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The Most Special Day of Our Life
© 2010 by Joe

Joe's Preface

My wife and I both hail from Kerala, but from different places in the state. I'm an urbanite from the city of Kochi, whereas she is from Munnar, a picturesque little hill town which is also a famous tourist destination. Our parents were responding to suitable profiles advertised in the local newspapers. That's how they got in touch with each other. My wife-to-be was then working as an accounts officer in a firm in her home town.

Both parents exchanged our photographs for us to have an initial glimpse. She had a beautiful smile, and I liked her picture. But her face was familiar to me. I remembered having met her several years back, but couldn't remember where or when.

After exchanging pictures, it is a custom for the guy and his parents to visit the girl's home. During this visit the couple get to talk to each other in private. If they both like each other, the parents proceed with the marriage.

That visit was a pleasant surprise to me. I'm an architect, and as a student, I had done a study on architecture in hilly regions, and it was her residence that was taken as a case study by my team. Thus we had met and talked to each other before. She was a thin, bubbly teenager then. I reminded her of our previous meeting many years back and she immediately opened up to me. It was almost as if we fell in love then and there.

We got engaged soon thereafter and started dating. I was working in Bangalore, a bustling metropolis in the neighbouring state. She had a sister who was married and settled in Bangalore. On alternate weekends, she used to come and stay at her sister's place and on the other weeks, I used to go to her place. So our dating period was like best of both worlds--one weekend at a big metropolis with its sleek malls and a fast life, and the other weekend at a beautiful hill station in the lap of nature.

We have had some hard times after our marriage, like two miscarriages before we got our son Dave, who is now three years old. But those hard times only served to strenghten our love and commitment to each other.

* * * * *
The Most Special Day of Our Life

Ours was an arranged marriage like most Indian marriages of people of my generation. Dating and love marriages are now becoming common in the cities, but for most Indians, a marriage arranged by the families is still the norm. Mine was not any different, but we had a long courting period--almost six months between our engagement and marriage.

We dated on a regular basis. Both of us enjoyed that courtship, and it helped us to know each other better and to discover that we were really made for each other. I'm basically an introvert. My sweetheart, Mary, is also not a very outgoing person, but she is much better than I in maintaining a relationship. My Mary is basically a tense and sensitive person who does not have much confidence in herself. She's told me many times how fortunate she is to have me as her "better half," since I made her feel very confident and loved. She had a similar effect on me. Her care, tender love, and attention helped me to come out of my shell of isolation. I was very bad at maintaining relationships at school and college. I hardly remembered any of my friend's birthdays or their family details. I was always lost in clouds of fantasy. While this capacity for imagination and creativity helped me to become an architect later on, I was very poor when it came to friendships.

So when I was about to enter marriage, I was very apprehensive. I didn't believe that I had the appeal to make a girl fall in love with me. But Mary found me very attractive, and that gave me immense confidence.

This wonderful chemistry between us has worked well after marriage too. We had several talks about sex during our dating period, and she shared her apprehensions with me. I reassured her that sex is all about love. The very fact that I listened to her gave her a lot of confidence.

Then came our special day. By custom, a newly married couple generally moves in with the groom's parents. Upon coming home from our marriage ceremony, Mary was given a warm welcome by my family. After the traditional custom of entering with lighted lamps, my mother welcomed her to our family with a warm hug and kiss. The usual round of greetings from relatives and friends followed.

At last we were left to ourselves in our bedroom. I was exhausted but thrilled. Here I was alone in my bedroom with my love. What could be more exciting? But Mary was very much overwhelmed with conflicting emotions. She was happy but still sad to leave her parents. Thrilled but apprehensive. As soon as we locked the door, I gave her a bouquet, a romantic welcome card, and some chocolate candies, which I had kept ready. She looked at me and smiled so sweetly. I gave her a warm hug as kissed her on the forehead. She seemed to melt in my arms. We remained like that for a long time. Time seemed to stand still. She was the one who broke that spell.

We had not changed from our wedding attire. She was dressed in an exquisite white traditional Indian saree with a beautiful tiara on her head. I was dressed in a western-style suit. I helped her to remove the crown and the numerous hair clips. While doing so I didn't lose any opportunity to gently touch her face. She looked at me and smiled each time I touched her. I undid her hairdo very gently and then took off my coat and neck tie. We were both blushing like teenagers! Her face was red but she kept looking deeply into my eyes and smiling her enchanting smile now and then.

