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Story 5


by Bill Quinn

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You know what? I've always considered myself an affectionate wife. I read somewhere that touching each other is so important to a marriage, and I thought I did my fair share of touching Josh. Now keep your mind from straying off into...shall we say, more risque visions. I'm talking about non-sexual touching. Yes, there is such a thing! It's called showing affection. It's tender and romantic. Of course it can lead to sex, but it's important all by itself too. A marriage needs a lot of affection, but sometimes this sweet, loving, physical affection is easy to neglect.

We like our husbands to be affectionate to us, don't we? And like I said, I thought I was affectionate to Josh. He certainly never complained. But something astonishing happened not long ago that really made me wonder.

It was a Saturday, and Josh had just brought in the mail. He started going through it at the kitchen counter but then paused when he got to a color flier that looked like some sort of advertisement. I began watching him more closely. He had an odd expression on his face, so I walked over to see what had so captivated him. Well, the flier was advertising new spring clothes from some store or other. The first thought to cross my mind was that he found some pretty model to look at. Men are like that, you know. No matter how thrilled they are with their wives--and Josh is just crazy about me--a pretty girl will always get their attention. But then I thought, no, there's more to this look on his face than just a pretty girl.

Hanes Ad

I came up next to Josh and got a good look at the page that had produced this almost mesmerizing affect on him. Ah, now I understand, or so I thought. It was a Hanes ad for underwear! So it was more than just a pretty model: it was a pretty model in her underwear!

Josh looked up at me.

"You seem to be utterly captivated by that ad," I said.

"Well, yeah, it did sort of catch my attention."

That was a huge understatement, of course! But I also thought he sounded a little embarrassed. That didn't surprise me at all. A man would be a little embarrassed if his wife caught him ogling...what he was looking at!

"Yeah, I can see it caught your attention. Looking at her panties?" I asked with a knowing smirk on my face.

I knew Josh loved sexy lingerie, and I always make the most of it when I catch him at a moment like this. He also thinks it's sexy when I say the word "panties." It turns him on. Amazing what can turn a man on, isn't it?

But the real surprise came with his answer.

"No...well, sort of, but not in the way you're thinking, not this time. I was looking at her smile and how happy she looked with her arms around the guy."

Yeah, there was also a guy in the ad. I'd noticed him because he was sort of cute, and he was also in his underwear! But when Josh said what he did, I looked at the girl again. Suddenly I could see what he meant. There really was a sort of magic in the scene.

"Sure," Josh continued. "she looks sexy there in her tee shirt and panties. But that wasn't my main thought. It just sort of...added to my main thought."

What was he talking about? Was he getting philosophical? He seemed to hesitate for just a moment, but then continued.

"I thought of how affectionate she was being to...well, let's say to her husband. Such a sweet smile--it just seemed to say how much she loved putting her arms around him. And look at his face--you can tell how much he loves what she's doing. She's so affectionate to him...

Another pause.

"And standing there in her panties...yeah, that adds to the overall effect. Maybe it's morning and they just got up, and maybe they made love last night, and she's so happy this morning...so happy to have him. And to him, seeing her look so sexy would...sort of make her affection for him that much sweeter...because she's so...desirable...and also so affectionate..."

His reverie ended in a tone that was...wistful!

I stood back and looked at Josh. I was absolutely astonished. What a romantic image he had just created! I wouldn't have thought he had it in him. Really.

I put my arm around his shoulder like the girl in the picture.

"Josh, that was so sweet!" But all of a sudden concern swept over me. I paused before continuing. "Josh, do you think...do you think I'm not affectionate enough to you?"

He snapped back to his usual self.

"Oh, no, Nikki." He reached up and ran his fingers tenderly around my neck and through my hair, which sent the usual chills down my back. "I think you're a very affectionate wife, and I love you for it."

With that, the conversation drifted onto other subjects. But a little later that day I sat down by myself and thought about what he'd said--and the effect that ad had on him and the way he described the picture. And suddenly I just knew it--he wished, maybe not even fully conscious of what he was feeling, but he wished he were the guy in that picture. Not that he wanted that girl, but I could sense it in his whole reaction and everything he said: he wanted the affection...he really needed more affection from me.

