Romantic Marriage Stories

Waste Not, Want Not

Bill Quinn

I don't know what it is about me, but I seem to get into embarrassing situations with alarming regularity!

I needed to trim some branches on a tree in our yard. Josh was still at work, so I decided to get out the ladder and try to do it myself. Simple, right? Innocent, too. Why should it get me into trouble?

Well, it did. Even on the ladder, I still couldn't quite reach a few of the branches I wanted to trim. So with my little hand trimmer, I climbed onto one of the branches. No problem there--it was strong enough to hold my petite little frame. But what do you think happened? You'd think this was straight out of a Three Stooges script. As I stepped off the ladder, I must have pushed a little too hard with my foot and...

That's right. There goes the ladder on the ground with me stuck up in the tree. I was too high to jump down, and there weren't enough lower branches to climb down.

So now what do I do? Wait up here until Josh gets home so he can laugh at me? Anything but that, I thought. That's embarrassment I could live without. Of course, as it turned out, that's what I should have done, but then hindsight is always better.

I looked around. Oh, great! My salvation! I couldn't believe how lucky I was. There across the street, just getting out of his truck, was a lineman about to work on a power pole.

I called to him. He looked around, wondering where that mysterious female voice had come from. I was going to have to call out that I was up in the tree and began to have second thoughts. But I didn't want to be stuck up here when Josh got home, so I yelled out where I was and that the ladder a fallen down.

He smiled and walked over to help the poor damsel in distress. Picking up the ladder, he placed it against the tree and held it steady as I climbed down.

"Thanks a bunch. I'm really glad you came when you did. I would have been so embarrassed if my husband got home and found me stuck up in that tree. I'm sure he would have told every one of our friends."

"You're welcome, ma'am. Glad I was at the right place at the right time."

His smile was somewhat enigmatic, but I thanked him again and he left.

I still hadn't gotten those upper branches trimmed, and this little episode had made me more determined than ever to get the job done before Josh got home. It was getting close to that time now, but I wanted to wait until the lineman left. When he finally did, I hurried back out and climbed up that tree again.

This time I wasn't so stupid as to push the ladder down. I trimmed the branches as quickly as I could but didn't quite make it. I just finished the last branch when Josh pulled into the driveway. He got out and walked over to the ladder, which fortunately was still standing.

I had planned to say nothing about my humiliation. I don't know what suddenly possessed me to bring it up, but I did. I think I had some vision of Josh being really impressed with me--you know, like being so brave as to climb right back on a horse after you had just fallen off? Anyway, I opened my mouth when I should have kept it shut. What I didn't know wouldn't have hurt me; what I found out...well, you'll see.

Josh was under the tree by the ladder peering up at me with sort of smile on his face.

"Josh, you wouldn't believe what happened to me earlier. When I got up here and stepped onto the branch, I accidentally pushed the ladder down, and here I was--stuck!"

He looked at the ladder curiously. "And just how did you raise the ladder back into place? Telekinesis?"

Josh thinks he's so smart, using big words like that.

"No, silly! I used The Force, like Yoda." He just stood there, grinning up at me. He certainly seemed to be enjoying himself. Finally, I satisfied his curiosity. "Lucky for me, there was a lineman from the power company across the street. I called him over, and he put the ladder back up for me. I thought I'd better come down since he came over to help me. I could finish the job after he left, and this time be more careful."

At this, I again started down the ladder as Josh was holding it.

"Did the man stay here and hold the ladder for you?"

Suddenly I got suspicious. "Yeah, he did. Why?"

"Because those are pretty bagging shorts you've got on. I could see your panties as you climbed down the ladder."

"Joshua! Of all the things to say! Do you think of nothing else?"

"Well, I could."

All of a sudden my mind was reeling. "I don't believe you! You're just trying to upset me," I added as I reached the ground. Then, determined to call his bluff, I stared him right in the eyes and demanded, "Prove it! What color are they?"

"Blue. That pair I really like."

"Oh..." My voice trailed off as I realized what had actually occurred earlier. I could feel my face flush.

How do these things happen to me? I thought it was embarrassing to be stuck up in a tree with the ladder laying on the ground. But that was nothing compared to this!

Josh put his arm around me and gave me a hug. "Don't worry, Nikki. I'm sure he was a gentleman and, unlike your leering husband, averted his eyes as you climbed down."

"No, he did not avert his eyes," I scowled. "He got an eye full." But Josh's hug felt good, even reassuring, although I was still mortified by what had happened. I just don't know why I'm so prone to humiliation!

But that night Josh and I made love. I guess he couldn't resist me in my blue panties--all of which completely restored my confidence as a delightfully enchanting, alluring, sexy little wife!

Yes, speaking of that subject, I've been thinking about something lately. Josh is as red-blooded as any man, maybe more than most. He's after me quite often, and it's really a great feeling knowing that he's got such a passionate desire for me.

