Romantic Marriage Stories
Story Twenty-three

"She Will Never Say 'No' Again!"

I starred at the email subject heading: "She Will Never Say 'No' Again." Now this was something I had to show Laurie! I get a ton of spam, most of it advertising Viagra and a plethora of other sex drugs and techniques. Normally I delete such emails immediately. There was little doubt that this message would also be pushing something nefarious, but the subject heading was certainly unique, and it would give me a great opportunity to tease Laurie tonight--and, if I play my cards right, for some time to come.

Laurie, of course, was the expert in teasing, and I always find it very cute and sexy. However, this time I might be able to pull off a real zinger myself.

I clicked 'Open' and read the email.

I was not teaching any courses this summer because I had to finish a paper that had already been accepted for publication in The American Journal of Physics. It must be completed and submitted by the middle of August. When I needed to use the library, I worked in my office at school; otherwise I worked at home. This afternoon I was at home, but I decided that I could put this email, with its astonishing subject heading, to its best use if I waited until we were almost ready for bed.

We had a normal evening. Laurie was dressed casually but in what I considered one of her many sexy outfits. It consisted of a sweatshirt short enough to leave her derriere uncovered and pink, form-fitting leggings, through which her panty lines were clearly visible, especially when she bent over. At least her panties today were white; she often wore red or black underneath these leggings, making a much more pronounced silhouette and making it much harder for me to concentrate on anything else. Laurie was fully aware of these facts and the effect they had on me. However, tonight I just might have the upper hand.

About fifteen minutes before we normally retire, I called Laurie into my home office to show her the email.

"Hey, Laurie, come in here will you? I want to show you this email."

She came in and bent slightly at the waist to look at the computer monitor. I moved my chair to the side a little and put my arm around her as she was standing next to me.

"Look at that subject heading," I said with great enthusiasm in my voice.

Laurie read it and then looked at me with a scowl on her face.

"And just why did you want me to read this email?"

"Oh, you don't need to read the email itself. I just wanted you to read the subject heading. The email is advertising a 'male-enhancement' drug that will turn me into a lover who will drive you so wild that you'll never say no again! I was thinking I should order this. It might solve all my problems."

She tilted her head and put her hands on her waist. "What problems?"

"Well, think of it. With this drug, I'll be able to give you so much pleasure, that you'll never want to say no again. I'll be able to make love anytime I want to."

"I don't believe you're serious! How could you possibly fall for such a scam? 'Male-enhancement' drug! What does that mean?"

"It has to do with increasing...size."

"Increasing size? You mean it's supposed to give you a bunch of muscles like Arnold Schwarzenegger? You think that would make me never say no again? Well, let me tell you, dear husband, that wouldn't impress me at all."

I smiled sympathetically at her naivete.

"Laurie, it's not referring to the size of my arms or chest."

She starred at me with a puzzled look on her face. Suddenly her eyes widened in shock.


But her astonished look soon turned into a another scowl.

"Terry, how could you even think of taking such a drug? Size...size??!! What's size got to do with it?"

"Well, it's supposed to make sex more exciting for the girl.

"That's absolutely the most ridiculous thing I ever heard! I don't need you any...I'm perfectly satisfied with...the way you are." She definitely seemed flustered.

I got up and took Laurie by the hand and began walking toward our bedroom.

"Of course I find that very reassuring, Laurie. But that means I don't have anything to lose, right? And anyway, this may just fit in with something I've been thinking about recently."

We walked into the bedroom, and I sat down on the side of the bed, pulling Laurie down next to me.

She looked at me suspiciously. "What have you been thinking about?"

"Well, you know, I don't really think a wife should say no when her husband wants to make love to her. This miracle drug might just be the ticket to keep you happy with our new approach."

Laurie started laughing. "New approach? So now you think I should never say no?"

"That's right. Like tonight. We just made love last night, but I worked hard today and am really in the mood again tonight. I've been looking forward to it all afternoon."

I took Laurie by the shoulders and laid her down on the bed. Then I ran my hands under her sweatshirt and started little teasing movements on her bra.

She started giggling.

My next move was to take my hands and run them caressingly all the way up one of her legs, stroking her very special area with my fingers just before I moved onto the slight swell of her figure below her waist.

"All right, all right, Casanova. You're already a great lover, I'm already perfectly satisfied, and you don't need to be any..."


She scowled again. "Yes, bigger. No need for any drugs."

"So you think you'll be able to manage our new approach the way things are?"

