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Story 17
Cupid's Coupons and The Ten Days of Valentine

by Bill Quinn

Two Hearts

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Laurie and I had been one of two couples invited to dinner at the home of Rick and Caroline. All of us attend the same church, and it had been a very enjoyable evening. The food, the company, and the conversation were excellent.

When it was time to leave, the six of us were milling about the door while we were putting on our coats and expressing our appreciation for the invitation. Now there was one peculiarity about the driveway that leads to their house: the pavement is in rather poor condition. So as Laurie and I were just stepping through the door to leave, Caroline looked at me and said, "Now be careful backing out of the driveway. It's awfully bumpy--you probably should hold on to each other."

I wondered...did Caroline have a romantic twinkle in her eye? Well, I fell into that mode of thinking immediately, and my words just flowed right out: "Oh, no, I better not do that. I wouldn't be able to concentrate on my driving!"

Caroline smiled. I'm sure she understood my implication. The two men standing nearby seemed clearly to be oblivious to the romantic aura that had just been created.

In the car, however, I did rest my hand on Laurie's shoulder as I turned around to back out of their driveway.

On our drive home, I was contemplating with some dismay the lateness of the hour. Yes, Caroline had certainly placed a romantic thought about Laurie in my mind. However, that only added to what would have been there naturally. I almost always find our formal evenings out to be romantic. I enjoy watching Laurie dress for them in all of her finery, I enjoy how pretty she looks throughout the evening, and I am always in the mood for some sweet lovemaking when we get home. But now the hour was late, well beyond when we generally go to bed, and Laurie's mood does not always operate in quite the same way as mine. I knew the odds were against me tonight.

We arrived home and soon made our way into the bedroom. I began watching Laurie intently. I always enjoy watching her dress and undress--it is a delight to the male eye and an important factor in keeping excitement in a marriage. However, when my goal is to make love, these visions of Laurie reach erotic proportions and fan the passion building in me.

Laurie was wearing a red skirt and a white pullover sweater. I still retain the opinion that a skirt or dress is the prettiest and sexiest way for a girl to dress. Yes, tight pants and especially leggings reveal shapely curved legs and sometimes even panty lines. But there is nothing quite as feminine as a beautifully flowing dress or cute skirt. Maybe it has to do with actual legs being visible, often adorned in sheer, lustrous nylon. Maybe it also involves something more subtle, the allurement of potential. Pants completely surround and enclose the focal point of a woman's sexuality. A dress or skirt leaves it hidden yet vulnerable to exposure, a latent accessibility.

What can be done with pants in preparation for love except to remove them? Even a swimsuit, though certainly having its own sexual appeal, is a fixed and firm cover that can only be removed. By contrast, a dress or skirt, slowly and sensually raised, incrementally exposing more and more of her hidden charms, has the ability to inflame a man's desire. There is no analogous latent power in any other type of outer garment.

So I was watching Laurie with a singular attention as she began to undress. She first stepped out of the skirt and then her slip. Tonight Laurie was wearing pantyhose over black panties. Now there are many different and delightfully sexy types of lingerie that can be worn under a skirt: pantyhose, thigh-high nylons, garter belts with traditional nylons, and sometimes nothing at all put panties. Each has its own unique power and appeal. Pantyhose adorn the entire female figure from the waist downward with the satiny glow of nylon. Their tightness defines, hugs, and accentuates every feminine curve. They also are sheer, even when they have that shading above the thighs. This means that panties are clearly visible. Tonight I noted again with much satisfaction that there is something intensely erotic in the specter of black panties visible through pantyhose. That black silhouette is simply stunning.

As Laurie bent over to put her slip into a dresser drawer, my mouth all but watered.

Laurie next took off her sweater. I enjoy watching the way it slides over her breasts. Her bra was white, but it did not stay on very long. Laurie soon had it off and pulled on her nightshirt. Then she sat down on the bed and pulled off her pantyhose. I watched in the mirror, but taking them off is not quite as lengthy a project, or as enchanting, as putting them on.

At this point, I climbed into bed, to wait for just the right moment.

Laurie crawled into bed and immediately snuggled up close to me. While caressing my face, she leaned over and kissed me tenderly.

"That was a very cute thing you said as we were leaving tonight."

"Oh, you picked up on that, did you?"

She flashed one of her mild scowls. "Of course I did! How could you even think I didn't? And did you notice Caroline's expression? She was suggesting a romantic opportunity for you and knew immediately that you had gotten her meaning.

