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Cozy Night at Home
© 2013 by Debra Phillips

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Cory and Roy were looking forward to their vacation. A chance to relax and dream and just get reacquainted after such a long season at work. They had had romantic moments and they all added up to a beautiful marriage, but they needed time alone--just the two of them--without interruption.

After all, didn’t God ordain marriage saying a husband and wife should cling to each other, forsaking others? That didn’t just mean family. That, to Cory, meant those at work, clients, friends, anyone seeking the time and attention that could be better spent enjoying the company of your lover.

Marriage to Cory and Roy was very special and thanks to the examples they had from their parents as well as friends like Marc and Carrie, there were no shortage of examples and ideas to keep their marriage wonderfully moving forward.

Often times Cory and Carrie would get together and compare notes and ideas to see who could pull off the best romantic encounter. Cory loved to cuddle with Roy and he loved just holding her. Feeling her and caressing her. Many nights they just sat on the floor by the fireplace as he wrapped his arms around her. Feeling the heat from the fire just served to help ignite the passion they had for each other time and time again.

So that afternoon while Roy and Marc were at work, Carrie went over to help Cory set up for an evening Roy would not soon forget. As the girls sat and sipped coffee, Carrie began telling Cory things she had done to spice up their nights. One such encounter was the office surprise when she had worked weeks to prepare the office picnic with the help of Marc's assistant. It was an afternoon neither Marc nor Carrie forgot.

Before long the girls began transforming Cory's house into a love nest. Candles were placed in various locations throughout the house, starting at the entry way just inside the door. Flowers were arranged both by the fireplace as well as the dining table and bedroom. Next to the make shift waterfall, they put silver pot holders containing fresh flowers, sending off their fragrances to fill the senses. Because Cory and Roy had put in the sound system previously, all she had to do was turn it on and cue up the continuous romantic saxophone music.

Then when everything had been set up, Cory and Carrie began fixing dinner. Something simple but tasty. Cory had decided on sweet and sour shrimp with egg rolls. That way she could feed Roy and vice versa, which they had always found very romantic. It was now all perfectly prepared and waiting. All she had to do was get prepared herself. So after saying bye to Carrie, she went to get ready herself.

As she ran the water in the tub, she lit the candles she specifically kept on the shelves in the bathroom and turned on some love songs which would begin to set the mood. Hearing love songs before a romantic evening always seemed to set the tone and ease her mind of outside influences. With her mind set on love, she had only to wait until he stepped through the door. After her bath, she sprayed a small amount of his favorite perfume before slipping into the floor length black silk and lace gown. It had been an anniversary gift he had bought her.

As Cory sat anticipating a romantic evening, she began to fill the room with saxophone music and fantasized about their evening and week ahead. Soon she heard the key in the door and stood quickly, moving halfway up the stairs to the second landing where Roy would see her the moment he stepped inside.

“Honey I’m ho…me,” he said as he started to enter but was taken by surprise. Letting him get acclimated to the darkness, she just stood there and waited.

“Welcome home.” She said smiling as he looked up at her. Cory slowly walked down the stairs to greet him.

“Well hello,” he returned as he moved closer to her.

“Trade you. I’ll take these and you take this,” she said, offering him a wine glass and taking his briefcase and coat. As she disappeared into the bedroom discarding his things, he moved into the living room. He was still looking at the deco when she rejoined him and picked up her glass of wine.

“To us,” she said, clinking the glasses and giving him a kiss on the lips.

“To us,” he returned as he took a sip.

After they had sipped of the wine, Roy pulled back and took her glass, setting them both on the table. As they stood there she began looking at him, turning her head this way than that.

“It seems to me one of us is a tad bit over dressed,” she said as she loosened his tie and began removing his jacket. Before long he was sitting on the couch, while Cory kneeled down and removed his shoes and socks, replacing them with his slippers.

“There, that’s better,” she said.

Roy resumed his standing position, and said, “So where were we? Oh, yeah, I remember.” He pulled her back into his arms and kissed her once again.

From that moment on, virtually no words were spoken, and they began dancing in the dimly lit room as music filled the air.

Cory just closed her eyes and leaned into him as they swayed to the sound of the sax. Just to feel him holding her and caressing her softly sent ripples through her soul.

Soon she felt his strong, gentle hands moving along the silk fabric of her back. They leaned back gazing into each other’s eyes when she moved close to kiss him.

When the dance was over, she led him to a chair and then went to retrieve the dinner she had so lovingly prepared. Before long they were sitting in candle light eating and feeding each other as the evening progressed.

An hour later dinner was forgotten as he laid her on the rug before the fire and made sweet love to her as the shadows of the flames danced over their skin and music filled the air...


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