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Story 26
How to Make a Pass at Your Wife

by Bill Quinn

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I was sitting in the living room rereading one of my favorite Agatha Christie mysteries. Laurie was sitting opposite me on the sofa with her legs crossed, and none too modestly either, reading a magazine. She had been wearing one of her casual short skirts for around the house ever since I came home from school this afternoon. With Laurie sitting like that right in front of me, I was having a hard time concentrating on Hercule Poirot's logic as he explained a particularly difficult aspect of the murder to Captain Hastings.

But I was also getting suspicious. It wasn't just the short skirt. She often wears things around the house that I find sexy--sometimes just to look cute and appealing to me, sometimes to tease me, sometimes to get my engine really revved up, and sometimes for any number of other good and sundry reasons known only to the female mind.

No, it wasn't just the skirt. She had been acting...well, impish, as if laying the ground work for some delightful scheme. When Laurie gets into one of these moods, I can hardly wait for it to unfold.

Suddenly, she put the magazine down on her lap and looked up at me.

"Terry, did you ever make a pass at a girl--you know, when you were dating, before we met?"

I looked up at her in astonishment. However, my experience with Laurie had taught me not to respond immediately to such outrageous, out-of-the-blue questions like that. I closed Agatha Christie and slowly placed it on the table next to my chair. But I couldn't just sit here in a daze indefinitely.

"'Make a pass at a girl'...what in the world are you talking about?"

"Well," she said with a hint of frustration, "I've just read this article--for the second time, mind you--about how guys make passes at girls. And I must say it stirs mixed emotions in me."

"You just sat there and read the same article two times in a row?" I asked, incredulity creeping into my voice.

"No, of course not! I read it the first time earlier today before you got home."

I was beginning to see that there might be some connection between making passes at girls and the short skirt.

"I read it through again just now so that I'd be prepared to bring up the issue with you."

With a bit of a smirk on my face, I asked, "Well now, Laurie, I just can't wait--why are you bringing this issue up with me? Have guys been making passes at you?"

She got a surprised look on her face but quickly recovered.

"Now don't try to steal my thunder." A short pause. "When I read this article earlier this afternoon it made me...well, jealous, in sort of a weird way. And THAT gave me a great idea!"

Laurie's "great ideas" generally involved some new and usually very exciting romantic adventure for us, so my interest in all this suddenly began to rise significantly. But my experience with Laurie had also taught me to let her present these ideas in her own way without me asking a bunch of questions up front. So I just leaned forward a little, with an expression of keen interest on my face, and waited.

"That's why I asked you if you ever made a pass at a girl." Laurie waited, her eyes boring into mine. "So did you? Maybe just a teensyweensy pass?"

"Gee, I'm not quite sure. Before meeting you, I had obviously asked a number of girls out for dates, even went steady with two of them. What do you mean by 'make a pass'?"

She tilted her head and gave me that look that said she obviously knew more about the male psyche than I did.

"Now, Terry, don't play naive with me. All guys know what it means to make a pass at a girl. But I don't remember you ever making a pass at me when we first met. So I thought maybe other girls before me?"

"Laurie, why do you want to know whether I ever made a pass at a girl?"

"Because I want you to make passes at me!"

I hoped my expression didn't betray too great a shock, but I doubt that she would have noticed anyway. By now Laurie was getting quite animated.

"For unmarried girls...well, passes probably aren't much appreciated. But that article made me think how much fun it would be--for me, I mean. We're married--there'd be no question of impropriety. I'd love it if you made a pass at me!"

She whipped up the magazine from her lap and turned back a page or two.

"Like I said, this article is about how guys make passes at girls. But it points out that making a pass is not asking her out on a date, like say for dinner or a movie. That's showing that you're attracted to the girl, but unlike a pass, asking her out is a polite and proper approach. According to the lady writing this article, 'making a pass at a girl' is something overtly sexual. The author here gives a lot of examples. One of the milder forms would be walking up to a girl, moving in close to smell the fragrance of her hair and saying, "You sure smell sexy." Or walking up to her and while introducing yourself, slide your hand down her back or squeeze her bottom. Making a pass might also be asking a girl you've just met some explicit question: 'Come on, let's go make out' or 'How about a kiss, honey?' Now days it might even be, 'Let's go back to my place and go to bed.' So making a pass is sort of a short cut way to show the girl he's definitely interested in something sexual with her."