"But did you also notice the two men?" Laurie continued. "They were oblivious to the whole thing. Men are so unromantic," she concluded.

"Uh, Laurie, are you forgetting that I'm the one who came up with the response to Caroline's suggestion?"

For a moment, Laurie looked surprised and puzzled. But she recovered quickly and said, "Oh! Well, yeah...you're an exception. Yes, you're very romantic. That's why I let you make love to me so often!"

Now she was beginning to tease, something not unusual for Laurie and, in my opinion, one of her most delightfully charming traits.

"Oh, is that so! I thought it was because you enjoyed it."

Laurie smiled sweetly. "Ah, that is another reason."

This seemed to be the right moment. I reached over and began caressing her face and then kissed her. Laurie's response was warm and tender. Then I took my hand and reached under her nightshirt and began exploring those satiny, black panties. My own arousal was getting quite strong.

"Well, then, let's enjoy it tonight," I whispered.

Laurie's sigh projected real sympathy. "No...it's so late. The spirit's willing, but the flesh is weak. I just want to go to sleep in your arms tonight."

She snuggled up again, and I wrapped my arms around her as she laid her head on my shoulder. But then she giggled a little and pushed herself up enough to look at me.

"Maybe a week from next Friday..."

I grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her flat on the bed as she continued giggling.

"I'll give you 'a week from next Friday'!"

Then I began to laugh too. I bent down and kissed her again as her eyes sparkled up at me. Then we curled up together once more and soon fell asleep.

For the record, we did make love several times before "a week from next Friday" arrived.

Teachers lead a rather sedentary life, as occupations go. Laurie had gotten concerned that I perhaps was not getting enough exercise for my own good. So she raised the issue one evening with great finesse and subtlety.

"You know, Terry, you're still in pretty good shape, but I don't want you to be getting fat and flabby. I think you need to start an exercise program."

"An exercise program?"

"Yeah, some kind of regular workout. Nothing fancy--you don't need to join any fitness clubs. Just some kind of exercise program around the house here. Calisthenics or some type of aerobic workout."

I gave Laurie a wry smile. "You know, you're right! I do need more exercise. And you know what I've read? Sex burns a lot of calories, stimulates heavy breathing, gets the heart beating--a real 'aerobic workout.' And it's exercise for you too! That's what we need: we need more sex!"

Laurie frowned in exasperation. "We do not need more sex! Be serious now. I really think you should get more exercise."

"OK, OK, what did you have in mind?"

"Well...like I said, maybe calisthenics, maybe an aerobic workout to a some music. A regular set time of day, say a half hour or forty-five minutes three days a week."

My mind began working quickly. Maybe there was also some potential here for...other interests, shall we say?

"I could probably start some type of program like that. But on one condition: I don't want to work out alone. I think we should both work out together. We don't want you getting fat and flabby either."

Laurie's eyes widened in shock. In a more subdued, almost tremulous tone, she asked, "You think I'm getting...fat and...flabby?"

"Of course not, Laurie. You've got a great body. We're just talking 'preventative maintenance' here, like you want for me."

She seemed hesitant, wondering whether she should feel reassured or not.

"And not only just exercise together," I added. "We'll get some gear. I want to see you in a really sexy exercise outfit, you know, sports bra, tight shorts."

"Sexy exercise outfit?"

"That's my price! And we'll both stay fit as a fiddle."

At this point, Laurie started giggling. "Never far from your mind, is it? Well, OK. We can pick out the outfits together. I'll pick yours, and you pick mine."

So that was our deal. I thought I had really scored big here. However, there was one drawback that I was soon to realize.

We got out our favorite catalog, OneHanesPlace, and started looking through the pages together. For me, Laurie picked out a stretch cotton sleeveless teeshirt in black. The advertisement claimed that it would stretch every way I would because of its soft jersey knit. She also picked out the matching stretch shorts, cotton spandex with a nine-inch inseam.

But then the fun began--for me. We turned to the women's section.

For Laurie, I picked out a Champion Sports Bra, a seamless slip-on, t-back style. It had a full inner bra with moisture-wicking cups and extra support from outer side-rib panels. The material was nylon spandex with a wide bottom band to stop ride-up. Then the ad said, "Bra accentuates the natural bustline to control rather than compress, creating a sleek, sculptured silhouette." That did it--just what I was looking for!

"A slip-on style!" Laurie said with disgust. "I can imagine how graceful I'll look trying to get that on!"

