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Romantic Marriage Stories

Story 16
Laurie the Schoolgirl:
A Story of Fantasy and Passion

by Bill Quinn

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Author's (Brief) Preface

Please be advised: This story is perhaps the most passionate in the series so far. It also explores how role playing can add great excitement to a married couple's lovemaking. However, role playing is not for everyone, and this story may not resonate with some readers. For many, though, role playing can add a very special kind of romantic intimacy between a husband and wife..

However, be assured: Although the passion is more intense and erotic than in other stories of this series, my same high standards of delicacy are still maintained. There is no crass, vulgar, or lurid language, no anatomical details of erogenous zones, and no descriptions of sexual intercourse..

Also note: The schoolgirl outfit that Laurie wears in this story is available from a romantic Web site I highly recommend: Romance Between the Lines. Take a look; there is much there for a romantic marriage in addition to the schoolgirl outfit..

As always, thank you very much for your interest in my stories. My hope remains that they will inspire more romance in your marriage..

Bill Quinn.

* * * * * * * * * *

I could tell that Laurie was highly animated during dinner. She was very excited about something and could hardly wait to talk about it. However, Laurie believes that the setting and mood must be just right for very special romantic occasions. Therefore, with much effort, she managed to contain herself until after dinner.

But not one minute longer.

I had hardly settled down in my favorite reading chair when she sat down opposite me on the sofa, her eyes sparkling with enthusiasm.

Laurie has a very fertile imagination when it comes to new ways to add romantic excitement to our marriage. As I was soon to find out, she had been doing some extensive research and planning for her latest and perhaps wildest idea. It was certainly nothing I had ever anticipated.

"Terry, do you remember the Hollies?"

It must have taken remarkable control to stop with this small question and not come out with everything at once. But Laurie was exercising all the control she could muster in order to reveal her new idea one delectable piece at a time. As excited as she obviously was to tell me all about it, she wanted to stretch it out and build up a similar excitement in me.

"Yes, 'Bus Stop' was their biggest hit. Came out around the mid-sixties."

"Well, yeah, but that's not the song I'm thinking of. Come on, try again. See if you can guess the song I have in mind.

I gave her a quizzical look, but started guessing.

"How about 'Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress'?"

"No, no, too late. An earlier hit."

"Well, 'On a Carousel' was one of their bigger hits."

Laurie let out a sigh. I could tell mixed emotions were raging inside of her: exasperation that I could not read her mind, a typical female response, together with almost unrestrainable drives to tell me the song.

The latter won out.

"No! 'Carrie-Anne'! Don't you remember that one?"

I smiled enigmatically, hoping to project the fiction that I was holding back just to frustrate her.

"That was one of my favorites."

"Well, why didn't you say so?"

But by this time more excitement had bubbled to the surface, and Laurie quickly passed to the next phase of her revelation.

"OK, now: do you remember the words? Do you know what the first verse was about?"

"Sure," I replied. "Something about him and his girlfriend playing school. She pretended to be a monitor, and he...let me see. I can't quite remember. It was a somewhat less flattering role."

Laurie gave me another exasperated look.

"You know very well what he played! He was a janitor." Again her excitement resurfaced. "I have it all set up here. Let's play the song. Listen especially to the first verse."

With that, Laurie got up and rushed over to our stereo, turned on the cassette tape player, and then sat down again. Her eyes was twinkling as she looked directly at me with great anticipation.

Hey, Carrie-Anne.
Hey, Carrie-Anne.

When we were at school, our games were simple.
I played a janitor, you played a monitor.
Then you played with older boys and prefects.
What's the attraction in what they're doing?

Hey, Carrie-Anne, what's your game now?
Can anybody play?
Hey, Carrie-Anne, what's your game now?
Can anybody play?

The song continued. When it ended, Laurie got up and shut off the tape player.

"Doesn't that sound like fun?" she asked with a bright smile on her face.

"Doesn't what sound like fun?" At this point I really did not know what she was leading up to and was genuinely at a loss.

"The romantic game they played!" She flashed me a cute smile that implied, "Wasn't it obvious?!"

"It's an example of role playing," Laurie continued enthusiastically. "I've been reading up on how it can be done in a marriage. It's a really romantic way to add more excitement to lovemaking."

I was beginning to get the picture. In the past, I had done some reading on this subject too, but I did not want to let on and spoil any of Laurie's fun. And anyway, at this point, she probably did know more about it than I did.

"As long as the role-playing is used as foreplay and not a substitute for real lovemaking, there's really no harm in it--provided both the husband and wife are comfortable in the roles they're playing," Laurie added. "As long as both are excited about the game, it can be a real turn-on. Of course, feeling stupid about what you're doing or laughing at the other person is a real passion-killer.