"But Laurie, those aren't proper things for a guy to do."

"Well, a few girls might like it, but I'm talking about me. We're married."

I laughed a little and answered, "Yeah, we are, and I make my interest in sex quite clear quite often and we make love, well maybe not quite as often, but several times a week. That's what married couples do about sex."

"But that's not the same thing, Terry," she said in a frustrated tone. "First of all, to make a pass, you'd have to be outside the home. Of course, a pass is sexual or about sex in some way so it'd have to be done discreetly. But when a husband and wife are out together--shopping, at a movie, at a restaurant, or anywhere--if he made a pass at his wife, it would show that she made him think of sex, think of his desire for her, to have sex with her. A lot of unmarried girls would find that offensive, but a wife would find it a huge ego boost. It would make her feel absolutely irresistible--so sexy that her husband just can't control himself, no matter where they are. Don't you see how good that would make her feel about herself and her sexual appeal to her husband?"

"And what's in it for the husband?" I asked smiling.

"Oh, come now, Terry! I know a thing or two about men. Surely you can imagine how much fun it is for a guy to make a pass at a girl? But even now that you're married--haven't you ever...sort of looked at me in that male way and wanted...well maybe to touch me...in certain places?"

"What places?" I asked in an innocent tone.

Laurie scowled. "You know what places!

"So...tell me: wouldn't it be fun for you? Come on now, admit it: I know you think about sex a lot. And who knows? Your passes might even get me in the mood for sex," she added through an alluring smile. "Doesn't it all sound like it would be a really exciting way for us--or any married couple--to spice up our love life?"

I laughed. "It sounds a bit unorthodox and risque, but, yeah, it does have its appealing aspects."

Laurie got that look of childish delight on her face.

"Great! Now here," she added, tossing the magazine over to me, "read the article. It might give you some 'appealing' ideas on how to make enticing passes at me." Her smile at this point was anything but childlike.

"Okay, I'm sure it will prove to be scintillating reading. But when and where are we going to be able to try something like this?"

"Well, of course, it could be at any store when no one is looking, BUT..." Then she smiled like the Cheshire cat and pointed her finger directly at me. "I've got just the place to start--it will be how we spice up that dull, stuffy university 'party' we have to attend tomorrow night."

Laurie continued to unfold her romantic plan that had her so animated.

"But now here are a couple of important tips. First and foremost: you are not to make passes at any other girl!"

"Humph! Already there's less fun for me."

Laurie scowled again but quickly recovered her schoolmarm demeanor.

"Second, an accomplished Casanova knows when to make his move. You wouldn't want the academic dean or the president to see you make passes at me."

"Thank you for pointing that out. I never would have thought of it on my own," I added with a touch of sarcasm.

"Now be serious, Terry! These are important. Third, we're not going to pretend to be a guy and girl who just met. We're married. I'm going to give you wifely responses, not those of an unmarried girl."

"What do you mean, 'wifely responses'?"

"Well, for one thing, it means I'm not going to slap your face, no matter what you do. So read that article carefully: the sky's the limit!" she added with a sweet smile.

"And last, but not least, I want you to get fresh with me!"

"Fresh?" I pondered the expression.

"Yes! Make passes at me. Get fresh with me...even if I...well, sort of...object," she added in a decidedly coy tone.

Female logic.

With bright eyes and a happy smile, she concluded, "It's going to be so much fun, Terry!"

Then Laurie got up and hustled toward the bedroom, probably to forestall any contrary predictions from me.