"You can continue dreaming about this new approach, but you're forgetting something."

"I am? What?"

Laurie had that impish grin on her face. "It's always the girl's prerogative to say no. You guys learned that during your dating years, or should have. Didn't any of your old girlfriends ever say no the first time you tried to kiss her?"

"Well...actually, I don't ever recall that happening..."

"Yeah, I'll bet! Anyway..."

"You didn't, the first time I tried to kiss you."

"Oh...but that was entirely different. I...I mean, we..."

Obviously, I had her flustered again.

"Anyway, it's the same after you're married. A husband just has to accept the fact that his wife'll say no when she's not in the mood. It's good for their sex life." Then Laurie's expression softened, and she caressed my face tenderly. "But I must say, you've learned how to take no for an answer pretty well." She sat up. "And tonight, my dear husband, my answer is no."

She smiled demurely and got up off the bed, starting to undress. "Gaze longingly upon the forbidden fruit..." she said in her teasing tone as she slowly removed her leggings.

I started laughing as I too climbed out of the bed. "I figured that's what your answer would be. But when I saw that email heading, I just couldn't resist a little teasing."

Laurie giggled a bit. "Teasing. I should have known. That was very good, very good indeed. You really had me going there for a while. Don't know if I could have done better myself."

"Done better yourself? You mean if you'd gotten that email? What do you have that could get bigger?"

Now her tone turned to scolding. "Terry, get your mind off of such crass subjects! It's time to go to bed, and what I am in the mood for is to snuggle and get some affection," she added in a softer tone.

I walked over to her and opened my arms. Laurie slid right into them, pressing her breasts firmly against my chest. She ran her fingers through my hair and pulled my head to her for a passionate kiss. When our lips parts, she said, "Now let's get into bed. I do feel pretty affectionate."

Once under the covers, Laurie snuggled close to me and slipped her arm under my shoulders. "Sweet dreams, Terry. Maybe you'll dream of being able to have your way with me anytime you want."

I smiled to myself, feeling very content. Laurie was not off the hook yet. We soon feel asleep together.

Two nights later we did make love. I mentioned nothing about the email or the drug, which, of course. I never ordered. But our love-making was very satisfying; Laurie seemed especially...turned on. That would work into my future teasing plan very nicely.

About a week after that, John and Delores invited us to their country club to play tennis. Laurie and I don't play tennis that often, and we really aren't good at it. We just occasionally put on some old clothes and go to a free court in a public park near where we live. But this was different. We were going to a private and rather expensive country club. We didn't want to embarrass John and Delores. So the day before we were to meet them at their club, we went to a sporting goods store to buy the standard tennis outfits.

I bought some baggy shorts and a plain crew tee shirt, both white. They were nice, certainly not cheap, but men's tennis wear doesn't have the pizzazz that women's tennis wear does. I looked over at Laurie. She was rummaging through some outfits on a rack. However, I could tell that she was not a happy camper. I could hear her mumbling under her breath, but I said nothing.

As I was watching her hold up a white, pleated, tennis skirt, I knew I wasn't so much looking forward to playing tennis as I was watching Laurie play tennis in one of those tennis outfits for women. The skirts are very short.

The next day, we dressed at home for our big engagement at the exclusive country club. Delores had told Laurie that we could change in the club's locker rooms, but we decided that we'd rather dress at home. I was still in the bathroom shaving when Laurie walked in already fully attired in her new tennis clothes.

"Look at this outfit!" Her tone implied definite disgust.

I couldn't image why she took that tone. She stood there, looking mighty pretty indeed. However, there was more to it than just looking adorably cute. I'm sure in her mood she wasn't intending to look incredibly sexy, but she sure did. She was actually holding out her skirt to emphasize its scandalously short length, but the effect was to display white panties underneath, which would have been just barely covered even with the skirt was hanging straight down.

"One little gust of wind, or if I bend over a little or reach to return the ball, then everyone sees


"My underwear."

"But those are tennis panties--they're meant to be seen."

"Oh, yeah? And how are they different from my own..."


"Real underwear. They're the same shape, the same cut, and they cover just as much, or should I say, just as little. It'll be like me walking down the street and pulling up my dress every so often! That would be just the same wouldn't it? And look at figure skating. What do the guys wear? Pants! What do you see when they raise their leg or twirl around? Nothing! Pants, nothing else! Why can't the girls wear pants too, just like the men? Oh, no! Not the girls! They have to wear micro-mini skirts that are always up in the air! And what does everyone see? How pretty her outfit is? No! Everyone sees her...her..."