"Think about it, Terry." Laurie was really on a roll. "Most people do have some sort of fantasies about sex, at least occasionally. But not only that, an element of fantasy is important if a sex life is to endure. The experts say that if you never have any fantasies, you can easily find yourself falling into a rut and getting bored with sex. Now here's where role playing comes in. Role playing, dressing up, and performing different parts in an erotic scenario are all devices that can stimulate fantasies. And the fantasy is not just something vague in our heads, but something we actually act out. That can really build up the passion!"

It was certainly building up excitement in Laurie. Certain erotic visions were also invading the outer edges of my mind.

"Yeah, I'll bet it could! But it seems to me that I've read some cautions from Christian marriage counselors. Should we really indulge in fantasizing?"

"I wondered about that too, especially since fantasies can so easily pop into our heads. So I've read up on it and given it a lot of thought. Marriage counselors, even Christian counselors, agree that fantasizing about sex and during sex is OK. We just need to exercise some caution. It would be wrong to fantasize about making love to someone other than your husband or wife. But if I were to dress up in some sexy version of an everyday outfit, say as a waitress, then it would be your wife pretending to be a waitress and looking sexy for you. You would be seeing me and desiring me. It would work the same the other way around--I mean, you playing a role for me."

I thought that over. As far as I could see, there did not seem to be anything wrong with Laurie's logic. And I could certainly see it as a passion-builder. It is not difficult for my male imagination to come up with all kinds of sexy outfits Laurie could wear that would absolutely drive me wild! I wondered what she had come up with.

"What roles were you thinking of?"

"Well..." Laurie slowed down here. She was trying to be careful, not wanting to scare me off. "Usually the relationship played out is one in which one character has authority and control over the other. For reasons that remain somewhat vague, that seems to turn on both parties...again, if the roles tend to fit their personalities...and if the roles have ever been...fantasies."

Laurie paused, holding her breath, I think. "I'm listening," I said with encouragement.

"Well, according to the experts I've read, many women harbor fantasies that place them in a submissive role. That explains why so many women are turned on by men in military uniforms, a real symbol of authority."

"Do these types of fantasies...resonate with you, Laurie?"

"Well..." Again she paused. "Well, yeah, they do. They do tend to turn me on."

After this cautiously revealed secret, however, her excitement once again overpowered her trepidation.

"These fantasies can play a helpful role when making love. But like I said, their erotic effect can be greatly increased by role playing, really acting them out together. That heightens sexual tension and anticipation. Here's what one expert said."

Laurie grabbed a paper that had been laying on the table next to the sofa and began quoting:

Erotic role play, when two people play roles and act out their fantasies, is a terrific way to add spice and exciting variation to your usual sexual routines. Role play, because you tap into your shared fantasies, takes an already-great sex life and makes it extraordinary, gives it new dimension, and adds playfulness -- or intensity -- to your intimacy. Trying out fantasy scenarios, much like playing an explicit adult version of 'make believe,' can be added to your sex lives like a sex toy.

"Yeah, all this sounds very exciting," I said, "but again, what roles did you have in mind for us to play?"

"Well, like I said, the most common sexual scenarios involve relationships where one character has authority and control over the other: like a doctor and a nurse, an employer and a maid, a teacher and a student. You're a teacher, so I could be your student. That just seems a natural."

Once again Laurie hesitated. I am sure she was worried that as she went into more detail, I might balk or, worse, laugh. But she mustered all her nerve and continued, though perhaps with just a hint of embarrassment.

"There's been a fantasy that's occasionally popped into my head...I'm a naughty schoolgirl about to be spanked by a handsome male teacher...when I look into his face, I see you..."

I smiled but did not laugh.

"Does that vision turn you on?" I asked.

"Sort of..." Laurie said, smiling sheepishly. "Does it turn you on?"

"Sort of." I smiled too, but not very sheepishly. Then I added, with all the enthusiasm I could put into my voice, "So go ahead--set it in motion. I'm game!"

Laurie broke into one of her brightest smiles. She came over, sat down on my lap, put her arms around me and kissed me.

"OK," she said. "I think it'll really be fun. But it'll take a week or so to set up. Have to order my schoolgirl costume from this really neat Web site I found. The whole site is centered around adding romance to marriage."

I relaxed and did some light reading for the rest of the evening. Laurie occupied herself with various household tasks, but her mind did not seem to be centered on the tasks themselves. Later when she sat down to do some reading herself, she frequently looked up, focusing on nothing in particular, her mind obviously wandering to other subjects. There was little doubt in my mind that she was continuing to plan for our erotic game; her dreamy smile gave her away.

When it was time bed, the bedroom seemed really cold to me. It was a Chicago winter night, and we had not turned the thermostat up very high earlier in the evening. I tend to be cold more often than Laurie is.

"Boy, it's freezing in here," I complained.

Laurie cocked her head to look at me with that glint in her eye. "Well, let's get under the covers. I'll just have to do something about that."

Laurie was clearly in a very happy mood over the prospect of our upcoming escapade.