Most guys won't admit it, but they need female affection--and when married, they need affection from their wives. Not just sex but the kind of affection in that picture. Maybe not as much as we need affection from them...well, yeah, maybe they do need it as much as we do. Josh is very tender and affectionate with me. Well, I made up my mind then and there: I'm going to be more affectionate to him. And it's going to start now!

That evening I suggested we watch one of our favorite romantic movies. I'd also put on one of his favorite "around-the-house" skirts. It's kind of short and flirty, if you know what I mean. As he started the movie with the remote, I snuggled up close to him, pulling my legs onto the sofa so that my knees were pressing against his legs. To complete the effect, I took his arm and wrapped it around my shoulders, holding his hand in both of mine as I leaned into him. He squeezed my one hand a little, and I began caressing his.

Later in the movie, I repositioned myself, sitting up straighter and this time putting my arm around him. He responded immediately--by slouched down a bit to make it easier for me, and I hugged him tight. He turned to look at me and smiled. We moved around several more times, but there was never a moment when I wasn't holding him in some way. I think he really ate that up.

And I loved it too. I felt so warm inside--it was so romantic.

That night as I was sitting on the side of the bed undressing, Josh came up behind me and began caressing me. I had just pulled my tee shirt off, so I guess the scene was pretty inviting. Then after easing me down on the bed, he pushed my skirt up slowly, getting an eye full. I've noticed this many times before: when I'm not teasing him in some sexy way, he'll use me to tease himself!

He pulled my skirt back down and then off.

"You look real sexy laying there in just a bra and panties, and you know how that movie always puts me in a very amorous mood."

Amorous was perhaps an understatement.

"Oh, Josh, that's such a romantic movie, I just wanted to get in bed tonight and curl up so close to you..."

"You don't want to make love?"

"Well...no, not tonight...I was sort of thinking we'd just go to bed and enjoy...some sweet...affection..."

My thoughts trailed off because his hands had already begun gently caressing me--here and there and you know where. I closed my eyes as I felt my desire building up.

"But...now I...well, now that you mention it...I...maybe I should...reconsider..."

He was really getting to me, and my voice trailed off. How did I let this happen? But I mustered what remained of my resolve, which wasn't much, and opened my eyes to look directly at him.

"Oh, this just isn't fair," I whispered. "You're getting me turned on...and all I really wanted tonight..." But it was hard to put words together with desire inflaming my brain.

"Well, that's the price you pay for marrying an irresistible guy."

He took me in his arms and I wrapped my legs around him while kissing with increasing passion...

...And we made sweet, romantic love.

As we lay there coming down from the heights of ecstasy, I was slowly regaining the resolve I had completely lost earlier. Putting on my best bossy demeanor, I looked over at Josh and said, "Now you realize that just because we had sex doesn't change a thing. Don't think you're just going to roll over and go to sleep. We're still going to curl up very romantically and fall asleep in each other's arms."

Josh turned to look at me, smiled, and opened his arms. I was so happy, I snuggled up to him--and then that's exactly what we did.

Well, that movie was just the beginning. I vowed to myself that not a day would go by without giving Josh some kind of physical affection. After a couple weeks of this, I could see some subtle changes in him. One change that didn't surprise me at all was that he seemed to want to make love a bit more often than usual--which is really saying something! But I've always had a lot of fun keeping things from getting out of hand, if you get my drift. The more surprising change, though, was that he seemed...well, more cheerful about life in general. His disposition improved--he wasn't as easily aggravated by external things that didn't go right.

But I wanted to create just the perfect setting to do something very special for Josh. I'll have to be a little devious to pull it off, but that comes pretty easy for me.

First , I'll have to get Josh to take me out to a fancy romantic restaurant on a Friday evening. Then we have to make love that night. That part won't be hard to make happen at all. The restaurant will just add a nice romantic touch for both of us, especially me! The trickier part will come after our mad, passionate love-making session and then again the following Saturday morning. But I've got a pretty good idea of how to do it--you'll see!

On Tuesday I decided this would be the week for my special surprise for Josh. We'd made love just last night, Monday, and I thought the timing would be perfect for making love again on Friday. So when Josh got home that night, I brought up the restaurant idea.

While he was sitting on the sofa reading a book, I went over and sat down beside him. The affectionate wife that I am--and also the devious wife that I am--I ran my arm over his shoulder and began caressing the back of his neck.

