Romantic Marriage Stories
Guest Author Series

Story 4: Country Club
by S. T.

She received the invitation in the mail and was confused. Mandy recognized the hand-written envelope as coming from me but was not sure why I had sent her a letter. With childlike curiosity, Mandy gently opened the envelope to reveal a folded invitation with a tea-stained finish covered in an elaborate script.

The invitation began with a romantic story of a wealthy man who longed for the love of a beautiful women who was pure in heart. The man invited her to a members-only country club for dinner and dancing in order to show and express his love that night. The invitation Mandy received was a celebration of that special night, only the exclusive country club was in our backyard under the branches of a massive California Oak Tree. Suits and ties for men and dresses for women were required. Mandy would have to wait for my return, as I had just left for a business trip and would not return until the evening of our special date.

With two kids and me being gone for three days, I risked that she would be frazzled and lacking any kind of romance, but Mandy had always managed to keep things in perspective when it came to date nights.

"Hello, sexy," she said in a low growl as I called that evening upon arrival at the hotel.

"Well hello! I assume you received my special invitation?" I asked, already knowing the answer.

"Yes I did and it only makes me miss you even more! I can't wait. So is there anything special I should be wearing?"

"Funny you should ask. I've left some gifts for you in the closet next to our bed. Go ahead and enjoy and surprise me on Thursday," I said in a matter-of-fact tone.

Mandy and I talked for a bit more, then hung up. She ran to the closet to see what I had gotten for her and found nine little square boxes that were somewhat translucent, sporting purple, blue, and white shades of color. Inside each one was a pair of panties.

They ranged from a pair of full nylon bottoms with white poke-a-dots and a bow in front to a blue spandex thong with a round broach holding the waistband to the lower front of the panty, leaving skin to show through in between. I had gone to a local Nordstrom during my lunch break earlier in the week and decided to get her some new panties. They were all on sale and I could hardly resist.

I have never had a problem going to a store and shopping for Mandy, especially when it comes to lingerie. But this time I was a bit more aware of the other ladies looking at me as I thumbed through the racks, pulling out and looking at each pair, trying to envision Mandy wearing them and how she would look. I must have spent 45 minutes in the store before finally going to the checkout line. Again the ladies were trying to glance at the selections I had chosen. I wondered what they were thinking. Mandy has told me in the past that if it were her, she would wonder two things. First, what did his wife look like and second, what did a man find attractive in lingerie? On the way home, I stopped at a local high-end lingerie store to purchase a pair of stockings. Mandy's last pair had a run, and since the "Country Club" required formal attire, I had better make sure she was in full costume. I splurged and bought a pair of cream Berkshire Hathaway's and two white pairs as well.

With the lingerie picked out, I now focused on the food and wine. Mandy was always a light-weight when it comes to alcohol, so I found a nice bottle of peach chardonnay. She likes "wine-cooler" type drinks best. I decided that for our appetizers I would buy some cracked pepper crackers and fresh mozzarella soaked in balsamic and topped with basil and fresh-on-the-vine roma tomatoes dusted with sea salt. I stored all of this in our extra fridge in the garage and would assemble everything while Mandy got ready on Thursday.

When I called on Wednesday, Mandy was all excited about the little gifts I had left and proceeded to tell me which pair she liked the best. I have learned that romance starts days in advanced and surprises are very effective in warming her soul.

"You did great! I love them all and can hardly decide which one to wear on our special night. I guess you'll just have to wait to see what I have chosen." The tables were now reversed as Mandy was in control of the surprises.

When I arrived at the airport on Thursday, I called Mandy to see how she was doing with this being the last day she would have to be alone with two kids.

"I should be home in about four hours, assuming I make my connecting flight."

"Can't wait. Do you want to pick up dinner on the way home or go back out after the kids are in bed?" she asked. I could tell that she was tired and exhausted but eager to be pampered and loved.

"I'll just pick up something now so I don't have to go back out. Plus that way I can help with the kids after dinner."

Upon arriving at home, we focused on the kids and got them bathed and dressed, followed by story time, then off to bed.

"Whew!" I exclaimed after I shut the door to their bedroom.

