Romantic Marriage Stories
Story Twenty-two

What Makes a Sexy Wife?

Sounds like a simple question, right? A question with an obvious answer. Or is it so obvious? The question does have a simple answer, but it may not be as obvious as you think.

Is it the wife you loves to wear sexy lingerie for her husband? Or is it the wife who greets her husband stark naked when he returns home from work?

Here's the correct answer: a sexy wife is the wife who makes the effort to find out what her husband finds sexy and then enjoys making the effort to be sexy for him in those ways.

That's so simple. But how much fun in marriage is missed when a wife misses this question! By the way, I strongly opt for the sexy lingerie.

Too often, I fear, wives simply assume they know what really turns a man on. But not all men are the same. Of course, since sex is in part biologically based, if we made a list of the things women think men find sexy, all of the items on that list would excite any man to some extent. But there is also a psychological aspect to sexual excitement. What a man finds really incredibly sexy is learned, and the result is not the same for all men. I don't understand the mechanism, but when a boy enters puberty and starts noticing girls, those early experiences somehow create what he will forever find very sexually attractive.

Lingerie is a case in point. Sexy lingerie will have an effect on any man. But some men find it intensely stimulating, especially when used by a clever wife in seductive ways that appeal to her husband. Other men are anxious to get their wives completely naked as soon as possible. The sexy wife is the one who finds out exactly what drives her husband wild, makes indulging him in those ways an important part of their marriage, and displays real enjoyment when doing it.

Now Laurie is a sexy wife.

Over the years of our marriage, she has--by listening, by observation, by experimenting, and by just plain asking--found out exactly what maximizes my excitement. Then she puts that knowledge into practice in very cute ways.

Laurie knows I'm really turned on by lingerie, especially panties, and she knows exactly what style has the biggest effect on me. She also knows I'm a "leg man" and often wears leggings or short skirts around the house. She knows that when given the right provocation, my male imagination can form all sorts of images when she wears such clothes. She knows I love it when she teases me, and she does plenty of it! She knows I like her cute antics. She knows I like it when she talks to me in a flirty and sexy way. She also knows that I find it very tantalizing when says no and plays hard-to-get for a couple nights--boy, how that builds my desire for her!

Knowing all this, she puts it into practice. That's because she loves me, and that's what makes Laurie a sexy wife.

I must say that her latest playful idea incorporated just about all of these things that rate so high on my list of what I find sexy. It all started with an email.

Laurie sent me an email one afternoon during one of my office hours at the college where I teach physics. She must have really dug into some technical details about what can be done through email.

The first thing I noticed was the subject line: "Do Not Open Unless You're Alone in the Office." Well, I was alone, but the door was open. Just to be on the safe side, I got up and closed it. If she was going to tell me something private, I didn't want anyone to come in while I was reading it. What happened next, though, was totally unexpected, but I was certainly glad I'd closed that door.

When I opened her message, I was shocked to find a rather pretty girl speaking to me! The hairstyle even made her look a little like Laurie. In the world of the Internet, the technical name for this little feature is a customizable speaking avatar. As my mouth fell open, she delivered her message:

"Hi Terry. I thought I'd make my 'special' emails to you a bit more personal. I made myself pretty cute, didn't I? Well, I just wanted to give you something to think about as you anticipate coming home to your sexy little wife today. I'm sitting here in one of my really short skirts just thinking of you and about how much I'll enjoy it when you have your way with me tonight. See you soon."

The voice was sweet and innocent, but the message was anything but innocent.

I sat there stunned for several moments. What will she come up with next? I wondered, smiling to myself. But Laurie really knew how to get my motor racing. I pictured her sitting in a miniskirt: her bare knees and a scandalous length of visible thigh extending below her provocatively skewed skirt. Then suddenly an exciting flash of panties as she crossed her legs a little too slowly. Yes, she knew the effect her message would have on my imagination, which was now in full gear.

The effect on me was greatly increased because I wasn't reading her message. I was seeing a rather pretty girl who looked a bit like Laurie actually speaking these sexy lines to me, and I was getting aroused.

But what was that she said? I played the message again. Yeah, she really did say that: "when you have your way with me tonight." Laurie usually likes to keep the mystery and suspense in our love-making. There's always a chance she'll say no, and that puts more of that exciting tension in me when I make an advance. But here she was telling me I could have sex tonight! Well, Laurie also knows that doing something different is also exciting.