Yeah, right! It's just not fair! Why do we have to dress like that? And even the fact that we have to wear skirts and dresses for every day clothes...a gust of wind or if we cross our legs a little too carelessly, and wow! Everyone gets a show!"

"Well, as far as crossing your legs is concerned, only those facing you..."

"Oh, hush! You know what I mean. Why are we expected to wear clothes designed

"Display your feminine charms?"

"No! That's not what I was about to say. Clothes that make us so vulnerable! Make us the objects of ogling!"

"You know the answer as well as I do: the female of species..."

"Oh, don't bother. I don't want to talk about anymore." With that she dropped her skirt and whirled around to leave the bathroom. But her little maneuver proved she was right about the skirt. Even that innocent little about-face gave me a flash of the bottom of her tennis panties.

But apparently, Laurie did want to talk about it some more. I was in the bedroom and had just finished dressing when she made a grand entrance. Boy, she looked cute...and sexy!

"Look at you," she said in the same tone she had been using in the bathroom, as if no time had elapsed at all. "You look handsome and debonair in that outfit. It looks sharp on you, it's comfortable, and it allows for easy movement during the game. But it does not reveal your underwear! Oh, no! Who wants to see a man's underwear?"

I tried to give her a sweet, soothing smile.

"Laurie, is it really upsetting you? You can wear a pair of your shorts. You cares what those blue-bloods at an exclusive country club think?"

She calmed down noticeably.

"No, no...I guess I'm not really all that upset...or self-conscious. But I really did wonder...I mean I really was concerned about modesty."

"Well, your heart was in the right place. A wife should dress modestly in public. But I think we've reached a point in our society where most men will look at you in that outfit with...shall we say, cool eyes. It's a shame, really, because men today have become so bombarded with sexual images that they've become desensitized, so to speak. What should strike them as sexy is just taken in stride. So what's left that is sexy? What'll it take to turn a husband on at home? Yeah, it's a real shame. There's so little left for such men to really find sexy about their wives. But with me...I have so much! That outfit makes you look very cute and very sexy to me."

Laurie's expression softened as she listened to me.

"That was really sweet...and really well put, I must admit. So on the court, this outfit will be something special just between you and me?"

"Yes, something like that." I took Laurie in my arms and hugged her. "By the way, why couldn't you get out the word "panties" before? You're never that bashful when you're teasing me."

"Oh, that's different! That's when I want to get you turned on. This time, I guess because I'm going to have to wear this outfit in public, I was in sort of a "public-mode" way of thinking. Down deep, I really am shy, you know."

I looked at Laurie dubiously but didn't say anything. Then I noticed that she assumed her familiar impish expression. I knew something playful was coming.

"Now that I think about it, I shouldn't have been worried." Laurie pulled up that short skirt again and did a seductive little pivot that shifted most of her weight to one leg. An electric bolt shot through my system. "These are 'granny panties,'" she continued. "Who'd get excited about seeing me in these?"

I was momentarily speechless--first because of the breath-taking vision before me and also because of her use of the phrase "granny panties." When I finally regained my senses, I scowled at her.

"GRANNY panties! That's a pejorative term used today by those who have no appreciation of the role lingerie plays in accentuating the sexuality of the female body. Full-cut panties are extremely sexy! The way they hug, mold, and emphasize those wonderful feminine curves in just the right places is very erotic. By contrast, those ridiculous thongs..."

"I know, I know. You've told me your 'theory of panties' many times!" She laughed a little and poked me. "I just wanted to hear you say it again. Say, do you think they'd publish your theory in one of those physics journals you read?"

Laughing, I said, "I doubt it. Mine is too much a minority viewpoint on that subject."

Then in a much softer tone, Laurie smiled and said, "By the way, I really do like wearing girl-clothes--normal dresses and skirts. They make me feel...feminine."

I touched her shoulder gently. "I know. You were just sort of on a roll before." I paused, then continued in more of a teacher-like manner. "That's what I'd been about to say. The female of the species wears clothes that make them look attractive and appealing to men. Their clothes are desgined that way. They reveal their 'feminine charms' while at the same time projecting an image of modesty."

Laurie smirked. "Leave it to a physicist to come up with a statement like that! Couldn't you put it a little more romantically?"

Then she shook her head in despair as she melted into my arms and hugged me. When we stepped apart, she added, "But don't worry. I still love you."

