Romantic Marriage Stories

Little Red Riding Hood

Bill Quinn


I was overflowing with excitement as I replaced the phone.

Julie had just invited Josh and me out for two Saturdays in a row! And one of them was to a costume party! I just love costume parties! And I know exactly the costume I'm going to wear.

Ooo...but what about Josh? He hates going to parties. Julie's other invitation was just going out to a swank restaurant with her and her husband Tom. Josh won't mind that so much, but he doesn't like festivities with a lot of people, and he certainly isn't going to be thrilled over the idea of a costume party.

Yes, this was going to be a hard sell, and careful strategy was certainly called for.

Let's see...the first invitation is three weeks away. Should I break the news to him now or wait until the last minute? Waiting until just before we have to go might have an advantage. There would be a certain urgency, and Julie and Tom would be depending on us.

Hmm, on the other hand...that wouldn't really be fair to Josh, would it? No, I've got to tell him now. Tonight. And this strategy also has an advantage. If I can get him to agree now, before he has a chance to think about how much he'll hate going, he'll have a tendency to forget all about it over the next couple of weeks. Josh is really bad when it comes to remembering social engagements. If it wasn't for me, we'd never end up where we're supposed to be!

Right, that's the best idea. I'll break it to him tonight. But this still calls for some careful planning. I'll have to get him in a good mood. Now how can I do that? I mused, as I started giggling.

I've heard it said that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. I don't know what old frump came up with that ridiculous notion, but any self-respecting female knows exactly how to get her way with her husband, and it doesn't involve his stomach, if you get my drift.

Yes, tonight I'll have to invoke a few feminine wiles and get Josh into a good mood: a very good mood, a very...satisfied mood.

Gee, sometimes I feel sorry for men! A female has so many advantages over a mere male. Not that I think of myself as manipulative...well, maybe...a! No, I'm not manipulative. I just take advantage of nature's gifts that every girl possesses...and be the alluring, sexy wife he so loves! All wives should be that way for their husbands, right? So what if once in a while I'm like that at a very opportune time...for me?

Of course, there have been times when my strategies backfired. Like that time when Josh gave me a spanking for teasing him so much.

Oh, well. Those are the chances a wily wife must take. But did I really lose that night? It did turn into a rather passionate...affair!

I looked at the clock and smiled. Josh'll be home in about half an hour. Now what should I be wearing when he walks through the door to greet his adorably cute wife? Yes, I think I know just what will turn his mind in the right direction.

I walked into the bedroom and not surprisingly felt some of those familiar tingly feelings. Humph! And men think they're the only ones who get turned on thinking about...well, making love.

From the closet I pulled out a pleated red and green plaid skirt, somewhat like the skirts in those schoolgirl uniforms, only much shorter. I never wear this one outside the house. Then I pulled on a pair of white knee socks. For the final touch, I took off my bra and put on a white button-down blouse that was just a bit too tight. I didn't bother to button the top two buttons.

I looked at myself in the full-length mirror. Yes, this would do nicely. Josh will have a one-track mind for the whole evening until he gets me into bed.

As he walked in the door, I was there to greet him. Josh took one look at me, and I noticed his eyes widen in surprise. Then he nodded his head and gave me one of his I-know-you're-up-to-something smiles.

"All right, Nikki. You either want to buy something expensive or you want me to do something I won't want to do."

"Josh!" I responded in mock surprise. "How can you say that? Can't I dress up sexy to welcome you home?"

"Sure you can--anytime you want. I love it! But I also know there's probably some ulterior motive. At the very least, you want to get me all hot-and-bothered and then make me wait one more night. That way, you know I'll have only one thing on my mind all day tomorrow at work."

I moved toward him and started caressing his chest and then put my arms around him, making sure I snuggled up to him as closely as I could. He took me into his embrace.

"You can have me any time you want me," I purred in a soft, sultry voice, hoping to project deep passion, which in fact I was beginning to feel at this moment in his arms.

"Now you know perfectly well that's not true--you little tease! You're devious, and we both know it. But you're devious in a really cute way, and that's one of things I love about you. And you're my incredibly sexy wife."

He lifted me off the floor and walked over to the sofa. Easing me into a prone position, he began running his hands along my body, sending chills coursing through me. In the process, he made sure my skirt went up.

