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Melody of Love
© 2007 by Serenity

I watched the tide roll in caressing the coast like a sweet touch. That's exactly how I would remember his touch when he would run his hands up and down my back giving me one of his loving massages. Alex always did have that kind of magic with me, and I could never help comparing the way he caressed me to the waves washing up on the shore outside our beach house. Today, I was sitting on the sand as I rested my chin on my knees, enjoying the serene atmosphere I was in. The breeze glided past me running through my hair, seducing it into a little dance in the wind. It was perfect, well, almost perfect. Alex wasn't here, and I was still waiting for him to get back.

He'd been acting most strangely this morning. I noticed he was nervous when I got out of the shower after we had made love moments earlier. Usually seeing me in a towel makes him want to snatch it away, but today he didn't even seem to notice me enter the bedroom. He was already fully dressed and getting ready to leave for somewhere as I walked in. When he finally did notice me, all he said was, "I'll be back by noon, okay? I'll see you then."

I barely nodded before he gave me a kiss on the forehead and left. And now here I am on the beach. I'm not sure how long I've been out here, but it must surely be noon by now. I figured I should be inside, but sitting on the beach had always been so peaceful to me that I thought, just a few minutes more. Suddenly I felt warm hands wrap around my waist and lock me in a sideways embrace. A deep, husky voice tickled my ear.

"So beautiful, like watching a painting," he breathed. I could never mistake that voice, and I knew it could be none other than Alex. Thinking he was talking about the view, I replied, "Isn't it, though?"

"I was actually referring to you."

I blushed. Sometimes he would say the cutest things to me.

He nuzzled my neck more and more. Did he even know what his touch did to me? That he alone held so much power over me? It was incredible, even after all this time, that he could make me submit to every command just by his touch.

Eventually he did pull away, and we walked back to the house together, arm in arm. When we were almost there, he said he had something to show me. I couldn't help starting the guessing games, but he told me to wait. As we reached the door, I heard something coming from music. It sounded so familiar, yet at the same time it wasn't.

When we went inside, I heard our CD player playing a song I'd never heard before, but yet...those words, I definitely knew those words. They were from a poem Alex had written for me.

Now if you knew Alex like I do, you'd know that he and poems don't mix at all, but this poem had come about under the strangest circumstances.

It was about a month ago when I had to go out of town for a while, leaving Alex alone for the first time since we'd been married. Before I left, I encouraged him to keep himself occupied and stay busy. He happily took me up on that suggestion and often went out to the bar with his friends. But apparently he still couldn't handle the fact that I was gone. So, according to his buddies, he would get drunk and start blabbering on and on about his wife: how she meant the world to him and that there was no one else like her. Soon he began talking in rhyme, and before he knew it, he was sounding like a true poet. His friends had told him about that of course, trying to tease him and mess around with him. They even joked that the next time he should write it all down and show it to me as evidence of how much he missed me. Alex, however, took it seriously and started writing down everything he'd say, which turned into the poem that he gave me as a welcome-home present.

I remember feeling so moved when I read it because of the way he wrote about me. It deeply touched my soul. I could have sworn he sounded like Shakespeare, but Alex is the complete opposite of him--that's why it was even more of a surprise to me.

Now I was hearing that same poem on our CD player, and it was being sung by a really good vocalist. Alex seemed to know what I was thinking when I looked at him, so he said to me, "I took this poem and turned it into a song for you. I thought it might mean a lot more to you when you hear it." I was speechless. "I knew someone at a record company who owed me a favor, so I thought, why not use it for you?"

One thing about Alex was that he had a lot of connections. Anytime he needed something done, he never seemed to be short of help. He wrapped his arms around me from behind and swayed me from side to side. "Well, sweetie, what do you think?"

I was still so shocked I didn't know what to say, but I did finally mange to get out something.

" did this for me? All for me?"

"Of course I did, honey."

I smiled. "Oh Alex, it truly is wonderful. You went to so much trouble that I almost feel guilty."

"Sarah, you should know you're worth it," he murmured as he nuzzled my neck.

I didn't think my smile could get any bigger, but it did. "I absolutely love it. Thank you."

He continued to gently sway me in his arms, and I melted into his embrace, as the wonder of his love continued to sink in. I couldn't believe what this man would do for me just to show me how much I meant to him. It probably explained his behavior earlier today.

"You know, you were acting so strange this morning, you had me thinking something was wrong."

"Yeah, sorry about that. I guess I was nervous, 'cuz...well...I wasn't sure if you'd be okay with turning your favorite poem into a song."

"Well, you know what? I think that's the most beautiful song I've ever heard."

As we kept swaying to our music, he began stroking my back in that special, tender way of his. That gentle, caressing movement up and down. Finally I turned around and looked deeply into his beautiful gray eyes.

"I love you so much, Alex. You know that, right?" He smiled and kissed me, pulling me into a warm embrace before carrying me off to our bedroom...


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