Romantic Marriage Stories
Guest Author Series

Story 3: Catching Butterflies
by S. T.

Mandy and I were getting ready to go out for the evening with a few friends. Nothing fancy, just a local joint with great food and even better margaritas. Since we had been working in our yard all day in the hot summer sun, we needed to clean up quickly and get ready for the evening. I was looking forward to spending time with our friends and, as always, to the playful antics Mandy and I enjoy between ourselves.

I decided to take my shower first and was done within minutes. Mandy then took her shower while I was ironing my pants and a casual short-sleeve shirt for the evening. Just as I had finished dressing, Mandy came into the bedroom and began working on her hair and makeup. I had a few chores to finish in the yard, so I left the bedroom and headed toward the back door.

"Mandy!" I shouted. "I'm going out to put my tools away, so if you need me I'll be out in the garage."

"No problem!" she shouted from the other side of the house.

The garage was located at the end of the driveway and the furthest part of the property. On my way, I enjoyed soaking up the warm air as the sun began to dip below the horizon. Feeling strong and healthy after a hard day of working in the yard, I felt somewhat excited to be dressed up and going out for dinner. Perhaps the evening would even conclude with some passion upon our arrival home. Having such thoughts always creates a romantic aura for me as I enjoy the evening with my beautiful wife. With it comes that special tingle when I touch her or hold her hand or put my arm around her.

Suddenly my reverie was interrupted by a flash of light I saw out of my peripheral vision. It was just enough to cause me to turn my head. Although I was almost at the garage, I was able to see quite clearly that Mandy had just turned on the light in our bedroom and was making her way around the room.

I always take special notice of her when I am in the room while she is dressing. Since the neighbors would not be able to see me, why not watch from the window? But then a thought struck me: this is what peeping toms do! Maybe I should not watch. No, that was ridiculous. Mandy was my wife and I have watched her dress hundreds of times. Maybe watching her through the window would add a bit of extra excitement.

Then another thought struck me. Mandy never minds when I watch her dressing, but I wondered whether she might think it a bit foolish of me to do so from outside the bedroom window. But then I realized that the light inside would prevent her from seeing out. It was almost like a one-way mirror. Mandy was standing there in the middle of the room in her semi-transparent silk cream robe, which clung to her still-wet skin from her shower.

The next few moments were a fantasy of my youth. There in my own house was a beautiful woman getting dressed to go out. I shuddered in anticipation as I thought of the movements about to present themselves to me.

Mandy's first order of business was to pick out her dress for the evening. Since it was still summer and the night air would be warm, she focused on dresses that would allow her to stay cool. She picked a red rayon dress extending to just above her knees. The neckline was scooped and would show her delicate neck and creamy white chest as it merged into her shoulders. As she swayed back to the other side of the room, she bent over to look into a drawer, forcing the silk gown to hold tight and reveal the curves of her bottom. Similar to a slip, the robe caressed her body at the top and middle of her derrière, then suddenly flowed freely as it draped delicately around her legs.

This play on form and light was erotic to say the least. Mandy stayed in that position for a while as she searched for some lingerie. Pulling out several lacy items, she examined each one as though considering its erotic impact on her husband. Her selections ranged from a red lacy padded bra with matching boy briefs to a shear white bra that would hold her close and contained a pattern that displayed an illusion of a mist or fog upon her skin. She finally settled on a beautiful matching set that clearly reflected a decision to elicit a highly charged response from anybody who took notice, namely, me. It was a bright white bra that was designed to gently hold her breasts up in soft, delicate material, leaving ample cleavage exposed. I knew the bra well. The lace around the bottom half of the bra was soft and yet intricate in its weave. The middle was adorned with a little white rose that bridged the gap between each breast. Stretching around her chest was yet more lace that extended off of the fabric to hold the bra on. Each shoulder strap was a simple, satin string barely able to serve its intended purpose.

As I stood there watching Mandy, I was definitely becoming aroused and realized that I had been holding my breath as she tenderly put on the bra, grabbing each breast to settle it comfortably into its cup. She then reached over to slip on her matching panties, and they too were designed to enhance her femininity. The pattern of the thong was a beautiful white lace butterfly ornately decorated in delicate jewels that glittered in the light as though a real butterfly were softly gracing her body. Its wings spread from one hip to the other, spreading apart in the front to position two soft straps of material that fell on either side of her most intimate area to form the lower portion of the panty. The wings then joined together as one single, soft string exiting out the rear and up to the connecting straps on her hips. Much like her bra, this complex structure was designed to enhance the beauty of her body and provide unfettered access to her tender areas.