Needless to say, I didn't think much about physics or grading exams as the afternoon dragged on. I found myself playing that message again and again. To hear that cute image of Laurie say those things had a profound effect on me. As I drove home later, my mind was focused on rather prurient thoughts, to say the least.

Sure enough, when I got home, Laurie was wearing a loose, casual skirt that had to be at least eight or nine inches above her knees. Coupled with a teeshirt and bobby socks, she looked incredibly cute.

As I walked in the door, she put her arms around me. We hugged and kissed. While holding her in my arms, I gently squeezed her derriere. It was soft and supple, and I could feel her panty lines. Yes, such a simple thing, but something that has never ceased to thrill me. Which pair would she be wearing? If my imaginative visions of how the evening would unfold were at all accurate, I'd find out long before her skirt came off.

As I held her and kissed her, I felt myself getting aroused.

"You're message this afternoon in the mouth of that cute little avatar was incredibly erotic. I could hardly think of anything else except getting home and getting you into bed." I started to kiss her again, this time with growing passion.

"Now, now. Let's not get too carried away too soon. You're not going to get your way with me yet," she said, smiling sweetly and pulling away.

It certainly seemed that the way to maintain a great sex life in marriage is to keep yourselves from getting into predictable patterns. After so long of not knowing whether I'd get my way with her until I tried, knowing already that we were going to make love later tonight was intensely exciting. Of course, both scenarios have their own type of excitement. Earlier in our marriage when we did have sex every time I wanted, the excitement and anticipation I felt was on a downward slide. But variety of any type does definitely keep the sparks flying, and that's what did the trick tonight.

Electricity was in the air that whole evening. I could hardly take my eyes off Laurie as she swished around, sat down, and bent down in that skirt. But she was very skilled when she wanted to be: I never got a flash of panties. I kept waiting for one little "slip" as my imagination pictured all kinds of possibilities.

When I thought I couldn't take the wait any longer, it was finally time to go to bed.

Laurie sat down on the side of the bed, still with her legs firmly together. When I got on the bed and pulled her down, we embraced and kissed. It was a passionate kiss, and Laurie started breathing harder.

"You know," she said, "a wife usually needs a lot of foreplay to get in the mood. But I guess walking around dressed like this and thinking about what you were probably thinking about has really gotten me turned on." She paused, her eyes burning into mine. "You get my drift, mister? Let's not waste any time."

Her voice seemed a little husky. Since she was in a hurry herself, I didn't bother with any subtle male seduction techniques. I just reached down and pulled her skirt up.

I'd been dying to do that all evening. Wondering what she was wearing underneath had been driving me crazy. Well, I should have known: what else could she be wearing with bobby socks? Just plain, white, cotton panties, but tight enough to hug her curves sensuously. My eyes followed the contour of those panties to that incredible seductive point they make. In my state, this vision was the quintessence of feminine sexuality.

I caressed her legs and...other areas higher up. Sexy as they were, her panties didn't stay on long. Laurie was not the only one who was in a hurry. Virtually trembling with desire, we made very passionate love.

As we lay there in bed afterward, our breathing finally returned to normal.

"Are you going to send me erotic messages every day from now on?"

"No, I was thinking maybe just for a couple days. It would get to be old hat after a while, and we don't want that to happen."

"So we're going to make love for the next several days in a row?"

I hoped the smirk on my face would communicate my complex emotional state in asking that question. It was an exciting thought to verbalize, but then I didn't think there was really much chance of it happening. Laurie usually doesn't want to have sex even two, much less three, nights in a row. Making me wait, our desire for each other tends to build, and the passion when we do make love is more intense."

As she reached over and caressed my face with one finger, she replied rather seductively, "Oh, I wouldn't count on that."

Now that I had gotten the playfulness out of my system, I wanted to let her know how much I appreciated all the work that must have gone into this technical feat she had been able to accomplish.

I put my arm around her and gently squeezed her shoulder. "You had to have put a lot of time and effort into your little email trick today. I love you for it, Laurie."

She snuggled up even closer to me. "I wanted to do something really special for you--something really sexy. I really got you going today, didn't I?"

"That is an understatement! I couldn't concentrate on a single thing in the office after that email except sex and you."

"Well, then, that made it all worthy while."

