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Romantic Marriage Stories

Terry and Laurie Series

by Bill Quinn

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These stories are not sequential and can be read in any order. However, for those new to my stories, you might like to read Story 1, "Laurie Adds Pizzazz," first. It sets some important ground work for the other stories. If you want a brief description of the nature of these stories, you can read the "Introduction" below. Otherwise, scroll down to the list and jump right in! Each title is accompanied by a brief "theatrical teaser"--my personal descriptions of the highlights of each story.

Please, if you enjoy any of my stories, e-mail me. I really appreciate your feedback. It encourages me to work on new stories.

Introducing My Stories

This is a series of romantic short stories set in a happy marriage.

What makes a happy marriage? In our dreams and fantasies, several words often come to mind: romance, love, sex. These words are often linked, but their relationship to each other and to marriage is very complex. Romance is not the same as love, but it can be significant component of love. Similarly, being romantic and having fun with sex do not in themselves forge a happy marriage, but they can be significant components of a happy marriage.

So the general theme of these stories is not to explore every ingredient of a happy marriage. Instead, they all focus on romance in marriage. Different aspects of romance are explored, but one particular aspect predominates. These stories are about married fun--emphasizing the fun a happily married romantic couple can have with sex.

But let there be no misunderstanding. These stories are not pornographic--or "graphic" in any sense. Nor are they poor substitutes for the legitimate role of "marriage manuals." There are no descriptions of mechanics or techniques, no anatomical details of erogenous zones, in fact, no descriptions of actual sexual intercourse at all.

In contrast, they are simply happy, romantic stories that explore different romantic ways a couple can have fun with each other in marriage by being playful in the way they use sex. The romance is sometimes tender, other times humorous, but always within a sweetly sexy atmosphere.

In this series of short stories, I relate the romantic adventures of a fictitious couple, Terry and Laurie. Using both everyday experiences and sometimes very special romantic settings, I explore the important role sex can play in a romantic marriage--the daily experiences, banter, and playful behavior that leads to love-making. These stories capture my idea of a happy, romantic, and sexy marriage--and my idea of the ways sex can add "fun" to a marriage.

The nature of sexual attraction in marriage is also explored in these stories, as well as ways to keep it alive and sparkling over the years. Moreover, lingerie is at times described, due to its playful association with sexual attraction. Nevertheless, there are no crass terms and no lurid descriptions. My goal is to make these stories a joy to read by any married couple.

Story 1 lays a foundation by explaining Laurie's "new strategy" and should probably be read first. However, each story is a separate episode, and after reading Story 1, the rest can be read in any order. Stories 3, 8, and 11 are probably my favorites and, I think, the most romantic! They are my tender stories, and if any will produce misty eyes, these will. They do for me.

I hope you enjoy these stories as much as I enjoyed writing them. Comments are especially welcome. So are suggestions for new stories. E-mail me!

My Romantic Marriage Stories: Terry and Laurie Series

Story 1

Laurie Adds Pizzazz

What is a wife to do who really does enjoy lovemaking but is just not in the mood quite as often as her husband? She can add pizzazz to their love life! Read Laurie's exciting solution. Also see how Terry adds some pizzazz of his own. Comment number one on my feedback page is about this story. Read one wife's reaction to it.

Story 2

Premarital Counseling

What advice would a happily married couple give to an engaged couple? Also read about those little things that keep the electricity snapping and crackling in a marriage.

Story 3

A Romantic Fantasy

This story was originally called "A Romantic Date." One reader called it a romantic "fantasy," so I changed the name. Read how you can create a very romantic "date" with your husband.

Story 4

What Can a Girl Do?

What can a girl do--when she is passionately in the mood for love but her husband thinks he is too tired? Find out how Laurie brought about a very happy ending to this scenario.

Story 5

A Visit to the Doctor's Office

Here is a story just for fun, showing some of the humorous aspects of marriage. Read about the fascinating relationship between wind and skirts and what happened at the doctor's office--and later that evening!--when Laurie needed a tetanus shot...and not in her arm.

Story 6

A Romantic Getaway

Terry and Laurie take a short vacation to a very romantic setting--a rustic cabin on the wild shores of Lake Superior in Michigan's beautiful Upper Peninsula. You'll hear the crashing waves, the howling wind, and the crackling fire in the fireplace.