Mandy's movements were graceful and sensual. She was clearly aware of her sexuality and was luxuriating in the thought of creating a passionate desire in me by what she was wearing. I knew that tonight was going to be something very special.

As I continued to watch, she lowered the dress to the floor in order to step into it. With the dress at her ankles and one leg slightly bent to accommodate her foot, she stood there with each breast pointing downward and her bottom facing me. She shifted her stance and placed the other foot into the center of the dress and slowly pulled the dress up toward her shoulders. It was as if the show had ended and the curtain was hiding the excitement and talent that the audience had come to view. But therein lies the allure and femininity of outer clothes on a beautiful woman: they veil but yet they enhance the desire for the hidden mysteries that lie beneath.

These musings, of course, were prompted by what I had just witnessed. However, should anyone else have arrived just now to simply see Mandy through the window fully dressed, much of the poignancy and thrill of my thoughts at the moment would probably be lost upon him. He would see only a beautiful woman standing in a red dress fixing her hair.

Mandy continued to primp and adjust herself as she finished putting on her shoes. Then she straightened up the room a bit before turning out the light to look for me. I raced back to the garage and jumped into the SUV in order to bring it out front. Upon my arrival at the side door, she stepped out to greet me, and I jumped out to open the passenger door for her.

"You look and smell wonderful tonight!" I remarked with real excitement in my voice. "In fact, perhaps we should stay in tonight," I said teasingly.

Saying nothing, she simply smiled and took my hand as she gracefully slid into the front seat, keeping both legs gracefully closed, then spun to face the front.

"Thank you." I really do appreciate your words and gesture, but tonight we are to spend with friends." And with that I shut the door.

We arrived at the restaurant just as our friends were arriving. After going inside, we were told that the wait was going to be about thirty minutes. The sitting area was full of other customers, and we were unable to find enough space to sit down. As we stood in a circle talking, I politely stood behind my wife so as to make a smaller circle but still be part of the conversation. However, my real motive was simply to stand directly behind her. This way, I was able to peer surreptitiously over her shoulder and look down the loosely gapping material of her dress, providing me an unhindered view of her carefully selected lingerie.

We continued standing like this as we talked and laughed with our friends. I tried as often as possible to keep the conversation light and funny, primarily to facilitate my prurient interest in my wife. It was my intention to keep Mandy giggling and laughing in order to watch her breasts jiggle and bounce from my point of view.

Finally it was our turn to have dinner, and we moved to a corner table that had soft overhead lighting. After we had all taken our seats, I noticed that the faint light from above was directed straight down Mandy's dress and caused the thin rayon to be somewhat illuminated from within. Although neither one of us had intended to be so public, it was quite possible that the others sitting across from us might notice the spontaneous expose.

I have always been proud of my wife and find it flattering to see other men enjoying her beauty. We often try to share intimate moments with her in public, but not in an obvious manner or style of dress. Mandy occasionally does wear outfits that could easily be considered risque, but only if we were fully aware and privy to her offerings. Although she was probably not fully aware of her situation, it did seem that she was a bit more self conscious about her outfit than usual. In the bedroom, of course, it had been easy to get carried away by her desire to dress for me, but now that she was in public, she was probably wondering whether she had let discretion slip a bit too far. Tonight it seems we were caught, and there was little either of us could do but to continue on with the evening, pretending that nothing was unusual.

Dinner was great and the drinks were making us all a bit giddy and talkative. At one point, I needed to use the restroom and so excused myself. Upon my return, I decided that I would assess the extent of our awkward situation for myself. I took a seat across from Mandy to gain a view of my wife from the same vantage point as the others.

The lighting from overhead did indeed cause the material in her dress to lose some of its ability to conceal. To my relief, nothing of a truly erotic nature was visible. Nevertheless, it was clear that Mandy was wearing a white bra and that, to me at least, was itself erotic. With somewhat of a focused stare, it was also possible to just make out that little white rose embroidered in the middle of the bra.