The next day I couldn't wait to get her email. When it finally came, my heart was beating like mad before I even opened it.

"That was quite a passionate affair we had last night. Was it exciting for you to know ahead of time that we were going to make love? Well, here's my little erotic thought for today: I bought a new pair of panties. As I slowly slipped them on, feeling the soft material lovingly caress my legs, I thought, boy, Terry's going to love these! Go ahead now, try to guess: Cotton or microfiber? With or without lace trim? White or some really sexy color? Oh, by the way, I'm putting the mystery back into our sex life tonight. You'll just have to wonder: "Will she say yes?" Isn't that an exciting question? What a shameless tease I am!"

It was like hearing Laurie herself say these things to me, and like I said, it's very tantalizing when she talks sexy. Today, however, I determined not to lose control as soon as I walked into the house. We would simply spend a normal evening together and then retire to the bedroom as usual. That's when we would get to the...umm, bottom of this panty mystery.

All went according to plan. When I got home, Laurie was wearing a pair of tight, purple leggings. As usual with leggings, her panty lines were easy to see when she bent over, but there was no silhouette. Where her new panties actually purple in color? My male imagination was again in full gear.

That evening when we got into the bedroom, I put my arm around her shoulder and gently guided her onto the bed.

"Well, I must say I underestimated your self-control," Laurie said. "I thought you'd be asking me improper and very ungentlemanly questions about the new panties I bought today."

"Laurie," I said, feigning astonishment, "you know I always try to act the gentleman! I thought I'd simply use my highly tuned, male observation skills and then let my imagination do the rest. Now we're going to find out how accurate I was."

Laurie giggled as I took the waistband of her leggings and lowered them, slowly, ever so slowly, revealing her new and mysterious panties.

Goodness, gracious, where did she ever find them? They were purple! Smooth, silky nylon in texture, with fancy lace trim around the waistband and leg openings. What a delicious sight!

But did she say yes?

"No, Terry, not tonight," she cooed sweetly. "I think I'll just go right to sleep tonight. Happy, erotic dreams," she added, more seductively than sweetly.

I don't remember having any erotic dreams, but I certainly had many erotic thoughts as we snuggled up to go to sleep, her body in full contact with mine. Ostensibly to smooth her nightshirt down, I ran my hand along her hips to feel those fancy panties underneath. That always helps when I didn't get to have sex. Soon I fell asleep with my arm around Laurie.

My emotions the next day were quite predictable. When Laurie says no, it does indeed make me want her all the more and makes me try a lot harder to seduce her the next night. I'm sure she enjoys that. Anyway, I couldn't wait to hear what her next email would say. I was not disappointed.

"I just don't feel like cooking tonight, so let's go out to dinner. Oh, do you need some encouragement? Well, since it must be a fancy restaurant, I'll be putting on my very finest, and you'll be able to watch me dress. Let's see now: what will I wear? My panties...a lacy bra...smooth, luxurious pantyhose, sheer to the waist...a slip...a smart looking skirt...and a light, silky blouse. All caressingly slipped on my curvaceous body with slow, sensual movements to create a truly erotic show for my handsome husband. After driving you mad with desire for me, how could I say no when we get back home? Oops...but a sexy wife has to say no occasionally, doesn't she? But go ahead: plan your seduction. You will have a lot working in your favor...I mean, after you wine and dine me at a fancy restaurant and maybe play romantic music when we get home. I may not be able to resist your charms!"

Everything went exactly as Laurie predicted. Watching her dress was indeed a mesmerizing experience for me. I couldn't take my eyes off her. As planned, she was driving me mad with desire for her. As I watched her slip into one frilly, sexy item after another, going to that restaurant was the last thing I wanted to do. All I wanted was to get her into bed right then and there. But I knew if I tried, Laurie would giggle and tease a lot but then firmly say no.

That's one of the differences between men and women, isn't it? Men are visually stimulated. So when I see Laurie dressing and making herself incredibly sexy while doing it, I want to make love right away. But Laurie wants to enjoy every aspect of a romantic evening before it finally culminates in passion. For her, the desire to make love builds slowly and results from a whole series of romantic events and overtures on my part. She enjoys dressing and giving me a thrill. She enjoys going out to a fancy restaurant. She enjoys romantic music and intimate moments with me. She enjoys each romantic step along the way. So naturally, she doesn't want to stop and jump into bed when a beautifully romantic evening is just beginning. She makes her man go slowly, be romantic, and treat her like a goddess. That's when her desire has reached its peak and when she lets him make love to her.

