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Story 12
Laurie's Valentine's Day Game

by Bill Quinn

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Valentine's day, or more properly, St. Valentine's day, is named after an early Christian martyr. Apparently, St. Valentine was put to death for his faith on February 14 in 270 A.D. during the persecution under Claudius II. However, there was an additional element that led to the celebration of Valentine's day. The custom of choosing someone as "your Valentine" on St. Valentine's day is very old, and is probably connected with an ancient idea that birds begin to mate again on February 14. In any event, St. Valentine is now regarded as the patron saint of lovers, and Valentine's day is generally considered the most romantic day of the year.

This year, as I was soon to learn, Laurie had planned something very romantic indeed.

However, my own plans for Valentine's day this year were quite unpretentious, to say the least. I bought Laurie a heart-shaped box of candy a few days ago and am keeping it in my office at school. Tomorrow, on Valentine's day, I will also bring her some red roses. The final component of this meager plan is to rent a romantic movie.

Well, it happens that tonight was our night to exercise. Laurie and I try to keep fit, but I must admit that I do not much enjoy exercising. In fact, some time ago, I engaged in a little blackmail in order to make exercising more palatable for me. I told Laurie that if she wanted me to exercise, we had to do it together, and she had to dress in one of those cute spandex exercise outfits.

So we had gotten out the One Hanes Place catalog and ordered a red sports bra, the kind that girls often wear in public, and a pair of honest-to-goodness, tight-fitting, polyester/Lycra spandex shorts, also in red. The shorts came to just above mid-thigh. Laurie still wore panties underneath, so panty lines were not too hard to spot under the hip-hugging material. And what an exciting image that two-piece outfit created! A bra, her bare midriff, and then the tight, girdle-like shorts. They start at her narrow waist, expand in a gentle curve as they cradle her feminine hips and derriere, shaped so delightfully different from a man's, then gently encircle shapely thighs, ending with leg bands that keep them from riding up. I am fascinated with every square inch.

Yes, indeed, Laurie looked quite sexy when she exercised.

As it turned out, however, my blackmail scheme sort of backfired. I would get all excited and primed watching Laurie exercise, but she would often say no later that night when I wanted to make love. Usually just too tired.

Anyway, tonight was exercise night. There have, of course, been a few occasions when the exercising actually got Laurie into a passionate mood. So with that in mind, a rather subtle plan occurred to me. Tomorrow was Valentine's day--the ideal day to make love. If I make an advance tonight and actually succeed, that would ordinarily put tomorrow in question. Laurie hardly ever lets me have sex two nights in a row. But how could she refuse on Valentine's day? She surely would be in a very romantic mood. So maybe I could trick her into making love two nights in a row. That was my plan for tonight. Yes, a little devious, but that is how my mind works when it comes to sex!

But Laurie is not easily tricked.

When we finished exercising, I said, "Hey, why don't we take a shower together tonight? We haven't done that in a long time."

She looked at me suspiciously but said, "Sure, why not."

While taking a shower together, we normally wash each other's back. While I was thus engaged with Laurie, I reach around with slippery, soapy hands and began a few silky-smooth caresses of her breasts, ostensibly washing them. Laurie leaned back against me for a few seconds to enjoy it, but then turned around and faced me.

Laughing she said, "OK, Casanova. That's enough. You don't want to get yourself all hot and bothered."

"Why not?"

She put one finger on my nose and smiled. "Because we're not having sex tonight."

Laurie said that sweetly but also matter-of-factly.

We got out of the shower, dried off, and soon were in bed. I reached over and took Laurie in my arms.

"Surely, you were kidding before?"

I ran my hand down to the soft panties she had just put on.

With her tongue figuratively in her cheek, Laurie assumed a very meditative look off to the side. "Well, no..." Her brow assumed a thoughtful expression. "No, I wasn't kidding."

