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Just For Me
© 2007 by Serenity

I was late, really late. My fault really. Last night we were out at a friend's place and forgot all about the time, so we ended up strolling in at one in the morning. Big mistake, because when my alarm went off, I pressed the snooze button and went back to sleep. Then when it rung again, I yanked out the plug to shut it up. Alex had the day off (lucky devil), so when I finally woke up in a state of panic, he was still sleeping like a baby. But not for long, with all the noise I was making getting up and trying to throw on some clothes. I had only my shirt on, which was just half buttoned when I was hopping madly out the bedroom door trying to get my socks on.

When Alex finally woke up and entered the kitchen, I had my waist coat on with a piece of toast in my mouth, and this time hopping around trying to get my pants on. He raised an eyebrow at me in that sexy way of his while leaning his upper body against the wall, arms folded, which in any other situation would've really appealed to me. Too bad.

But why was he looking at me like that anyway? Surely I couldn't look...well, sexy like this--pants half on, half off. Boy, even though psychology is my field, it still never ceases to amaze me what can turn a man on.

I had to concentrate on the matter at hand and try to ignore my sexy husband, and without his shirt on too. He does have the nicest abs. Focus Sarah, focus! Business now, peepshow later. I hobbled past him to the living room holding my pants up with one hand, still not properly on, while gathering the papers I needed to take with me.

"You ought to be careful rushing around like that," he said, following me into the living room.

By now I was working on trying to get my other leg into my pants.

"What?" I answered, dropping my toast from my mouth.

"I said, you ought to be careful or…" Too late, I fell behind the sofa with a hard thud.

Alex was by my side in seconds asking if I was all right, supporting my shoulders as he sat me up to rest my upper body in his lap.

"Ow," I cried weakly.

"Where does it hurt?"

I pointed to my ankle, trying to see if I could move it in order to indicate which one it was. It was so sore I winced. "My ankle. Ouch! Oh, that hurts!"

I must've looked like a wreck, clothes fraying about with only my one pant leg on and my shirt buttoned up in the wrong places. Alex took me in his arms and carried me to the bedroom to lay me down.

"I can't believe this happened, how am I going to get to work now?" I grumbled.

"Work? Sweetie, you're not going anywhere today."


"Shhh," he silenced me with a finger to my lips. "Now you sit tight, and I'll be right back."

I watched him as he hurried out of the bedroom, leaving the door slightly ajar. I honestly couldn't believe this happened! I could see it now. When I don't show up for work and they ask me why I didn't come in, I'd have to tell them how I overslept and then injured myself while frantically getting ready to leave. How embarrassing. Sarah Clarke, psychologist, hurt as she got dressed for work. This was going to sit really well with the Chairman of Board Directors...oh, good grief, I completely forgot! The Chairman of Board of Directors, he was supposed to be coming in today. I had an appointment with him, and this was the only day we could meet before he leaves for his trip abroad. This meeting was important to me, it's going to look awful, absolutely inexcusable, when I don't show up. That's it! My career is over, he'll never agree to another meeting. What was I going to do? I groaned in annoyance.

Meanwhile Alex came back with an ice pack and what looked like a movie in his other hand. He seemed to take note of my facial expression when he saw me.

"You look sadder than when I left you. Is everything all right?"

"I just remembered that I'm going to miss that appointment with Dr. Stevens today."

"Ah, yes, the Chairguy you told me about."

"Yeah, that's the one," I said, ignoring his humor. I covered my face with my hand in exasperation and felt the tears on their way. "Oh, man, I'm not going to be able to reschedule this meeting. I had to make this appointment weeks in advance because he's always so busy."

Alex came to my side and gathered me into his arms. "Aw, honey, come on, everything is going to be just fine. It's not the end of the world."

"I know, but--"

"Sweetie, do you trust me?"

What kind of a question was that? Of course I trusted him, I trusted him with my life. When things would go sour, they wouldn't seem so bad when he was around, but this time, I think this time was going to be one of those off chances where I would suffer in my bad luck. Still, I replied, "Yes, with all my heart."

"Then trust me when I say that everything is going to be all right."

I nodded as best I could while pressed against him, then after a kiss on my forehead, he got up and grabbed the ice pack he'd placed on the side table and asked me which leg it was. I told him it was the left one. He probed my ankle for a bit to pinpoint the exact area of the injury before placing the ice pack on. I watched him put the movie in the DVD player and turn it on. Then he left the room again leaving me to watch the previews.