I exchanged a few witty statements about the restaurant's restroom with John, one of our friends, and then returned to my seat next to Mandy.

At an appropriate lull in the conversation, I leaned over and whispered to Mandy, "You know, you're somewhat illuminated by way of this overhead lighting falls on your dress."

As I suspected, she had known. She whispered back with some embarrassment in her voice, "Yeah, I know, but what can I do?"

As a group of close friends, we were to some extent aware of each other's sex lives through the normal banter and girl-talk that takes place. However, tonight I noticed a level of honesty we normally do not experience. Perhaps it had something to do with Mandy and I feeling somewhat embarrassed. Perhaps it was that an item of actual lingerie that we normally only tease about was tonight vaguely visible. Or maybe it was simply the general level of confidence and respect for each other that we all shared. Whatever the case, the conversation this evening gradually shifted to the subject of meeting each others needs in marriage.

The topics ranged from spiritual to sexual, but the end conversation was simply the selfless actions we need to do in order to achieve greater satisfaction for our life's partner. But do not misunderstand me: it was not a heavy, explicit conversation, but a light-hearted discussion between several couples committed to each other as well as to their children. We discussed openly and honestly the issues we all faced and the basic truths we all accepted.

It was an encouraging conversation in many ways. Mandy and I know the troubles we have had to work through in our marriage. It is often easy to believe that our friends, by contrast, are perfect in many ways: jobs, finances, raising children, their relationship to God, and of course in their sex lives. The reality, however, is that we all ebb and flow in each of these areas.

The rest of the evening was one of sexual energy and anticipation, at least for me. Our conversation only intensified the emotions I had experienced earlier as I had watched Mandy through our bedroom window. My desire for her tonight was increasing with each passing moment. But the time was not yet. Although I could not wait to get home and tear off her dress, I was nevertheless compelled to stay and remain in this state of excitement as we attempted to have a seemingly normal time of interaction. Mandy remained poised and graceful throughout the evening.

When it was rather late, the group finally decided it was time to leave. Mandy and I said our good-byes and went to the parking lot to retrieve our SUV.

"You are amazing." I said. "How did you project all that poise, knowing that the light made your dress a bit on the sheer side?"

"Well, I'm glad I projected that image, but I really didn't feel all that secure. I should have worn a slip or chemise." She paused, thinking. "I guess I just convinced myself that no one could see through my dress."

"I was able to see that you had on a white bra and could even make out that little rose in the center."

"WHAT?" she exclaimed. "You really could see that much?" Her look could only be described as mortification.

With that I began to laugh to the point of tears, while Mandy looked at me with confusion and anger. After finally catching my breath, I tried to offer some comfort. I explained that it took a rather focused stare to really penetrate the dress material.

Continuing, I said, "Maybe no one really did that--except me, of course. They would not have wanted to embarrass you. And anyway, what if someone did catch a vague silhouette of a bra? Everyone would know that you had one on anyway. I even had the crazy notion that the one or two brief glimpses that might have occurred might have subconsciously helped our open and frank conversation tonight."

My last thought might not have been entirely comforting, With a bright shade of red, Mandy was not sure if she should crawl under a rock and never see our friends again or be proud for being the trigger for tonight's somewhat intimate sharing.

We proceeded to talk at some length about "how much" I thought the others were able to see. I continued to try to reassure her that although the dress might have been a bit more revealing than she had thought, she could not have offended anyone.

Suddenly Mandy's cell phone rang.

"Hello? Kim, what's up?" Mandy said, somewhat surprised at the late call.

Kim was one of our dear friends who had been sitting directly opposite Mandy this evening and who normally is fairly conservative when it comes to conversations such as our tonight. Naturally, I heard only one side of the call.

"Well, I just found out how much I 'shared' tonight, by way of my husband. He told me everything, and I am so embarrassed I could die. What's that? Oh..."

Mandy's tone had suddenly changed, becoming more relaxed, as if what she was hearing from Kim was not as shocking as she had expected.

"...I think he bought it for me last Valentines Day. Hold on." Mandy lowered the phone and looked in my direction. "Honey, where did you buy this little outfit?"

I was surprised that Kim would even ask such a question, considering her nature, but I answered anyway.

"It was at Ann Taylor's spring sale. They had the dress for half-off, and it was available in your size for once."

