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Story 13
Fancy Garter Gap

by Bill Quinn

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I awakened during the wee hours of Saturday morning, and dawn had not yet broken. Sleeping on the side of the bed nearest the window, I was a bit cold and started to pull the covers up higher. I was on my side facing the outside of the bed and the window. Apparently my tugging at the covers awakened Laurie as well, because she began tucking the covers in around my neck from behind me. We both snuggled a little closer together, and after the covers were properly arranged, Laurie rested her hand on my shoulder. She gave me a gentle but short caress that ended with a light squeeze. It conveyed a clear message: she was happy and content to be lying close to me. Soon we both fall asleep again.

Later that Saturday, we went to the mall. Though there were a few specific items we needed, we generally do some window shopping as well. I understand some husbands dislike such an activity, but I have never minded it. We walk around the mall holding hands, and we also visit a few stores of interest to me, such as Walden Books and Radio Shack.

There are other stores in the mall that interest me as well. One of them had just caught my eye.

"Hey, Laurie, let's look around Fredericks of Hollywood."

She gave me a suspicious look. "Humph! And why, might I ask?"

"I would think that should be obvious!"

"Now I thought you said you didn't find most of those frilly things sexy at all."

"That's true," I replied. "However, 'most' does not mean 'all.' And I actually have something specific in mind that I thought we could get for you."

Laurie grimaced. "Oh, brother..." she sighed.

We walked in.

Under any circumstances, Fredericks of Hollywood or Victoria's Secret will pique my interest. However, in this case, seeing the store also brought back a recent memory. Not long ago, I had been driving on I-77 through Virginia and noticed an exit to a place called Fancy Gap. Now the mind sometimes makes rather quick and often surprising associations. This name, "Fancy Gap," triggered the thought of another phrase, "ugly gap." I have it on good authority, namely a Reader's Digest article of some years back, that girls during the fifties and early sixties used the phrase "ugly garter gap." By this very uncomplimentary expression, they referred to the gap of bare leg between their nylons and pantygirdle. However, I consider the phrase a serious misnomer: there was and is nothing ugly about this gap at all! In fact, I, like most guys, consider this sexy "gap" to be very exciting indeed--a fleeting and tantalizing glimpse of one of those hidden female mysteries that are not to be seen!

So as I drove past that exit sign to "Fancy Gap," it suddenly came to me: "fancy garter gap" would be a much more accurate phrase for this delightful female gap and the effect it has on the male imagination. I determined then and there that in the near future, I would buy a garter belt for Laurie to create such a gap for my personal pleasure.

However, Laurie was quite right about my view on much of what is currently considered sexy. As we walked through Fredericks of Hollywood, we passed by several manikins that wore a matching set of bra, panties, garter belt, and traditional nylons. Now I do find garter belts quite sexy. However, what I saw on display here was not to my liking. Far from being sexy, it seems to me the operative word should be something like ridiculous or silly. The problem was with the panties. The styles that seem to be in vogue now--thongs, string bikinis, waistbands that dip way down in the front--are just plain foolish. Who could have actually thought that strings and strands were sexy? I can tell you what, in my humble opinion, is sexy in panty styles: silky, satiny material that hugs and accentuates those delightful feminine curves--starting at the waist and ending at the thighs. How can a string do that?

Garter belts and nylons represent a fascinating return to a bygone era. Perhaps that explains why they are probably the sexiest lingerie a woman can wear under a skirt or dress today--and why wearing them is a very special treat a wife can give her husband. Such fashion cycles keep women's lingerie continually stimulating. However, the effect when these newer style panties are worn with garter belts is quite ludicrous. From the standpoint of physics (the subject I teach), a garter belt has a certain downward force on it due to the stretch of the garters holding the nylons up. Therefore, to keep the belt in place, it must be worn at the waist, above the curve of the hips. When worn with bikinis or thongs that do not go up anywhere near the waist, or that plunge down in front, or that consist mostly of strings, the result is multiple, silly-looking, out-of-place patches of bare skin between the garter belt and the panties.

On the other hand, when a garter belt is worn with real panties that are full-cut and that know how to hug those wonderful curves--viva la difference!

Laurie and I continued to look around Fredericks. I am always just a bit shy when it comes to looking at sexy lingerie in a store. In the past, the girls who work in such stores have assured me that husbands often come in, look things over, and buy surprise gifts for their wives. However, I still like to keep Laurie near me in a rather futile attempt to create the illusion that she is the one doing the looking.