Good grief! As Laurie disappeared down the hallway, it suddenly dawned on me how late it was. It was time for bed. I threw down the magazine--plenty of time to read the article tomorrow. All this talk about making passes, and I'd been watching her walk around the house in that short skirt ever since I'd gotten home--well, I was very definitely thinking about sex now.

I rushed into the bedroom. Laurie was sitting on her side of the bed and had just taken off her pullover sweater. While my eyes were riveted on her bra, I moved around to my side and climbed onto the bed behind her. Wrapping my arms gently and tenderly around her breasts, I eased her around and into a prone position. As a result, her skirt slid up almost, but not quite, far enough for me to see her panties. Well, I would just have to rectify that accident of physics, but foreplay shouldn't be rushed. I began gently caressing her leg and inner thigh.

"You know, Laurie, ever since I got home, I've been watching you walk around in this sexy short skirt, and all I could think about was what you had on underneath. Now let's just see what color your panties are." I pushed her skirt the rest of the way up, continuing my gentle, caressing motions...ahem, where my hand came to rest.

Laurie was smiling. "Okay. Now you know. They're white. They match my bra today."

"Well, you know what all this puts me in the mood for." I moved my hand up and began drawing little circles on the soft material of the front of her bra.

"Yeah, I can tell exactly what you're in the mood for, and if I let this go on, you might even get me in the mood for it." She gently lifted my hand off her breast. "But that doesn't fit my romantic plan. After not getting your way with me tonight, you're going to be highly motivated to get me in the mood tomorrow night with your passes and fresh advances."

She reached up and touched me gently on the tip of my nose.

"And...I just want you to know--I'm not going to be an...'easy make' tomorrow."

Laurie giggled a little and sat up, threw her arms around me, and kissed me.

Then she added softly, "But since I am in a very affectionate mood tonight, when we get under the covers, I'm going to snuggle up to you, and we're going to fall asleep in each others arms."

Laurie got off the bed and stepped out of her skirt, facing me as a bit of a tease. Seeing her in just panties and bra has, from our wedding night all the way up to the present, never ceased to be incredibly exciting for me: her bra beautifully shaping her breasts and her panties, my favorite item of lingerie, gently hugging those feminine curves while drawing the eye longingly downward as they form that erotic little triangle. How I loved being married!

Then she took off her bra, pulled on her night shirt, and climbed into bed. I got undressed quickly and crawled in next to her. Yes, Laurie was in a very affectionate mood! There's just something about being affectionate, especially when sleeping together, that so strengthens a marriage.

The next day I read the magazine article on making passes at girls and was looking forward to watching Laurie dress for our big night out. It had become a tradition with us and it's always a very exciting experience for me--seeing her come from the shower, unwrap her towel, and then in turn watching every delicate, enticing movement as she slips into panties, positions her breasts just right in her bra, caressingly smooths on pantyhose over each leg and then pulls them to her waist, with her panties clearly visible underneath, and finally as she pulls on a slip and a dress or perhaps slowly buttons a blouse, her bra disappearing a little at a time, and steps into a skirt. Often she has to pull that skirt or dress up to her waist to straighten her slip or adjust her blouse. Seeing her pull up her skirt to panty height is a really special added treat! All this is our regular routine when we're going out for the evening. If a husband doesn't get a thrill in watching it, something has died in the marriage.

But, alas, tonight was not going to be our regular routine.

"Oh, Terry, I know you like to watch me dress, and I enjoy putting on a little show for you. But tonight the strategy is a little different. You're going to be making a pass at me tonight, hopefully more than one. You've got to think up what to do--your best seductive passes. You'll be able to have more fun doing that if you haven't watched me get dressed and don't know all the...'details,' shall we say, of what I have on underneath my dress. The dress itself is going to be a surprise too--I bought it just for this evening. So tonight the aura of 'mystery' surrounding sex has to include not only the 'end result,' so to speak, but everything else as well."

Laurie, the Freudian scholar!

Then, looking up at me, she asked, "Okay, Terry? Please?"

Laurie accompanied her pitiful entreaty with that special look reserved by the female for melting any male heart. It incorporates all the unspoken expressions like, "pretty please," "just for me," "because you love me."

