Romantic Marriage Stories
Guest Author Series

Story 1: Anniversary Story
by S. T.

After two weeks of sharing colds, sore throats, and general exhaustion, my wife and I had understandably not made love for what seemed like an eternity! However, it was now only a few days until the weekend and our twelfth anniversary, so I was beginning to have increasingly intoxicating fantasies of what this weekend might hold for us.

As the end of the week approached, I wanted to plan something really romantic and not just our standard night out away from the kids. It needed to be something quite unique. But where ever we went and where ever we had dinner, I also wanted the evening to afford us plenty of opportunity to touch and simply to gaze into each other's eyes in that special romantic way as we celebrated our wedding day.

Over the years, Mandy and I have learned what warms our love and touches our inner souls. For her, it is my touch and attention, while for me, it is her sensuality and her desire to excite me through her visual _expression in lingerie. I have always been turned on by the feminine form draped in sensuous fabrics like silk and nylon, sometimes sheer and sometimes decorated in exquisite lace. Mandy knows this and thoroughly enjoys igniting my passion in the way she dresses for me. Many of our special nights often begin with her wearing a thin thong or g-string and a matching bra that is either visible through the buttons on her blouse or as I steal opportunities to look down her shirt.

Such opportunities for what I might call marital voyeurism excite me on several levels. At one level, I begin to imagine the delicate fabrics hugging her body, much like a veil covers the face but at the same time teases the imagination. The second level is simply the thrill I get when I see something I'm not supposed to see in normal circumstances.

Mandy also understands my tastes in female lingerie. I am not partial to any specific color but do find that virgin white is quite alluring to my senses. I do not find full-coverage panties made of cotton or even bikini styles with witty statements embroidered in front to be very sensual. They might be practical and appropriate for some occasions, but I find them quite devoid of sensuality. Padded and T-shirt bras are even less desirable, but I do realize their uses within normal everyday wear. By contrast, a women wearing a garter belt and nylons with a thin, delicate thong and matching lace bra--now that in my opinion would be an experience of sensuality any wife could create to capture the eye and inflame the desire of her husband.

But I digress. We were going to be celebrating our anniversary this weekend. Although Mandy and I had not discussed the events of the day in detail, I did mention to her that I would like to take her to the J. Paul Getty Museum and then to Melrose Avenue for dinner and walking. At only 5 foot 3 and with small-A size breasts, my wife is a little dynamo with a figure that just makes you want to touch her, which was my plan for the entire day.

Saturday finally arrived, and there was magic in the air. As we hurried to shower and dress before the babysitter arrived, Mandy surprised me with a gift. It was sheer black, tank-top style lingerie with lacy frilly straps and a small delicate silk bow in the middle of each cup that was carved out of the main body with creative sewing. This dainty top also came with a matching thong, sharing the thin lace front and frilly sides.

My motor was running warm, and I asked her to try it on for size. She gleefully threw off her shirt and pulled the top over her head, allowing the fabric to flow over her breasts, momentarily catching on its way down and forcing her to intervene. Mandy did so with slow, deliberate movements that revved up my rpms even higher. I could resist no longer and spun her around to place my arms around her front, gently sliding my hands up her thighs, inward to her waist, and then slowly upward until each hand was positioned just below her breasts. What Mandy's breasts might lack in size, they more than make up for in response. Her arousal was now very apparent and continued to grow with additional encouragement from me. Her response in that enchanting new top fed my growing passion and encouraged my hands to slide further up, gently caressing her breasts. We often look into the mirror from our dresser as we engage in these tender, yet sexually charged moments, enjoying the view as though it were a private movie of ourselves. I could easily see her breasts through the delicate material and was thinking that perhaps a bit of pre-date love-making might ensue.

Mandy laid back into my body, feeling my obvious arousal. But then she spun around, kissed me, and backed away slightly. The moment had passed, but she had wanted me to know that her passion was also running high and that the day was still very young.

Probably to emphasize this, she asked with a coy lilt in her voice whether I thought she should wear her new top today with a leather jacket. I was stunned! She had often talked about wearing something so daring in public, though she has never followed through.

There was a certain sense in which it excited me to think of her going out dressed like that, but I also knew that her desire to please me would be displaced with the reality of a cold night and an uncomfortable feeling of being seen in public in such provocative attire. I told her that I appreciated the gesture but that perhaps we should pick something just as nice, though a bit more practical. However, I wanted to keep the electricity in the air so I added that we could always bring the top along--just in case!

Mandy smiled with bright, sparkling eyes. She pulled it off and tossed it to me.

With that we went to her lingerie drawer and began the process of picking out a new set of lingerie for our special day. One of my favorites is a new DKNY thong I purchased on Valentines Day from Nordstrom. It was white nylon with a very sheer panel in front and thin straps on the side held in place with little gold rings. I had wanted the best of both worlds, so to speak. This thong, though shear, still provided the traditional triangle formation in front. Today I almost melted as she stepped into the thong and pulled it up over her derrière, placing each strap high on her hips.