Then she turned toward me and in her normal tone added, "Tomorrow's Valentine's day. How can you even think about making love tonight?"

"I can think about making love every night!"

Then she laughed. "Yeah, I'll bet you can. But no, nothing tonight."

Asking her about the next night is not how we operate. Laurie and I both like it when she preserves the mystery. In this case, though, with tomorrow being Valentine's day, I thought my chances were pretty good. Little did I know now that tomorrow would not be quite as cut-and-dried as I thought.

The next morning, Valentine's day, Laurie and I were talking at the kitchen table before I left for school.

"I've got something really special planned for tonight," she said with her eyes twinkling.

"Oh yeah? What? Something really tender? Something sexy?

Laurie was smiling brightly. "A romantic game I invented. I call it 'The Valentine's Day Clock.' You may have assumed that making love tonight was a foregone conclusion, but that's not the case. If you want to make love to me tonight, you'll have to win me!"

"Win you?"


"What kind of game? How does it work?"

"Nope! Not now. I want you to worry about this all day. Ask yourself over and over: 'Will I be equal to the challenge tonight? Will I win the fair maiden?'"

Well, that was all she would tell me. I ordered the roses from school. When I left my office to go home, I took the box of candy with me, stopped to pick up the roses, and rented a cute, romantic movie. That was it--the extent of my romantic plan for Valentine's day! On the drive home, I thought about my meager tokens of romance and realized how inadequate they were to the occasion.

I also thought about Laurie's "game." Her "Valentine's Day Clock." Win her? Well, it was a cute romantic thought. The ideas she can come up with! No doubt, the game will be super-romantic. Laurie was good at things like that.

I arrived home, and Laurie was excitedly waiting to greet me in the living room. "Happy Valentine's day," I said, handing her the roses.

A bright smile radiated from her face as she took the flowers.

Then I handed her the heart-shaped box of candy. "A token of my love, Laurie."

She accepted the box, but placed it on the coffee table. Then, with the roses still in one hand, she flung her arms around me and kissed me.

With a softness in her voice, she said, "These are just beautiful, Terry. Thank you."

Then she picked up the candy, brought it into the kitchen, and put the roses in a vase.

"Oh, yeah," I added, "one other surprise." I held up the video. "A romantic movie to watch."

It was only at this point that I noticed something very curious: three lines of Hershey Kisses began in a corner of the living room and ran into three different parts of the house.

"What's with the Hershey Kisses on the floor?"

"I can't tell you yet. But rule number one for this evening: do NOT pick any of them up or follow the trails. They could be very important later tonight."

I started into the bedroom to take off my coat and tie. Laurie stopped me and said, "Oh, you have to leave your tie on for the game."

Mighty strange things were going on here tonight. During dinner, I asked again about her little game. But no, she would tell me about the game after the movie.

So after dinner, we settled on the sofa to watch our romantic movie. Laurie was wearing a pretty, white sweater and a rather short, pleated skirt. She had even put nylons on. We curled up together on the sofa. I put my arm around her, and she snuggled close to me, bringing her legs up on the sofa, her knees touching my legs.

During the movie, my eyes frequently went back-and-forth between the screen and her knees. Several times during the movie I rested my hand on those lusciously silky legs, but I did not try any "funny business." I just wanted to feel that sensuous texture of nylon on my hand.

After the final tender, romantic scene in the movie, I hugged Laurie tightly with the arm I had around her. I thought I would tease her a little. It would show her what was definitely on my mind for tonight. So I reached over with my other hand and began lightly fondling her breast.

"How can we wait any longer after watching a movie like this? Let's make love now."

Laurie slid away form me and turned just enough to face me. Her short skirt revealed a scandalous but exciting length of nylon-covered thigh.

"No, no. You just have to wait. And anyway, how do you know you're going to win me?"

"There's that phrase again," I said. "Maybe you should tell me about this game of yours."

"Yes, I do think now's the right time." She looked at the clock. It read 8:15.