I smiled and shook my head in resignation.

"Okay, Laurie. I will anxiously await with baited breath your grand exit from the bedroom."

After giving me her sweetest smile, Laurie darted into our bedroom.

Forty-five minutes later when she emerged, I'm sure my mouth dropped open in astonishment at the beautiful and sultry image that emerged.

Laurie was dressed in an absolutely striking black dress. It had a wide rounded neckline, and both the neckline and the shoulders were a black mesh. The body-hugging dress had 3/4 length fitted sleeves and a tight, just-above-the-knee skirt. She certainly had no other dress like this.

None of the separate features of the dress were crassly revealing or explicit in any way, but the overall effect was one of disturbing feminine beauty.

"Laurie, you look absolutely stunning! Beautiful! Simply breath-taking!"

In response, her face glowed with pleasure. "Thank you, Terry. That was very sweet."

I held her hand as we walked to the car. Opening the door for her, I watched her as she got in. Despite the tightness of the skirt, Laurie did a remarkable job of pulling herself in with discreet charm. When I got in, I looked over at this goddess of beauty sitting next to me. She was not purposely putting on any show, but the skirt was short and fairly tight, so in a sitting position, an alluring length of smooth, nylon-covered thigh was visible. Laurie saw me looking at her legs and, satisfying the dictates of modesty, pulled the skirt down an inch or two. However, the hem was still a couple of inches above her knees, offering much upon which the male eye could feast. I reached over and caressed her neck just a bit, and she gave me a sweet smile.

As we drove, and trying to keep a nonchalant tone of voice, I mentioned, "You know Laurie, looking as pretty as you do, there might be quite a few there tonight who make passes at you."

She tilted her head and with a coy smile said, "Well, you'll just have to keep the other boys away from me, won't you?"

I had wanted to give Laurie a compliment by my remark, but in actuality I had difficulty visualizing a bunch of stuffy professors acting like "boys" and making passes.

The party was held in a large banquet hall with a huge stone fireplace. Even though there was only a mild chill in the air, a romantic fire was crackling on the hearth. At one end of the room, there was a large buffet table with every kind of choice hors d'oeuvres. On another wall, there was a large bar manned by an immaculately dressed waiter. There was also a stage where a band or orchestra could play for wedding receptions or other affairs that included dancing. However, this annual university gathering was basically an elaborate cocktail party.

As we walked around with Laurie's arm slipped through mine, I noticed that the far wall of the hall had sliding doors leading to a large patio. We walked over and peeked out. The patio was surrounded by beautifully maintained bushes and a number of trees. I could just make out a few benches.

There were very few people here that I knew. The physics department was never well represented, but this year the department chairman, Dr. Sweeney, had twisted my arm to come. Since he himself would have virtually no choice but to come, he must be here somewhere, but I didn't see him.

Laurie and I are for the most part non-drinkers, so we went over to the bar and got two ginger ales. As we walked away from the bar, Dr. Sweeney spotted us and came walking over.

"Hello, Terry. So glad you could make it. I was afraid I'd be the only one here from the department!"

"Well, how could I not come when you threatened to fire me if I didn't?" I responded with a smile.

He turned to look at Laurie.

"Now...Laurie, right?" She nodded. "Now, Laurie, you know I did no such thing. So don't let him get away with these false accusations." Then in a gentlemanly manner, he took Laurie's hand, and added, "My, you certainly look lovely tonight."

"Why thank you, Dr. Sweeney. I was really looking forward to coming."

Fortunately, Laurie didn't go on to explain why she was looking forward to coming.

"Well, good to see you both," Dr. Sweeney said. "I must get back to my wife so please excuse me."

We walked around a little more but didn't see anyone else we knew. I was beginning to feel the pressure. Laurie was expecting to have some really exciting fun tonight, and I didn't want to disappoint her. I had two things going for me. First, I had read that article about how guys make passes at girls. Second, Laurie was standing close to me in a dress that did a better than average job hugging every delectable, feminine curve she had. The result was a powerful magnetic force that made it almost impossible to keep my hands off of her. But I had to show some finesse to produce the right effect on her. And, of course, we were in public.

