up his hair. I'd snuggle up close to him both on the sofa and in bed.

But I never made any sexual advance.

A week went by. I began to feel like climbing the walls, I wanted him so badly. But I was determined.

Another week went by. How could he stand it? I was almost ready to explode. We'd never before gone so long without making love, and I was beginning to think I'd have to give in.

But finally, it happened.

We had been to see a movie. In the theater, Derek took my hand in his and held it. Usually, that was "my job." On the way to the car in the parking lot, he put his arm around my waist. What he did next almost made me quiver with excitement: just at the door of the car, he dropped his hand down to my derriere and began feeling me, as if to discover what wonders might be hidden under my skirt.

"That was a pretty nice movie, don't you think, Angie?" Derek asked as we drove home.

"Yeah, it was. I love movies with happy endings--especially when the hero gets the girl--and they live happily ever after!"

He turned and smiled at me. "That's a good point. I've always believed a little romance makes an action film even better."

Derek talking about what's romantic? Could tonight be the night he just can't stand it any longer? Would I have the willpower to carry out part two of my plan?

We got home and when it was finally time for bed, Derek walked into the bedroom right behind me. When I sat down on the bed to pull off my shoes, he got on behind me and wrapped his arms around me. He caressed my breasts and then moved his hands up to massage my shoulders.

My head went back and my eyes closed. I had all to do to keep from moaning. I don't know if I can do this. I just don't know if I can resist. I wanted to turn around and jump on him.

"It's been a while since we've made love," he said. "I thought maybe...you know..."

He seemed nervous, but then he wasn't very practiced at this sort of thing, was he? My own emotions could hardly be described by the word "nervous."

"...maybe we could make love tonight."

I mustered every bit of willpower I could.

Standing up and letting his arms drop, I said, "No, Derek, not tonight." I said it as nicely and as sweetly as I could.

"Not tonight!" He sounded dumbfounded. "But you're always in the mood. You mean you don't want to make love tonight?"

"Well..." If he only knew how much I wanted to! "...I don't exactly mean that. I just want to wait."


I stole a glance at him. There was no doubt about it. He was absolutely dumbfounded.

"Oh. Well, okay." Now I detected real disappointment. I wanted to take him in my arms so badly, but I really believed what I was doing was for the best.

He started to undress. I turned to watch him as I did the same. Then I put on my baby doll nightgown. He couldn't take his eyes off me.

Once we were in bed, he put his arm around me and snuggled up so close I could hardly breathe. He ran his hand down my side, ostensibly to straighten my nightgown, but I think he really wanted to feel those panties.

I just closed my eyes and prayed for sleep before I completely lost control. When I finally did fall asleep, it was still in his arms and it was definitely with the thought that my plan was working, and working better than my wildest expectations.

The next two days I continued my sexy antics around the house, but Derek made no new advances. I began to worry.

But on the third night...

Derek came home from work and handed me a box of candy. Apparently, he wasn't worried about my figure!

"Oh, Derek, you're so sweet!"

After I set the box on a nearby table, he put his arms around me and kissed me.

"Well, I wanted to do something nice for you tonight."

I wondered--had he really thought out a strategy? Was he trying to get me in the mood tonight?

After dinner, he helped me clear the table and then invited me over to watch one of our favorite movies on DVD. During the movie, I sat close to him, and he couldn't keep his hands off me. The movie wasn't about heaven, but I sure thought I was in heaven!

Later when we walked into the bedroom, he said, "Angie, why don't you put on that sexy baby doll nightgown?"

What should I say? I couldn't think of anything to say! Why wasn't my brain functioning?

So I said nothing but did manage to look at him and smile. His eyes were glued to me as I removed every item of clothing and put on the baby doll nightgown. Could I see fire in his eyes?

Once I had it on, I turned to him. What would he do next?

"Okay," he said, "lay down on the bed. I'm going to give you a sensuous massage."

I obediently did as I was told, lying on my stomach and reaching up to wrap my arms around the pillow. I knew that would pull this short nightgown well above my waist, exposing a lot of red! I wondered what he was thinking.

He began massaging my shoulders, back, and sides. While his hands were around me, they slipped under me and began "massaging"...well, certain parts of my anatomy that a masseur wouldn't dare touch. This time, I think I was moaning.

He next went down to my legs. Wrapping his hands around one, he worked his way up higher and higher, finally touching and teasing my...well, you get my drift.

I began squirming on the bed and finally he turned me over and lifted the nightgown off over my head. Only my panties were left, and he removed them with loving caresses. Then...

We made really passionate love.

Afterward, I was so happy, I could almost cry. We finally fell asleep in each other's arms.

The days and weeks rolled by, and our marriage, especially our love life, was absolutely transformed!

Oh, yes: I'd been right about one thing. We still didn't have sex as often as I really wanted it or even as often as we used to have it when I was doing everything. But I still occasionally tease him and say "no" just so he's more romantic the next time he tries--which I think we both really enjoy! Oh, yeah: I still initiate sex, but only after waiting until we've made love at least two or three times with Derek taking the lead.

All my dreams have come true. What a wonderful feeling it is to be...desired!


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