"But remember, I've never made up a game before, so this might not be that great. But I think it will work for us," she added with a wry smile.

"Here's how it goes. Each of us has to first make up twelve questions to ask the other. You write twelve for me to answer, and I write twelve for you to answer. But this is a Valentine's game, so our questions must have something to do with romance. Our romance, I mean. Something romantic about us, something we did, something we said, maybe our romantic preferences. Like, for example, 'Where did we go on our first date alone?' And the answer would be the Planetarium. Now, of course, that was just an example. You can't use that question. You have to come up with twelve questions on your own, and I'll do the same. We'll each take twelve slips of paper, write out our questions, and then fold the papers over to hide the questions. I already have 24 slips of paper cut out. We need to get this done by 9:00 sharp. That's important."

"What happens at 9:00?"

"Well, we arrange our questions in the form of a clock in the middle of the living room floor. Each of us will put a question down in the one's position, then the two's position, and so on to twelve. I mean each position of the clock will have two questions--one of yours and one of mine. We can arrange our own questions around the clock in any order we want. But once they're in position, the clock is fixed. The questions cannot be moved later in response to how the game is going.

"Then at precisely 9:05, we start the game. You will sit on the floor at position three, and I will take my position across from you at position nine. Since the minute hand is pointing to one at 9:05, you'll read your question at position one to me, and I'll read mine to you. Now here's the sexy part! If you answer my question to you correctly, then you get to remove one item of clothing that I'm wearing. The same goes for me: if I answer your question correctly, then I get to remove one item that you're wearing. If you miss a question, well, you don't get to take anything off of me on that turn!"

Laurie smiled deviously as she made that last stipulation.

"But you do get a Hershey Kiss as a consolation prize." She giggled.

"You mean one of those kisses on the floor?"

"Oh, no," she said quickly. "Those have an entirely different purpose. I have plenty of kisses here in our candy dish."

Continuing, she said, "The next turn will start at 9:10, and we use the questions at the two's position of our Valentine clock. Now here's another rule: no matter what our state of dress or undress might be during the play of the game, well, some suffering might occur on your part, because no shenanigans will be permitted until the game is over!"

"What 'shenanigans'?" I asked.

Her face assumed an annoyed scowl. "You know what shenanigans!" She put exasperated emphasis on the word you.

"Now here are the undressing rules. Right now, each of us has on exactly nine items of clothing. That's why you had to keep your tie on. Now go ahead and count: shoes, socks, shorts, pants, tie, shirt, and undershirt. Now here's what I'm wearing tonight..." Laurie smiled sweetly. "Shoes, pantyhose, slip, skirt, panties, bra, tee shirt, and sweater. There's no predetermined order in which the items must come off, except for this rule: it must be physically possible to remove your choice at that point in the game without removing any other article still in place."

I was still not quite sure where this game was leading. "But what determines the winner? And what happens if I win or you win?"

Laurie smiled somewhat shyly. "Well...first, we will play only up to eight items of clothing. That's twelve chances to get off eight items. That allows four missed questions."

Laurie seemed a bit nervous, so I thought I would poke a little fun: "Yes, I am up to speed on my mathematics. We use it in physics, you know."

She scowled, but continued: "Shorts and panties will be the ninth items, and they cannot be removed as part of the game."

"But what determines the winner?" I insisted.

"Whoever gets his opponent down to that last item first is the winner."

"And what do I win if I win?" I asked with a smirk on my face.

"You win me! I will be your Valentine!" She smiled brightly as if that answered all my questions.

"You will be my Valentine? What does that mean?"

"It means that I'm yours tonight--you can...you know...have your way with me...make love to me."

"What happens if you win?"

"You will be my Valentine!"

"Right. And what does that mean? You can make love to me?"

"Oh, no. I save my Valentines."

I looked at her dubiously. However, before I formed any response to this, Laurie continued.

