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The Sweetest Anniversary

© 2016 by Debra Phillips

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Special Note: As soon as you finish reading this beautiful story, play "The Anniversary Song" sung by the Lennon Sisters--I guarantee you will have tears in your eyes.

Meg found herself sitting on the couch late that morning sipping coffee and reading when someone knocked on her door. Looking up she saw the figure of the mailman through the front window. Setting her cup back on the table, she got up and went to answer it.

"Sorry to disturb you Mrs. Clemons, you have a package," he began as he held a rather large envelope. "Since it's too big for the mail slot, I went ahead and knocked."

"Oh, thank you," she said, smiling as she extended her hand. After a few moments of small talk, she said her good-byes and closed the door. She headed back inside to see who had sent the package.

Examining the return address, there was no name, only an address. Not recognizing the address, she looked it up. It was from a hotel on the edge of town--in fact, it was the hotel she and Carl spent their honeymoon in...11 years ago today. But she couldn't figure out why they were sending her anything. They hadn't before, so why now? Suddenly intrigued, she opened the package.

Contained inside were two envelopes, one somewhat large and another smaller envelope. Dumping them out in her lap, she first picked up the larger envelope and looked to see what, if anything, had been written on it. The only thing it said was "Read the letter before opening." Laughing, she set that envelope aside and picked up the smaller envelope, opened it, and began reading the letter.

Dear Mrs. Clemons:

First we want to wish you a very happy anniversary. Eleven years ago you married the love of your life, the man of your dreams, and your soul mate. We were there when you walked down the aisle and into his arms to spend the rest of your lives together. We would like to welcome you back again to celebrate your anniversary. So with the help of your husband, we have a surprise for you. This evening you will be picked up at 5:00 P.M. and swept away to our luxurious suite for a two-night stay full of romance and love. Your evening will include two candlelight dinner's, breakfast in bed, Jacuzzi baths for two, couples' massage, and romantic walks at sunset.

Now contained in the larger envelope are clues to your exciting adventure. Each card is numbered, giving you the sequence of events during your getaway. Each card explains what will be happening during that event.

Enjoy your evening and let the adventure begin...

Signed CC


With mounting anticipation, Meg set the letter aside and reached for the envelope containing the cards. Inside was another smaller note and 11 cards. Eight had something written on them, and three were blank. She quickly scanned the cards before setting them aside to read the note.

These cards are numbered, as you can see, each revealing a clue to one of the adventures of your two-night stay.

The three blank cards can contain either what you would like to have happen to you or what you would like to do to your loving husband. Since you already know you will be picked up at 5:00 P.M., the cards and the adventures they describe begin after you reach the hotel. But there is a thank-you card for your driver.

Even that card was like the others with rhymes and clues.

As she was looking over everything, there was another knock on her door. She quickly got up and opened it. On the other side was her friend, Carrie, holding a floral bouquet of flowers.

"Happy Anniversary!" she said happily with a high pitched voice.

"Carrie, thank you. Come in."

As Carrie came in she gave her friend the flowers and a hug.

"So what are you two love birds doing tonight?"

"Well as a matter of fact, I was just looking at a package I got a little while ago. I can hardly believe it, but it's about a romantic, two-night getaway for Carl and me."

"Excuse me?" Carrie said with raised eyebrows.

"You heard right, I was just reading about it." Seeing her friend Carrie's confusion, Meg continued. "Grab a cup of coffee while I put these in water, and then I'll show you what I mean."

Before long both girls were on the couch and Meg was showing her friend what she had gotten.

"These are the cards that apparently have clues to what my anniversary getaway will consist of." She handed Carrie the cards.

"Really? Well let's see what they say."

Carrie began reading the cards.

"Hey, this one doesn't have a number or letter. It just says, 'Your adventure begins here--give this card to the one who comes for you to whisk you away,'" she said, holding the card so Meg could read it. Then Carrie continued.

"'You will then be escorted to the back of a waiting car, which has been stretched...'" Carrie looked puzzled.

"A Limo!" they both suddenly said, staring at each other in astonishment.

"'...where you will find this inside: music and champaign, to begin with.' Sweet," Carrie said smiling at her friend. "What does the first card say?"

Shaking her head, Meg refocused on the cards she held in her hand.

"Oh, it says, 'Driving in a rainbow of lights from the sky, the darkness soon surrounding and enveloping you in splendor and delight. Then you will see shimmering lights in the distance as they grow bigger and brighter the closer you get. Finally, you will pull in the driveway and be helped out and enter the lobby.

"'When you walk up to the desk clerk, present this card and receive your key.'"

"Oh, this is exciting," Carrie said. "I wish Marc would do something like this for me!"

"Why not do it for him?" Meg asked, shifting cards and reading the second one.

"'The man in the square hat will take your bag and escort you to a door on the 4th floor. There he will open that door and grant you entry. Present this card to him.'"

"Oh, this is getting better and better!" Carrie had excitement written all over her face. "What's next?"

"Well card number three says, 'In this room are colors of pink and red arranged in water with a fragrant so sweet.'"

"Roses!" they both exclaimed.

"'Flickering light will be seen next to a rolling table with a silver dome. Plates and glasses await. Next to that is a bowl and stand containing a bottle uncorked.' Room service," Meg said, looking up at her friend.