And me? I've got a pretty healthy libido myself. I love it when we have sex. Oh, sure, I'm not in the mood quite as often as he is. But I'm a shameless tease. So when I do say no, it's in a playful and sexy way. He knows I enjoy making love with him, so it just makes him wild with desire for me the whole next day!

At least, that's usually the way it turns out. There was one time when saying no got me turned over his knee and spanked. But that spanking got us both so turned on that we did make love that night--and with our passion reaching a record high!

But Josh likes my teasing, and we do make love a lot. Teasing works when your guy knows that you're crazy about him.

Yeah...crazy about him. That's what I've been thinking about. How often do I show him my passionate desire for him? Maybe I need to show him a little more often just how crazy about him I really am. He's after me so often, but how often do I come on to him? Take the lead and show him I've just got to have him?

You know, it's a fact--I read it somewhere. A husband needs to know that his wife desires him, just like she needs to know how much he desires her.

Yes! I'm going to do it! I'm going to go on the offensive for a week or so. Already, my fertile and devious little mind is coming up with some pretty good ways to show him.

Let's see...there will be a problem, though. Josh comes on to me pretty often, and those times won't count. This has to be all my doing. But I'll get my opportunities...I'll make my opportunities!

The surprise factor--that'll be important too. When would he least expect me to be in a "got-to-have-you" mood? Yeah, there are two such times: as soon as he gets home from work and the first thing when we wake up in the morning.

When should I start? Well, why put off what I want to do now? I'll do it today as soon as he gets home.

Let's see...what should I wear? Well, it can't be anything really sexy, at least on the outside. He'd be on me as soon as he shut the door, and then it'd be too late for me to start things. short skirts, no tight skirts, no leggings, no tight, low-cut blouses, no perfume. Just a casual loose-fitting top and a knee-length skirt. Nothing seductive. Just cute, little me.

But underneath? Yes, I'll wear his absolute favorite bra and panties.

All primed and excited by the time he got home, I smiled sweetly as he walked through the door. I gave him a tight hug and when he looked down at me, I kissed him passionately.

He responded with a strange look.

"You seem pretty amorous this afternoon, Nikki."

"I got all hot and bothered thinking about you today and couldn't wait for you to get home." I gently caressed his face. "Let's make love right now."

His expression was a mixture of utter astonishment and yet incredibly happy surprise, as if he couldn't believe his good fortune.

"Are you serious? You really want to make"

"Come with me, Josh, and I'll show you how serious I am."

I took his hand and led him into our bedroom. Sitting down on the bed, I made sure to be very careless with my skirt. I could see his eyes widen. I reached for his hand again and pulled him onto the bed next to me. Pushing him down on his back, and climbed over him, straddling him on my knees. Bending down, I kissed him again, a hard, demanding kiss.

"Do you think I might be able to get you turned on at this time of day? I mean...if I try real hard?" I asked in my best sultry voice. At the same time, I began running my one hand up his inner thigh...all the way up. He didn't need to say anything for me to know the answer to my question.

"Nikki, just looking at you can get me turned on. And right now..."

I was still on my knees straddling him, and he reached up under my skirt and...well, I think you know where he touched me...teased me. My eyes closed, my back arched, and I pushed down onto his hand. I was finding it hard to think now, and incredible passion was surging through me. But think I must. I didn't want to lose control completely because I wanted to do everything I could to drive Josh crazy.

Just then he reached up and wrapped his arms around me, rolling me over so that he was on top. He slowed the pace just a bit, for which I was grateful, and started playing with my skirt--pushing it up, smoothing it back down, then pulling it up again.

"You put on your sexiest panties..."

I looked deeply into his eyes. "I put them on just for you...just for this moment."

We began to embrace, kiss, and play with each other on the bed, four hands moving over two bodies with mounting desire. During this time, we undressed each other, our need becoming irresistible.

I was on my back again, when Josh paused. We were both breathing heavily. I opened my eyes. Josh was poised, leaning over me, ready to come down and...well, you get my drift. I was quivering with excitement, so ready for him. Then...

The doorbell rang.

I closed my eyes is utter disgust and disbelief as I began tumbling down from the heights of ecstasy. What incredibly rotten luck! My mind was a mass of conflicting impulses, but slowing I was regaining the power to think. What should I do? Ignore the bell? What would it do to Josh if I stopped to answer it? Then I realized what it probably was, a very expensive and breakable gift. I reached out and touched his face tenderly.

"Josh, honey. I'll only be a minute. It's probably that gift we bought for your mother. We better not leave it on the porch...the neighbor never know what they might do."

We had gotten each other completely undressed, so I climbed out of bed and grabbed by skirt and top, awkwardly pulling them on as I ran toward the front door.

When I opened it, my mouth dropped, and I must have turned beat-red. The UPS man had not left the package on the porch. There he was standing there, waiting.

His eyes registered something like astonishment, but the emotion slowly turned into suppressed amusement. At least he had the self control and decency not to smile or smirk.

