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Our Patriotic Halloween

Bill Quinn

Note: I've included within the story the two Web sites from which the pictured items can be purchased. I recommend you look at these sites, but I have no business relationship with either site.

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I could hardly believe my eyes!

I had been looking for a sexy Halloween costume I could wear to tease Josh on Halloween. Somehow I landed on a Web site called and found this nightshirt. The printed message across the front actually said, "I feel a headache coming on"!

I couldn't help laughing out loud.

The catalog description read, "This nightshirt offers the perfect excuse--when all you want to do is SLEEP!"

Well, I could think of a lot of other hilarious scenarios for which it might come in handy. What a little gem for teasing Josh!

Of course I ordered it. But when I returned to looking for a Halloween costume, a scheme started to take form in my devious little brain. Yeah...I might be able to combine this nightshirt with my plans to wear a sexy Halloween costume. My heart started to beat a little faster just thinking about the possibilities. With mounting excitement, I continued my search.

Revolutionary Costume

There was certainly no shortest of sexy outfits. All the usual standards came up in great number: French maid, nurse, pirate, cowgirl, Santa's helper, and so on and so on. But I wanted something a little different. Finally I found it. Yeah, this will do nicely.

It was on a site called "Sexy Washington Costume"--you know, as in the Revolutionary War. Here's how the site described it:

"Honor the Founding Fathers and be like George Washington in this amazing costume! Made in the USA of course!

"This sexy revolutionary is American through and through. The five piece Sexy Revolutionary Costume includes a hat, jacket, dress, gun and leg warmers."

Yeah, I'll honor the Founding Fathers, all right. It'll drive Josh crazy! Looks like it comes with everything in the picture...oops, no panties included. Oh, well, I've got plenty that turn Josh on, and I think red will go nicely.

A week or so later, I had both items. The costume had to be hidden away so it would be a shocking surprise for Josh on Halloween, but for my ultimate plan for Halloween night to work, I had to put the nightshirt to good use at least a couple of times before then.

Tonight would be perfect for its debut. We were going out for dinner and a movie, and it's been been a couple of days since we'd made love, so I know Josh will certainly be in the mood when we got home.

I knew I was right as soon as we arrived at the restaurant--Josh held my hand as we walked from the parking lot to the entrance. Then several times during the movie he put his arm around me. Made me think we were teenagers on a date, but I knew full well what his strategy was: to get me "in the mood" for later tonight. Husbands are so lovably transparent, aren't they?

That night I made sure I got in the bedroom before Josh did and hurried into my new nightshirt. But I didn't want to get into bed before Josh saw me, so I stood in front of the dresser mirror brushing my hair.

When Josh came in, he walked up behind me and put his arms around me, naturally high enough to...well, you know what I mean. I closed my eyes and began purring--after all, it did feel good!

"A new nightshirt, Nikki? It's pretty long, though, isn't it? Not very sexy."

Obviously, he hadn't read the printing yet.

Then he moved his hands to my shoulders and began a gentle massage. Opening me eyes, I watched his through the mirror. He used the mirror too, and finally saw what the nightshirt said. His eyes widened in surprise as his hands became still and rested on my shoulders.

"I'll say it's not very sexy! Why would you buy this? You never get headaches--not even during the day!"

"Well, yeah, I know. It doesn't quite hit the nail on the head. I couldn't find one that said, 'Not tonight, dear' or 'I'm just too tired.' But they're all just different ways of saying no--which, of course, is always a girl's prerogative."

Smiling sweetly, I turned around and climbed into bed. Josh hurried around to his side a crawled in. He snuggled up to me and began running his hand up and down my arm.

"Nikki, does this mean you really don't want to make love tonight? I think I could probably get you in the mood," he added as he began running his hand under the nightshirt.

"Yeah, Josh, I'm afraid that's what it means." I turned toward him and kissed him. Then with an impish smile I caressed his face and added, "You know I'm always looking for new ways to tease you. I saw this nightshirt online and just had to get it to see your reaction."

"Oh, well, okay. It's just like you to buy something like this. But now that you've seen my reaction, you're ready for some passionate love-making, right?"

"Wrong. What self-respecting wife would let her husband have his way with her after putting on this nightshirt? Okay, time to go to sleep now...but you can put your arm around me," I added sweetly as I snuggled up real close to him.

The next night was really funny. Josh was extra attentive all evening. Then when it was time for bed, he made sure he walked into the bedroom with me.