"I'm willing to help," I offered encouragingly.

"Yeah, I bet!"

We turned back to the catalog. I next picked out a pair of Champion Power-Liner shorts. They boasted a supportive 4-way stretch fabric that moves with you for smooth comfort while exercising. They came almost waist high. The material was cotton/polyester/Lycra spandex. I picked bright red for both the bra and the shorts.

"Do you want to wear these shorts without panties?"

"No, I certainly do not!"

"Well, then, we'll have to order a pair of exercise panties." I rummaged through the catalog some more.

Laurie's expression turned a bit sour. "Now don't get too caught up looking at those pictures!"

"Yes, these will do nicely," I said with fortunate timing. Then I read the description to her: "Stretch mesh hipster panties with derriere-defining center seam in the back. Liner and gentle elastic waistband wick away moisture. Nylon/spandex."

"Hmmm...hipster style. I don't really like anything below the waistline."

"And I agree, but these shorts, they just don't make them go all the way up to the waist. Probably would be too restrictive. It would look odd, don't you think, to have two inches of panties sticking out above the waistline of the shorts?"

"Yeah, I guess so," she said with a tone of resignation.

Laurie placed the order. The day that it arrived, she sent me an email at school informing me that our first exercise session would take place that evening.

On my drive home that afternoon, the anticipation of exercise did not do much for me. However, I was quite excited about seeing Laurie in the outfit I had picked out for her--and about what it might lead to later.

When I walked in, Laurie had on a casual skirt and an old teeshirt. After I hung up my coat and settled down in my favorite chair, I raised the question I had wanted to ask since arriving home.

"Well, what about your exercise outfit? Everything all right? Did you try it on yet?"

Laurie smiled brightly, as if she had been just waiting for me to ask.

"Yeah!" I have it on now."

And with that she did something incredible, taking me totally by surprise: she pulled up her skirt and twirled around to show me the stretchy, red shorts.

Now of course I was going to see Laurie in those shorts throughout the entire exercise session. They will no doubt look sexy; that is why I picked them out. However, in that role, they become more or less outerwear. Watching her exercise will not have anywhere near the spectacular impact of what she just did now. With a skirt on, those shorts are essentially underwear, something not supposed to be seen. Flipping her skirt up so unexpectedly, giving me a quick flash of tight, red shorts, was enough to take me breath away.

She knew the effect this would have on me and was watching me intently. Seeing my eyes pop out of my head gave her a look of real satisfaction. Laurie has a high view of sex appeal within marriage and enjoys the effect she can have on me, keeping our marriage hot and spicy. And she just likes to tease!


That was all I could manage at the moment. However, as my rational abilities returned, I thought perhaps some teasing on my part might be an appropriate response.

"And the bra? Are you going to pull up your teeshirt and show me your new sports bra?"

Laurie smiled. "You'll get to see it soon enough," she said provocatively.

Watching her walk around in that skirt for the rest of the afternoon, having seen a quick flash of something very special that she was wearing underneath, created a highly charged atmosphere for me. I could hardly wait for our exercise session to begin.

We used an exercise video that Laurie had purchased. Since we did not want to overdo things during our first session, our workout was not that strenuous, or so I thought. It was at least easy for me to savor the pleasure of watching Laurie.

The sports bra was everything the ad had claimed. It sensually accentuated her natural bustline and created a sleek, "sculptured silhouette."

The shorts were somewhat shorter than they had appeared in the picture. They were longer than "boy-leg" panties, though above the middle of her thighs. But the way they hugged her bottom was just sensational. Their center seam, aligned with the center seam of her sports panties, creating a clear and tantalizing separation. Then, too, the leg bands of those panties were so tight that they drew in around Laurie's natural bottom curve, shaping and molding her derriere into a spectacular, well-defined centerpiece. Moreover, the thin, tight material of the exercise shorts revealed a very prominent silhouette of her panties. As she would bend over to touch her toes, their triangular outline formed the succulent center of a spectacular image.

The undulating movements performed by Laurie during the aerobic workout also had a mesmerizing effect on me. During one exercise, she had her arms stretched up over her head with her hips swaying from side-to-side. The overall effect of these movements in her present attire was not unlike the seductive movements of exotic dance.

All this had a predictable effect on my growing desire for Laurie tonight.

But making love tonight was not to be. Laurie said that after all that exercise, she was just far too tired.

"But you looked so sexy tonight as you exercised in your new outfit," I said.