It was a movie we'd rented a couple of days ago that was due back by tomorrow, and we still hadn't watched it. We both like a variety of genres when it comes to movies. Sometimes we get in the mood for an action-type flick (I just love watching the stunts) or a comedy--they always say laughter is the best medicine. One type of movie we've recently come to enjoy was suspense. I always love trying to figure out who did it, while Alex likes to tease me when I turn out to be wrong. We end up in a cushion fight that somehow turns into something else in the bedroom, if you know what I mean. This time we went for a romance flick that I had been anxious to watch but, having gotten caught up in so many other affairs, never seemed to have the time.

Alex came back into the bedroom, and before long we were both snuggled under the covers together, my head on his chest, watching the movie.

"This feels odd, watching a movie when I'm supposed to be at the office."

"Breaking routine will do that to you. Besides, you're not going to be walking around for a long time, and I figured we could make this our movie day together."

There was nothing I could do about it, I might as well enjoy this time I have with Alex. And I had to admit, this made me feel somewhat better. I closed my eyes and relished in his warmth.

It was late afternoon when I woke up to the sounds of clanking coming from the kitchen and something that smelled...well, good. I'd been lying in bed for most of the day, except when I had to use the bathroom. I managed to catch up on most of my sleep from the night before, but I was still sleepy due to the painkillers Alex had dosed me up with earlier. He'd gotten them from the pharmacy when he went out for groceries. I decided that I'd had enough of sleeping, so I tried as best I could to get out of bed, hobbling out the door and being careful not to put too much pressure on my injured foot.

After finally getting down the stairs, I reached the kitchen and saw Alex stirring a pan of something while he was grabbing for something else nearby. His shirt was really messy, and he'd obviously forgotten about wearing an apron. It was time to make my presence known. I cleared my throat and he turned around, a little startled, as he wasn't expecting me to be out of bed. He'd given strict instructions to call him if I needed anything, literally. He gave me the cordless phone so that if he was somewhere in the house where he couldn't hear me calling, he would only be a phone call away.

I smiled looking at him and he dropped everything and came to my side to prop me up on him.

"Baby, you're supposed to be resting." I love it when he calls me that! "If you're always up and about your ankle isn't going to heal."

"But I've been upstairs for hours, and besides, I wanted to see what all the noise was down here."

"Aw, honey, did I disturb you? I'm sorry."

"No, that's OK. It just smelled so good I had to follow my nose. What are you cooking here anyway?"

I then noticed that sly look he gets in his eye when he's planning something. "You'll see, right now you'll just have to wait."

"Alex?" I asked suspiciously, "What's going on?"

"I don't know what you're talking about."

He was playing hardball. Well, two can play at that game. I managed to get close to his ear and whispered seductively: "If you tell me, I might be able to reward you later on. What do you think, Tiger." That was my nickname for him that I only used when I needed to.

Knowing him as I do, it would not be easy for him to resist my...offer. I could see poor Alex struggling: should he tell me or keep his secret? The latter won. He picked me up and laid me on the couch in the living room.

"I'll let you stay here if you promise to behave yourself and not press me anymore about this. Now, I'm expecting company over for dinner, and he wants to meet both of us, so you can watch TV for a while before I take you upstairs to get ready."

"Company! What company? You've got to be kidding! Who's 'he'? I'm in no condition to be a host tonight!"

"Ah, Sarah, you've picked up too much modern parlance. You would be the hostess, not the host. But don't worry: I'll be the host, and I'll take care of everything. No need for a hostess tonight. You'll be one of the guests. The dinner really is for you anyway."

"For me? What are you talking about?"

"Now, now. You've already used your most powerful weapon, and I was able to resist. Not another word will come from my mouth." His smile had that tongue-in-cheek smugness to it.

I scowled at him but couldn't get him to say anymore.

Well, the hour had almost arrived and I was sitting at my dresser doing my make-up. Alex had given me a sponge bath and then selected his favorite dinner dress for me to wear. He had even dressed me--and I mean, every item, piece-by-piece. Wow! It had gotten me excited, and I can only barely imagine what it had been like for him! I had continuously been wishing I didn't have to deal with this darn injury, then I could have...well, I suppose that could come later tonight. I left my hair down and was done with adding the finishing touches to my face.

I heard the door creak and saw the love of my life standing there, mouth open with one look at me. He seemed to be speechless at that moment. I didn't understand what the big deal was, he'd seen me dressed up lots of times, but every time was like a first for him. Was I really that pretty that I could still make him speechless every time? I guess he thinks so. He came over and ran gentle strokes along my cheek bones. The magic, it was so hard to ignore, especially for me after the special treatment I had just gotten from him. I could see he wanted nothing more than to take me and just have his way with me, but his sense of timing kicked in.

