Romantic Marriage Stories
Story Nineteen
The Shy Wife's Striptease

My birthday fell on a Friday this year, and as it approached, I had been wondering if Laurie was planning anything special. Sometimes we each would go to great lengths to make the other's birthday very special. Other times, we might just go out for dinner at some fancy restaurant.

Now Laurie is quite a clever girl and has a seemingly endless supply of cute ideas and antics when it comes to me and our marriage. But this year, she outdid even herself!

It began the morning of my birthday.

When I woke up and rolled over to face Laurie, I found that she was awake and up on one elbow watching me. She smiled sweetly as I looked up at her.

"So Sleeping Beauty finally awakens! Happy Birthday!"

I was still a bit sleepy, but my mind was beginning to work. With a somewhat groggy voice, I said, "You've got the roles mixed up, don't you? Sleeping Beauty was the girl."

"Details, details. Just call it 'poetic license.'"

Mentally, I was now quite functional, but I pretended to still be sleepy. "Is it my birthday already?"

"You know very well it is! And now," Laurie continued in her matter-of-fact tone, "I thought we should do something special this morning."

"Oh, yeah? What?"

Laurie smiled brightly and leaned down and gave me a short kiss. Then she put her arm around me and snuggled up close. With her other hand she began caressing my face.

"Well...I thought maybe..."

Her voice trailed off, and her hand started working its way down my chest, drawing little circles as it went.

Perhaps some wives are not fully aware of it, but men often wake up in quite an amorous mood. So over the years, there have been times when I tried to interest Laurie in some love-making before we got up in the morning. As she lay next to me in bed, I would snuggle up close and wake her with a few gentle caresses along her neck, shoulders, and breasts. She would awaken with a sweet sigh and a smile. Usually, she would snuggle up even closer. But when my escalating overtures made my intentions clear, Laurie, still with her sweetest smile, would caress my face...and shake her head no. She really was never much in the mood to make love in the morning. I rarely tried to tempt her anymore.

That is what astonished me so much this morning. Laurie was really coming on to me!

Her hand had reached its final destination with very predictable results. That task done, she sat upright and pulled the covers down. My heart was already beating quite fast when she pulled up her nightshirt far enough so she could straddle me on her knees. In the process, I got a riveting flash of her bright red, satiny panties. Incredible what that can do to me! Laurie put her hands on my shoulders and leaned down to kiss me again. By this time, my passion was soaring. Reaching up between her spread legs, I began my own caresses.

We made very sweet love, and it was a special birthday morning indeed.

We were still lying in bed, and I had my arm around Laurie, stroking her lightly. Her head was on my shoulder.

"My breathing is only now getting back to normal. That was some wakeup call," I said.

"Well, I thought it would be a nice way to send you off to school on your birthday. It sort of sets the stage for adventures that may lie ahead this evening."

"We're going to have sex twice in one day?" I asked with enthusiasm. I did not say it, but that really would be a first.

"Did I say anything about having sex again?" Laurie responded in a tone that seemed to ask how I could even think such an outrageous thing! "I just have a little surprise planned for you tonight," she added, her tone now dripping pure innocence and sweetness, just as if she were planning nothing more risque than an evening listening to our Mozart collection.

This morning had brought a great deal of passionate pleasure. But of course that is when a peculiar paradox enters: once a pleasure is had, one can no longer look forward to it. I had anticipated looking forward to making love tonight.

But later that morning a curious development took place. When I was ready to leave for school, Laurie kissed me goodbye with a lot more passion than our goodbye kisses normally entail. Her smile and the look in her eyes were definitely seductive. She took me into a tight embrace and ran her fingers through my hair while pressing herself firmly against me. When Laurie finally backed away, she certainly projected a flirtatious, tantalizing demeanor.

"Happy birthday, and...see you tonight," she added in a low, sultry voice.

All day long I wondered what she was planning, this "adventure" of hers. In her reference to this evening, in her goodbye kiss, and in her overall behavior, she had definitely been provocative. Yet, she seemed to deny having any plan to make love again tonight. Certainly it would be most unusual for her to go along with that, twice in one day, even if it was my birthday. So what could she have in mind?

As the day dragged on, these thoughts were never far from my mind. During my lectures, I was able to keep my mind focused enough so that students probably noticed nothing amiss. However, this question, together with the vague excitement it produced, kept popping into my head.

When I finally arrived home, the curiosity, mixed with a sense of anticipation, had reached a peak. However, I quickly felt a sense of disappointment. There was nothing unusual, except that a few pieces of furniture in the living room had been rearranged. Laurie was prone to do that every now and then. But nothing else: no candles, no fancy table setting, no music. In addition to all that, I noticed that there was nothing especially sexy about the clothes Laurie was wearing. Both the slacks and teeshirt were prudently loose. She greeted me with a short kiss, but there was none of the provocative mannerisms that were so clearly apparent in the morning.

