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Story 25
The Quickie

by Bill Quinn

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As I got back to my office to pick up the notes I needed for my eleven o'clock class, I suddenly realized that I didn't have the material I'd developed over the weekend for my class at one o'clock. A moment of panic ensued.

This semester I didn't have a class at noon, but I'd made it one of my "official" office hours. We lived close enough to the college so I could make a mad dash home to pick up the notes and still be back in time for class at 1:00, but it would mean canceling my noon office hour. Oh, well, so be it. I needed that material.

There was just enough time before my eleven o'clock class to give Laurie a quick call and tell her I'd be coming home to pick up the forgotten notes.

"Laurie, I can't believe it, but I forgot to take those notes I was working on Saturday morning. I've got an office hour at noon, but I'll just have to play hooky and drive home for the notes."

"Oh?" Laurie paused. Her tone almost sounded like something had flashed into her mind. But she soon got back to her usual vivacious self. "Great, Terry! What a pleasant surprise. It'll be a nice change to see you in the middle of the day. Should I have some lunch ready?"

"Well, no. I have to be back by one o'clock, so I'll be on a pretty tight schedule."

"Okay, but you'd be surprised what can be squeezed into one hour. See you soon, honey."

I had to hurry off to my eleven o'clock class, so I didn't give much thought to that brief conversation--until my hurried drive home, that is. Her first response when I called did seem a bit odd, but at the time I couldn't identify Laurie's emotion. But now I think I recognized it. It was her devilish tone. What I said had started her mind scheming. But about what, pray tell?

And what did she mean by a "pleasant surprise"? She'd just kissed me goodbye a couple hours earlier. Oh, well, just an expression, I imagine. And she couldn't possibly be plotting anything.

When I got home and walked into the house, she was sitting on the sofa with her legs crossed, wearing a tee shirt and one of her loose, casual skirts she often wears around the house, which now happened to be resting several inches above her knees. I always love to see Laurie in skirts. I like to look at her legs. Legs are sexy. Skirts are sexy. They show enough to get a man's attention yet hide enough to get his imagination working on what feminine mysteries might be hidden beneath. And when it comes to skirts, that imagination can be quite exciting because with a skirt, there's always that latent potential to see a flash of what does lie beneath.

But no time for such thoughts now. I had to be back in less than an hour. Anyway, Laurie never says yes to little flings if I bring them up, say, when we're dressing to go out.

Laurie smiled sweetly as I came in, but I just mumbled, "Have to hurry," intending to head directly to my home office and retrieve the forgotten papers. But she got up none to primly, and I caught one of those incredibly sexy flashes of panties. White.

I walked into the room where I had my home office with Laurie right behind me. As I grabbed my notes off the desk, she gave the back of my neck a gentle caress. That surprised me greatly. Before I could say anything, though, she moved her arm down to my shoulder and turned me to face her.

"You know what I'd like to do?" she asked in a low, sultry voice.

I looked into her eyes. What I thought I saw was difficult to believe. Passion.

Not that Laurie doesn't get passionate with me. I'd say we're a pretty passionate couple. But it was the last thing I expected to see at this moment when I was about to run out of the house to get to my one o'clock class on time. But...her voice, her look, her question...they were definitely effecting me.

Smiling, I answered in a soft voice, "No, what would you like to do?"

"I'd like to make love...right now."

Hearing those words, I forgot my mission, my class, my hurry. I guess the emotion that swept over me was like that of kid in a candy store.

"You would? You really want to?"

"Yeah, I really want to," she whispered sweetly.

Laurie generally doesn't initiate sex. I'm evidently so over-sexed that she doesn't need to! But on occasion, she has sort of come on to me when see was "in the mood." But it was always with the more subtle feminine approach to seduction. She's never just said, "Let's have sex," right out of the blue.

Of course, it doesn't take much to turn a man on, especially me when I'm with Laurie. Yet I was amazed at the wonderful thing that was happening now. Not only can a man get aroused at the drop of a hat (meaning just the right view of his sexy and pretty wife), but it also means so much to him to know that his wife really wants him, really desires him.

I was flooded with excitement and about to take her in my arms, and to our bed, when reality suddenly came crashing in. Time. There was not enough time. Suddenly face, I'm sure, projected a forlorn look of utter despair.

"But Laurie, I've got to leave in ten minutes..."

"We'll have a quickie. Ten minutes is plenty of time. Come on, let's go." She grabbed my hand and pulled me off toward our bedroom.

I was still stammering, both in my words and my thoughts.

"But... but that's not enough time to get all undressed, the foreplay, the...the..."

"We don't need to undress for a quickie. Push up my skirt, take down my panties, and go for it! Or do YOU need the foreplay?"

It was already quite evident to me that I needed no foreplay. "Are you kidding, Laurie? After the image you just created..."

"Well, neither do I," she added. "I've been fantasizing ever since your call. Fantasizing about an overpowering desire sweeping over us that we just had to make love with reckless abandon. You'll see...

Laurie let go of my hand and flopped down on the bed, her skirt flipping up a bit. I knelt down beside her. I could feel the urgency welling up inside me. Things have never happened this fast before. I wasn't quite sure what to do next. Yes...just do what Laurie said to do.

I pushed her skirt all the way up, not too slowly either--I didn't need any building up with slow motion: I was ready now.

But I didn't pull her panties down right away. I began caressing her through them. As my hand moved to that...um, certain spot, Laurie arched a back and closed her eyes, moaning softly.

She had on a pair of lace-trimmed, white, silky panties...thin, smooth, satiny, and luxurious to the touch. Despite the fire burning inside me, I realized that the silk had one big advantage over tighter, stretchy material--I could...feel Laurie with my fingertips...in more detail, if you get my drift. And I did see what she meant about the fantasizing.

I also know that Laurie never misses a trick. I'm sure she put this pair on because she would be able to feel me better too.

But I didn't linger very long. I grabbed the waistband with both hands and pulled them off.

Laurie opened her eyes and with a slightly halting voice said, "You don't need to take anything off. I needed a little more leg freedom, but all you need is to pull your pants down a little ways."

I never would have guessed in a million years that we'd ever be making love like this. But the passion in both of us was running high. I undid my belt, pulled down pants and shorts to my knees, and...

Well, we made mad, passionate love...my tie dangling on her chest!

I got off the bed and put myself back together. Laurie picked up her panties and pulled them on.

"I really should change these," she said, "but...maybe I'll just keep them on...to remember this moment...sort of like, well, I'd have to if we'd done this in an elevator."

She kept watching me as she sat back down on the bed.

"An elevator?!"

"Yeah, I've read up on 'quickies.' That's one place couples do a quickie. But don't worry--I won't seduce you in an elevator." She paused with that impish smile on her face, then added, "Well, check your watch. How did we do?"

"Eleven minutes."

Laurie jumped up off the bed, threw her arms around me, and kissed me hard.

"Okay, my lover...get back to your class."

As I was closing the front door, I turned and asked, "Hey, I thought you didn't like quickies."

The impish smile returned. "I won't tell if you won't."

I smiled back and then raced out of the house, feeling extremely...extremely elated. Life just seemed to be so wonderful at the moment.

I got back to school with two minutes to spare. The class experienced one happy teacher. I could think of little else but Laurie and our little quickie the rest of the day. I also never cease to be amazed at how an affectionate and sexy wife can make a man feel so good about himself as a man.


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