Romantic Marriage Stories
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The Visit by Grandma
© 2011 by Tina

Being married to Raj has been the most wonderful blessing in my life. Since ours was an arranged marriage, the first few months of our marriage was the time when we got to know each other more and learned about each other's desires, likes, dislikes, and most importantly attitude.

All my life, I had thought that guys are tough and manly so that they would not have much emotion to share--unlike girls, who are sensitive and more emotional. However, an incident that occurred about three months into our marriage made me realize that Raj is not like that.

Raj's grandmother came to visit us about three months after we got married. It was her first official visit to the house since our marriage. She lives in another state and rarely travels so we had been the one to visit her. Since this was her first visit, I was given the task of cooking for her by my mother-in-law. Phew! It was a tough task to cook for an older lady who had had so much experience in cooking. I wanted to please her with my culinary skills.

Raj was her favorite grandson, and she definitely would want to see whether I was suitable to be his wife. Based on the few visits we made to her house, I believed that she liked me. She was a sweet and loving lady. But, a girl's treasure is her ability to cook!

I spent a few days thinking of the menu. Raj was away for a two-week work trip, which had left me in a bad condition as I missed him badly. He returned home on the same day as grandma's arrival to our house.

She arrived late in the afternoon and had a rather large piece of luggage, which meant she intended a long stay here. She immediately hugged me and gave me a loving kiss on my forehead. I was indeed happy. After talking to her for a while, I excused myself to kitchen to begin the work I dreaded the most: cooking for grandma.

My mother-in-law left me go into the kitchen alone to cook because she was talking to grandma. I immediately got to work and started cooking. I was so busy cooking that I didn't realize that Raj had returned home. After about half an hour, all was going well until Raj sneaked into the kitchen.

I was so busy concentrating in my cooking that I hadn't realized he was in the kitchen. As I held my stainless steel bowl walking to the sink, he suddenly hugged me from behind.

I screamed and let go of the bowl. It fell on the floor with a such a loud noise that grandma and mother-in-law came running into the kitchen, wondering whether I was hurt.

I was shocked by my reaction. Why did I scream? It was not the first time he had done something like that. In fact he hugs me in the kitchen so often that I'm so used to it. So why did I scream today? Perhaps I was not expecting him home that early that made me react that way. I looked at Raj and he definitely had a shocked expression, not knowing what to do.

In Indian homes, usually men are not allowed to enter the kitchen since it is the women's area. However in today's culture it is no longer practiced. But grandma is an old lady with her old tradition.

"What happened?" grandma asked.

I kept quiet and looked at Raj. He knew he was in trouble.

Grandma became a little upset and scolded Raj. I could not make any comment react in any way. I looked at Raj and he looked down and just kept silent. Suddenly, I felt very guilty. After giving a long lecture about traditions, grandma left the kitchen with mother-in-law and Raj slowly walked out of the kitchen without looking at me or saying a word. I wanted to run over and hug him asking for an apology, but I could not.

Dinner turned out to be great and grandma was very pleased. As we sat and ate, Raj was a little quieter than usual, and the memory of that afternoon's event kept bothering me. Mother-in-law told me another thing that made me felt even worse. Raj had never before been scolded by grandma because he was her favorite grandson.

Okay, now I'm in real trouble for causing grandma to scold Raj. I could not wait for bedtime to sort things out with him. Finally, it came and everyone settled into their bedrooms.

Raj had gone in a bit earlier, and after switching off all the lights and locking all the doors, I walked into our room with a heavy heart, feeling guilty and sad. It had been two weeks since we had spent time together. He was sitting at the edge of the bed facing the window. I walked up to him and sat next to him.

He was not looking at me. I touched his hand softly and said, "Darling, I'm so sorry I caused you trouble just now. I really didn't mean to scream, and I didn't expect you to be home that early. Perhaps being so engrossed in cooking made me react in the way. Please don't misunderstand."

He still did not respond, and I really thought he was angry with me. I felt like crying for making the love of my life disappointed with me. I waited a while but there was no response. I wanted to enter the bathroom and cry so I stood up and began walking.

He took my hand. As I turned to look at him, he looked up at me with an expression that I had never seen before. He had tears in his eyes.