He gently led me to my side of the bed and eased me into a sitting position, still fully clothed. I was pretty sure what was coming, and this time I really wanted Josh too. But I didn't want to hurry things along. I wanted him to go through every step, and I wanted to enjoy each one. So amidst much kissing and caressing, Josh and I undressed each other and then made love.

Over the next two weeks, things went pretty normally in the bedroom, and I made it a point to wear a variety of nightshirts and nightgowns. I wore my special "headache" nightshirt only two more times. The first time Josh hadn't been much in the mood himself--something very rare for him--but the second time he did try. I remained sweet and sexy, of course...but firm. So on the three nights I'd wore the nightgown, we hadn't make love on any of them. Naturally, we made love on plenty of other nights.

As Halloween drew closer, I got more and more excited about wearing my sexy costume for Josh and putting my little plan into operation. Finally, Halloween arrived.

I planned dinner for a little later than usual so it would begin after the trick-or-treating began. I could hardly wait!

When the kids first started ringing our doorbell, I made my momentous announcement.

"Hey, Josh, I've got a surprise for you tonight."

"Oh, yeah?"

He always gets interested really fast when I tell him I have a surprise for him. So as usual there was excitement in his voice and a gleam in his eye. He couldn't know about my costume, but I spring "surprises" on him often enough that he knows it'll be something pretty good for him, if you catch my drift.

"Sure. A little Halloween surprise. I bought a Halloween custom for me to wear tonight."

Now his eyes really began to light up.

"Nikki, you did? I've seen some of those costumes. Is it sexy?"

"Oh, I think you'll like it," I answered with that special lilt in my voice. "But it means you'll have to give out all the treats tonight."

"Small price to pay! You going to put it on now? Come on, let's see it."

"Okay, but you've got to wait here. No peaking in the bedroom."

Josh held up his hand. "Scout's honor."

I laughed. "Yeah, I know the part of the Boy Scouts you like best--'always ready'!"

I went into the bedroom, closed the door, and put on my patriotic costume. After getting it on, I stood there and looked at myself in the mirror. Yes, this should really get his blood all the right places.

When I walked out, I could see the delight in his eyes as they practically caressed me from top to bottom.

"Nikki! That's an eye-full for any Boy Scout!"

"Now wait a minute, Josh. Why do I get the impression you thinking about sex? I said you'd like this costume because I know you're very patriotic."

"Yeah, right...I'll bet that's just what you were thinking when you bought that!"

I just knew he couldn't wait to get his hands on me, and I must admit to a little of those "can't wait" emotions myself. It gave me a great feeling knowing how much I was exciting him. How I loved flirting with Josh...and the way he always wants me!

Josh came over and put his hands on my waist and then ran them up under my George Washington jacket. He pulled me to him and kissed me. But my plan did not call for walking right into the bedroom, which was probably what Josh had in mind. No, I was going to parade around the house in this sexy outfit all evening. That should build up his excitement to new heights--and probably mine too. Yes, it truly excites me when I'm putting on a show for him.

"No, Josh, calm down now," as said, gentling pushing him away. "We've got the whole evening in front of us."

"The whole evening? I don't know if I can wait that long."

"Don't worry. I'll help you," I added with that teasing tone in my voice.

We watched Fox News for about a half hour. I don't think his hand ever left my leg, and of course, there was a lot of it showing. At one point he pushed my little skirt up. I give him a quizzical look.

"Just wanted to see what panties you had on."

"And now you know," I said while gentling moving his hand down to safer regions. "I'm sure you wanted to make sure that their color properly matched my costume."

"Sure, right. That was it exactly."

"Uh huh...I'll bet."

However, as per my design, that was not the last time he saw my red panties. That skirt was so short that as soon as I got up to fix dinner, and he got an eye-full plenty often as I was bustling around the kitchen, bending over, and then reaching across the table to set the silverware.

When it was time to sit down and eat, Josh actually came around and held my chair for me. I didn't for one minute believe that this was an expression of his polite, gentlemanly manners. So I flipped out the skirt in back as I sat, ostensibly to avoid sitting on it--as if that were even possible! But it probably did give him another sexy little flash of red.

Quite a few trick-or-treaters came while we were eating, and Josh dutifully got up each time to answer the door and give the kids their treats. This continued after we had finished dinner as well. Josh never complained.

A little later, Josh had to use the bathroom. He said he'd try to hurry, but sure enough, while he was in there, the doorbell rang.

"Nikki, I'll be out in just a second. I can get it."