We climbed into bed, and the cold covers almost made me shiver. I was lying on my back, and Laurie snuggled up really close to me. Her legs were touching mine as she slipped her one hand underneath my shoulders. With her other hand, she started a rather heavy caress on my chest to warm me up. After a few minutes, she just put her head on my shoulder, and I wrapped my arm around her. With my other hand, I reached down and began to gently caress her hand still lying on my chest.

How good it is just to feel her little hand in mind, to touch her skin.

I did not feel cold anymore.

Several days went by. Role-playing would certainly be a first for us. I began thinking more and more about this romantic game we would soon be playing. Laurie had not shown me a picture of the schoolgirl outfit she ordered, so my male imagination began visualizing all manner of sexy ensembles. It would certainly include a short skirt. How short? Being a leg man, I have always found short skirts highly stimulating.

But what would she wear on her legs? White knee socks? Bobby socks? I doubted that it would be pantyhose. They would not fit the general schoolgirl motif.

And what would she wear on top? A pullover sweater? Cute, but not explicitly sexy. A halter? No... Just a bra, some type of sports bra that was "meant" to be seen in public? No... Neither of those, really, could qualify as part of a school uniform. It had to be something based on a traditional schoolgirl uniform, but modified somehow in a very sexy way.

Yes, seeing Laurie dressed this way would be a really spectacular thrill for me. My mouth was beginning to water in anticipation.

However, was it really going to be a thrill for Laurie too? Or was she just doing this for the effect it would have on me? Laurie was the kind of wife who would do something like this simply because she enjoyed being sexy for me. However, in this case, I really believed that she was genuinely excited about playing her schoolgirl role. Playing that role was definitely going to be sort of a dream-come-true for her. She was really looking forward to it not only increasing my passion but hers as well.

"A naughty schoolgirl about to be spanked," she had said. Did she really want me to spank her--turn her over my knee and spank her? From the tone of her voice, I was convinced that was just what she wanted and that it was really going to turn her on. She had fantasized about it. And good golly, Miss Molly, it was certainly going to be wildly erotic for me as well. Now I was fantasizing about it!

But what would I do when Laurie was over my knee? And how would I do it? As I asked myself these questions and visualized what I would see while she was in that position wearing a very short skirt, my heart started to beat faster. Yes, I would be giving considerable thought to these questions!

However, I did not want to rely wholly on my own ideas. I wanted more insight from a knowledgeable source on the nature of the naughty schoolgirl fantasy. Was it common with women? What was its appeal? Why would Laurie find it erotic to be spanked? I also wanted to find out how to administer an erotic spanking.

So I went to the Internet. I found an article by a lady psychologist, a Ph.D., who addressed these questions at length. Apparently, many women fantasize about being spanked. The character they visualize for themselves is not always a naughty schoolgirl, but that is one of the most common varieties of the fantasy. It might have taken this form for Laurie because I am a teacher.

The author discussed the spanking fantasy on two different levels, psychological and physiological.

On the psychological level, the fantasy is a turn-on for many women because a spanking implies vulnerability and creates the image of helpless submission and total surrender. Feelings of submission and surrender are linked to sexual response in a woman; the vision of being spanked simply heightens them. I remembered that Laurie had also said something about submissive roles when she brought up the idea of role playing.

The author went on to mention that when role-playing a real spanking, my half of the dialog leading up to the spanking and during the spanking would be a very important part of creating its erotic effect for Laurie. What I say should be carefully crafted to intensify her feelings of submissive surrender. My talk should be stern at the beginning and become more erotic as the game progressed. The later stages should also include explcitly sexual actions. Yes, indeed, this author's suggestions were to prove invaluable to me.

Much to my surprise when I read the article, a spanking also has some useful physiological effects. A woman's bottom is one of her important erogenous zones, but the nerves are deeper and require harder stimulation to trigger. A spanking supplies that stimulation. Then too, the physiological process of sexual arousal demands that before orgasm can occur, blood must be collected and kept in the primary erogenous zones. Spanking creates just such a response. The stinging of the skin in a light, playful spanking causes blood to collect in her bottom and simultaneously in...shall we say, the other nearby erogenous zone. Thus spanking accomplishes "mechanically" what caresses and kisses do psychologically.

Goodness gracious! I had never realized how incredibly naive I was about female sexual arousal!

But after reading the paper by this psychologist, I realized how special this event could be for Laurie, a fantasy of hers coming true. I determined to do everything in my power to make it the most intense erotic experience she ever had.

The author also mentioned, though much more briefly, the erotic effect my role would have on me as I administered the spanking. But of course by now, I did not need much convincing of this.

One evening after dinner, as I was heading for my usual easy chair, Laurie called me over to join her on the sofa. She once again was a veritable picture of bubbling excitement.

"My schoolgirl outfit hasn't arrived yet, but I've been working on other 'props' that we can use for our little play. You're a physics teacher, and I'm one of your students. Well, a class needs a syllabus, doesn't it? I've written one for you. Here, take a look."