"Actually, though, if you lose the game, you will have one more chance to win me. My Valentine's clock is a game of skill: a test of your knowledge of our romance. However, due to the romantic gaiety of the day, with love in the air and all, I will have a game of chance to give you one more crack at me tonight."

"What kind of game of chance?"

"That's a secret. It has to do with the Hershey kisses on the floor. But if you win at the Valentine clock, I'm a sure thing tonight, and you won't need it."

I sat there thinking for a few minutes. However, it was just a bit difficult concentrating on the rules of the game. Visions of Laurie sitting in front of me on the floor in various stages of undress kept intruding on my thoughts. Nevertheless, all of a sudden it occurred to me that there was a loose end here.

"What happens if we both get that eighth item off on the same turn?

"Then it's a tie game, and again your fate will be determined by my game of chance."

Well, that was it. We both sat down at the kitchen table and worked furiously on our questions. We sat opposite each other and made a great effort to keep the other from getting a peek at our questions.

At about 8:50, we placed the questions on the floor to form Laurie's Valentine clock.

The minutes seemed to drag on, but finally, at exactly 9:05, we sat down in our assigned positions. We both crossed our legs in typical fashion when sitting on the floor. But Laurie was wearing a skirt. When she first crossed her legs, I got a flash of panties. All I could tell through the pantyhose was that they were white. After some pretense of positioning herself more comfortably, she pushed her skirt down between her legs, somewhat obscuring my line of sight.

"OK, I'll go first," she said. Laurie picked up the slip of paper she had placed at position one. "Where were we when you asked me to marry you?"

I smiled as I looked at her. She was also smiling, eager to get confirmation that I remembered such an important, romantic detail.

"We were at my apartment, listening to the Chicago Fire." That was a nickname used by a radio station that played rock-n-roll oldies.

Her smile brightened. "Right!" I then got up and took off one of Laurie's shoes.

"OK, now you go."

I picked up my slip of paper. "What color panties were you wearing on our wedding day?"

It is probably hard to frown at the same time you really wanted to smile, but Laurie managed. "I might have known you'd come up with something like that! By now I should know how your mind works."

Then she smirked at me: "Anyway, I just happen to remember that little detail. They were black. In fact, they were made out of some sort of stretchy, fishnet material."

I laughed. "You made my day!" Laurie walked around and removed one of my shoes.

So the questioning continued.

I missed question three, and Laurie missed question four. But at question four, I decided to take off her pantyhose next. So I walked around to where Laurie was sitting and instructed her to lie down on the floor. Then I reached up under her skirt to grab the waistband. Owing to the shenanigans rule, I tried not to push her skirt up during the process. Then I slowly pulled the pantyhose off, inside out, of course. Laurie sat up again.

The Valentine clock continued to "tick," and we worked our way up to question seven with no errors. Having both missed one question, we were even and each still had on four items. I had on my shirt, undershirt, pants, and shorts. Laurie was still wearing her tee shirt, skirt, bra and panties. I was indeed getting more and more excited during this process of undressing her step-by-step, though doing it at a painstakingly slow pace. However, at the beginning of turn seven, we both still met the minimum requirements of decency. Laurie then answered question seven correctly.

She came over and started to unbutton my shirt. I thought she was working rather slowly, and all the while she kept her eyes on mine. Then after all the buttons were undone, she wrapped her hands around my side and sensuously caressed me as she worked her way slowly upward to reach my shoulders and slip off the open shirt. To my way of thinking, this certainly met the definition of shenanigans. Well, I thought, suppose we see if breaking the rules works both ways.

When I answered question seven correctly, I decided to remove her tee shirt. I took the hem at the bottom, and as I was raising it up, I allowed my hands to brush very slowing along her breasts. An almost imperceptible jolt of excitement made her tremble, but Laurie said nothing. At least there was a reciprocity to rule-breaking in this game.