"Well, yes, a man's life is difficult I suppose," she said in her best tongue-in-cheek tone. "But you'll just have to keep those sexy visions of your adorable wife until our next passionate encounter."

Our next passionate encounter was the following evening. But as it worked out in practice, my plan in picking out a sexy exercise outfit for Laurie to wear as a price for me starting an exercise program backfired somewhat. She always said no if I wanted to have sex on those nights!

One of Laurie's predictions about her outfit, however, did come true. When I watched her dress for our exercise session on subsequent occasions, she certainly did not display much sensual grace in getting into that pullover bra!

But something was soon to come my way that would make it possible for me to make love to her on a night that she was dressed in her exercise outfit.

Cupid Coupons!

Valentine's day was quickly approaching, and Laurie was once again busy thinking up a new romantic game for us to play. I knew she was giving considerable thought to this, but she did not want to give me any details until she was finished.

About a week and half before Valentine's day, she finally had the broad outline in mind and told me about it.

Beaming with excitement, she said, "Well, I've got a new Valentine's day game for us to play. It will be an ongoing game during this week, not a game just for the day itself."

"Oh, yeah? We're going to have sex every night leading up to Valentine's day?"

Laurie got an exasperated look on her face. "No! Now try to be serious. It's a romantic game, and I'm really excited about it."

"Doesn't being romantic lead to making love?"

"Well...maybe...sometimes." She smiled sweetly. "But here's what the game is all about: Cupid Coupons."

"What are Cupid Coupons?"

"They're coupons that we write for extra special romantic favors and are redeemable whenever we want! Valentine's day is a week from Tuesday. What we'll do is this: each of us will write two coupons for something very romantic and very special that we can redeem any day between now and Valentine's evening. We don't show them to each other ahead of time. We just produce a coupon when we want to redeem it."

"No restrictions?" I asked.

"Well...not really. Of course, we have to be able to afford it."

"I mean, can these coupons include making love?"

Laurie smiled shyly. "Yeah, they can include making love..."

Then she continued in her more exuberant tone. "Now I've already written my two coupons. You need to write yours. But they have to be written out ahead of time and hidden in some secret place. You can't just come out with something off the top of your head. You have to show me a written coupon."

Then Laurie seemed to act a bit shy again. "There's one more feature to my game. It's about our...love life between now and Valentine's day. I thought it would be fun to let it be up to Cupid, in a sense."

I gave Laurie a quizzical look. "What do you mean?"

"Well..." Laurie really did seem to be shy and a bit nervous about bringing up this part of the game. Her emotions never cease to amaze me.

"I mean, leaving it up to the fates...partially."

As Laurie continued, searching for the right words, I believe she actually blushed.

"You know how it usually is. You...well, indicate your desires...and I...respond...you know, sometimes one way, sometimes another. But for this week, I thought we would try something totally new: instead of you...initiating...you know...well, we just let fate tell us what to do."

I was still rather puzzled. "How will fate tell us what to do?"

"We'll roll dice," Laurie answered with a bit more confidence. "There will be three possible outcomes: one, we make love, two we don't make love, and three...it will be...lady's choice."

"What about a fourth option, 'gentleman's choice'?"

Apparently, Laurie's usual confidence had now been restored, and she assumed a playful tone.

"Hmmm...'gentleman's choice'... No, I don't think so. That just doesn't sound quite right when it comes to making love, does it?"

I scowled at her, and she giggled.

"No, we won't have that as one of the options. But here's where I need your help--your mathematical help. How do dice work? How do you calculate the odds? What we want is three equal results."

"You mean three possible outcomes, all of equal probability?"

Laurie smiled brightly. "Right! Exactly! Can we do that with dice?"


"What are the three numbers we need to roll?"

"Well," I said, entering my teacher-mode, "it's a bit more complicated than that. When you roll two dice, there are actually thirty-six possible outcomes."

"Thirty-six? But there're only twelve numbers you can roll."

"Only eleven, really, because you can't roll a 1 with two dice. But that's not the point. As an example, there are six ways to roll a 7, the middle number between 2 and 12. So six over thirty-six means one chance out of six to roll a 7. It's the most likely result when you roll two dice."

I could tell that Laurie was not quite following all this. "Anyway, there are six ways to roll a 7, five ways to roll a 6 or 8, four ways to roll a 5 or 9, and so forth. You want three possible outcomes, all of equal probability. Well, thirty-six divided by three is twelve. So the lineup is like this."

I took a piece of paper and wrote down the three options.