I was somewhat astonished. In all my delightful musings about Laurie's attire, I had never considered using a syllabus in our role-playing. But, of course, she was right: a class needed a syllabus. With a very amused smile on my face, I took it and began to read.

As I read, Laurie slid over close to me, pulling her legs onto the sofa and pressing her knees against my thigh. A moment later, she put her arm around my shoulder. Laurie always enjoyed affection in our marriage, but tonight she was especially amorous.

As I was reading the syllabus she had prepared, I glanced down at her knees. Her schoolgirl outfit might not have arrived, but the skirt she was wearing tonight was definitely on the short side, and she was not overly concerned how high it rose as she snuggled next to me, a real visual thrill.

It is amazing what a sight like that can do for a man. Men are visually stimulated, and it is a wonderful benefit to a marriage when a wife understands that although modesty has a definite place in public, the home is place to be sexually attractive to her husband. In this day and age when modesty has all but vanished from the public arena, men are tempted with impure thoughts on a regular basis. This is especially the case for male teachers in the today's colleges. One of the most powerful aids in overcoming these temptations is the knowledge that at home he has a wife who understands his nature and provides ample stimulation--a wife, in short, who enjoys being sexy just for him.

Laurie is such a wife.

That is not to say, of course, that we have sex every time she looks sexy to me. She makes herself cute, attractive, playful, and sometimes explicitly sexy more or less on a daily basis. But Laurie does believe in saying no and in doing it in just the right way to make me even more anxious to have her. The passion builds as I wait for another night.

It was certainly very pleasant seeing Laurie's short skirt and scandalously exposed legs pressing against mine, but as I focused again on the syllabus, I soon was captivated by the sexual excitement it exuded, since I knew Laurie had written it.

Course Syllabus
Fall 2005

PHY 101


Professor Terry Ryan


Lecture notes only

Meeting Time: 9:00 PM

Course Requirements

Academic standards are strictly enforced. Students must perform all assignments correctly and on time.

Course Discipline

Students who fail to maintain these academic standards are liable to an over-the-knee spanking administered by the instructor.

Extracurricular Activities


Laurie was watching me intently as I read her syllabus. When I finished, she asked, "Can you think of anything else?"

I smiled as I turned to look at her. "No...not really." I paused. "You really want to give a lecture?"

Laurie smiled provocatively as she began caressing my neck. "Well, I don't think it will be a very long lecture, you do?" She let her voice drift off.

She continued caressing my neck and face. I looked again at her knees. Our game would have very erotic implications, but at the moment my mind began fixating on what was present and tangible right now--Laurie turning me on.

I put my hand on her knee and slipped my other arm behind her and around her waist. As I started to caress her leg and push her skirt up further, I began easing her into a more prone position on the sofa. Her response was very inviting. She pulled my head toward her and we kissed.

Our breathing was getting a bit heavier. I started to unbutton her blouse, exposing her white bra. Seeing that bra under a partially opened blouse was more tantalizing than if she had no blouse on at all. I reached in underneath her blouse and began to gently fondle her breasts. Laurie moaned with pleasure.

Returning to her skirt, I flipped it up all the way. I normally pause at this stage, mesmerized by the intoxicating view of her panties, in my opinion the most erotic piece of lingerie in her female arsenal. They seem to have a strange power to raise my desire for her to an irresistible pitch. Often I would linger to trace their lacy leg bands and waistband or to feel their silky smoothness as my hands hugged her feminine curves. But this time I paused only briefly. There are some occasions when our desires reach such a level that both of us sense a certain desperation taking control. I was only partially aware of the details of her panties as I passionately explored them, moving inexorably toward their most responsive area. Laurie was already aroused and passionately animated.

She reached up and put both arms around me. Then she spread her legs and wrapped them tightly around my waist, pulling us both toward each other. I put my arms around her and picked her up off the sofa.

Laurie released her legs, and I picked her up. Even though it was quite early in the evening, I carried her into the bedroom. Who said sex always had to be reserved for late at night?

Perhaps it was the excitement we had been feeling about our schoolgirl scenario that primed us for some pretty intense lovemaking. Whatever the reason, we were driven by a very ardent passion.

Later that evening when we were actually in bed to go to sleep, Laurie said, "Now remember, when we play our little scintillating game, you'll need to improvise. I'm not going to be writing any script for you--or for me either. From what I've read, too much planning can cause you to lose the erotic tension that's supposed to build up during the play itself, spoiling it all. You are the teacher. Be stern, play your role the way a stern teacher would act. And consider me a mischievous schoolgirl with everything on her mind except her studies.

Two days later, I received an email at school. It was from Laurie and contained only two words: "It came." No description, no discussion of how much she liked it--just, "It came." I wondered if she had calculated the impact of so brief an announcement. Its effect was to let my mind roam freely into my own most erotic fantasies as I contemplated what she might look like in her schoolgirl outfit.