Maybe I had misinterpreted her earlier behavior.

The only thing indicating that today was still my birthday was a small, wrapped present sitting on one of the end tables.

"When do I get to open my present?"

"Oh, later this evening, after the little surprise I'm planning."

So I had not imagined it: Laurie really was planning a surprise for this evening, and it was not that little present on the table.

Nothing unusual took place while we had dinner, but that vague excitement was beginning to build in me once again. What could her surprise be? Yes, sex was never far from my mind, and Laurie could look appealing to me no matter what she was wearing. But had she not in effect already said no? Well, that, of course, builds up my desire too. I decided then and there that I was going to make the most adroit advance possible when it was bedtime. So whether or not they would be fulfilled tonight, the old familiar passions were rising within me.

After eating, we retired to the living room, and I took my usual place in my favorite reading chair. It was then that I noticed the effect of the rearranged furniture. My chair was now facing the sofa.

Laurie sat down opposite me on the sofa. Her eyes were suddenly sparkling with excitement. She must have put forth quite an effort to keep that excitement under control up to this point.

"Now," she began, "you've probably been wondering what this surprise was that I had for you tonight." Now there was an understatement, and I have no doubt she knew it. "For some weeks now, I've been asking myself what a man would really like his wife to give him on his birthday."

"Well, that's pretty easy. To ask the question is virtually to answer it," I butted in, smiling.

"Yes, yes, I figured as much, and we did that this morning." She then assumed a decidedly pensive expression as she stared off to one side. "But I was wondering...would there be anything else? Perhaps something closely what we did this morning."

My heart started beating a bit faster.

"Well, an idea came to me, and I got on the Internet to do a little research. But then I decided, no, I didn't think I could really pull that off with the proper result."

"What was it?"

"Oh, we won't go into that just now. But then I came up with a truly brilliant idea. Something that would absolutely drive you crazy."

"Crazy in what way?" I was puzzled but nevertheless getting more excited by the minute.

"Well, I'll try to put it as delicately as possible." I could tell by the impish lilt in her voice that what was about to come out would be the exact opposite of delicate description. "Drive you crazy with wild, uncontrollable, passionate desire...for me," she added with a bright smile, eyes twinkling.

I laughed. "Yeah, that was delicate all right."

All of a sudden, Laurie looked startled, then a little disappointed.

"Now look what happened! I've gotten ahead of myself. I shouldn't have said that."

With Laurie, it was difficult to tell whether that was really true. Was she truly startled and disappointed? Laurie was quite the expert at using misdirection to set just the right mood before springing a surprise. There seemed to be no end to her adorably cute and clever antics.

"No, we are just going to have a nice quiet evening, shall we say."

"Shopping?" That did not seem to fit the context here at all.

"Yeah, in a sense. You see, I went out today and bought a bunch of new outfits."

Now it was my turn to look startled. Of course, Laurie picked up on it immediately.

"Don't worry, don't worry. No need to be alarmed when the next VISA bill arrives. I went around to the Salvation Army and Goodwill thrift stores. We've found some really nice clothes there before, sometimes virtually brand new.'s all very simple. We can easily re-donate anything that isn't quite right. I thought tonight that I could try it all on, and you could give me your opinions."

Well, that put to rest any fears I might have had for the solvency of our family budget. But something did not quite seem to make sense. Normally, rendering an opinion on a new dress falls far short of driving me crazy--in any sense. But then, a thought struck me...

"So, why don't we get started?" Laurie asked. She did not wait for my reply but walked off toward the bedroom and soon returned with a whole mound of clothes that she piled on one end of the sofa. She looked through the stack and pulled out a dress. Then she turned around and faced me.

First she pulled off her teeshirt. She was wearing her prettiest bra, an underwire, lace-trimmed, very low-cut, white satiny bra. Then she unbuttoned her baggy slacks and lowed them enough to step out of them. Again, I was very pleasantly surprised. She had on a pair of her sexiest white, skin-tight, microfiber panties. Now both my heart and my breathing were a little faster. How that sight mesmerizes me! The tight waistband, accentuating the curves that gently swell outward at the hips, leading the eye inevitably downward to that ultra-seductive triangle of white.

Did she seem to have undressed just a bit more slowly than usual?

Laurie turned back toward the sofa to pick up the dress, but she seemed to put a subtle emphasis on bending over with her silky derriere directed at me. Maybe it was just my imagination in my current, very susceptible condition.