Later that afternoon, I was in seventh heaven. My tennis game suffered a severe setback, but it was worth it. A constant stream of panty flashes assaulted my helpless and mesmerized male eyes. As I had predicted, however, John seemed wholly unaffected.

There was also one especially spectacular display that almost paralyzed me on the spot. Laurie was stepping smartly backward to return a devastating serve when she somehow tripped and fell backward. It was like a comedy routine in the movies. She landed flat on her derriere and then rolled up onto her back, with both her legs flying spread-eagle into the air.

You can imagine the view I had.

I knew immediately she wasn't hurt, but her face was beat-red as she quickly got up and straighten her skirt. I could tell that this little accident really did embarrass her, so I decided not to kid her about it later. The vision, however, would be with me forever!

Laurie was muttering about the incident later as we walked to our car to leave for home.

"I can't believe I was so clumsy! To fall on my fanny right in front of those people! Legs all..."

I put my arm around her as we walked and tried to offer words of consolation.

"It could have happened to anyone. No one thought a thing of it. I'm sure when you started to play again, it was out of everyone's mind within two minutes." I left unsaid, "except mine."

As a result of all the erotic scenes I had experienced today, I was already pretty hot and bothered and was anxious to get Laurie in a good mood before we got home. She loves Dairy Queen, so I stopped at one and bought two chocolate malts.

At one point, she put the malt down on the table and looked at me suspiciously. "You know, the usual technique to lower a girl's defenses is to ply her with wine. This malt hardly qualifies."

"Laurie! Such motives you attribute to me! You had a rough day. I'm only trying to cheer you up."

"Yeah, yeah, so you say. Just don't get your hopes up too high for tonight."

I let the subject drop, but later that night when we were getting ready for bed, I began massaging her shoulders as she sat on the side of the bed.

"Oooo, that feels wonderful..."

It was now or never, so I began my move. While still behind her on the bed, I stopped the massage and ran my hands over her shoulders and down to her breasts. She sighed and leaned her head back. I gently eased her down onto the bed. Lying down next to her, I put my arms around her and we kissed.

"Let me see which pair of your granny panties you put on when you took off that tennis outfit."

I unbuttoned her pants and started lowering them slowly. Laurie was wearing a pair of red satiny panties. At this point I began caressing that general area in earnest. Then I reached up and transferred my attention to her breasts. I lifted her tee shirt and pulled it off over her head. She cooperated fully. Her bra was white with sexy lace trim. Maybe she was planning a little tryst for tonight after all!

She opened her eyes and said, "Oh, Terry, you're being very persuasive, but I don't think so. Not tonight. I'm tired, and I'm still feeling the aftereffects of my humiliation on the tennis court this afternoon."

"Now Laurie, we mustn't be saying things like that." I continued my gentle caresses. "You remember, our new leaf we're turning over. 'She will never say no again.' You remember how you were swept away with uncontrollable passion during our last love-making session...and tonight will be even better."

" don't seriously...think...I'll never's too much fun..." Her voice tapered off as she began to moan softly.

Laurie was definitely weakening. With my hands still in continual motion, I bent down and started kissing her on her lips, her cheeks, her ears. Her breathing now was getting harder, as was mine. Soon she closed her eyes again and threw her arms around me. We went into a passionate embrace as we began rolling back and forth on the bed.

Yes, we made love...sweet and tender, if somewhat passionate.

Over the next few days, a thought crossed my mind: maybe even without that "male-enhancement" drug, my charms had become so irresistible that Laurie never would say no again! Waiting three days, I thought, might be just about right. Maybe we were really on a roll. I should go for it again before the glories of our last encounter fade from her mind.

We were in the bedroom undressing. I watched her closely. Her bra and panties matched: both blue. Blue seemed to me such an unusual and sensual color. I was really getting excited planning my seduction, and my heart was pounding as I climbed onto the bed behind her. Wrapping my hands around her in a hug, I crossed my arms and made sure each hand was on a breast, squeezing gently. Laurie swung around on the bed; we embraced and kissed.

It was a passionate kiss, a really passionate kiss. She must really be getting turned on. We rolled down into a prone position, and I climbed on top of her. She lay there for a few seconds as I began running my hands all the way up her inner thighs. But then she reached up and pulled me down for another kiss.

This kiss was shorter. When her lips left mine, she nibbled on my ear, then whispered in a soft, seductive voice.

"I've got some bad news for you..."

I lifted my head a little. "What bad news?"

"Your magical elixir isn't working tonight."


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