Story 7

A Romantic Evening Leads to a Wager

Laurie prepares a surprise romantic candlelight dinner one evening. Read how it leads to a very interesting wager between the two of them. The romantic stakes were high--who would win the bet?

Story 8

The Romance of a Wedding

This is one of my favorites--a tender, misty-eyes story. I describe a magnificent wedding that Terry and Laurie attend--and the effect it has on them.

Story 9

Mr. Ed Provides an Opportunity

What do figure skating, Star Trek, and Mr. Ed have in common? Read how all three generate some interesting marital humor. Also read how a romantic scene from the old Mr. Ed sitcom puts Laurie in a very amorous mood!

Story 10

Christmas Warmth

A pensive story--Terry reminisces with Laurie about Christmases of old during his childhood. Read how Laurie brings him out of his melancholy. See the power of sweet tenderness and cute antics in a loving wife!

Story 11

Our Anniversary: A Thousand Stars in the Sky

Another tender, misty-eyes story--one of my favorites. Terry and Laurie celebrate their wedding anniversary and return to where they had their first date.

Story 12

Laurie's Valentine's Day Game

A story for pure, romantic fun! Read about the exciting--and erotic--game Laurie invents for Valentine's day.

Story 13

Fancy Garter Gap

Another really funny story. See the enchanting interplay between Terry and Laurie when they go into a Mr. Fredericks of Hollywood store. Gain some insight into the amazing effect a garter belt can have on a husband--and what it can do for your marriage!

Story 14

Lace, Ruffles, the Swish of Silk: The Romance of Yesteryear

Return to the elegance and romance of the Victorian era! Terry and Laurie attend a full-costume, Victorian dance. Laurie's costume is very authentic--all the way down to her corset! See the effect this strikingly feminine image has on Terry.

Story 15

Marriage, Desire, and the Finnish Sauna

What does a man think about when he watches his wife in everyday situations? Are husbands oversexed? Read some true confessions--and the loving way Laurie responds to them.

Story 16

Laurie the Schoolgirl: A Story of Fantasy and Passion

This story is perhaps the most passionate in the series so far. It also explores how role playing can add great excitement to a married couple's lovemaking. However, role playing is not for everyone, and this story may not resonate with some readers. For many, though, role playing can add a very special kind of romantic intimacy between a husband and wife.

Story 17

Cupid's Coupons and The Ten Days of Valentine

Another story for pure, romantic fun! It contains a new Valentine's day game but also has a very tender ending.

Story 18

Fanning the Flames on Laurie's Birthday

This story explores how playing a commerically available romantic/erotic board game can really increase the fun and passion in your marriage.

Story 19

The Shy Wife's Striptease

This is the most popular of my stories. If you ever wanted to do a striptease for your husband but felt too shy or self-conscious, read Laurie's solution!

Story 20

By the Hour

Desperation! Find out how staying with friends for over a week can produce an unexpected problem.

Story 21

"Cherish Is the Word" and "I'm Your Venus"

Husbands and wives have somewhat different needs. A wife needs to feel cherished by her husband, and a man loves his wife to be sexy for him. Read Laurie's fascinating idea that addressed both of these needs.

Story 22

What Makes a Sexy Wife?

What does make a sexy wife? The answer is surprisingly simple.

Story 23

"She Will Never Say 'No' Again!"

Here's a story written for pure humor. I hope it gives you some ideas on how to have romantic fun in your marriage. By the way, I actually received the email I portrayed in the story!

Story 24

Does Distance Make the Heart Grow Fonder?

Here you'll see how "distance" effects Terry, and you'll also see how Laurie makes the homecoming a very memorable event in their marriage. There are some important lessons to learn here for a happy and romantic marriage!

Story 25

The Quickie

Once you read the title, there's not much else to say about this story...except that Laurie shows more of her keen insight as a loving and romantic wife.

Story 26

How to Make a Pass at Your Wife

Guys make passes at girls. Did you ever think it might be fun if your husband made a pass at you? Well, Laurie thought so. Read how she put her plan into action!

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