She turned around again and made immediate eye contact, as if to check the level of my attention or perhaps to check what I was looking at. Then she looked down at the dress as she slowly stepped into it, pulled it up, and put her arms through the short sleeves. It buttoned down the front, but Laurie started at the bottom button near the waist and worked her way up. Again she watched my eyes intently as she seemed to give each button caressing attention. Bit by bit, her bra disappeared.

When she had finished, I gave her that typical male appraisal from head to foot. It was a pretty dress. Elastic drew it in around her waist, and the skirt gently flared out down to the knees.

Laurie twirled around in front of me. "Well, what do think?"

"Yeah, very pretty." I was surprised I was capable of speaking. "A nice casual dress. You look very cute in it. I like it."

Laurie smiled brightly. "OK, we'll keep this one."

Then she reversed the process to take the dress off. Now I was sure: Laurie was deliberately making her movements highly provocative. She unbuttoned the dress from the top down so that her bra only became visible a little a time. Then she lowered the dress, her panties slowing appearing as some ghostly spectre of desire. As if in slow motion, she stepped out of the dress.

I always loved watching Laurie dress and undress. It was one of those everyday-type thrills of marriage, and it rarely failed to bring my desire for her to the surface. But what she was doing now multiplied the effect it had on me manyfold.

Again attired in nothing but her bra and panties, she went over to the pile of clothes and pulled out a skirt and blouse. The blouse went on first. The bottom was straight all the way around, which probably meant that it was designed to be left out instead of tucked in. But as Laurie stood there, it was another sight to behold: the blouse came down only a little below the waistline and so came nowhere near covering her panties. However, this entrancing vision slowly vanished as she pulled on the skirt, subtly swaying her hips as she wiggled into it.

She had been watching me but then looked down at the skirt. It was knee-length. As she was looking at the skirt and her legs, Laurie spoke in a tone that implied thoughtful evaluation. "I think nylons are called for with this skirt."

She pulled up the skirt to a breathtaking height, sat down on the sofa, and grabbed a pair of thigh-high nylon stockings that just happened to be among the clothes she had brought from the bedroom.

This new place for my reading chair put me directly across from Laurie. She lifted her leg and reached down to pull on the stocking. I could not believe what I was seeing: a direct view up her skirt, white panties and all. Laurie stretched out her leg and lovingly smoothed the stocking up to mid-thigh. This intoxicating process was repeated for the second stocking. Then she stood up, straightening her skirt and pulling it back down.

"Well, how do you like this skirt?"

My mouth was very dry. "Hmmm, yeah, a nice conservative skirt...yeah, very nice." As my rational mind was slowly beginning to function again, I thought I would make a comment about how all this was affecting me. "You know, Laurie, watching all this is really starting to drive me crazy."

She pretended to be surprised. "Drive you crazy? Now really, Terry, you've watched me get dressed before."

"Drive me crazy," I thought. Of course! Her whole plan was becoming clear. The rearranged furniture, dressing and undressing directly in front of me with a host of new outfits. This was the "adventure" she had alluded to this morning: she was putting on an elaborate "floor" show, teasing me mercilessly.

Laurie walked over to me and sat down on my lap, putting her arm around me. With her hand drawing my face to her, she gave me a sweet, tender kiss. "I wanted your input on all my new clothes, and, yeah...I thought you might enjoy watching this." This time, there was a definite lack of innocence in her tone.

There also was little doubt that I felt quite aroused at this point. I put my arm around Laurie and my other hand on her leg, starting to reach under her skirt. But Laurie eased herself off my lap. "Now, now, " she said sweetly, "you mustn't get too carried away."

Without waiting for a response, she went back to the sofa. "Let's try this skirt next." She reached into the stack and pulled out another one. She stepped out of the one she was wearing and pulled the other one up. It was quite a bit shorter, about three or four inches above the knee, but still discrete enough for public use.

Once again, Laurie looked down at the result. Assuming a perplexed expression, she said, "Oh, drat. This one is too short for thigh-highs. I think I'll need regular pantyhose with this skirt."

Then before my very eyes, and of course I had that incredibly direct view, Laurie sat down on the sofa, pulled her skirt high enough to remove her thigh-high stockings, one raised, shapely, stretched-out leg at a time. I will refrain from describing the details of what I could see, but for some reason that line from the Doors came to mind: " a dog that begs for something sweet." If this continued, I thought, I would soon be reduced to that level!

But getting the thigh-high nylons off was not the end. Laurie wanted to put on pantyhose.