After the manner of a debonaire gentleman of the late 1800s, I took her arm just below her elbow and led her to the fireplace. We stood there for a minute or two sipping our drinks, and I knew Laurie would appreciate the romantic setting. Then I unobtrusively leaned over close to her ear and whispered, "Laurie, your hair has the most sensually arousing scent I've ever had the pleasure of breathing. Or is it some exquisite perfume you're wearing?"

She gave me what appeared to be a somewhat startled look, but then a prim little smile appeared.

"For a moment there I thought you were propositioning me. But I know you're a gentleman, and I'll put the most innocent interpretation on it. I'll take it as a complement and say thank you."

Apparently, Laurie considered that pass a bit bland. Boy, this is certainly one of the more difficult games she's come up with. But I really was highly motivated to find out what she could be wearing underneath this snug dress. To do that I'd have to get a lot fresher. We'll just see how she reacts then!

"A bit stuffy in here, don't you think. Let's go out for some fresh air."

"No, I think I'd rather stay in here. Let's get some food."

Well, girls do get wise to a fresh boyfriend who has only unwelcome advances on his mind.

Laurie selected a cracker with some fancy cheese spread on it. I was looking around for something to take and then spotted some chocolates nearby.

"Say, Laurie, try one or two of those chocolates. They look delicious." I quickly looked around to see if anyone was nearby and finding the coast clear, leaned over and whispered, "Did you know that chocolate is considered one of the best aphrodisiacs for women?"

"Terry, what a thing to say! Now that was a proposition! Are you trying to get me turned on?"

"Why, no, dear. Just thought I'd mention something I found interesting."

"Yeah, I'll bet you found that interesting!"

Of course, I was hoping that Laurie in fact was pleased and starting to enjoy my passes, dull as they so far had been.

After a few more minutes of nibbling at the table, I said, "Come on Laurie, let's go out on the patio. It looked really pretty when we first came in."

This time, she didn't resist. As we walked through the sliding doors, I noticed there were some electric lights, but the lighting was quite subdued and romantic.

"Hmm, a little chillier out here than I thought. Come a little closer and I'll keep you warm."

"Oh, I'm just fine, thank you."

But not taking her rebuff at face value, I gently laid my hand on her back and began tracing the outline of her bra.

"Why, Laurie, you're wearing a strapless bra! You know, I've heard that they're a lot easier to take off."

Laurie moved away out of arm's reach.

Feigning disapproval, she said, "You're really getting fresh tonight. Are you trying to put ideas into my head? Come on, now, we came out here to see the beautiful gardens. Look over there." She pointed and led the way to a group of well-manicured bushes.

"Aren't these pretty? We need to get some for out front yard, don't you think, Terry?"

Bushes were not really the current focus of my mind. We walked around a little more, and then as Laurie was leaning forward slightly to look at a bush more carefully, I walked up to her put my hand around her waist but almost immediately slid down to her derriere and began gently moving my hand around with gentle squeezes and caresses. What I discovered surprised me.

"Waering only panties tonight? You know, I've heard that when wives wear nothing but panties under a dress or skirt, they're really anxious to have sex."

Laurie reached around and grabbed my hand.

"Is sex all you're thinking about? What am I going to do with you tonight!"

"I can think of something you could do with me tonight..."


I pulled my hand from her grip and them raised both hands up like they do in those old Westerns when someone yells, "Stick 'em up!"

"Okay, okay. I'll be a good boy. Scout's honor!" I added with an impish smile.

We walked around some more. I wondered about her nylons. No pantyhose, no garterbelt, no pantygirdle. That left only one option, thigh high nylons, and my male imagination started working overtime with incredibly sexy images of bare legs between nylons and panties.

But at this point the images were only in my imagination. I had to pull my mind back to the present and come up with a really big move. I spotted one of the benches.