"Whew is right. So good to see you, but now I need to get ready for my special date. I only have half an hour before I'm suppose to meet my date at the Country Club,'" she said with a coyness.

"You are such a wonderful mother and wife! I love you." I kissed her cheek and held her close for a few minutes. I relish the times when we simply dissolve into each other at the end of the night after a hectic day, taking a few moments to be close.

"Before you get ready, can I quickly change?" I asked.

Mandy has always found that when I dress up in a suit and tie, it is a real turn-on, and she was eager for me to transform, as it were. I quickly got dressed and then left her to get ready while I prepared the "Country Club."

"It was a perfect night. The sky was full of stars, the air was cool but perfect when all dressed up. I placed a small card table in the middle of the backyard and covered it with a burgundy tablecloth and a small candle in the center. The oak tree extended just beyond the table but did not obstruct the view of the sky when looking to the south. I turned on the outside speakers with classical music and made sure that the wine and hors d'oeuvres were all ready.

I looked at my watch and saw that it was almost 9:30,which was the time of the date. I looked up to see Mandy turning off lights in the house as she walked through. She was stunning. I could tell that she was wearing a black blouse and dark skirt with a smart-looking jacket. As she made her entrance out the side door, I was like a kid all over again. Shy and embarrassed at being in the presence of a beautiful women, but also excited at the thought of kissing her.

"Good evening. You look wonderful tonight. May I show you to our table?" I asked as though I was a stranger on our first date.

"Why thank you." she said as her graceful form moved closer to me. We walked arm-in-arm to the table.

I pulled out the chair for her and then poured a small glass of wine. When I sat down, we toasted each other. The candlelight flickering in her light blue eyes was absolutely romantic, and I reach up to touch her chin then slowly down her neck. I leaned forward and kissed her moist, chilled lips that still tasted of wine. I could feel her shiver as our lips met and then retreated.

"May I have this dance?" I asked without assumption.

"Most certainly," she responded and thrust her handout for me to take.

I of course took her hand and led her to the "dance floor" where we held each other close and slowly danced to the music softly flowing through the trees.

"Thank you for loving me," Mandy said as her eyes looked into mine. "I thank you for taking the time and energy to make this happen."

I could tell that Mandy was touched deeply, and the last three days of my absence were melting away.

We continued to hold each other close and then moved closer toward the table for more wine. Something about the fragrance of wine on my wife's breath and the cooling effect it has on her lips makes me flush with excitement. Mandy was able to sense the change. She stepped in closer to my body and proceeded to take off my jacket. I allowed my hands to slide down her hips and back up to her waist. Feeling the straps to her stockings and the change in thickness from stocking to skin through her skirt was simply erotic. I continued to caress and explore her body through her outfit while she also returned the favor.

The sexual feelings were so strong that I truly cannot remember how or when, but we found ourselves half-dressed with her standing in the cool of the night in our back yard wearing only lingerie. The moon had by now made its presence known and provided a soft glow on her skin. I gazed upon Mandy's smooth cream skin, which was only interrupted by the outline of her black lacy bra and matching four-strap garter belt and corresponding cream stockings. It was only upon the stunning beauty before me in the moonlight that I realized the panty selection from my gifts.

She had chosen the sheer, pink nylon thong that had a spandex feel with a thin, silky waistband that almost glistened in the light. We continued to kiss and caress, generating more heat between our bodies and never once being aware of our public exposure or the cool night air.

Thankfully our backyard is significantly sheltered from neighbors' prying eyes, and the limited light from the candle provided a public exposure that was void of any surprises.

Mandy was clearly turned on and it was exhibited through her aggressive and passionate kissing as well as her soft moaning, while I continued to "dance" with her in the moonlight, allowing my hands to further enjoy the varying textures of her skin, panties, and stockings.

I could feel the dampness through her new pink panties and wanted to continue building her excitement. We made love while standing in the moonlight under the oak tree until we were both sweaty and exhausted from standing.

The next morning I awoke with Mandy asking me a question.

"So: am I a member of the Oak Tree Country Club yet?"

"Yes, yes you are, and I think the next meeting is coming up soon" I responded with a big smile.


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