"Oh, that's okay, Josh. I'll get it. These are just little kids. What do they know? They'll just think we're having a Halloween party in here. It'll be all right."

If this was the worst that goes wrong tonight, I'll be one happy girl.

But it was not to be so. When I opened the door, it was wasn't trick-or-treaters standing there. It was Marilyn.

Her eyes almost popped out of her head when she saw me standing here in my very risque outfit. I cringed. She of all people to see my like this! I felt my face flush.

When Marilyn recovered from the shock she had just received, a rather wicked smile spread over her face.

"Marilyn, what a surprise!" Now there's an understatement. "Come on in."

I really wanted to get this door shut. You knows who else out there might see me?

"No, no. We're on our way to a party ourselves, and I just wanted to drop off your book I borrowed." Her eyes scanned every bit of me. "But I see you're planning a little party yourself--a party for two, shall we say, just you and Josh?"

Marilyn was absolutely the last person I would have wanted to see me dressed like this. I'll never hear the end of it--and neither will my other friends.

"Now Marilyn, remember there might be children around. I won't keep you. Thanks for returning the book." She was still smiling as I slowly eased the door closed.

I stood there starring at the closed door, thoroughly embarrassed. Why do these things always happen to me? Oh well, I am not going to let this spoil our night. No! I'm just not going to let it!

Josh came out of the bathroom. Was my face still red? I thought it perhaps wiser not to mention who was at the door and who had just seen me dressed in this costume. Josh knew Marilyn, and if he knew she knew, he'd also know that all the wives among our friends would soon know as well.

But now I am going to think only about the fun Josh and I are going to have tonight. There's still time to keep fanning his libido. So far, he's hardly been able to keep his hands off me, much less his eyes.

The trick-or treaters continued for another hour or so. Every time Josh came back from the door and saw me sitting on the sofa, his eyes dropped to my legs. Of course, there wasn't much I could hide with this skirt, but then I really didn't try very hard either.

Finally, the doorbell stopped ringing, and Josh and I spent the rest of the evening watching a movie on TV. Of course he had no interest in the movie, much less finishing it. He kept suggesting in very explicit ways, shall we say, that we retire to the bedroom. My thoughts were running along similar lines, and it was only with great difficulty was I able to resist--both him and my own desires.

But eventually the movie ended, and it really was time for bed. Now for my final...well, what should I call it? Final tease? Test? Grand finale? Final act of seduction? Oh, who cares! My excitement was churning inside me, and I just couldn't wait to spring it on him--and relish the result.

Josh took the remote and shut off the TV. He then turned to me and gently took me into his arms and lowered my head onto his lap. He started caressing my face. I closed my eyes and sighed softly. Those tingly feelings were beginning, and I really, really, wanted him. He reached down and slowly ran his hand seductively up my skirt. Of course, his hand didn't have far to go before it started to drive me crazy. He bent down and kissed me. There was a lot of pent up passion in his kiss, and I realized I was breathing much harder than I was a few minutes ago.

After a few minutes of this, Josh lifted me up from his lap, took my hand and led me to the bedroom. Now that the time had come, I didn't know if I'd be able to pull this off. I didn't want to wait another minute.

But this was the part I thought would really be fun. I had to do it. After parading around the house all evening in this costume, Josh's reaction should be to nothing less than breathtaking.

I pulled my hand free of his and tried to hide the passions raging inside me.

"Boy, Josh, am I bushed."

I reached into the drawer and started pulling out my "headache" nightshirt.

That did it! Just as I thought.

Josh rushed over and caught my arm before I even laid it on the bed.

"Oh no you don't, Nikki! You're not putting that one on. Not tonight. Not after driving me wild in that costume all night!"

"Oh?" I tried to sound sweetly surprised. "There's some reason you don't want me to put on this particular nightshirt tonight?"

A sly smile appeared on his face.

"You little tease! You know very well there's a reason...and what it is!"

I tried to sound confused. "Gee whiz, Josh...are you trying to tell me that I got you turned on tonight? But I just wanted to be a little patriotic..."

He took the "headache" nightshirt and threw it on the dresser. As he eased me onto the bed, I made sure my little skirt covered practically nothing at all.

"Nikki, you're a devious vixen, but I love you, and tonight I've just got to have you. I'm about to explode!"

As Josh climbed into bed, I reached up for him to come into my arms.

"You're right," I said, my voice now low and sultry. "I knew exactly what I was doing. I wore this just for you, Josh--and especially to make love to you...right now..."


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