Once her tee shirt was off, I could see that her white bra was covered with tiny red hearts. Very cute and very sexy! So she had bought this especially for tonight! Well, well...

On question eight, I pulled off her skirt. Yes, absolutely incredible! Her white panties were covered with those same little red hearts as her bra. A special Valentine's day combo! The material was simple nylon with no spandex or stretch to it. However, the pure white color shone with a silky, sheen texture. What an adorable and exciting vision Laurie was!

After I finished removing her skirt, she sat up, but this time she kept her knees together and brought her legs behind her as she sat on the floor.

It was 9:45 so that we were now at question nine. Each of us was down to two items, me having only my pants and shorts left. Laurie got her question right. As I had done to her several times already, she instructed me to lie flat. Then she unbuckled my belt, undid my pants, and pulled them off, this time behaving herself during the process. But now the pressure was on me: if I did not get Laurie's question right, she would win. However, I felt smugly confident.

"OK," she said, here's your question." She was smiling sweetly, and I was looking at her bra, which I hoped to be unclasping with my next answer. However, there was something in her tone that boded great misfortune about to befall me. Was this question going to be a tough one?

"When we were married, how many nights in a row did we make love, starting with our wedding night?"

Yes, that startled me, and I am sure a worried look swept across my face. I thought back with an intense concentration. Of course, I had a rough idea, but I really did not know the exact number. Suddenly deflated, I ventured a guess: "Six."

Laurie laughed with evil satisfaction. "So...my husband who loves sex misses a sex question! Close, but not close enough. It was seven."

She made an exaggerated and somewhat provocative appraisal of our current state a dress. "Well, I see only shorts on you. I still have my bra and panties on. That makes me the winner of the game."

Laurie looked at my sad countenance as we both stood up. But then she walked over to me and pressed herself seductively against me, tenderly cradling the side of my face in her soft and delicate hand. "But you can still win me tonight," she said sweetly, "by playing my game of chance."

I had forgotten about that part. For a moment I felt some encouragement.

"Here's how it works." Laurie was still standing close to me, twirling my hair with her fingers. I slipped my arm around her, and my hand tingled with the sensuous feel of silk as I rested it gently on her derriere. "You see the three trails of Hershey kisses? You must pick one right here and follow it to its destination. At the end of each trail is hidden a surprise. In honor of your favorite turn-on, one of the trails leads to a pair of panties. If you find that treasure, you win me!

"Now pick one of the trails and follow it."

One chance out of three, I thought. The odds were not in my favor, but it was my only hope. I picked a trail. It led into one of our closets.

I bent down and held my breath as I reached in.

Behind some boxes on the floor, I felt something light and silky. My heart began pounding. Pulling out the dainty item, a wave of pleasure swept over me as I beheld a pair of lacy, red panties!

I hurried back to Laurie in the living room. "Panties!" I said, waving the delightful lingerie in the air like a victory flag. "The trail led to the panties!"

Laurie was still dressed in nothing but her Valentine bra and panties. She ran over to me and we hugged.

"Congratulations! You have won me! I'm your Valentine!" Her tone was exuberant.

I could hardly wait to get her in bed. With passionate energy, I picked her up and carried her into the bedroom. On the way, she kissed my cheek.

After placing her gently on the bed, and no longer being able to contain myself, I reached down and began caressing those sexy, heart-covered panties. There was not much left to take off of either of us.

The room was dimly lit, and Laurie had placed a candle on the nightstand. I noticed the playful jump of the candle's flame as I got on the bed and took her in my arms.

"Your game brought back some really nice memories, Laurie."

She looked at me with her pretty gray-blue eyes. "Yeah, it did for me too. Happy Valentine's, Terry."

We made giddy love, somewhat like that first time on our wedding night.

Later, as we curled up together to go to sleep, Laurie remarked in a rather off-handed way, "I've got to remember tomorrow to pick up those other two pairs of panties."


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