With some perseverance, I finally found a garter belt to my liking. The sign described it as a "beaded lace garter belt." It was red and had a double line of tiny black beads around the waistband and a single line of the beads down each garter. The waistband was made of some stretchy, satiny material, and both the waistband and the garters were trimmed in very fancy ruffled lace. The top of the waistband was straight, but the bottom was scalloped both in front and back at the points where the four garters hung down. A tiny red bow marked the point at which each garter was attached to the belt. The hooks were bright silver metal.

I showed it to Laurie. With just a hint of a smile, she remarked, "Well, you could have down worse."

"Now you have to pick out the right size nylon stockings."

Laurie scowled. "I'm not sure I even know how to do that."

But she rummaged around a bit and came up with a pair. The black nylons she picked out were shear but did not have the old-fashioned seam up the back. She started to hand them to me, but I responded by trying to hand her the garter belt.

I said, "OK, why don't you take everything up to the counter and pay for it. Just use our VISA card."

"Oh, no, you chicken! You want to get this garter belt, you take it up to the counter yourself!"

"But it embarrasses me," I whispered.

"Tough! In case you don't know, garter belts are not that comfortable. Husbands who want their wives to wear sexy things like this just have to suffer certain indignities."

I could see that this was a losing battle, so I rather sheepishly walked up to the counter with everything in hand. The girl was young and cute. I suppose I expected her to smirk when I walked up and handed her a garter belt.

Timidly I said, "It's a gift for my wife."

She smiled knowingly. "Yes, sir." Then she looked more carefully at me and apparently read the somewhat embarrassed look on my face. "Think nothing of it, sir. Many husbands come in here and pick out sexy things for their wives."

With that, we completed the transaction, and Laurie and I left the store.

Later that evening as we were preparing for bed, I sat down next to Laurie and put my arm around her. She had been sitting on the side of the bed and had already taken off her shirt and slacks. What was left always made my heart skip a beat: she had on only her bra and panties.

"I caught you in the nick of time. You are still attired just right to model your new garter belt and nylons. Why don't we see how they look? I'll bet you'll look might sexy!" Turing my head toward her with a wry smile on my face, I added, "And maybe it can lead to some very interesting activity."

With just a hint of an exasperated whine, Laurie said, "Oh...it's a lot of rigmarole to put all that on. I really don't want to go through that tonight. I'm pretty tired."

I could already see the handwriting on the wall, but I was not about to give up before trying a lot harder. "I thought you enjoyed modeling something sexy."

"Well, yeah, sometimes--when the mood is right. But we've had a busy day, and I want to go to bed."

Her tone was not an angry refusal. Laurie never responded to my overtures in a tone like that. It was much more a whine--and it usually had its intended effect of creating sympathy in me for her pitiable plight! And, yes, it always worked.

"Oh, OK..." I reached over with one finger and began a light, teasing caress of her breast through the soft, smooth material of her bra. "...but maybe I can get you in the mood for a quicky tonight?"

Laurie turned toward me and gently placed her hand on my face. Her soft smile radiated warmth. "No, I don't think so. But I'll tell you what I am in the mood for--to curl up romantically next to you in bed."

Laurie is always affectionate but especially so on those occasions when she says no to sex. I squeezed her shoulder, got up, and got ready for bed. Laurie took off her bra, put on her nightshirt, and got under the covers. When I crawled in next to her, she snuggled up close to me and put her arm around me. After a goodnight kiss, we soon fell asleep in each other's arms.

I did not have to wait long for that opportunity to see Laurie in her new garter belt. The next day, we received an invitation to have dinner with a family from our church, Tom and Julie Hickson. That was Sunday, and the dinner was for Monday evening. Now where sex is concerned, the male mind is capable of some devious planning. However, in this case it did not require rocket science to come up with the following scheme. Since Laurie had said no on Saturday, my chances for Sunday night, though far from certain, were better than even. However, I decided not to make an advance. I would wait one more night for Monday. If we made love on Sunday, I knew my chances for Monday would be very slim indeed, and that would be most unfortunate because I am always really primed for sex when we get back from a night out. I always watch Laurie dress for such evenings, and she looks especially sexy in all the special attire, both seen and unseen, that accompany elegant dining. Moreover, there was a very good chance she would wear her new garter belt on Monday--she knew I was very anxious to see her in it. So that was my plan--wait for Monday.

As I was dressing Monday evening, Laurie came in the bedroom after taking her shower. She took out a red bra and red panties and put them on. The garter belt was red--a very good sign! But when the stakes are this high, one should not leave anything to chance.