In her erotic email today, Laurie had told me to carefully plan my seduction. I knew she wanted it to be an elaborate and romantic affair. How could I live up to her hopes? Email nowdays is full of spam with subject lines like, "how to seduce a woman," "how to get a woman into bed," etc. Maybe I should be reading these instead of deleting them!

Fortunately, I do have a pretty good idea what Laurie finds romantic--and what puts her "in the mood."

We held hands in the car as we drove to the restaurant. I put my arm around her as we walked from the car to the entrance of the restaurant. As the waiter seated us, I held Laurie's chair for her. The tables had elegant table cloths and linen napkins. Each table had its own candle. While we were waiting for our food to arrive, we talked softly about one of our dates at a similar restaurant before we were married. Under the table, I rubbed my leg tenderly against hers.

When we got home, I kept the lighting subdued and put on soft, romantic music, following Laurie's hint in her email. We sat down together on the sofa with my arm around her and continued to talk about our early dates.

"Do you remember the first time I kissed you?" I asked.

Laurie turned to look into my eyes. "Of course I do. You had taken me to see a star show at the Planetarium. It was a warm August night, and when the show was over, we went outside to sit on a bench and look at the Chicago skyline. You looked up at the sky and quoted a few lines from that song, 'A Thousand Stars in the Sky.' We had been holding hands, but then you put your arm around me, drew me closer, and kissed me, kissed me very gently and sweetly. I'll never forget it, Terry."

As best I could, I kissed her again, just like I did back then. When our lips parted briefly, Laurie swung around and put both her arms around me and we kissed again, this time with real passion. I began caressing her--her face, her neck, her hair, her breasts, her legs. I played with her skirt, sliding it up teasingly and then pulling it back down again.

We were like two teenagers in a hot make-out session.

After a few minutes of this, I pulled back, took her hand, and helped her up from the sofa. We started walking toward the bedroom, but then Laurie stopped.

"No, Terry, not the bedroom. Let's make love right here in front of the fireplace."

"But it's too warm for a fire tonight."

"Am I going to be looking at the fire?"

I threw down enough blankets for a nice soft surface. When we got onto the floor, Laurie undid my tie and unbuttoned my shirt. Her hands trembled slightly, and there was desire in her eyes.

When she finished, I undressed her, lovingly removing each alluring item, with my hands continually roving all over her wonderful body.

Our love making was warm and tender.

When we finally crawled into bed together, we once again fell asleep in each others arms.

With her last email message, Laurie pulled out all the erotic stops.

"I've been a very naughty girl today. I neglected all the things I was supposed to do and just sat around working crossword puzzles. I feel ashamed and...and...I need a spanking. Turn me over your knee, pull up my skirt, and spank me. Does that create any sexy images in that male imagination of yours? Just thinking about it gives me a tingly feeling. Guess where. Maybe...if you get playful with of my anatomy while spanking me, it might even put me in the mood tonight. How's that for a challenge from your impish little wife?"

I was immediately aroused. Laurie really enjoys an occasional, playful spanking as foreplay. She says the smacks on her derriere increase the flow of blood to that area other areas nearby, if you get my drift. So she finds a spanking arousing. Administering her spanking has the same effect on me, but for an entirely different reason. Seeing her in that position over my knee, lifting her skirt, and spanking her on her panties is almost unbearably erotic for me.

Without going into all the details, let's just say that the naughty girl did receive her spanking that night, as well as other ministrations by my hands. After I lifted her from my lap, I picked her up in my arms and laid her on the bed. Yes, Laurie was in the mood!

As we lay in bed before falling asleep, Laurie said, "I think my email today will be my last, at least for a while."

"Boy, that's going to be a big disappointment. You can't imagine how erotic those emails were for me."

She smiled. "Oh, I think I have a pretty good idea."

"Well, at least now I'll actually be able to get some work done in the office."

"Yeah, and I've been thinking about that." Then she gave me one of her impish smirks. "Maybe the next erotic message my sexy little alter-ego gives you will arrive when you have one of your pretty female students in your office. She'll certainly come to think of physics teachers in an entirely new light."


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