That encouraged me to proceed and I slowly undid the pins that held her flowing saree in place. The silk saree slid down from her shoulders, exposing her blouse and bare midriff. It was a feast to my eyes. My eyes were roving all over her beautiful curves. I felt excited and elated. I tried to be gentlemanly, but this exquisite beauty that was being unveiled in front of my eyes was so enchanting that I could hardly take my eyes off her. Mary has a slender build, but she was much more well-endowed than what I had expected.

When she saw me watching her, she covered her bosom with her hands, pulled up her saree end, and looked down shyly. I kissed her again on her forehead and gently continued removing her saree. When my hand moved toward her waist to undo the saree tucking done over the underskirt, she caught hold of it and looked up into my eyes intensely, her face red and her hand trembling. I took her arms in mine and pressed them to my chest.

"I'm sorry dear. You can go into the dressing room and change."

With that she smiled again and said, "No, my dear. You don't have to be sorry. You know that I'm a tense girl."

She let go of the saree end, which again slid down, and stepped close to me to gave me a tight hug. Her tender body felt so warm and soft against my chest. I was taken aback. She kissed me on the cheek and came out of the embrace.

Mary looked at me again and gave a naughty smile. Then she turned around and slowly undid the tucking at the waist and let the saree fall down on the floor. She stood there in her blouse and underskirt, her back to me. Her curvaceous figure looked so attractive in that silky white sleeveless blouse with its low-cut back, which offered me a generous view of her shoulders and back. Like the usual blouse worn with a saree, it left her midriff bare up to the waist. The white cotton underskirt, which was fastened at the waist, flowed graciously covering her from waist to ankles. Her narrow waist and curvaceous hips and bottom were so enchanting under the soft fabric! With her long, thick black hair reaching down to her waist waving in the gentle breeze, she looked like an apparition to me.

I stood there stunned, open-mouthed and unable to take my eyes off her gracious form. Mary turned around to face me with a sweet smile and asked, "Are you scared dear?"

That brought me back to my senses. "No my darling. I...I'm just taken aback by this display of beauty. By God, you are so gorgeous, Mary!" She responded with a tight hug, and I kissed her on her cheeks and then her lips.

"Mary, do you know what a French kiss is?" I asked.

"No, Joe. I'm a decent girl, and I'm not experienced in the art of love like you," she teased.

"You have married an indecent and incurable romantic, Madam. Now you have no escape. You have to learn many things from the great French kiss!"

With that I took her lips in mine and soon we were kissing passionately like experienced couples. Again time seemed to stand still and we took a long time to disengage from that tight hug and lip lock. I could read the passion building up in her from her face. I caressed her head, cheeks, and neck. My hands slid down her side to her waist. As I took the edge of the cord that fastened her underskirt, Mary closed her eyes and raised her face, lost in the sensation. Slowly I undid her skirt and blouse. She was wearing a silky white laced bra and panties. She looked like a sculpture. Her body was perfect.

Taking her into my arms, I once again began caressing and kissing her. She smiled and gave me a light push, disengaging herself. Then she came near me and slowly undid the buttons of my shirt, smiling confidently. I took the opportunity to gently caress her soft smooth skin. She removed my shirt and vest and gave me a naughty smile before proceeding to undo my belt.

When we were both stripped down to our under garments, we hugged and kissed again. By now Mary had overcome all fears and easily warmed up to me. I could feel desire slowly building up in her, and she was responding more and more eagerly to my kisses and caresses.

I also started to feel delirious from my own mounting desire. My throat went dry, and I paused for a while. "Oh, Mary, I...I'm scared that I may be a bit rash with you. Sometimes I'm very clumsy. Just tell me if anything feels bad."

She looked at me with a dreamy expression in her eyes and gave me another sweet smile. That smile gave me immense confidence, and I proceeded to undo the hooks of her bra. She blushed and stooped down. I pressed her on to my chest, slowly and gently caressing her bare back. She raised her face again, looked at me with an intense expression, and threw her arms around my neck. When I started kissing her, she closed her eyes. My hands slid down her bare back and got hold of the waistband of her panties. I peeled off her panties gently. After removing my briefs, I lifted her into my arms and carried her to the bed.

She looked at my erection and smiled. On the bed, lying on our sides, we joined ourselves in a joyous embrace. In between the shower of kisses and caresses that followed, she whispered in a husky voice in my ear, "Oh my darling Joe, you're not clumsy at all. I'm enjoying this." She was at ease and smiling, responding with more and more eagerness to my urgent, passionate caresses. We had a round of sweet, passionate foreplay.

We couldn't accomplish the act then since that first-time union was painful for her. Later that night, we successfully consummated our marriage after another long and passionate round of foreplay.

We have now celebrated seven wonderful years of marriage, but that special day is something we will never forget.


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