"You know what I'd like to do?" I asked sweetly.

His eyes brightened noticeably.

"Make love?"

"Now, Josh, be serious. We just made love last night. Come on, guess again." I was moving my fingers through his hair.

Then he got that knowing frown on his face. "Oh, yeah. You want to go to some fancy restaurant some night this week."

Sometimes I underestimate how well he knows me. But in my most romantic tone, I said, "Why Josh, you read my mind...it's been a while since we did that, you know, and I'd love to have a romantic night out. I was thinking of this Friday. Should I make reservations?"

"Would it do any good to object?" he asked with a tone of resignation.

"Well, not if you want to maintain your reputation as a sweet, loving, romantic husband--and that's why you'll love it too!"

"Nikki, you're up to something, but I'll never be able to figure out what it is until the trap is sprung."

I leaned over and kissed him. "'Trap?' How can you think that your cute, vivacious, sexy little wife is plotting some sort of trap?"

"Yes, you're cute, vivacious, and definitely sexy...but you're still up to something."

I squeezed his shoulder and got up. "Well, only time will tell." Smiling impishly, I headed into the kitchen.

Wednesday, I made the reservations at one of my favorite, romantic restaurants. Already I was getting excited! Later that day I did some shopping and bought several things I'd need for Saturday morning. These included a small gift box, some wrapping paper, and a bag of Hershey Kisses. The one remaining item I needed really got me excited, but we'll not mention that one just yet. When I got home, I took five of the Kisses, put them in the box, and wrapped it up in that pretty paper. Then I carefully hid it. There it would stay until Friday night.

Fortunately, Josh didn't try to make love on Wednesday night, but I knew I had to be prepared on Thursday. I really did want to wait for Friday night, right? It was going to be so special after coming home from that restaurant. I get excited just thinking about it. Anyway, no sex on Thursday would build up Josh's desire all the more for Friday.

When Josh got home from work Thursday, I could tell immediately what he was planning, and he hadn't been reading Plato.

As we hugged and kissed at the door, he ran his hands down my back and began an erotic massage of my hips and derriere. I smiled and gently pushed him back.

"Now Josh, don't get yourself all hot and bothered. Supper's just about ready."

"Yeah, you're right. The evening is young."

I sighed as he walked into the bathroom to wash up.

I didn't feel much in the mood for teasing Josh tonight, so when it was time for bed, I managed to get there first and was already in my nightshirt before he arrived. I'm sure he'd wanted to watch me undress, but I also knew that missing that show would have little or no effect on his ardor.

I had just gotten in bed when he arrived. He undressed quickly and slipped under the covers next to me. Turning onto his side, he started a sweet, gentle caress of my face. Yes, now was the time for me to to make a preemptive move.

I snuggled a little closer and said, "I've really been looking forward to snuggling up with you tonight."

But his hand began seductively exploring the rest of me. Stopping momentarily at my breasts, he continued downward only to then slide his hand under my nightshirt and up my leg to my panties.

I reached over and laid my hand tenderly on his face.

"No, Josh, not tonight," I whispered softly. "I think we'll wait."

He paused for a moment.

"Nikki, that's so sweet, worrying about me like this. But I've got plenty of energy for us to do both."

Boy, I had to admit it--that was one of his better lines.

"Nice try, Josh. But the thought would never enter my mind that you were too tired for sex. And anyway, that's the girl's line. But I'm really not too tired tonight. I'm just in sort of a...dreamy mood--thinking about our romantic candlelight dinner tomorrow."

And thinking about other things too--which I thought would be better unmentioned right now.

"So come on, Josh. I'm anxious to snuggle up and put my arm around you."

"Candlelight dinner, huh?" Then he smiled, rolled over on his back, and opened his arms for me. Feeling so happy, I fell right into his arms and snuggled up close to him on my side, laying my head on his shoulder and my arm across my chest. He dropped his arm around my shoulder and gently caressed my hair with his other hand. I just love when he does that.

After a minute or so, he ran his arm hand down and felt the outline of my panties under my nightshirt. Yeah, that gives him a thrill, and I just smiled to myself.

Then he brought his arm back up to my shoulder. What an affectionate way to lie in bed together! Soon we fell asleep.