"Hey, Laurie, there's a bench. Let's go over and sit down."

At first I thought she might say no, but she didn't saying a word. I took her hand and although I felt a little resistance, I managed to pull her to a bench secluded amongst some bushes. We sat down.

I gently caressed her face and then ran my fingers through her hair.

"Couples who sit down together on a park bench are supposed to kiss."

"Well, I'm not going to kiss..."

But I paid no attention. I put my arm around her shoulder to turn her slightly and urged her toward me. As our lips were about to meet, I reached over with my other hand and placed it on her breast and began a gentle fondling. As our lips met, she grabbed my hand and pulled it down off her breast. But then she stopped all resistance. Our kiss became more and more urgent. Suddenly, she took my hand and drew it back up, squeezing it tightly around her breast. Then she wrapped both her arms around me.

We kissed several times--passionately, desperately, and without reserve, barely stopping for a breath. Both of us were breathing hard when we finally separated. A lot of sexual tension had been building in both of us.

Now was the time for my last pass at Laurie. It would be my grand finale.

"Hey, how about you and I going to bed together?"

Laurie looked up at me, and it almost looked like her eyes were a bit misty.

"A girl should refuse such a pass, but your wife wants that more than anything in the world right now. I just can't endure this game any longer. You've got to take me home!"

Laurie didn't need to ask twice. Within ten minutes we were on the way home. All I could think of was getting her in bed and slowly taking off that intoxicating dress. Well, maybe not so slowly. My desire for her was running pretty high too.

As we drove, the lights from the dashboard allowed me see Laurie's legs held closely together in that dress. The game of making fresh passes in a public area was over. Should I try something provocative now?

I reached over and touched the hem of her dress and move it up an inch or two. Laurie placed her hand gently on mine.

"Not here, Terry," she said, almost in a whisper.

I didn't move my hand any further upward but squeezed her leg tenderly. Then Laurie took my hand in both of hers, resting it on her leg as we continued to drive home.

While driving, I couldn't help thinking how tender but yet how sexually exciting it had been touching Laurie in those intimate ways through her dress while we were out for an evening. It was a type of sweet intimacy between us that we hadn't experienced before. Laurie sure has a innate sense of all things romantic.

It didn't take us long to get into our bedroom once we got home. Laurie kicked off her shoes and laid down on the bed fully clothed and then straightened her dress to its full length.

I climbed on the bed next to her. With that intense male gaze, I scanned her from head to foot. Seeing Laurie lying there in that figure-hugging, above-the-knee-dress, was what I was waiting for all night.

I began with a gentle touching and caressing of every tantalizing feminine curve she had from her knees to her neck: her thighs, hips, waist, and breasts--and doing it all through her dress. That added greatly to the erotic effect--discovering and exploring the mysteries that lay beneath without actually seeing them. Then add to that the idea that feeling all of Laurie's erotic areas when she's fully dressed is sort of "naughty," in a sense. I've been wanting to do it all evening. My passes at her earlier were just stolen samples of this exquisite pleasure I was having now. Laurie just laid there with her eyes closed and head pressed against her pillow.

But it's always a tremendously exciting thrill for me to push up her skirt. So simple, but what a turn-on! But the cut of this dress made it a bit more difficult than usual. I took the hem in my hands and gently started to push. Immediately Laurie raised herself up to allow the skirt to rise. Then the seductive vision gradually unfolded before my hungry eyes: the sheen of silky, smooth nylon stockings leading to bare legs, and finally to black panties. I wrapped my hands lovingly around one of Laurie's legs and slid them caressingly up her entire leg, ending at...well, you get my drift. Laurie arched her back a little, accompanied by a soft moan.

I stopped and pulled her dress part of the way back down but then suddenly realized something.

Laurie opened her eyes. They radiated the heat of passion.

"I'm not sure I know how to get this dress off of you."

"Well, you're going to get a crash course right now."

"Say, you never ate any of that chocolate."

Her smile was sweet and inviting. "I don't need any help...to want you."


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