Card four says "'From the darkness will emerge a tall, dashing man covered with silk. He will welcome you in a deep, husky voice as he slowly moves behind you. His hands will grab your shoulders as he begins to whisper in your ear.'"

"Oh my!" Carrie could hardly believe what she heard. But she could certainly imagine what it would be like. "It sounds like such a romantic weekend!"

"Yeah, it really does," Meg said in a dreamy tone.

They looked at the remaining cards. The next three were the blank ones on which Meg could write what she wanted to have happen next. The others talked about dinners and massages and walks along the shoreline at night.

The clock struck, reminding Meg of the time and how much (or how little!) time she had left before she was to get ready for this fantastic, romantic dream. Before Carrie left, they had another cup of coffee as she helped Meg choose a dress for the evening. Then she left.


Precisely at 5:00 P.M. she heard the sound of a car getting closer. With her small bag packed, her excitement grew as she waited for the knock on the door. When it finally came, she hurried out, though making sure the door locked behind her.

The ride in the limo was everything the cards had described. What a thrill it was! She tried to imagine what it would be like when Carl joined her.

Once at the hotel, she entered and walked to the front desk. Soon a bellhop was summoned and handed a key. He escorted her to a room on the 4th floor. After entering and taking the key from the bellhop, Meg handed him the card. He smiled, thanked her, and then departed, closing her door behind him.

As her eyes adjusted to the dim light, she saw the fire in the luxurious fireplace ahead of her and the roses on the tray in front of it. There next to the flowers was the silver tray of strawberries and champaign.

"You are so beautiful my love," came a voice from behind her.

She turned with a gasp as she watched the figure draw closer.

"Happy anniversary, darling," Carl said tenderly but with obvious passion wrapping her into his arms.

"Happy Anniversary, Carl," Meg replied, her black gloved arm wrapping around his neck as they kissed.

When they parted she just looked into his eyes smiling.

"Oh Carl, this is so beautiful," she whispered.

Romantic music filled the air, and they began to sway to the music as the candlelight cast their shadows onto the wall. When the dance was over, he gently kissed her again. Carl slowly guided her to a wall, gently pinning her to it. He lifted her arms above her head and slowly and softly let his fingers trail down her body to her sides.

He then took her hands in his as he pulled the gloves slowly from her hands, finger by finger, and let them fall to the ground. Within moments they were both laying in front of the fire's glow as it warmed their skin.

After making sweet love, they sat in the afterglow eating delicacies by candlelight.


The next morning Carl was the first to awaken. He looked over and smiled when he saw her laying in his arms. She looked so beautiful and peaceful. After a moment he kissed her lips and watched as she slowly awoke and smiled as her eyes saw him.

"Good morning," he said smiling.

"Umm...morning," came her words as she stretched.

"Sleep well?"

"Great, so what did ya have planned today?"

"Well, in about 5...4...3...2...1..." he said, pointing to the door.

Knock, knock. "Room Service."

"Breakfast in bed to start," Carl said. "Be right back."

Getting out of bed and slipping into his robe, he headed to the door.

While he was grabbing the tray from the waiter in the hall, Meg had gotten out of bed and walked to the window to look out. The waves were gently crashing over the rocks, then heading back out again. She just stood there watching for a moment as he wheeled the tray into the bedroom.

"Breakfast is served, milady."

She turned from the window and got back into bed as he fixed two plates and handed them to her. Then he moved to the other side and got back under the covers. She then handed him his plate and they enjoyed an extravagant--and romantic--breakfast together in bed.

When they finished eating, they dressed and left the room, making sure to leave the tray in the hall to be picked up later. Taking the elevator to the main floor, they enjoyed their couples' massage. It was so relaxing to get rid of the stress of the week and just feel the energy and peace enter. What made her feel even better was having Carl right there beside her.

After the massage, they dressed and headed for the next thing on their list. And that next thing was a walk along the shore while holding hands and just feeling the sand between their toes as the waves washed over their feet.

As they walked they saw and heard the seagulls flying and swooping into the water to grab their meal. If they weren't careful they would get farther than they had intended and miss an afternoon in each other's arms in the warm water of the Jacuzzi.

That evening for dinner they went downstairs and listened to the violins as they ate a candlelight dinner by the crackling fire. Carl had arranged for one of the violinists to come to their table and play "The Anniversary Song." Looking deeply into her eyes, he spoke the words softly to her as the music played.

Oh, how we danced
On the night we were wed;
We vowed our true love
Though a word wasn't said.
The world was in bloom,
There were stars in the skies
Except for the few
That were there in your eyes.

Dear, as I held you
So close in my arms,
Angels were singing
A hymn to your charms,
Two hearts gently beating
Were murmuring low,
"My darling, I love you so."

The night seemed to fade
Into blossoming dawn;
The sun shone anew
But the dance lingered on.
Could we but recall that
Sweet moment sublime,
We'd find that our love
Is unaltered by time.

Dancing Couple

Meg had tears in her eyes as they went back to their room. Once again they tenderly and lovingly slipped under the covers and into each other's arms, as the waves crashed onto the shores below.

"Happy Anniversary, my darling," Carl said, and she snuggled close to him and fell asleep on his shoulder.


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