On several past occasions, I have seen what that process entails when it is performed while wearing a skirt. This time, she starting out sitting on the sofa. When she got both legs of the pantyhose to mid-thigh, she stood up, grabbed their waistline and proceeded to pull them all the way to her waist, which, of course, required that her skirt be raised to the same height. Then she slowly worked the nylon legs upward, pushing the skirt all the way up two more times.

Talk about a fixated, prurient stare! My eyes must have extended well beyond their sockets. But again this seductive vision was short-lived. With the pantyhose in place, Laurie lowered her skirt, and twirled around to give me a look.

"How do you like this one now? It would probably be OK when we want our evening out to be a bit more daring."

I tried to swallow and with much difficulty managed a response. "Yeah, I like it. Sexy, but still within normal standards of decorum."

Well, Laurie continued trying on clothes in front of me: dressing, undressing, then dressing again. What was the phrase she had used? "Wild, uncontrollable, passionate desire"...for her. That was now an understatement.

At one point she removed the pantyhose. She was wearing one of the new teeshirts from the stack when she extracted another skirt. This one was pleated but really short--a micro-mini. After getting it on, Laurie look down at her knees.

"Oooo...this one I think might be just a bit too short for wearing in public." She smiled coquettishly and, as if to demonstrate how short it really was, she took the hem and pulled it up the few remaining inches needed to expose the bottom tip of her panties. "We'll just save this one for our special nights at home."

Then Laurie apprently saw something on the floor. She turned her back end toward me and bent down from the waist to pick up some piece of lint off the carpet. Naturally, that ultra-short skirt rose up to reveal the panty legbands that gently craddled Laurie's curvaceous bottom.

After watching her antics in this latest outfit, I really thought my desires and passions were about to explode. Laurie must have sensed this.

She sat down on the sofa and feigned exhaustion. In that incredibly short skirt, there was no way she could avoid that flash of white panties again.

"Whew! That was a lot of work." Laurie sat there for a moment or two, then got up and came over to me. First, she walked around behind the chair and started caressing my neck and ears and running her fingers through my hair. She leaned down and nibbled my ear, then said in a soft, sultry voice, "Well, how was that for a birthday present?"

Without waiting for an answer, she came around and sat on my lap again. In that position, this skirt was barely able to cover her panties. I was ogling her legs when Laurie suddenly threw her arms around my neck. We embraced passionately and kissed.

I worked my hand up her skirt and began a gentle caress on that sensually smooth, microfiber material. Laurie closed her eyes and sighed softly.

"I think that was about the greatest birthday present a guy ever got." Then, although I was almost delirious with desire, I added, "Too bad we can't make love now. But like you said, we already did that this morning..."

She kissed me again with an intensity that surprised me.

"Are you kidding?" she whispered. "You think you're the only one hot and bothered after all this?"

I was continuing my exploration under her skirt, what there was of it, when Laurie said, "I really feel all cramped up in this chair. I'd feel a lot more comfortable in bed."

With that, I picked her up, carried her into the bedroom, and placed her on the bed. She put her hands behind her head and stared intently at me. Then, still in that micro-miniskirt, she drew her knees up and spread her legs slightly. My heart was pounding with that view of her panties. It gave new meaning to the phrase "open invitation."

After Laurie's show in the living room, neither of us felt much need for any extended foreplay. We made sensational love.

As we savored the afterglow in a tender embrace, I asked, "That was your version of a striptease, wasn't it?"

"Yeah. There are Web sites, you know, even Christian Web sites, that explain how a wife can do a striptease for her husband. But I didn't think I could pull it off without looking more comical than sexy. I knew you'd find what I did tonight sexy."

"Well, it certainly was the most incredible birthday present you every thought of. And I think it was even sexier than a striptease. I never was much into dancing."

Laurie turned and kissed me tenderly.

"You remember that one line from the marriage vows in the old English marriage liturgy? You know, in the Book of Common Prayer?

"'With this ring, I thee wed;
"'With my body, I thee worship.'

"I believe in that, Terry, and I love you so much."

We were both silent for a moment. But with someone as playful as Laurie, tender moments often transition quickly into more humorous moods.

"Say," I asked suddenly, "what was in that wrapped box? We never got to open it."

"Oh, just a book."

It was now time for me to have some fun with Laurie.

"Just a book! A new book?" I said that with great enthusiasm in my voice. "My gosh, why didn't we open it? I would much rather have gotten a book for my present!"

She pulled out of my arm, sat bolt-upright, and gave me a shove. "OOOOH! "You're mean and terrible! Just for that, there'll be no sex for a month!"

But I was laughing and soon Laurie too was laughing.

"But I still love you," she said, smiling sweetly again. "Happy birthday, darling. I really do love you."


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