One chance out of three of rolling a 3, 11, 5, or 9
One chance out of three of rolling a 2, 12, 6, or 8
One chance out of three of rolling a 7, 4, or 10

Laurie had no idea how I was coming up with these numbers and gave me a very suspicious look. "You're sure the odds are equal here...you're not trying to increase the likelihood of making love?"

"How could I? You haven't even labeled which of the three options is which!"

"Oh. Yeah, you're right," she added sheepishly.

"OK, then," she continued, grabbing the paper. "Here's how it will work. There are ten days to Valentine's day, not counting tonight but including Valentine's day. So just like The Twelve Days of Christmas, this will be The Ten Days of Valentine. We'll have four coupons. Coupons will be submitted in the morning for redemption that evening. For each night a coupon is not used, we'll roll the dice in evening. If a 3, 11, 5, or 9 comes up, we make love that night. If a 2, 12, 6, or 8 comes up, no sex! If a 7, 4, or 10 comes up, it 'lady's choice,'" Laurie concluded, nodding her head rather primly.

"What happens on a night one of us redeems a coupon?"

"Well, if the coupon doesn't include making love, we roll the dice."

For the rest of the evening, I gave careful thought to what I wanted for my coupons. All of a sudden, the answer to my exercising dilemma occurred to me. I wondered, though: should I include making love on both coupons? Or would that seem rather crass when Laurie was perhaps dreaming of sweet and tender romantic overtures? Would Laurie include making love on either of her coupons?

I finally concluded that, well, there are just certain differences between men and women. I like romance too, but I like it even more when it leads to sex. Laurie enjoys making love too, but there are times when she just likes something sweet and tender without sex. So if I'm going to be able to make up my own coupons, then, mine are going to include sex! Especially since dice are going to be used on the other nights. Since Laurie's whims and moods are difficult to predict, the presence of "lady's choice" makes it impossible to calculate the true odds when we use the dice.

So these are going to be my coupons:

(1) A mock "date" at the movies, followed by a make-out session on the sofa when we return home, during which Laurie allows me to take extraordinary liberties, followed by sweet submission in the bedroom.

(2) A sensual back massage with Laurie wearing her full exercise outfit, followed by successful seduction of the masseuse and mad, passionate love.

The "Ten Days of Valentine" began the next morning.

"Are you going to redeem a coupon today, Laurie?"

"No, I don't think so. I'll save mine. Are you?"

"No," I said smiling. "I think I'll save mine too."

That night Laurie rolled the dice. A 5 came up. I smiled impishly. We made love that night, no ifs, ands, or buts about it!

Day two came. No coupons were redeemed, and that night Laurie rolled a 9. We made love again. I was really beginning to like this game!

Day three: how coincidental--Laurie rolled a 3! She looked over at me with suspicion written all over her face--as if the dice might somehow be loaded. But we made love for the third night in a row, something Laurie would never let happen on her own. But now Cupid was making the decisions!

On the morning of the fourth day, I could tell that Laurie was deep in thought. She did not want to trust the dice again. But talk about being on the horns of a dilemma! If she redeemed a coupon that did not involve making love, we would have to roll the dice. If she used a coupon that did include making love, well, we would be making love then too, and for the fourth night in a row.

With much apparent fear and trepidation, she elected to keep her coupons and roll the dice. That night a 7 came up: lady's choice.

"Well, do we make it four nights in a row?" I asked.

Laurie smiled a devilish grin. "No, we do not! There will be no sex tonight!"

The thought occurred to me that perhaps the famous dice game based on 7 was well-named.

On the fifth day, I decided to redeem one of my coupons, the one for the massage in her exercise outfit. Laurie read the coupon, then looked up at me. My strategy was quite obvious to her.

"Well, you've waited awhile for this. You're finally going to have your way with me in my workout clothes."

Then she laughed and put her hand on my shoulder. Even though we had been having a lot of sex recently, I think Laurie was truly pleased that she would be fulfilling that particular coupon for me.

That evening, Laurie gave me a truly delightful massage while I was laying on the bed. When it was over, I rolled onto my back while Laurie turned away to lay the towel she had been using on the dresser.

Glancing over her shoulder, she said, "That'll be $50.00, sir."

I got up and moved in behind her. Watching her in the mirror, I wrapped my arms around her, took both breasts in my hands, and began massaging them through the tight, stretchy material of her pretty red sports bra.

"I was thinking I could give you something else..."