Friday afternoon finally arrived. I'd been like a kid waiting for Christmas morning, and now I was really excited that it was all about to begin. It was going to be a lot of fun getting dressed with Josh ogling me; it was going to be super romantic at the restaurant; we'd soar to the heights of ecstasy when we got home; and Josh was going to get his very special surprise Saturday morning. What a weekend this was going to be!

I'd wait to shower and dress until Josh got home from work--he loves to watch me getting dressed in all my finery for a night out, and tonight I was going to give him an eye-full. I was going to make sure there'd be on only one thing on his mind the whole evening, and that was getting me in bed tonight! And I just couldn't wait. I was getting turned on just thinking about it.

Josh finally got home, and I kissed him with just a hint of seduction.

"Come on, Josh. We've got plenty of time, but we should probably start getting ready. You can shower first, then I'll go." No need to mention, of course, that I was waiting for him to get home before taking my shower. That would have lacked feminine subtlety.

"Okay, Nikki. I'll be done in a jiffy."

Josh was almost finished dressing when I came into the bedroom all wrapped prim and proper in my big towel. I continued drying myself while he finished tying his tie. After somewhat slowly unveiling myself and dropping the towel on the bed, I pulled open my lingerie drawer in the dresser. Josh, with a pretense of innocence, migrated to a strategic position where he could get the best view of me now in all my bare radiance and also for the show that he knew was about to unfold before him--and I was planning to put on a really good one!

I pretended to shuffle around the drawer's contents a bit and then selected a pair of bright white satiny panties and a soft white lace-trimmed bra.

There's not too much you can do to seductively slip into a pair of panties, but in putting on my bra I did have a little playful fun moving it about and adjusting my breasts in it to get just the right fit and lift. I don't think Josh blinked during that procedure.

Next I pulled out a pair of sheer-to-the-waist pantyhose. Sitting down on the side of the bed, I started wrapping up one of the legs. Then I stretched out my leg and made a pretense of examining it carefully to make sure I hadn't missed any hairs while shaving them in the shower. At last I slipped my toes into the wad of nylon in my hands and slowly unrolled the hose in sort of a caressing move up my extended leg.

Of course, smoothing on nylon hosiery has always been a sensual experience--and not only for a man watching it but for the woman herself, if she consciously luxuriates in her femininity while doing it. I've often felt an excitement and enjoyed the sensation--especially when Josh is watching.

I glanced quickly at Josh in the mirror. His eyes weren't exactly popping out yet, but I could tell I was getting to him. Then I pulled the pantyhose back down to my knees and repeated the process for my other leg. Standing up, I pulled them the rest of the way up to my waist while watching myself in the mirror and making sure they weren't twisted. Yes, the panties showed through almost as if I didn't have the pantyhose on. Just the effect I wanted: the beautiful sheen of nylon-covered legs where I needed it but where I didn't need it...well, you get the idea.

After stepping into my slip, I had to walk across the room to get my skirt and blouse out of the closet. As I stood there pulling them off their hangers, Josh came up behind me and put his hands on my shoulders, massaging them gently, though his hands didn't stay there very long.

"Do you know what it does to me to watch you go through all that?"

I looked over my shoulder with a smirk. "Oh, I've got a pretty good idea."

I'm sure Josh knew it was a long shot, but he slid his hands down my two front bra straps to my breasts. As he began some gentle fondling, I could feel myself getting aroused and leaned back against him, closing my eyes. But only for a moment--this wasn't the plan.

I turned around and faced him. With a coy little smile I shook my head. "No, Josh, not now."

"Are you sure we have to leave right away?"

"Yes, Josh, I'm sure." Actually, there would have been time for a real quickie, but I wanted to wait for so much more when we got home tonight.

I giggled a little, then pulled on my skirt--a cute, dark-blue pleated skirt. He was still looking at my breasts as I put on my blouse. I decided that a little more teasing was in order--teasing Josh is so much fun, and he does actually like it. He likes me to act sexy, and it makes him so that he just can't wait to have me. Yeah, I know: I'm a little flirt! And...that's why I started buttoning from the bottom up. I did it slowly while watching his eyes with an impish smile on my face. Josh, of course, wasn't looking at my eyes or my smile.

He began shaking his head with that adorable expression that said he thought I was just hopeless. But the buttoning continued until the last glimpse of white bra disappeared.