"White panties...just like a schoolgirl," he observed in a clinical way.

Then he unbuttoned the next few buttons on my blouse, his hands doing a lot more in that area than was necessary to get the job done. My arousal was building, and I could feel my heart beating faster and faster.

"But no bra...very naughty, Nikki. You know what I should do, don't you?"

I was starting to breathe a lot heavier and had difficulty finding my voice.

"Yes, I know exactly what you should do...and it's not spanking me."

Josh smiled. He put his arms under me, picked me up, and carried me into our bedroom. Laying me gently on the bed, he then slid in next to me. Grabbing me in his arms, he rolled me over on top of him.

I kissed him hungrily, now consumed with desire. When our lips parted, I pushed down on his shoulders, straddling him on my knees. He reached under my skirt and began caressing me. My eyes closed as I threw my head back and pushed against his hand.

Well, needless to say, in the heat of passion, we made love right then and there. How that man can move me!

As we both lay there catching our breath, Josh was holding me in his arms with my head resting on his shoulders. What had happened? Boy, did I lose control! My strategy--what happened to my strategy? I was supposed to make him wait, driving him crazy with desire all evening. Then I'd finally let him have his way with me. When we were done, that would be the time to break the news about our two fun-filled invitations.

"You know, Josh, I hadn't meant for this to happen—not this early in the evening, at least."

"It must have been my irresistible charm."

"Maybe so. Obviously, I couldn't resist!"

"Okay, Nikki, your plan was successful. What is it you want me to do?" he asked with a smug smile on his face.

My plan successful? Well, no point in confessing that my plan just flew out the window in the heat of passion! Trying to gather my thoughts, I sat up on the bed and grabbed my blouse.

"Aren't you going to put on a bra?"

"Oh, yeah...well, maybe I should...Na...what the heck: I think I'm pretty safe. I can't imagine you're up to another session of passionate love tonight." I gave him my best devious smile. "But just in case, maybe I'll leave it off." I got out of bed and pulled that short schoolgirl skirt back on too.

While I finished dressing, Josh repeated his question: "Come on, Nikki, what do you want me to do?"

I was still in a quandary what to do. Oh, well, now might be the best time anyway. As I looked at him lying on the bed, some of the excitement I felt when Julie had called started coming back.

Smiling brightly, I said, "Guess what! Julie called today. She and Tom have invited us out for two Saturdays in a row!"

"And what are the two activities? Don't spare me any of the unpleasant details."

"Well, the one Saturday night they asked us to dinner at that really swank restaurant we've noticed on Addison. Know which one I mean? You said we should go there sometime."

"Yes, Nikki, I know the restaurant. Now what is the other Saturday night going to be?"

"Now, Josh, don't jump to conclusions. I think it'll really be great fun."

"Nikki!" he said sternly. "What is it?"

"'s a costume party at their house. There'll only be about five or six couples. It'll be so much fun, Josh."

"Five or six couples!"

"Yeah, that's all!" I hoped my tone conveyed the thought that this made everything all right! "And I've already decided who I'm going as: Little Red Riding Hood." Now I really was feeling like a schoolgirl--that same old giddy excitement!

Josh rolled his eyes upward in dismay. Then he looked back into my eyes, apparently trying to summon every bit of resolve possible.

"Well, I am NOT going as the big, bad wolf!"

"Of course not, silly. I want you to be handsome and debonair. You'll be going as the Count of Monte Cristo!"

He groaned.

"I don't suppose there's any chance of arguing my way out of this?

Now it was my turn to assume a smug smile. "None at all! And you're going to like the way I look in my Little-Red-Riding-Hood costume!"

"No doubt that's true, but this might cost you more than you thought."

I was standing near the bed, so he took my hand and pulled me back down, then started running his hand under my skirt again, playing with the leg band of my panties.

This would never do. No need to spoil him shamelessly, right? I took his hand and moved it to a more respectable place--on his stomach.

"Now, Josh, we'd better get out of this room. We haven't eaten dinner yet, you know."

"Later then?"

"Joshua! What kind of question is that? And what self-respecting 'little tease' would answer it? You've got to wonder and wish and hope and plan and scheme..." Laughing, I grabbed his hand and pulled him up. "Now get dressed and let's eat."