So tonight was to be the night. Needless to say, on the drive home, I could think of little else but Laurie--the schoolgirl.

When I arrived home, Laurie was dressed in regular clothes, although a rather provocative combination. She had on her pinkish-colored leggings and a teeshirt that barely came to her waist. It did not take me long to realize why she had not wanted the teeshirt any longer. Under her leggings she was wearing a pair of jet-black panties. Their silhouette was perfectly clear as she walked around with her derriere prominently displayed.

I was soon to realize that this was part of a very carefully planned strategy--a strategy of misdirection and surprise.

Leggings are very sexy because they are skin-tight, hugging her hips and legs and revealing every delicate curve. Moreover, when Laurie bends over, the view becomes heavenly, displaying a clear and exciting outline of her panties. Clothes that both reveal and yet conceal put the male imagination into high gear. All this would be the case even with innocent white panties under her leggings. Black panties revealed more, enough to set my mind reeling.

Now Laurie knew all this. She knew the way she looked would turn me on, and she knew that I would be able to tell exactly what she was wearing underneath. She wanted me to be thinking about black panties during the evening...thinking that I knew something about what she would be wearing later.

Laurie went about her business but both from her attire and demeanor, it was obvious that the role-playing had not yet begun. Nevertheless, the clothes that she was wearing certainly succeeded in arousing my prurient interest in her.

As we ate dinner, however, Laurie's her demeanor did not seem quite natural anymore. There was electricity in the air, a sexual tension that was building in both of us, knowing what was soon to come. Reading that article by the lady psychologist gave me some insight into the emotions and fantasies consuming Laurie's mind and heightening her tension. I wondered...and the more I wondered, the more my own tension increased.

Was she anticipating how sexy it would make her feel to wear her schoolgirl outfit for me? Was she looking forward to being naughty? Were vague waves of excitement coursing through her brain as she imagined those feelings of submission and helplessness as I turned her over my knee for a spanking? Maybe she was looking forward to the attention I would pay to her derriere while she was in that position--anticipating the pleasures my warm, exploring hand would give her. Or was she thinking about all of this--and about how all these feelings, sensations, and experiences would drive her to a wild lovemaking session to follow.

The interplay of all the psychology and physiology seemed rather complicated. However, whatever visions and fantasies might be consuming Laurie's mind, I had absolutely no doubt about the visions and fantasies currently consuming more and more my mind.

The syllabus had said that class would start at 9:00. As the the hour drew near, the intensity of the sexual tension between us was so thick it could be cut with a knife. Our demeanor no longer left any doubt of this. We were both tingling with anticipation for the roles we were about to play.

At around 8:40, Laurie called me into our spare room, which ordinarily served many purposes in our household. Tonight it was to be a classroom. Laurie had moved what furniture there was to one side and had set up the card table as the teacher's desk. One of our dining room chairs had been placed behind it. A number of years ago, we had bought an old school desk. Laurie normally used it for talking on the telephone. Now it was facing the teacher's desk. There was also a fair amount of empty space on the floor.

I smiled as Laurie waved her hand around the room and said, "Our classroom." Her voice, though, was marginally huskier, not as smooth as it usually is. She was nervous.

And she was still dressed in her "normal" clothes.

"If you would wait in the living room, I need to change. Then I'm going to go out the back door and come in the front. You need to see me in my coat on my way to class."

Now there was an enigmatic statement.

"Then we'll go into the classroom, and then..." Laurie paused and smiled haltingly. "And then you're on your own."

With that, she gently touched my face with her hand and quickly darted off to our bedroom and closed the door.

It was 9:05 when she came through the front door with some books in her hand. The vision that stood before me took my breath away. Why had I not realized what she would look like? But that was fortunate, really, because the surprise aspect added to the sexual appeal of her image.

Laurie's skirt, of course, would be far too short to extend beyond the jacket she was wearing. However, since the coat itself was well above her knees, it created the illusion that beneath it she was wearing nothing at all!

One mystery was also revealed: she was wearing white knee socks.

Laurie walked into the living room, went to the far end, put her books down, and began to slowly unzip her jacket, looking cautiously back in my direction. I could see that her hand was shaking a little.

This would be one of the high points for both of us during our play: I would see Laurie in her schoolgirl outfit for the first time.

At last, she pulled off her jacket and picked up her books in that piculiar way girls carry school books.

The effect was more erotic than I had ever imagined. The combination of feigned innocence with ultra-feminine sexuality was seductive beyond description.

The skirt was a red plaid design that ended in pleats. It had a wide black waistband that was worn well below the waist. In overall length, it could not have been longer than a foot, with the hem only inches below her hips. From the top of her white knee socks to the hem of her short skirt was a long stretch of very shapely and very bare legs.