I immediately kneeled on the floor in front of him. I gently touched his face and looked straight into his eyes. His eyes were tearing but his expression was not one of sadness. It was more like a satisfied and happy look.

Now I was confused.

"I'm so sorry darling...I really didn't mean..." He covered his hands on my mouth to stop me and started to talk.

"Do you know that I've never been scolded by grandma all these years in my life?"

I nodded and felt my eyes tearing as I started to cry. He continued.

"Today I was scolded by her, and I am so proud of it."

He stopped and looked at me. Proud? Of all the possible emotions, he was proud to have been scolded by his grandma?

"She scolded my for giving you a shock. So what does that mean?"

"What?" I asked, still unable to understand what he is trying to say.

"It means that she really loves you more than me. I am her favorite grandson and she never scolded me. Today she did because of you. Even mum did not protest or scold you. This means that you are well adapting into this family and everyone loves you. I could see the look in her eyes as she talked to you during dinner. Grandma adores you. I am so proud to be your husband. You managed to adapt yourself into an unknown family in just a short time. My wife is so smart and I am proud of it," he added as he gently touched my face.

I was again taken by surprise. All evening I was so worried that he'd been scolded that I never thought of the incident as something to be proud of. But Raj was right. I really have been accepted into his family.

For the first time that night, a smile formed on my face and I gently kissed Raj. We kissed for a while and I stood up to change to my nightdress. As I turned to walk, he held my hands again but I did not turn this time. Perhaps I can fix the mistake I did just now. I stood with my back facing him, hoping he would hug me. He took the hint.

Within seconds I felt his hand snaked onto my tummy, pulling me closer to him. He was in his good mood again...perhaps in a naughty mood.

He held me tight and whispered in my ear, "Let's play a game."

Game? Hmmmm...He is definitely back to normal, I thought. Before I even responded he continued.

"If you can wriggle yourself free from me now, you win. But if you give up, then the night is mine and you will be my sexy angel."

Sexy angel? So he does have some plans for tonight!

Without a second thought, I agreed and felt his hands hold my even tighter around my tummy. Okay. I need to wriggle myself with a lot of effort. I started counting...1..2..3...

I started wriggling and pushing myself away from him. I was giggling all the way and trying hard not to make so much noise. Suddenly, he started to kiss my neck...Ohhh...I was taken aback and my strength was beginning to dissolve.

"That's cheating," I managed to whisper and finding myself breathing faster.

"My dear, we did not set any rules did we?" Raj murmured as he continued kissing my neck.

I was definitely losing, but I was not going to give up that easily. For a few more minutes, I still managed to try to wriggle myself free, while also trying to enjoy his touch.

However when his hands started to roam all over my body, I gave up. My body began to relax and melt in his hugs. He continued to torment me with his touches and kisses, and I whispered, "I give up..."

Reluctantly he released me and I turned so that I could face him.

"I bought you something on my trip," he said, "that will make the real Angels jealous looking at you."

I blushed at his statement. He really knew how to make a girl blush.

He walked over to his bags and took out a piece of clothing. It was a saree. For those who doesn't know, a saree is a piece of Indian clothing that women wrap around the body. Looking at the saree, I knew why he referred to the Angels. It was white in colour and looked similar to the picture below.


I was so excited--I have always wanted a white saree.

"Go on and tie the saree. I want to see my angel in it," Raj said, giving me a sexy, naughty look.

I went and changed and walked back into the room. Immediately I sensed Raj's eyes were all on me as he walked slowly towards me. He smiled and backed me slowly towards the wall.

" I told you: the real Angels lose," he whispered softly into my ear.

"You say the nicest things to me." I said softly, wrapping my arms around his neck.

We kissed passionately and he began peeling off the saree. "Somehow, peeling off the saree from you is a beautiful view," he said.

I wanted to give him some excitement, so I tried to sway seductively as he pulled off the saree. I could see his eyes burned with desire as much as mine, and when he saw the seductive tease, he undressed me as fast as he could, and we settled onto the bed hoping, that we would not wake Grandma up with any noises.

Grandma left for home the next week, and I was glad that she left in a happy mood and had forgiven Raj for his playful attitude. Well, Raj still enters the kitchen to surprise me, but somehow I've managed to develop a sixth sense to know when he's watching me. No more screams.


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