During the course of the evening, Josh couldn't take his eyes off me--any part of me. That's always sort of an exciting experience for me, and I knew he'd probably be ready for Round 2 when we went to bed.

When I walked into the bedroom that night, I plopped down on the side of the bed. That skirt didn't cover very much. As Josh walked in, his eyes darted down to my knees and very over-exposed legs. A small smile appeared on his face.

He walked around the other side of the bed and climbed in behind me, then reached around and started unbuttoning my blouse. "Now Josh, I..." Somehow, I was having difficulty finding the words. Twice in one night? Of course, I should say no. My long-standing reputation as a tease had already suffered considerable damage. But those hands kept moving, tenderly, softly...Finally, I was able to summon some willpower. Turning my head to look at him, I asked, "You don't really expect to get sex twice in one evening, do you?"

He just put his other arm around me and eased me down on the bed.

"I guess you do..."

The next day, I couldn't wait to get to the computer. Josh had already left, and I was anxious to order my Little Red Riding Hood costume. To my surprise, there were plenty of them to choose from. After a few minutes of looking, I brought up my fifth site...Oops, that costume would really do a trick on Josh, but I could never leave the house dressed in that! Then I got a great idea. I'll order this one just for some special night at home--maybe greet him in it when he comes home on Halloween...or maybe use it the next time I need to get Josh in a really good mood, I thought, giggling to myself.

I looked at a few more pictures. Ah, here's the one I want. A cute red and white checkerboard skirt, short, but not too short. It also came with a white top and a red velvet cape and hood. But what really set it apart was the white petticoat with lace trim that extended a few inches below the skirt but still well above the knees. Smiling, I pictured myself in this costume--and Josh's reaction!

But let's see, now. What should I wear on my legs? Maybe red tights. One of the outfits had actually been shown that way. No...too much red. Maybe black tights. No...not tights--too opaque. Black pantyhose? Yeah, that's better: black pantyhose with shiny black calf-height boots. seductive-looking. Maybe nothing at all! Yeah, that's it! Bare legs with white bobby socks--very little-girl like.

Let's see more problem to solve. Something really sexy but not on public display. Yeah, something I've always wanted to get: red panties covered with ruffles. That'll do it! Putting in a new search, it didn't take long to find just what I was looking for. I smiled impishly. If Josh gets a flash of those, and I can make sure he does, he won't be able to think of anything else the whole evening. It'll keep his mind off of how much he dislikes parties. that presents a problem. Somehow, I've got to keep Josh from seeing them while I get dressed. He usually makes sure he's around at those times. Well, I'll be able to come up with something. He thinks I'm devious. Have to live up that reputation, don't I?

Now to get Josh his Count-of-Monte-Cristo outfit. I giggled again. This is going to be so much fun.

The days went by slowly. I just couldn't wait. When everything arrived, I hid the stuff where Josh wouldn't ordinarily notice new boxes. Not that he'd go looking for it. He's probably trying suppress the thought of his upcoming ordeal.

When the first of the two Saturdays finally arrived, I was bubbling with joy. "Josh, guess what! You know what this Saturday is?

He groaned. "You know, for a while there I'd managed to forget about our invitations. Well, at least tonight is the restaurant. I've still got another week before my real ordeal."

"What do mean? Tonight's the costume party!" I said, smiling brightly.

He frowned and wrinkled his brow in deep thought.

"Nikki, you told me the first of the two Saturdays was the dinner with Tom and Julie at Luigi's."

I give him my one of my know-it-all-smiles. "As usual, you've mixed up the two dates. The first of the two Saturdays is the costume party at their home. Next week is Luigi's."

"I'm pretty sure you told me the first Saturday was the restaurant back when you first broke the wonderful news to me. Maybe you ought to call Julie and make sure."

"Josh, there's absolutely no reason. It would be embarrassing for me. Who's the social organizer in this family? Me. You never can remember dates or social engagements. If it wasn't for me, we'd never end up keeping them."

He raised an eyebrow. "Have it your way, Nikki." Then he wagged his finger at me and smirked. "You're living dangerously..."

Well, I didn't let Josh's poor memory dampen my spirits. Maybe subconsciously his mind played this little trick on him so we could arrive at our costume party in normal clothes.