Schoolgirl OutfitLaurie's top was a matching red plaid cami. It was cropped well above the waist, creating several inches of bare midriff between the top and her skirt. It was held together by a set of hooks and eyes down the front. The low-cut, rectangular neckline exposed a hint of cleavage. However, the hooks and eyes did not quite bring the cami completely together. A small gap was present all the way down the front. Through it, I could easily see that Laurie was wearing a white bra. The plaid top did have sleeves, but very short, ending just below the shoulder. They did not appear to have shoulder pads but were still a bit puffy. Its shape and tightness sensually cradled her breasts, pushing them up and accentuating them provocatively.

Laurie had also changed the way she was wearing her hair. She had short hair, but she had combed her bangs and the hair around her ears differently. Her ears were visible, and a lock of longish hair came down in front of them, side-burn style. The overall effect definitely added to her young schoolgirl image.

Laurie looked not only very sexy but very pretty. What man would not be in ecstasy seeing his wife dressed in this outfit!

For a few moments I was left speechless. Laurie was watching me intently for my reaction, and I was sure I detected a powerful excitement deep in her eyes. However, she was already in her role, so she could not acknowledge my awe of her femininity with one of her sweet, warm smiles. Now I had to gather up my wits, because I too had a role to play, and with all my heart, I wanted to give Laurie the most erotic experience of her life.

I looked at my watch and said in a stern tone, "You're late for class, Laurie."

"Am I?" she asked dreamily. "I guess I'm really not much into time," she said with a nervous giggle.

"Well, in school, time in important. It would be well to remember that, young lady. Now go in the classroom; I'll be there presently."

Laurie turned away and sauntered provocatively into the room. I watched her as she walked away from me with a exaggerated sway to her hips. It made the hem of her short skirt bob up and down precariously. Hmmm, flaunting sex--very naughty!

I waited until she was in the room and out of sight. In fact, I gave her a few additional minutes. But when I entered our classroom, I thought a lightening bolt had struck me. Instead of sitting in the desk, I found her sitting on the floor. And the seductive vision that was presented to me held me absolutely spellbound for a few seconds. Her eyes innocently turned up to me as I stood in the doorway.

Schoolgirl Sitting on FloorLaurie was against one of the walls with her knees drawn up and her arms nonchalantly wrapped around them. The entire undersides of her thighs were exposed. The view this position gave of her panties was intoxicating--the panty bottoms coming upward from the floor and forming a delicate white triangle as they disappeared between her legs. My mouth was going dry.

Then it hit me: her panties were white--pure, solid, innocent white. Earlier in the evening, she had purposely drawn attention to black panties, a color generally considered very sexy, making me think I had figured out something about her schoolgirl outfit. What a devious mind she has!

Laurie was again watching me intently to see my reaction, but there was no smile or giggling.

I assumed a scolding tone: "Laurie, please take your proper seat. That is not a very lady-like position, and we also have a class to start!"

This time she did give a little schoolgirl-type giggle. As she got up, she spread her legs just a bit for balance, exposing a quick flash of the entire between-the-legs view of her panties.

I had to be strong, but I wondered how much more I could take. Seeing views like this are enticing enough when we are in the midst of foreplay in bed. However, seeing such flashes when Laurie is clothed, when one is not really supposed to see such things, is far more erotic. I seriously wondered whether I would have the self-control to wait. I wanted to grab her right now and carry her into the bedroom. But I knew I must wait. What Laurie was doing now was mostly for my benefit. What was yet to come would be of enormous benefit for both of us.

She sat down in the desk, and I walked around behind my desk to begin the lecture.

"Today we're going to discuss Newton's second law of motion. That law gives us the relationship between force and acceleration. The equation is F = ma."

Laurie was leaning forward with her elbow on the desk and her chin resting on her hand. She was again watching me with that dreamy look in her eyes. Or was it a spacey look?

She had also crossed her legs. She had done nothing overt, but in a skirt that short, she could not help exposing a little white as she was sitting there.

I stopped. It was time to put on the pressure.


All of a sudden, her dreamy eyes focused and opened a bit wider in surprise. "Yes, Mr. Ryan?"

"You are not paying attention. You are not taking any notes. You look like your mind is somewhere off in the netherworld and definitely NOT on physics."

Laurie assumed an expression of sweet innocence. "Oh, I'm paying attention," she insisted brightly.

I continued in a angry tone. "No, you are not! How do you expect to pass this course?"


"You did not hand in your last assignment. Do you have today's assignment?"

Laurie looked genuinely embarrassed. "No, Sir."

"I think you have a poor attitude toward your school work."

Now Laurie began to look worried. "Oh, no, Mr. Ryan, I work hard. Really I do."

"You know that is not true," I said sternly. "I think today I need to teach you a lesson of a different kind. You need to be punished for your attitude and for not working up to your potential in this course."

Now Laurie seemed to be positively alarmed. "No, please. Give me another chance. I promise I'll do better."

"No, you should have thought of these consequences before you neglected your school work. I am now forced to administer a spanking. It's for your own good."