And there I was: standing barefooted, in a skirt with no socks and a top with no bra, hair surely a mess. It wouldn't take a rocket scientist to put two and two together and realize what I'd been doing. I just hoped my face wasn't too red.

Then another shock hit me. What might be showing through? Before realizing that he might see me do it, my eyes darted downward to, the material in this top was pretty thick. I just shouldn't move around too much.

I couldn't believe this was happening...and so soon after my previous humiliation in the tree. But I had to regain my self-composure and get this door closed as soon as possible.

"Thank you very much," I said, as I gingerly reached out to take the package.

"You're very welcome, ma'am. Have a nice day."

I closed the door and stood there, letting out a long sigh of relief. Then I thought of poor Josh. After putting the package on one of the end tables, I ran back to the bedroom. Josh was still on the bed, but he'd put his pants back on.

"Oh, Josh, I'm so sorry this happened. I wanted it to be so perfect for you this afternoon. You're probably all out of the mood now."

A smile slowly formed on his face. A sweet smile that seemed to radiate both understanding and love.

"Me, not in the mood? Nikki, you've got to be kidding! Get over here, and I'll show you just how much in the mood I still am!"

I was so happy, I ran over and practically jumped onto the bed.

This time we "went all the way" with no interruptions. Afterward, we just laid on the bed for a long time in each others arms. Josh seemed to have a look of serene happiness on his face. I was thrilled, really thrilled, at how happy I had made him.

You know, I read somewhere that a lot of wives don't realize just how much they can build up their husband's self-esteem through sex. When a man knows how much his wife desires him, he's inspired to go out and "lick the world"! What better way to show Josh how much I want him and need him than to occasionally come onto him myself? It was exciting just thinking about the effect this had on him tonight.

Two days later, I thought it would be time to surprise Josh again. Tomorrow morning was Saturday, and he didn't have to go to work. In the past, there'd been a couple of times when he wanted to have sex in the morning, but it's hard to be in the mood when you first wake up, isn't it? At least for women. I always turned him down, so he's stopped trying. That's why what I was planning for tomorrow would be the last thing he would expect!

I didn't sleep that well during the night. Too nervous and excited, I guess. I was fully awake by five o'clock and watched Josh sleeping beside me. I also kept an eye on the clock, which seemed to be advancing very slowly.

Finally, I couldn't wait any longer. I slid closer to Josh and put my arm around him. His eyes opened. I moved even closer and slid my leg over his.

"Good morning, honey," I whispered.

I began caressing his face and ear, then ran my fingers through his hair. While running my finger teasingly on his face, I said in a soft voice, "You know, I've read somewhere that men often wake up with a strong...ummm, well, a strong erection. I've always wondered about that."

As I said this, I started to gently run my hand down his chest.

"Let's see if it's true," I added.

My hand reached its destination, and I found that the book was right, at least today. My lucky day! But why not reinforce what was already present, right? I began gently stroking him there.

Josh looked at me with a gleam in his eyes and an expression of if something too good to be true was happening.

I brazenly gave him a little squeeze on...ummm, that very responsive area so he'd know exactly what I was referring to and whispered, "I think it would be a shame to waste this, don't you? You know what they say, 'Waste not, want not.' "

"Nikki, I can't believe you're so turned on! It's early morning. The few times I've tried in the morning, you've never been in the mood. Is today my birthday or something?"

"No, silly," I giggled. I've just got this burning desire to make love...a burning desire for you."

His face lit up like he was in seventh heaven. He took me in his arms, with a relish and an excitement that has rarely been equaled. After frolicking awhile--well, not for very long, really--we made love.

Josh was exuberant when it was over. Did I enjoy myself? You bet! Not only did I enjoy the sex, but I felt all warm with pleasure to see the effect this had on Josh.

We were not in a hurry to get up. Even though we had already made love, Josh couldn't seem to stop lovingly caressing me.

"Nikki, in the past you haven't taken the initiative very often. Now it's been twice in one week. Is my cute little tease becoming a nymphomaniac?"

Well, he might be touching me with overflowing love, but he still can't resist using those big words. I think he thinks they're romantic.

"My sex drive has always been pretty healthy. But it's centered on you, Josh. A nymphomaniac wouldn't be so particular." Then I looked deeply into his eyes and gently touched his face. "All my desire is for you, Josh. I just wanted to show you how big it is."

He took me in his arms, and we kissed...a long soft, tender kiss.

When we separated, he laid his hand on my shoulder. His smile had suddenly become...playful?

"Does this mean that from now on you'll be letting me have my way with you every time I want?"

I scowled. I should have known he'd come up with something like this. And during an incredibly romantic moment too! Here I was trying to be so sweet and tender! I assumed my best deep-in-thought expression.

"Hmmmm, no...actually, Josh, I was thinking that after this week, I probably shouldn't give in to your prurient desires for, oh, say a month."

His look turned stern. "Nikki, you're about to get another spanking..."

With that he reached for me, and we started a wild tussle on the bed, rolling around, wrestling, laughing, and me giggling hysterically.


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