But then I had to get the blouse properly tucked in. I reached down and pulled up my skirt and slip to my waist to grab my blouse and pull it straight. Josh once told me that this was his favorite part of watching me dress.

When finished, I looked at myself in the mirror. The skirt stopped just above my knees. Yes, everything was perfect. And at the risk of understatement, I believe I had just put the right thoughts in Josh's mind that would stay with him for the rest of the evening. The male imagination is such a great ally for the clever girl!

As we walked out to the car to head off to the restaurant, Josh put his arm around my shoulder, and I wrapped mine tightly around his waist. We were walking like a couple of star-struck teenagers. This was going to be one exciting evening.

When we got to the restaurant, Josh hopped out of the car and came around to open my door. Now you realize why he was in such a hurry and what was going to take place here. It can be difficult to climb out of a car when wearing a skirt, especially a short one--and naturally while holding the door open for me, Josh positioned himself just right to watch my legs. I didn't purposely put on any crass display, but he probably got a quick flash of white. Little things like that really excite him. It gives me a little thrill too, knowing the effect it has on him. Plus--it keeps his prurient desires focused right where they should be: on ME.

The restaurant was the ultimate for romantic dining. There was soft romantic music in the background, and the lighting was low with candles on every table. The tablecloth was thick white linen, as were the napkins. Every table also had a small bouquet of red roses. The ambiance was just so romantic, and I was so happy I was sharing this wonderful time with my wonderful husband! It made me think of the lines from that old rock song by the Association. I reached across the table and took Josh's hand in mine.

"You know what I'm thinking, Josh?"

He gave me that hopeless smile of his. "No, Nikki, you're always a surprise to me. A wonderful one, but always a surprise."

I'm thinking of those lines from that song by the Association:"

In my most secure moments, I still can't believe
I'm spending those moments with you.
And the ground I am walking, the air that I breathe
Are shared at those moments with you.

Josh squeezed my hand, and I felt my eyes tearing as I looked into his. I adore him so much.

The meal was sumptuous. I do have that knack of finding ways to embarrass myself. But tonight everything went great. I didn't spill any food on myself, and I didn't knock anything out of the waiter's hand when I got up to visit the Lady's Room.

We walked hand-in-hand back to the car. You know, when you think about it, holding hands is really something special. You can do it in public without drawing unwanted attention to yourself, and yet it's such a sweet, tender way to add physical affection to your time together. Anyway, I had taken Josh's hand, but instead of putting mine in his, I intertwined my fingers with his. I think this is way more romantic.

Back in the car, I put my arm around Josh, caressing his neck tenderly all the way home. He would have only one thing in mind when we got back to the house.

Once home, Josh took my hand and said, "Nikki, I think we have an appointment with destiny tonight." And he led me into our bedroom.

I sat down on the bed and took off my shoes. I didn't need to sit on the bed to do that, but I know Josh often starts his seduction by coming up behind me on the bed...and doing various wonderous things to me.

Sure enough, he climbed up and kneeled behind me, crossing his arms around me and putting both hands on my breasts. His hands did not remain idle either, and this time I didn't have to resist. I closed my eyes, leaned my head back, and just let myself get more and more excited.

Then he turned my shoulders to ease me into a prone position as I pulled my legs onto the bed, letting my skirt slide up the silky nylons.

Josh loves to play with my skirt. He pushed it up and down a few times, and then I took off his tie and started to unbutton his shirt, as he did with my blouse. Not much for me to do while unbuttoning his shirt, of course, but there was plenty for Josh to do while unbuttoning my blouse!

When he finished, I slipped off the blouse, and he cupped his hands around my breasts, squeezing and caressing them gently through the bra.

"This has always been my favorite bra--it has such soft, sexy material."

"Why do you think I put it on?" I replied impishly.

He then returned to my skirt and took it and my slip off. He ran his hands slowly and caressingly all the way up my silky legs and then carefully pulled off my pantyhose. He seemed to be in more of a hurry than usual. That didn't surprise me. With only my panties and bra left on, I watched him take the rest of his clothes off as he watched me on the bed with fire in his eyes. When he got back on top of me, he started more serious caressing right where he could light my fire. I was now breathing more heavily as my body began to move with his hand and my desire for him was soaring off the scale. At last he wrapped his arms around me and rolled over with me ending up on top. He unclasped my bra and I slipped my arms out of it.