"Were you planning to wear your new garter belt tonight?"

She turned her head just slightly to look at me out of the corner of her eye. "I suppose so," she groaned. "You'd probably die of anxiety if I made you wait much longer."

"Well, it would make a stunning addition to what you already have on."

"I know. I picked red because I knew I wouldn't have much choice about the garter belt."

She took the garter belt from the drawn and pulled it on. My eyes were glued to those fancy, sexy, ruffled garters as they hung loosely on her legs. They dangled just a bit as she looked through the same drawer for the black stockings that we had bought. After retrieving them, she sat down on the side of the bed.

I read somewhere that most women just feel more sensuous when they put on traditional nylons as opposed to pantyhose. Whether she was conscious of it or not, I could see this was certainly true of Laurie. She knows that watching her put on pantyhose is quite exciting for me, but for her, it is just a mechanical operation. However, with these nylons, her body language was quite different. After carefully rolling the first stocking up, she drew in her leg at the knee and gently slipped the stocking over her foot. Then she stretched out her leg and lovingly unrolled the smooth nylon material onto her leg, almost as a caress. She lowered her leg, stood, and attached the garter in front. Then she gracefully reached back to attach the garter in the back.

The whole process seemed to take place in slow motion, and Laurie's whole demeanor radiated sexuality.

After the second stocking was on, she turned to face me. She assumed a pose not unlike the manikins displaying garter belts in the store. "Well," she said, "this is what you've been waiting for." Then she did a three hundred and sixty to give me a complete view.

My mouth had long since gone dry, and the image now before me was almost more than I could bear. I was looking at perhaps the most common image of the quintessence of sexuality: bra, panties, garter belt, fancy garters, and traditional nylon stockings. But this was not a picture in some girly magazine. This was my very pretty and very sexy wife--and she was mine, all mine. A man likes it--and feels truly loved--when his wife wants to be sexy for him.

Laurie lowered her glance, saw the effect she was having on me, and began to giggle. "Your prurient fixation on me is starting to show!"

Looking down, I saw what she meant and rather sheepishly replied, "Well, if it's accurate to say that in a happy marriage a man should desire his wife, ours right now must surely be the happiest on record!"

"Yeah, I know, I know. But I better get some more clothes on or we'll never get to this dinner."

So we finished dressing and headed out of the house.

I actually held Laurie's hand as we walked the short distance to our car. I just had to touch her, to feel her soft skin in my hand. All my mind could picture was what she was wearing underneath her dress, and I could hardly wait to have her. This would be a long evening indeed.

Laurie was wearing a soft but elegant black evening dress. The hem came to about mid-knee, and the dress was a perfect match for the black stockings she had on. As I thought about the whole effect, I realized there was something very special about the garter-belt ensemble she was wearing underneath this dress. Consider the contrast with a girdle and with pantyhose.

Girdles have garters also, but it is not the same. Even the lightest of girdles are made of thick, somewhat stiff material. With just a garter belt around the waist, there is, for the most part, only the thin, single layer of the soft, supple material of panties between the elegant, flowing dress and bare skin. I think knowing this has a psychological effect.

Pantyhose covers the legs with the same luxurious nylon, but they extend all the way to the waist, forming again a second layer over panties. During one of those tantalizing "accidents" when I might catch a glimpse up Laurie's skirt, I do not get an unobstructed vision of those soft and sexy panties.

Thus, walking with Laurie now, holding her hand, and knowing what little was there under her dress--and remembering the image it had left with me--made for a more sexually-charged atmosphere in my mind. I seemed to view her movements in some strange way more seriously, more sexually.

Anyway, that is what was going through my mind right now.

Later, as we walked up to the front door of Tom and Julie's house, I again had my hand on Laurie, this time around her shoulder. The sexy image flashed through my mind again: soft panties and stretched garters on a bare leg holding up sheer, black, nylon stockings. How would I ever be able to concentrate on anything else this evening?

I rang the doorbell and gave Laurie a gentle squeeze just before the door opened.

Something very interesting happened later in the evening after dinner--and it all had to do with that garter belt. We had withdrawn to the living room, Julie was in the kitchen for the moment, and Tom had excused himself to go to the washroom. We were alone, and I was sitting next to Laurie on the sofa. Somewhat surreptitiously, she started scratching her leg in the general area where I knew there was a garter.