"As beautiful as you look, I'm going to have to hold off on what I'm thinking of doing with you and take you downstairs before our guest arrives."

I obliged and put my arms around his neck while he lifted me up. We managed to catch an image of us in the mirror and couldn't help but stare for a few moments. It looked like a great image, both of us dressed up with the happiest looks on our faces. Just like our wedding day when he held me.

Everything seemed perfect in the living room and dining room. Alex had really worked hard at making our home look presentable, plus the food smelled delicious! As I watched him rush around adding the final touches, I admired his attire too. He was dressed casual: a white sweater that I had gotten for him and a pair of black pants. And he was wearing that cologne I absolutely was addicted to. Every time he passed me by, I had a whiff of that sensuous scent.

Suddenly the doorbell rang and I jumped. Alex checked himself in the mirror before going to answer the door. I waited on the couch as I heard voices coming closer and closer. I noticed Alex walk in first, followed by...suddenly my eyes widened and my mouth dropped in astonishment!

"Here she is, Dr. Stevens, my beautiful wife, Sarah."

Dr. Stevens, the Chairman for the Board of Directors, the very man I was supposed to meet today! And here he was, in my house!

Alex came to help me stand so I could meet this man properly, but Dr. Stevens stopped us. "Oh no, please, I don't expect you to be on your feet after hearing what your husband told me about your accident." I looked at Alex strangely. "Yes, he told me everything, in fact, he was the one who convinced me to come over tonight. I hope that was all right with you."

I managed to find my voice. "O-of course it is! Dr. Stevens, I'm so glad you could make it."

He came closer and handed me the bouquet of flowers he was holding when he walked in. "These are for you, and I hope you get better very soon."

The evening after that was a resounding success. We had a wonderful conversation, plus we got to discuss the business I had with him, only to conclude the evening with a delicious dinner cooked by my Alex. I already loved him so much, but tonight, my love for him reached new heights.

That night as I was sitting on the bed waiting for Alex to come out of the bathroom, I was thinking of how truly blessed I was. I was so deep in thought that when he came up behind me and began massaging my shoulders, I jumped slightly.

"Easy Princess," he murmured.

"You should be the one getting the massage, you worked so hard today."

"Nah, it was nothing."

"Don't say that, what you did...oooh Alex..." Those magic hands, I'll never get tired of them.

"Dr. Stevens looked like he left in a good mood," he said.

"And why wouldn't he? He had good company with only the best cooked food, and it was all thanks to you." Alex chuckled. "How did you plan all this anyway?"

"I told you, sweetie, connections. My spies are everywhere," he mused.

"No really," I insisted, "How did you do it?"

There was a small chuckle from him before he continued. "Your father. I got him to help me."

"You got dad involved?" I asked, completely surprised.

"Well, after making a few prior phone calls and doing a little detective work, I turned to your dad. I wasn’t really going to get him to talk to Dr. Stevens, but it turns out they already knew each other. They are both doctors after all. He met your dad at a conference where he was the guest speaker."

I remembered dad mentioning something about a conference where he was supposed to be a guest speaker. My father is a well known heart surgeon and gets endless invitations to dinners and conferences and the like, and he’s highly respected in what he does, or so my mom keeps telling me.

"So when Dr Stevens found out whose daughter you were and what had happened to you, he made up his mind to come and see you tonight."

I choked out the next words. "I can’t believe how you made all this happen...and just for me."

He simply wrapped his arm around me from behind and kissed the side of my head.

"I told you my spies are everywhere."

"Yes, you did." I smiled as I rolled my eyes.

"And they all have to serve me, including your dad, now that I’ve made him one too."

I laughed at that. Alex always did like to have his bit of control over my dad.

"Well, at least I know I'm well taken care of." Then with a coy smile and in a tone that was hardly innocent, I asked, "Now weren't you going to undress me?"

"With pleasure," he said coming round to the front to slide my silk stockings off with that intoxicated look in his eyes.

"Do it very slowly now. Remember my condition..."

"Just because you're partially immobile doesn't mean we can't make love tonight, am I right?"

"Need you even ask?" I said, as my heart started beating faster.

I smiled as I let him peel away at all my clothes with slow, loving caresses.

At that moment I thought back to everything this man had done just for me, and I truly was grateful for his love.


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