I leaned down closer to him with my necked arched and he...well, we kissed and caressed and...and made passionate love.

As we were laying in each other's arms, I was thinking that our loving making tonight was everything I dreamed it would be.

But now...just one more part to my plan.

I pulled out of his arms and said, "Oh, Josh. I forgot I needed to do something in the kitchen. I'll be back in a sec."

I ran out and went in the kitchen to retrieve the hidden box of Kisses I'd prepared for him and put it on the counter where he couldn't miss it.

When I got back into bed, Josh was still awake. I crawled in and got on my side facing away from him but snuggled as close as I could get. He turned on his side facing me and put his arm around me, just as I'd hoped he would. I fell asleep one very happy wife.

When I woke up Saturday morning, I knew this was going to be the really tricky part. The timing had to be just right. I had to get him out into the kitchen to find my little present. I had to have enough time to get into my sexy little outfit after he left the bedroom and then get into the kitchen myself while he was puzzling over the prettily wrapped box on the counter.

I propped myself up on one elbow facing Josh and reached over to softly caress his face and wake him. When he opened his eyes, I gave him a sweet good-morning smile.

"Good morning, Day Dream Believer." I wonder if he realizes that made me a Homecoming Queen, according the the Monkeys? Anyway, I ran my fingers through his hair and said, "Today's going to be a bit busy. Maybe we should get an early start. Let's get up, okay?"

"Okay, Nikki, let's get up," he answered with little trace of enthusiasm.

But now I had to manage things with clockwork precision. Josh had just crawled out of bed and was standing there in his shorts and tee shirt, going through the final stages of waking up.

"Oh, Josh," I said, still lying in bed, "would you go out to the kitchen and put that coffee cake in the oven for a few minutes to warm it up for breakfast?"

He l gave me a quizzical look but walked out of the bedroom and turned toward the kitchen.

Jumping out of bed, I ran over to the dresser and whipped off everything I'd been sleeping in as fast as I could. Two items came off and ONLY two were going to go on. First, I quickly slipped into a pair of my sexier panties, a pretty floral print on a pinkish background with just enough spandex to fit snugly. Then I pulled on my new special tee shirt--that last item I'd bought just for this surprise.

I looked at myself in the mirror. Yeah, perfect! The tee shirt barely came to my waist, leaving my panties clearly visible. Plus it was nice and tight--and thin too, if you get my drift. Then I headed to the kitchen.

Yes, yes, yes! Just in time! He'd picked up the box and was examining it with a puzzled look on his face.

Josh looked up as I entered and, seeing the way I was dressed, looked even more puzzled. I walked over to him, coming to his side and facing the counter as he was but slightly behind him. Then I did it. The grand finale.

Smiling with pure happiness, I put my arms around him just like the girl in the ad that had so captivated him--and I put all the affection I had for him in my hug.

What I was doing suddenly dawned on him, and the warmest smile spread across his face.

"Nikki...you're recreating that ad I saw."

"Yes. I wanted to give you the same affection that girl radiated in the picture."

He just stood there a moment and let me hug him. Then he turned to face me.

Shaking his head in astonishment, he said, "Nikki, you are so cute..."

Boy, he may think it's sexy when I say the word "panties," but I sure think it's sexy when he uses the word "cute" referring to me!

He took my hand, stood back at arm's length, and gave me that male appraising look from head to toe.

"...especially dressed the way you are! And I love how affectionate you are to me! I feel just like the guy in that picture."

I thought my heart would burst for joy.

"What's in the pretty box?" he asked.

"Some Hershey Kisses that I bought for you."

"Why, thank you. Yeah, Hershey Kisses are nice, but I'll take your kisses any day."

Fixing his stare on my panties, he added, "Gee, Nikki, too bad you can't walk around like that all day."

"Well, I do have to go shopping this morning." Then in my most innocent tone I asked, "Is it okay with you if I go like this? You know how girls dress now days..."

He gave me his best exasperated look and shook his head. Then, still holding my hand, he led me off to our bedroom. My heart suddenly skipped a beat. Gosh, I wonder...is it to make sure I get properly dressed? Or is it to...


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