It reminded me of the that scene with Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall in "The Big Sleep." She was sitting on the end of his desk and was trying to do the same thing--discretely scratch an itch without revealing any additional leg. In that tone that only Bogie can pull off, he said, "Go ahead and scratch it." The expression in Bacall's reaction was a classic version of the female "Oh, what the hell..." response. She pulled up her skirt just enough to expose a garter and a gap of white skin. A quick scratch and her skirt was back in place.

Since we were alone in the living room, I thought this might be an opportunity to recreate that scene with Laurie. Nothing so exciting as a quick flash of something sexy in a public domain where such things should not be seen!

In my best Bogie imitation I said, "No one's around--go ahead and scratch it."

I do not know whether Laurie remembered the scene from the movie, but after taking a quick look around, her expression was almost identical to Lauren Bacall's. She pulled the hem of her dress up, moved that fancy, red garter to the side and matter-of-factly scratched the offending area. Then with a deft and practiced maneuver, Laurie smoothed the hem back to its proper position over her nylons.

Yes, an event like that still lights a spark of excitement in me! A man should find his wife sexy, and these little sexy glimpses, together with the more sensual scenes at home, are what build an intense desire for her. I would be hard-pressed to come up with a night on which my desire for Laurie was more intense than it was right now.

The drive home was sheer exasperation. Every red light seemed to be of interminable length. But finally we arrived, and thankfully, it was time to go to bed--but not too late. Laurie could very easily still be in the mood.

After some routine chores were done, we walked into the bedroom. I grabbed her hand and none-too-gently led her to the bed. I eased her down into a prone position as she began to smile.

"Well, I wonder what's come over you." She tried to look as if she did not know.

"I'll just show you," I replied. Climbing onto the bed, I leaned back on my knees next to her. Then I took my hands, cupped them around her ankle, and slowly ran them up her leg, pushing her dress up as I went. How I love doing that! How sexy and tantalizing it is! I stopped just as the leg band of her panties appeared. The frilly, ruffled garter was center-stage in that white gap.

I began to play with the garter and ran my finger down the line of beads. Then I traced the garter's perimeter on Laurie's leg. Running my fingers underneath the garter, I toyed with the ruffles along the two sides.

My excitement was building exponentially.

"This is not a very lady-like pose you have me in," Laurie said demurely.

"Oh, on the contrary, I was hoping it might be the pose of a very passionate lady. Does the lady want to make mad, passionate love tonight?"

Laurie no doubt had been waiting for this moment. She assumed her best quizzical expression. "I don't know..." She let her voice trail off with a tone of indecision. "It is sort of late, and I'm kind of tired tonight."

There was a pregnant pause.

Then she added, "Well, maybe. Maybe with a little coaxing, you might be able to get me in the mood."

I undid the front garter and pulled her knee up just a bit to undo the back garter. Then I gently slide the stocking down, the tips of my fingers caressing her leg sensuously as I did so. I repeated the process for the other nylon. Laurie was watching me intently, but my eyes followed the nylons as I drew them along her legs, punctuated with several quick glances at her red panties.

After the stockings were off, I slowly pushed the hem of her dress a little higher until most of her panties showed. The pair she was wearing tonight had just a hint of Lycra spandex to hug the slight swell below her waist. For a moment they held my eyes transfixed. I have often marveled how panties in forming that little triangle drew the eyes inexorably to the apex of desire.

I put my hand on her panties and moved my fingers just enough to feel their satiny texture. Laurie had now closed her eyes and leaned her head back against the pillow. Then I moved my hand downward between her legs as they magically spread just enough. Laurie's excitement clearly matched mine. She moaned softly and almost imperceptibly pushed against my hand.

In need of coaxing, indeed!

I was beginning to lose myself in a delirium of passion, but I had enough presence of mind left to interject just a bit of humor myself as a follow-up to her fairy tale about needing coaxing.

Removing my hand from her, I leaned back and said, "But maybe you're right--it is kind of late."

Her eyes suddenly opened. She scowled and sat up with surprising speed. "Late, my foot! You'd just better work up some energy and quick!"

With that, she took both her hands and literally pushed me on my back and then climbed on top, straddling me on her knees. She took my hands, interlacing her fingers with mine, leaned forward, and pinned them both to the bed. I started laughing. Bending down, Laurie kissed me hard on the lips. She let go of my hands, and in a passionate embrace, we rolled around a bit on the bed. I worked her dress all the way up over her bottom, alternately caressing her panties and then her breasts.

At some point, I reached around and lowered the zipper on the back of her dress. Soon we were indeed in the throws of mad, passionate love...

...ignited by a fancy garter gap.


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