Then she pulled out one of her recent buys from Fredericks of Hollywood. It is called a shelf bra. Now for most women, a shelf bra provides little or no coverage, but enough support to cause their breasts to squeeze upward and outward. However, on A-size-cup women, it has the ability to cover almost their entire erotic zone--until they begin to move around. The color was a light shade of purple, and as she stood their in front of me in her white sheer thong and purple shelf bra I was transfixed.

Mandy next decided to put on a new pair of low-cut jeans and a silky button-up blouse with a red pattern camouflaging her exposed state from most eyes, except those trained to seek a subtle outline betraying her lack of coverage.

Finally, it was off to the museum and a day filled with intrigue. As we drove on the freeway, I did not hid my attempts to look through her buttons and onto her purple bra. She reciprocated in kind, allowing the top three buttons to become undone and positioning her seatbelt directly under her right breast.

Once at the museum, we jumped on the tram and headed to the entrance. The sun had popped through the clouds, and the view of the ocean and downtown was breathtaking. I decided to take Mandy's picture, and as no one else was around, she became rather playful. Turning around, she stuck her bottom out, causing her shirt to ride up enough to see her brilliant white thong revealed from her jeans. I quickly took the picture as she giggled and shook her bottom one more time.

From there we viewed countless treasures of bronze statues, oil paintings, and old manuscripts. I attempted to take pictures without a flash until my memory card was full. I spent the next few minutes in the middle of a room deleting various pictures from earlier in the week to make room for the new ones.

Meanwhile, Mandy went from painting to painting reading about their history and status in the art world. Finally she sat down on a bench in the middle of the room to adjust her shoe. As she bent over, her jeans slid down and again revealed her thong. It was so erotic as I stood quietly watching the entire back triangle slowly rise from beneath her jeans as a specter of delight, a stunningly white contrast to her beautifully soft skin. I could only imagine what other men, had they been at the right place at the right time, would think as they saw my beautiful wife unknowingly displaying her intimates in the middle of these precious works of art. Suddenly she reached up to touch her backside and felt her thong in full display and quickly pulled her shirt down to a much more discrete level.

The rest of the time was spent enjoying each other and the collections of the museum. But I was anxious for the next phase of our date: to drive to Melrose for dinner.

We got to Melrose by taking a shortcut on Sunset through Brentwood and Beverly Hills. We were discussing the amazing views and wealth of the area and commenting on the facade that they all seem to imply. It is only our judgment call, but it seems that in order to maintain this type of lifestyle, one must be in total self-absorption and concerned with maintaining a level of self-gratification without regard to others.

Upon our arrival at Melrose, we found a spot off one of the many side streets only four cars down. We began to walk and found a nice Italian restaurant with outside seating. Spotting a corner table, we sat down and began the process of ordering dinner and watching people. Mandy excused herself but returned shortly with several buttons undone. She had undone enough buttons that it was easy to view the bridge of the bra holding each cup together. The light purple bra contrasted nicely against her clear smooth skin.

Before dinner actually arrived, Mandy decided to check on the babysitter. To retrieve her cell phone, she twisted to get her purse, allowing the side of the blouse to pull back somewhat. She was at just the right angle for me to appreciate this momentary bit of intimacy. She dug for a few seconds before finding the phone and turned back to me grinning from ear to ear. Returning her smile, and to let her know that what had happened had not gone unnoticed or unappreciated, I asked her to see if my phone was in her purse as well simply to repeat the performance. She did so gracefully without letting on that she intended her actions to give me such a view. No phone was found.

After dinner, we shopped until about 9:00 before we decided it was time to leave. We jumped in the car, but not before a long, passionate kiss in the street with my hand under her shirt, gently brushing her breasts to a state of arousal. As viewed by passersby, however, it was a simple hug and kiss without reason to stare.

As we started to drive home, Mandy expressed her love and pleasure in my taking care of her this evening as we traversed the back roads and highways to avoid traffic. I had placed my hand on her thigh as we talked and she reciprocated. But she wanted to do even more for me. She undid her blouse slowly until it was fully opened and draping off her shoulders. As each city light passed overhead it created a romantic flash of that purple bra and her stunning body. It was surreal. The love being shared between us at that moment was very beautiful.

I spent most my time trying to concentrate on driving but also took the liberty to caress and explore her vulnerability. Her skin was so smooth and her obvious arousal was tempting to touch and taste. As we exited the freeway, she did not twitch or move to cover her form but simply allowed me to further enjoy. It was only after we entered our residential street that she buttoned up her blouse, and by the time we got home one would never have known what she had just shared.

Once the baby sitter was relieved of duty and we were finally all alone, I lit some candles while Mandy threw on a pair of black high heels and a soft silk skirt designed to match the bra. The skirt was more like a slip than a skirt, but its effect over her thongs was much the same as a micro skirt. Mandy was turning up the romantic and sexually charged aura for what was soon to follow.

We held each other and kissed and touched until we finally made it to the bed and consummated out twelve-year anniversary.


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