Laurie closed her eyes as she sighed and leaned her head back.

"Oh, sir, really, I don't think...oooh, this is really not proper..." Her voice trailed off.

Then she turned and threw her arms tightly around my neck, kissing me passionately.

We lay down on the bed and I achieved my goal with regard to this outfit. I removed it item-by-item and made very satisfying love.

On the morning of the sixth day, Laurie finally presented one of her coupons for redemption. I was to bring her a dozen red roses this evening and a set of luxurious and expensive silk sheets for our queen-size bed.

When I came home that evening with the gifts, her eyes sparkled with delight, especially when I handed her the roses. She put them in water and then came over an embraced me tenderly. After we kissed, Laurie kept one arm around me and stood there, softly caressing my face, her eyes looking deeply into mine.

Later that night, we rolled the dice. A 12 came up, "box cars": no sex. I really think Laurie was genuinely disappointed. But rules were rules.

On the seventh day, each of us had only one coupon left. I think we both wanted to save our coupon until we were closer to Valentine's day. It was then that it occurred to me that I probably should let Laurie have Valentine's day itself for her coupon, if she had not yet redeemed it by then. In a sense, wives have a more refined sense of romance, and Valentine's day really is a female holiday. But since there were still several days left, neither of us redeemed our coupon.

That night, Laurie rolled the dice and a 10 came up: lady's choice. She looked up smiling and shook her head no.

On the evening of day eight, we rolled the dice again. A 6 came up: no sex. I was beginning to rethink my initial enthusiasm for this game!

I submitted my last coupon on the morning of the ninth day. That evening when I arrived home to pick up my "date," Laurie was dressed in her cute, youthful-looking pleated skirt, red plaid color scheme, with black knee socks. On top she wore a pullover sweater.

During the movie, I did everything a typical teenage boy would try. I put my arm around her; Laurie responded by leaning closer to me. I held her hand; she responded by putting her other hand over mine and laying it in her lap. I leaned over to kiss her; she responded by reaching up and pulling me into a hard and passionate kiss.

On the drive home, Laurie rested her hand on my leg. But as we neared the house, her hand crept around to my inner thigh and moved higher and higher, her fingers gently stroking me leg. What kind of girl was I dating? She continued her seductive activity until her hand rested where it could go no higher. At this point, I was quite aroused.

Laurie would not have done this back in her dating years, but when a married couple go on a "date," pushing the boundaries becomes acceptable.

When we got to the door of our house, Laurie asked, "Would you like to come in?"

Boy, was she playing her role!

When we sat down on the sofa, I put my arm around her and drew her to me. Laurie responded by wrapping both arms around my neck and pulling me on top of her as she laid down on the sofa. We were kissing wildly as I reached down and began pulling up her skirt. There was no resistance. I looked down at her full-cut, white cotton panties. Laurie simply watched me stare at them with fire in my eyes. Then we abandoned the sofa for the bed--made with brand new silk sheets.

On Valentine's day morning, Laurie presented her last coupon to me: dinner at a romantic restaurant of her choosing.

We dressed up in our Sunday best that evening. Laurie looked beautifully feminine in her elegant black dinner dress. She must have made a lot of calls to find just the right restaurant because this one had a very romantic atmosphere. White tablecloths, subdued lighting, and large, lightly-scented candles on the tables. There was even one of those guys who walked around playing love songs on a violin. Laurie had made reservations. I guess she knew me well enough to believe I would gallantly defer to her on this special day.

The dinner was sumptuous, and the romantic aura seemed to stir precious memories of when our love was new.

After dinner, just before we left the restaurant, Laurie held out her hand across the table. I placed mine in hers. Her hand was soft and warm, and her eyes were moist as she squeezed my fingers.

"Terry, this was a wonderful evening. I enjoyed being here with you so much. It's been one of the happiest Valentine's days I can remember. And your coupons were adorable! I loved everything we did together to redeem them."



"Yeah, just like the movie." I paused. "Laurie, do you remember when we danced to 'Unchained Melody' on one of our dates?"

"Like it was yesterday, Terry. You held me so tight, and that's such a beautiful song."

As we left the restaurant for the car, we held hands. I drove home very slowly with Laurie's hand still in mind.

When we got home, all of a sudden I remembered something.

"Laurie, we still have to roll the dice tonight!"

She came up and pressed herself against me in a tender embrace.

"Dice?" she whispered. "What dice?"

With that she led me into the bedroom, and it seemed like the first time all over again.


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