"No, no. Kim wants to know about the bra."

"Oh..." Now I was even more astonished. "It was at that little lingerie specialty shop in Pasadena. Does she want to know about the butterfly thong as well?" I asked, trying to be clever.

Mandy's face flushed again, but she regained her composure quickly and returned to the phone.

"Kim, Craig said that he bought it at the specialty boutique on Lake. They do carry a lot of nice things, but the prices are a bit expensive, so be forewarned...Yeah, OK, bye."

Mandy hung up and turned to look at me with her gorgeous blue eyes and simply said, "Since Kim was only able to 'see' a 'vague silhouette' of my bra tonight, how would she know about the butterfly thong? And since you were busy in the garage, how would YOU know about it?"

Her eyes, her tone, and the way she cocked her head all projected a complex mixture of vague suspicion and yet a pleasant surprise.

It looked like I was now the one in the hot seat and exposed. Somewhat sheepishly I said, "Well, on the way to the garage, I sort of noticed the bedroom light go on, and, you know, it was only natural that I would turn briefly to see what had caught my attention..."

"'Turn briefly'?" Now there was extreme skepticism in Mandy's tone. "A quick glance on the way to the garage couldn't possibly have revealed...the panties I had put on."

It was obvious that she had me. I proceeded to explain my voyeur experience to Mandy in great detail and with great passion, reliving her unintended expose as though it was happening all over again.

She could see my obvious excitement as I relived the experience. Mandy started to smile and almost, I think, to giggle. But then she caught herself and forced a stern look of anger.

"So, my husband is a peeping tom! Thought you'd watch me dress through the window without my knowing it! Well, see what that gets you tonight!"

Clearly tonight was unusual even for us, with so many unintended events taking place. During the remainder of the drive home, I thought it might be prudent to relate how beautifully erotic that whole scene was--how beautiful her body was, how graceful her movements were, and how exciting it was for me imagining what might be going through her mind as she carefully considered her choice of each item of intimate apparel. I noticed that there were times that Mandy almost broke into a smile, but she caught herself quickly and tried to maintain the illusion of a stern complexion. As my monologue continued, I also thought I detected a few subtle movements on her part that indicated Mandy too was becoming aroused.

Finally, she reached over and began caressing the back of my neck.

"So I really was getting you turned on?"

"That would be an understatement," I replied.

"And you really thought I was sexy and beautiful?"

Now how many times have I told Mandy those very things in our marriage! But wives love to hear that over and over again.

"Stunning! Captivating! Mesmerizing! I couldn't takes my eyes off you."

"Well...," she started slowly, thoughtfully. "I can see how you might have been helplessly drawn to my window and become transfixed by such a view of your breathtakingly adorable wife."

Mandy paused again and assumed another deeply thoughtful expression. She was surely enjoying this game. And it was quite clear that we both were at play here and embracing the arousing effect we had on each other.

But then were tone changed once more, and very matter-of-factly she said, "Nevertheless, such action on your part must have its consequences."

Mandy was really playing this for all it was worth! What she meant by "consequences," I thought it best not to ask. Whatever she had on her mind would soon become apparent.

Upon arriving at home, I quickly parked and opened the door for Mandy. We entered the house through the side door, and just as quickly, and without saying a word, Mandy walked to the back door that led to the garage, opened it, and motioned for me to exit.

Perplexed, I obeyed, expecting her to follow. But instead, she closed the door. I followed with my eyes her swaying hips from the back room to the hall that leads to our bedroom. Apparently, the "consequences" were beginning, but what was really happening? I raced over to the side window and arrived just as the bedroom light turned on. What happened next astonished me.

I watched my wife reenact the dressing scene of earlier in the evening, only this time in reverse.

With her body constantly in graceful and seductive motion, Mandy removed her red dress, allowing it to fall to the floor. With tantalizing slowness, she stepped out of the collapsed material one high heel at a time. There she stood with only her soft, inviting bra, butterfly panties, thigh-high stockings, and high heels--looking right at me.

I was confronted with her gaze, knowing that she was unable to see me, since the lighting inside the bedroom made it impossible to see outside. She moved her legs apart from each other just enough to create the traditional stance of authority, put her hands on her hips, and then pointed right at me, mouthing the words...

"Come catch a butterfly."


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