The color drained from Laurie's face, and now there was panic in her voice. "Please, not that. I'll work a lot harder. Give me another chance...please?"

Laurie should win an Oscar for this. Was this what she had fantasized?

"My decision is final. Now up with you. Go over and stand in that corner. You are to stand there until I call for you. While you are there, you are to think about the spanking you are going to receive. I also want you to think about why you must be spanked. When I ask, you are to tell me exactly why you deserve this spanking."

Laurie stood up and kept watching me for a few seconds. I almost think her bottom lip trembled just a bit, and I wondered if she was about to cry. Finally, she turned and walked over to the corner. No sway in her hips this time. I watched her briefly then turned and left the room. But I did not go far and was able to keep an eye on her from the door. She stood there facing away from me and fidgeting with the hem of her skirt. A couple times, she put both hands behind her, smoothing down her skirt. She let her hands linger on her bottom. A nervous gesture? A protective gesture? A gesture of modesty, knowing that her bottom would soon be exposed and spanked?

While clad in her scanty schoolgirl outfit, this time to think about what was going to happen to her--getting spanked, being placed over my knee, the loss of control, the exposure--all these thoughts and feelings are an important psychological component for Laurie to make her fantasy real.

I waited a full five minutes. As the uncertain time lingered on for Laurie, she was fidgeting with her skirt more and more.

Walking back into the room, I made the following rather formal announcement: "Laurie, please follow me to my office."

I took her hand in mine and led her into the living room where I had placed a dining room chair in the middle of the room. We walked hand-in-hand as lovers, and Laurie was gripping my hand tightly. She walked with her head down. For Laurie, this physical contact would be an important prelude to her spanking.

But it also had an effect on me. I still tingle when I hold her hand and touch her skin. But I was tingling even more now. Not only was I touching her, I was thinking about what was coming next, and my heart was starting to beat faster and faster.

I did not lead her all the way to the chair but stopped about six feet from it.

In a small, trembling voice, Laurie said, "Mr. Ryan, I...I'm sorry...please..."

"No, say nothing more. I told what I would be asking you." I released her hand and stood facing her.

"Now tell me, young lady, why you are going to be spanked?"

In a mere whisper she answered, "Because I have not been doing my school work properly."

"That is the main reason," I responded sternly. "You have also been most unlady-like in your manner. Now walk over to that chair, bend over, and hold the chair with both hands. Do not remove your hands from the chair while I administer your spanking or I shall have to give you a longer spanking."

Laurie's face betrayed a mass of emotions as she walked over to the chair. When she leaned over with her hands on the chair seat, her short schoolgirl skirt was not quite long enough to fully cover her panties. Again, my heart started racing. I walked over and stood beside her.

"I am now going to lift your skirt and begin your spanking." Taking the hem of her skirt in my hand, I slowly raised it over her back.

Her white panties were cotton, but with a hint of spandex to hug her shapely and inviting derriere. They were full cut but hipsters. I had never seen them before; she had bought them just for this occasion. She needed this style to create a bare midriff with her schoolgirl outfit.

This whole scene was very erotic for me. My passions were running wild, my mouth was dry, my heart was beating a mile and minute, but it was time to start.

I raised my hand and swung it down swiftly, scoring a perfect hit and creating that unmistakable pop of a well-placed slap on a smooth, convex surface. Laurie could not see it coming and arched her back just slightly in surprise, but she did not let go of the chair. My hand could feel the jiggle of her exposed bottom.

I spanked her a few more times, mesmerized by the wiggle and the jiggle and by the way Laurie was rhythmically swinging her bottom in response to the spanks and primly pumping her legs up and down on the balls of her feet. But then I stopped.

"No, Laurie, this will not do. Your misbehavior has been blatant, more than just neglecting your studies. You need an over-the-knee spanking."

Laurie stood upright and turned to look at me. She seemed mortified. "No, Mr. Ryan, please, not that...not that way," she pleaded.

"You have been a very naughty girl, and your spanking must be over the knee. Perhaps after that curvaceous bottom of yours is soundly spanked, it will not sway so provocatively as you walk. Perhaps also your skirts will not be quite so short and...revealing. Yes, I must administer your spanking over my knee. It is for your own good. Now you think about that, young lady. Wait here for me. Look at that chair and seriously ponder what is going to happen to you in it when I return. Do not sit down."

I left the living room, went into our bedroom, and came back with a pillow. I felt somewhat pleased with myself. I guess Laurie is not the only one capable of misdirection.

Sitting down on the chair, I placed the pillow across my lap. This would make it more comfortable for Laurie, raise her bottom up a bit higher, and give her the ability to squirm more easily. She was standing in front of me, again with trembling lip and her hands smoothing down her skirt in back.

It was also time to increase the erotic nature of my dialog and actions This would be an important factor in maximizing the sexual tension in her fantasy.

As Laurie stood there in that sexy schoolgirl outfit, I took special and deliberate care to give her entire body an appreciative, male scan from her head to toe. Then I nodded my head with evident satisfaction.

