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I am always anxious to receive romantic stories submitted by others. The story-writing process is a slow one, and I really encourage anyone who would like to try your hand at romantic writing to submit a story. It would be nice if this site could provide a new story on a regular basis.

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Romantic Marriage Stories: Guest Author Series


I Love You

I'm really happy to introduce Jayasree, our newest writer. She is a young wife in India who loves to write romantic stories. Like Tina, our first Indian author, Jayasree writes about how love and romance can grow and flourish in an arranged marriage. This story, "I Love You," has some really great humor as well as tender feelings of love. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did.

Debra Phillips

The Sweetest Anniversary

In this story Debi introduces a new couple, Meg and Carl. Here is a truly beautiful story of one of the most romantic surprise anniversary getaways I've ever read--and it's all planned and orchestrated by Carl! You wives can appreciate how much that would mean! I hope when you read this, you will be as touched as I was.

The story also features "The Anniversary Song," one of the most beautiful love songs ever written. It's one of the songs on My Favorite Love Songs" page. The rendition I posted is by the Lennon Sisters--of Lawrence Welk fame. I believe it's the sweetest version of this very special song.

Debra Phillips

Cozy Night at Home

Debi has written a new story in her series with Roy and Cory. A bit shorter than her previous and very popular story, this one nevertheless describes a really sweet surprise that a romantic wife can plan for her husband when he returns home after work. Maybe there are some ideas you can use here! Hope you enjoy it. (August 10, 2013)

Debra Phillips

The Simplest Gift

Debi was the first wife to submit a story to this Web site, and we've sorely missed her during her long absence. But now she has returned and introduces a new couple to us, Roy and Cory. The story features a beautifully romantic "date" that Roy arranges, most of it features coming as a complete surprise to Cory. Especially touching is the way Debi weaves flashbacks of how they met into the story as both Roy and Cory separately contemplate the date. You're also introduced to another romantic story--that of Ruth in the Bible. (January 6, 2013)


The Visit by Grandma

Here's the latest story by Tina about how romance and love can thrive in a culture where arranged marriages are common. Those who enjoyed her first story will not be disappointed. In this one, what at first looked like a disaster during a visit by Raj's grandmother actually produced a very sweet and romantic ending. By the way, do you know what a saree is? In this story you'll not only find out, but you'll see one!


Sweetest Memories

Tina's first story is one of the sweetest romance stories I've read. It's about the marriage of a young couple in an Asian country where arranged marriages and living with in-laws are common. You think romance and love can't work under such circumstances? Well, just read this wonderfully romantic story!


The Most Special Day of Our Life

Joe is from India and is the newest author to this Web site. His story is our second from a couple whose marriage was arranged by the two families. Like Tina's story below, this one also shows how love and romance can truly flourish in any culture! Read how their first night together became the most special day of their lives.


Thou Shalt Not Fear

Alex and Sarah go to the lake for some boating--and end up falling in! It becomes most embarrassing for Sarah, but you wives will certainly appreciate Alex's kind, considerate, and selfless offer to help Sarah with...a particular problem she's having as they drive home. :)


Melody of Love

Serenity is our second female author. Written in the first person, this story gives a tender view of a wife who is deeply loved by her husband.


Just For Me

Sarah falls and hurts her ankle but is amazed at what Alex does "just for her." But what effect will Sarah's ankle have on their evening?

Kenneth Davis, Jr.

Each and Every Time

Here is a beautiful story in which the husband plans a very romantic fifteenth anniversary for his wife. I'm sure everyone, especially the wives, will be deeply moved with the closing scene in the story.

S. T.

Anniversary Story

A true account of how S. T. and his wife celebrated their twelfth wedding anniversary.

S. T.

The Office

This story describes a romantic "date" S. T. and his wife had together.

S. T.

Catching Butterflies

Looking for a really clever ending? Try this one!


Country Club

Here S. T. describes another real-life "date" he and his wife had.

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