But now I had other things to deal with--like solving that problem of getting him out of the bedroom while I put on my very special...hidden surprise.

An hour latter we headed into the bedroom to change into our costumes. I sat down on the side of the bed and took off my shoes and socks. Now was the time to put my plan into operation.

"Josh, would you please get me that clothes brush? I think it's somewhere in the hall closet."

He scowled at me, but went out to get it. What he didn't know was that I had earlier placed it in a rather obscure corner of the closet. It would take him awhile to find it. I had also put everything I would need within easy reach here in the bedroom.

As soon as Josh left, I whipped off my clothes and got into my new panties, petticoat, and skirt. I needn't have hurried; there was time to spare. I didn't want to deal with a lot of complaining, so I waited until he got back before doing anything on top. That would give him at least something to satisfy his prurient glances.

When he finally got back, he didn't look at all happy. But he handed me the brush and dropped his eyes to my Little Red Riding Hood skirt. Slowly but surely a smile appeared on his face.

I stood up and did a three-sixty for him. "Like it?" I asked brightly.

"Yeah, Nikki, you look really cute in that."

"And I can't wait to see how handsome you look as the Count of Monte Cristo."

Now that he was back, I could finish dressing. I pulled off my teeshirt and changed bras--while Josh had his eyes glued on me. When I put on the top, he smiled again.

"Nice, real nice."

I looked in the mirror. It was nice--really cute, I thought. The top had a somewhat low-cut crew neck but was still descent. The short sleeves had those adorably puffy shoulders that I always liked. White bobby socks and shoes completed the look. I was Little Red Riding Hood!

"All right, Josh, you can stop staring now and put on your costume."

With the look of a condemned man on his face, he turned to the closet and pulled out the costume I'd bought him.

After Josh had finished dressing, my heart started beating a little faster. I just couldn't believe how good he looked--how handsome he was as the Count of Monte Cristo: those sleek, black pants, that fancy white shirt with the high, priest-like collar, the gray vest with its upturned collar, and that coat with its short cape in the back. James Caviezel standing right here in my own bedroom! So now it was my turn to ogle: I couldn't take my eyes off him. Now there's a turn of events!

I walked up to him and laid my hand tenderly on his chest.

"I could just eat you up, Josh! We'd better get out of this room, or we'll never get to the party."

"Now that's the best idea I've heard yet--you eating me up in the bedroom instead of going to that silly party." He started to draw me to him.

Well, that brought me back to my senses. I put both hands on his chest to keep him from grabbing me.

"No, Josh, not now. We're going to the party!" Then I gave him a devilish grin. "If I'm still in this mood when we get home, well, maybe then...if you're lucky."

"You're a tease, Nikki, a real tease!" But he was still smiling.

As we walked out to the car, I was planning my next move. Josh opened the passenger door for me, and as he was watching my legs, I climbed in rather "carelessly," taking full advantage of the short skirt I was wearing. His eyes widened.

"Nikki, what do you have on under that skirt?"

I tried my best to look highly indignant. It wasn't easy.

"Joshua! What kind of a question is that for a gentleman to ask a lady?"

"I don't know about a gentleman, but it's a perfectly natural question for a overly libidinous husband to ask his overly sexy wife when he just got a flash of red ruffles up her skirt."


"Yeah, it's a very descriptive word. You should look it up sometime."

"I know what the word means, Josh, and it does describe you to a tee." Then I assumed a very nonchalant tone of voice. "But with regard to what I might or might not have on under my skirt, I'm afraid you'll have to wait until we get home tonight. Just let your imagination run wild."

That ought to start his male imagination working overtime. As I sat there waiting for him to get in, I felt quite pleased with myself!

On the drive to Tom and Julie's, Josh had a hard time keeping his eyes off my legs. It was impossible to get this skirt down very far, and it was fortunate that we arrived without a traffic accident.

Josh held my hand as we walked up to their front door. Even after being married for several years now, it's still a thrill when he does that.

I had been wondering what Julie's reaction would be when she saw my cute costume, so I was all smiles as she opened the door. However, instead of returning my smile, her mouth just dropped open in shock.

My face suddenly grow very hot as I realized what had happened. Josh had been right: I did get the two invitations reversed. I couldn't tell which emotion was stronger: embarrassment or sheer panic.

