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Disclaimer: I have gotten some inquiries about my links page. On the Internet, sites in the same general genre at times exchnage links. This is to the advantage of both sites. Being found in links pages helps a site get noticed by the search engines. Therefore, sites that exchange links do not necessarily endorse the content of each other. Several sites with which I share reciprocal links are quite different from mine in tenor, philosophy of marriage, explicitness, etc. My site and my stories definitely reflect the high Christian view of marriage between one man and one woman and the limitation of sex to marriage. Some of my reciprocal sites do not share these views. However, I follow the practice of most links pages and refrain from editorial comments on those sites. On the other hand, ALL the sites listed under "Additional Good Sites" are those I endorse and believe would be helpful to my readers.

If enough readers of my Web site object to the policies in the above paragraph and bring to bear cogent arguments, I can always reconsider those policies.

My Link Partners: Sites with Reciprocal Links


Our heart is to minister to married couples who want to create a marriage renewal ceremony and celebration that is both properly planned and has a spirit of love and re-commitment.


TrueJodi provides thousands of brides and grooms profiles for a perfect match.

Find Many, Discover One

Matchmaking should be simple and fun! Our service: 100% real and verified profiles; Internet-based matchmaking; fakes and spam proof.

Photographer.mu by Diksh Potter

Mauritius Best Wedding Photography & Video Services

Marital Affair Recovery

The Affair Recovery Center is a partnership of counseling professionals dedicated to the restoration of marriages crippled by infidelity.


Your online community for love, romance, relationships, and family.

Our aim is to offer the freshest and most compelling biblically-based content to Christians who take seriously their relationship with Christ. Crosswalk.com is built around four primary content areas: Faith, Family, Fun and Community. Each category is further subdivided into areas of significance to many Christians, including Bible Study, Devotionals, Marriage, Parenting, Music, etc.

Romance Stuck

Your guide to creative romance including love quotes, poetry, dating tips & ideas, relationship advice, plus romantic fun & games!


Romance Story Gallery & Sensual Art Gallery. Romance articles. Horoscopes. Romantic Kisses. Sensual Massage. Personal Ads. Gifts. Take Our Love Test! FREE Newsletter.

Improve Your Marriage--Don't Overlook the Obvious

A Web site by Russell A. Irving, author of the book, Improve Your Marriage: Don't Overlook the Obvious (2009). The site itself offers material on advice, tips, romantic notions, signs of marital problems, as well as a community forum.

Bali Silver Beads Wholesale

A site that took the initiative in adding my site to their links page. Their description: "We have a wide range of bali silver beads and silver from Indonesia. Our prices are very reasonable for international sourcing."

Additional Good Sites

Luxury Valentine's Day in Paris

Want a romantic Valentine's Day in Paris? Consider "Romance on the Champs Elysees with Hotel de Vigny."

Rediscovering the Bible

This site is not so much on the subject of marriage per se but rather is a new Web site featuring in-depth Bible study based on classic works from great Christians as well as original papers written by the Web hosts, Ken and Carol Morgan.

Good Clean Novels

A note by Bill Quinn: So far, this site has three novels posted, two of them romance novels. The third novel is not strictly a romance novel, but it does have romance in it and culminates in two marriages! The story brings together an exciting mixture of intrigue, danger, ancient empires, and romance. I know the authors of these three novels personally and highly recommended the stories.

The Marriage Bed

"The Marriage Bed provides a Christian alternative for married and engaged couples seeking information about marital intimacy. We combine the truth of the Bible with biological facts to educate, edify and minister to those seeking God's best for their marriage relationship. Whether you are just starting out, have some problems, or just want to improve an already good love life, we offer information and resources on many areas of sexuality and marriage enrichment."

Anything Romantic

A guide to romance and all the affairs of the heart.

100 Free Greeting Cards

A cute site that lets you send free romantic greeting cards.

Year-round Home on Lake Superior For Sale

If you would like to live on the shores of Lake Superior in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, here is a home ready for year-round living. Or you can use it as a summer home and enjoy Lake Superior and the beautiful North Woods during the warm months. See all the details, as well as 27 pictures, here: KeweenawProperty.com.

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