"Now come around the side, Laurie."

She did so, her head down and her hands behind her holding down her skirt. "Oh, Mr. Ryan, I'll do extra credit...I...oh...this is going to..."

But before she could finish, I again took her soft hand in mine and slowly pulled her over my knees.

After I released her hand, her head and both arms dangled on one side of my lap, and her legs dangled on the other. Again her short skirt fell far short of doing its job.

I cupped my hands around her hips and adjusted her position over my lap. Then in a rather clinical way, I examined the leg band of her panties to see how tightly they fit. Yes, they craddled her bottom with just the right tension. After this, I reached down and began caressing her inner thighs, slowly working my way up to that special area between her legs. I felt Laurie tremble slightly. Then using both hands, I carefully flipped up her skirt and laid it on her back. Putting both hands on her bottom, I squeezed several times in several different places to test its firmness and fullness. Then I explored every reachable recess covered by those stunningly visible panties.

After this preliminary fondling, it was time to start. I placed my one hand on the small of her back to hold her in place.

"Now, Laurie, I am going to begin your spanking. Your voluptuous bottom is going to feel a stinging sensation."

After five or six spanks, Laurie began kicking her legs a little and letting out various "oooooooh's" and "oooooooow's," though I was not and would not be inflicting any real pain.

After a few more spanks, I stopped and began rubbing her bottom gently with my full hand. Then I again explored lower down between her legs. This spanking was indeed having a profound effect on Laurie.

"You have a very shapely and youthful figure, Laurie," I said as I caressed her thighs. "It's a very sensual experience to run my hands over your soft, graceful legs."

Indeed, it was an incredibly sexy view of Laurie as she lay over my lap: her cute, white knee socks, bare legs, and then her white panties.

I also explored her upper regions. While one hand was caressing her bare back, I reached around underneath her and began fondling her breasts through her very sexy top.

Laurie sighed softly, and her legs quivered with spasms of pleasure as they dangled in midair.

"Your breasts, Laurie, are delicately firm and pleasurable to hold."

But then I resumed her spanking. I used an irregular rhythm so that she could not predict when the next stroke would fall. That would add to her tension. I also was conscious of spanking her slowly, deliberately, savoring each individual spank on that round, feminine behind. Laurie was now kicking more actively, and she began squirming up and down. However, I made sure that she felt strong hands holding her firmly in place as I spanked her.

I also continued the erotic dialog. "It is very pleasant to spank you, Laurie. With you held firmly in place over my knee, your helpless though delectable panty-covered bottom presents a very erotic target. But I think we need to do one more thing."

I paused for effect. Laurie was laying perfectly still across my lap.

"Yes, Laurie, I think for a final lesson, you must be spanked on your bare bottom."

That brought immediate pleading.

"Ooooh, no, Mr. Ryan. Not without my panties...that's...that's...oh, that's too embarrassing. I've learned my lesson. I'll study a lot harder, I'll act more modest...please, not on my bare bottom..."

"Do not contradict me, young lady. I know best, and this is for your own good. I am going to lower your panties and spank your bare bottom."

Again I paused for effect.

Then I took the waistband of her panties and slowly lowered them down to just above her knees. Laurie whimpered and wiggled as the cool air enveloped her just-exposed skin. Putting one hand on each half of her bottom, I massaged and squeezed for some seconds.

But then it was time to begin, and I gave her several slaps on her bare bottom. The sting increased, as well as the jiggling of her bottom. Laurie was now squirming and kicking wildly, though it looked sexier now with her panties at her knees holding them closer together. Her outstretch arms were flailing helplessly.

But I soon stopped and while squeezing her bottom with one hand, began explicit sexual caressing in her most sensitive area. Her legs slowly stopped kicking, and she began moaning softly with pleasure. I sensed that she was trying to push against my hand, and she raised her bottom as high as she could.

Laurie was now trembling with excitement.

My own arousal was extremely strong, and I knew the time had come. I pulled Laurie's panties back up and helped her off my lap. We went into an immediate embrace and passionate kiss, pushing hard against each other. If our lovemaking the other night had a sense of desperation to it, that paled in comparison with the urgency we were experiencing now. I cannot remember the desire to have each other ever being stronger.

I carried Laurie into the bedroom, and we fell on the bed in the throes of passion.

After we made love, it took five or ten minutes for us to return to normal breathing.

When we crawled into bed for the night, Laurie snuggled up as close as she could get to me.

"Terry, I was in ecstasy tonight. I wanted you so badly, and every fiber of my being cried out for you to take me and possess me."

"The ecstasy was mutual, Laurie, I can assure you. That was one spectacular game you came up with!"

Laurie gently caressed my face with her soft hand and smiled sweetly. "Yeah, it was, wasn't it?" Then a little bit of her playfulness returned. "And who knows? It might be necessary at some point in the future to 'teach me another lesson.'"


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