I was still incapable of speech, so Julie was the first to speak. It was clear that she also had numerous emotions vying for ascendancy.

"Nikki! What...You're wearing your costume...but...Nikki, tonight we're going to Luigi's."

Josh took my arm and came forward.

"Julie, could we come inside? We must have gotten the two nights mixed up. We were thinking tonight was the costume party."

He was being gallant. I was the idiot who got the two nights mixed up. Once inside, I finally got a grip on myself.

"Julie, I don't know how it happened. Yeah, I thought tonight was the costume party."

Then for the first time, I noticed what Julie was wearing. It was a beautifully elegant, full-length blue evening gown, in soft, flowing material.

My mind began working at warp speed, desperately seeking a solution to this nightmare. I looked at Julie.

"We'll run home and change..."

"Nikki, there isn't time for that. We have to be there in twenty minutes."

"Okay, then..." I mumbled, trying to think fast.

"Maybe I could wear something of yours..."

She scowled at me. "Are you kidding? You're a size six. I'm a size...well, that's not important. Nothing I have will fit you."

The two of us stared at each other for a few moments. I could tell Julie was beginning to feel really sorry for me.

"That's okay," she said. "We'll have dinner here. I'll just whip up something..."

"But a ritzy restaurant like Luigi's will probably charge for a broken reservation."

"Yes, but..."

With a determined act of the will, I became resolute.

"No, we're going. It was my bullheadedness that got me into this, and I'm just going to pay the price. Anyway, I'm not wearing shorts and a teeshirt. I've got on a skirt and jacket. They'll have to let me in."

Julie looked at me dubiously. Then she shot a glance at Josh, who had remained quiet since coming into the house. I looked at him too, then back to Julie.

"Oh, Josh'll be fine," I said. "His outfit doesn't look all that different from a fancy tuxedo." I looked at him again. He gave me his best consoling smile and nodded his head.

"Here," Julie said, "let me tuck that hood inside the collar so it won't be as noticeable."

On the drive to the restaurant, Josh never said a word. I just sat there humiliated. Why hadn't I called Julie as he had suggested? Oh well. The evening could only get better. Nothing could be as bad as what already happened.

As the four of us walked up to the restaurant entrance, I felt just a bit chilly. Odd, I thought...Then I realized my hair was blowing. We were at the door when it finally dawned on me why I felt cold, but it was too late.

Three things happened simultaneously. Tom stepped up to the door, pulled it open, and turned to watch us enter. Two elderly couples were about to leave the restaurant. A sudden gust of wind caught my short, Little Red Riding Hood skirt and flipped it up around my waist.

In that moment, four stately men and three very well-dressed women saw bare legs and a pair of outrageous red, ruffled panties.

No doubt my face matched their color as I struggled to push my skirt back down in the contrary wind. Tom looked very embarrassed; the two elderly couples looked scandalized.

I rushed into the door and just kept walking, not wanting to turn around and see seven people still standing dumbfounded at the door.

What else could go wrong tonight, I wondered, as the hostess led us to our table.

Well, I underestimated how I would feel walking into this restaurant.

All the men turned to watch me as I walked by, shocked expressions on their faces, while their high-society wives in their formal evening gowns gave me looks of deepest loathing. My face was very warm, and I knew it must be as red as my silly costume.

A short time later, our food arrived. I had ordered the famous House Specialty Spaghetti, and our dinner conversation had finally succeeded in calming me down. I was beginning to feel almost normal, even happy. That's when it happened.

Julie had just asked me a question, and all three of them were watching me as I lifted a folk-full of spaghetti, formulating my answer. Something made me look down as the folk was almost to my mouth. There, before my unbelieving eyes, as if in slow motion, one spaghetti noodle that I had failed to cut slid smoothly off the folk and plopped in the center of my white, Little Red Riding Hood top.

Embarrassment again surged through me as I quickly grabbed the offensive noodle and stuffed it under the edge of my plate. Taking my napkin, I dipped it into my water glass and desperately began wiping my shirt, all to no avail. All that my effort accomplished was to make the shirt stick tightly to my bra. I tried to pull it away and fluff the shirt out. The stain, however, would be there for the remainder of the evening, perhaps forever, the reddish color an appropriate symbol of my totally destroyed dignity.

Julie tried to be nice. "Don't worry about it, Nikki. It's hardly noticeable."

I was never so glad to leave a restaurant in my life. Tom and Julie had stayed behind to pay the bill. It was finally over. Surely nothing more could happen to me.

Josh put his arm around me as we walked back to our car.

"Nikki, I'm so sorry for you. I know how excited you were about tonight."

I reached around his waste and squeezed. "It was all my own fault. I should have listened to you and called Julie. But you know me--an insufferable know-it-all."

I was beginning to feel a little more relaxed when it happened.

All at once, my foot gave out.

" ankle..."

Josh's arm instantly tightened around me and kept me from falling.

"What happened?"

"I must have twisted my ankle."

"Can you put any weight on it?"

"Well, I don't know..." I gingerly set my foot down again. It really hurt. "I don't think so..."

I didn't realize until it was too late how Josh would take that. Before I knew what was happening, he'd put his other arm under my knees, and swept me up into his arms. He actually started carrying me to the car!

I knew what was wrong almost immediately--at the very same moment that I spotted three young couples walking toward us and the restaurant. My skirt was dangling freely, which provided an excellent view of my derriere hanging down between his arms, adorned with those sassy panties! Those panties that were meant only for Josh to see.

As the three couples approaching us drew nearer, the girls tried to suppress fits of giggles as their husbands' eyes practically popped out of their heads. One of the girls put her hand up and gently turned her husband's head away from the spectacular display that had just unfolded before them.

I was absolutely mortified. With ill-concealed anger, I whispered, "Josh! You're supposed to catch my skirt when you pick me up this way. Haven't you ever seen this done in the movies?"

I could see his face redden. "Oh, Nikki, I didn't realize..." Then before I could say anything more, he dropped my feet back to the ground, sending a sharp, shooting pain through my ankle and leg.

Well, with Josh's help, I hobbled to the car and managed to get in, not too lady-like, either, under the circumstances.

By this time, Tom and Julie had arrived at our car.

"Nikki, what happened? Are you hurt?"

"I must have twisted my ankle." I paused. "You know, maybe we ought to call it a night. I think I should probably stay off this foot for awhile, maybe put some ice on it or something." I reached out the car window and touched her arm. "Julie, I'm so sorry I embarrassed you tonight and ruined your whole evening."

She gave me a wry smile. "I don't think I was the one who felt the lion's share of embarrassment tonight...Ummm, will we see you next your costumes?"

I couldn't help laughing at the uncertain way she had asked that question. "Wouldn't miss it for the world." I looked up at Josh, still standing outside my door. "Would we, Josh?"

He gave me one of his sweet smiles and then turned to Julie. "Of course not! Looking forward to it. I can hardly wait to see how Nikki manages to humiliate herself next week!"

I scowled. That was not the response I was expecting, but I guess I had it coming.

When we got home, Josh helped me onto the bed and then got an icepack to put on my ankle. He left the room for ten or fifteen minutes. When he got back, I looked up at him sheepishly.

"I think you'll have to undress me tonight..."

His mouth curled into an evil grin. "Well, I suppose so, if I have to."

"Yeah, I'm just sure it'll be a real sacrifice on your part."

He pulled off my skirt and slip. His eyes went immediately to my...well, where would any self-respecting male look with me sprawled out like that on the bed? Poor Josh.

"You know, those are pretty sexy panties you've got on. I did get several good looks at them tonight."

"Yeah, you and half the men at the restaurant!"

Suddenly the first bit of humor struck me. I giggled as I thought that several of those high-society wives from the restaurant might be called upon to make a decision tonight, if you get my drift.

Josh next helped me off with my top and bra, and together we managed to get my nightshirt on. Little Red Riding Hood has transformed back into Little Drab Nikki.

I started thinking about those other wives...and then about me. Standing there in front of me, Josh still looked incredibly handsome as the Count of Monte Cristo.

"You know what I'd like to do, Josh?" I asked with my sweetest come-on smile.

He gave me quizzical look. "You mean...but what about your ankle?"

"Am I usually on my feet when we do it?" Josh continued to stare at me. "Come on, I heard it builds up self esteem, and I could use a little of that after tonight. Now get down here. There are some really cute ruffles I want to show you."


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