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Romantic Marriage Stories

Story 3
A Romantic Fantasy

by Bill Quinn

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I should have guessed something was afoot. However, even if I had surmised that Laurie was planning something, I would never have imagined that she had set her plan in motion so far in advance or that it had such an astonishing number of details. Frankly, I generally considered her to be a "fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants" type of girl. And her incredible feminine intuition usually made her quite successful in that approach to things. As a methodical physics teacher, I was the one who usually developed plans.

Anyway, last Tuesday when we were getting ready for bed, I had kept my usual watchful eye on Laurie as she undressed and put on her nightshirt. I always enjoy doing that, but of course it does not always drive me to make a passionate, sexual advance. And it did not do so that night--I was simply planning to go to bed and snuggle together with my arm around her. Laurie was still sitting on the side of the bed when I climbed in behind her and began messaging her shoulders. She always liked that. She closed her eyes, leaned her head back slightly, and moaned softly in pleasurable satisfaction. That was when my own thoughts began to change. Despite my original plans just to curl up with her that night, I detected the familiar stirrings of physical arousal. That led me to begin a few gentle caresses lower down, provocatively brushing against her breasts.

Next I reached down and began to pull her nightshirt up, slowly revealing more and more of her legs. Then I saw that sexy white triangle appear as her panties became visible in the dresser mirror. That did it for me. I wanted her...badly. I leaned over and whispered in her ear, "Let's make mad, passionate love tonight."

Laurie opened her eyes, smiled, and turned her head toward mine. Our lips met, and we kissed lightly. "You really know how to tempt a girl," she said. "But no, I just want to go to bed to night. Let's get in now. Put your arm around me and...'come on and hold me tight.'"

She mimicked that seductive tone of the Troggs. So "Wild Thing" was on her mind! That was the second time that evening she had quoted an old rock-n-roll song. Those quotes should have been the first clue that some plan was in motion, but of course I was oblivious to it. She was thinking of herself as the Wild Thing all right, but the wild time was not to be that night.

Wednesday night I tried again, and again Laurie said no. I began thinking that she must be trying to build up my desire to extraordinary heights, but I still had no idea of the magnitude of her real plan.

To understand what occurred Thursday night, I must explain something. Laurie is always an affectionate, loving wife. For example, if she wants to say something to me while I'm sitting at my desk at home, she might very well come over and put her arm around me or softly caress my neck while talking to me. She often sits close to me and holds my hand while we watch television. Even after some years of marriage, my skin still tingles when she touches me.

But on Thursday night she really poured it on! Earlier in the evening, I had just sat down at my desk, and Laurie brought the mail over to me. As she put it down, she reached her arm around me and gently stroked my face. Then she bent down and kissed me. Later when we were watching TV, I had my arm around her as usual. She snuggled up as closely as she could, laid her head on my shoulder (Paul Anka style), and put her hand on my leg, shall we say...relatively high up, but not quite all the way. And her fingers where never still as her hand rested on my thigh. She had already put on her nightshirt and was paying no attention whatsoever to how much it was creeping upward with each slight shift in position.

Well, I am only flesh and blood. And by the end of the evening, that blood was red-hot and definitely starting to flow to a certain well-defined destination. There was no doubt at all that Laurie was trying to turn me on. I thought to myself, "Aha! Now I've figured it out. She's been building me up for a really spectacular session of passionate love." I even thought I saw the relevance of the rock-n-roll hints. She was now thinking of Rod Stewart and his song, "Tonight's the Night!"

So much for the male capacity to unravel the mysteries of the female mind! And so much for Rod Stewart. To my utter astonishment, and in spite of my very best bedroom techniques of seduction, we did not make love that night.

I was not angry, of course, and when we got under the covers to go to sleep, Laurie was very sweetly affectionate...again, more so than usual. She put her arm around me and pulled me as close to her as she could. She practically wrapped her self around me as she snuggled up.

However, I was bewildered. I thought earlier that I had figured the whole thing out. Oh well, Doc Brown had yet to publish the solution to that "other mystery of the universe--women!" (Back to the Future II).

Some may wonder how it affects me when Laurie says no. It is difficult to describe the exact effect. Emotions are such slippery devils--so difficult to pin down and define precisely. One thing is certain: I have never felt any resentment or rejection. Laurie's strategy is designed to increase my desire for her and my enjoyment of sex. It does. When she does say no, she does it in such a cute, often teasing, way that she excites me even more. She just seems so sexy on those occasions, and I want her so much that the next day I can hardly wait to try again! She can build my desire like a master craftsman. And she is always so affectionate, even more so than usual, on those nights.

There is also some nebulous emotion associated with girl-control of sex in our marriage. I cannot fully explain it, but somehow that also makes sex more desirable, more exciting--at least it does for me. After all, it is not that much different from a guy's dating days, which were certainly exciting.

Are there negative emotions when Laurie says no? Sure, there is disappointment in a certain sense, but it is not...profound: I never feel rejected in any way. It is just a simple reaction because a physical desire has not been immediately gratified. The desire then builds, and the next day I am quite acutely aware of that desire!

Returning to the present, Thursday night and Friday fit that pattern precisely. In fact, because Thursday was the third night in a row that Laurie had not wanted to make love, my thoughts and desires on Friday were running wild.

And it was Friday morning that her real plan began to unfold before me. We often go out to eat on Friday evenings. Just before I left for the university, Laurie came to me. Standing right in front of me, she put both her hands on my shoulders and with the cutest smile said, "I thought we'd do something different tonight. Let's make it a date! I mean a real date, like before we were married. When you come back tonight, it'll be like picking me up. What do you say?" Her whole demeanor radiated a childlike excitement. You could almost hear it: "Can we? Can we?"

I smiled and shook my head a little. "You are a hopeless romantic! But, then, so am I. Maybe that's why we get along so well. It's a fantastic idea."

"Then here," she replied, handing me a tape. There's one song on this. Play it this morning on your way in. It'll make you think of me and our date tonight."

After getting in the car, I slipped the cassette into the player, and the Turtles began singing:

From the time I fall asleep
'Till the morning comes
I dream about you baby.
And I feel all right
'Cause I know tonight
I'll be with you baby.

I burst out laughing. What a girl! It was becoming apparent that Laurie planned and prepared a lot for this "date." But as yet I still had little concept of how extensive her whole plan really was.

And yes, I did "feel all right." All day long, when I was not forcing my mind to concentrate on something else, my thoughts went to Laurie. My physical desire for her was at an all-time high, and I also was really looking forward to going out on a "date" again. It really was a cute idea. But then a thought popped into my head, not an altogether welcome one. Neither Laurie nor I believe in premarital sex. We never had sex when we were dating. What was she going to do about that tonight? Hopefully, some sort of mixture of the date motif and reality. Oh well, I'll just have to wait and see. So for most of the day my thoughts centered on two things: the youthful anticipation of a date with a pretty girl that night and, I have to admit, a very intense desire for sex!

I had an office hour after my last class, so it was about five o'clock when I finally arrived home. We played the roles: instead of walking right in, I knocked on the door. Laurie had not asked me to do that, but I could tell that she was very pleased. With one of her brightest smiles, she said, "Oh, Terry, come on in. I have to change yet, but I'll be ready in about twenty minutes. The reservations at the restaurant are for 6:30."

So...she had made reservations too! Another detail of her extensive plan revealed. She surely must have been planning this for a long time.

As Laurie turned to walk into the bedroom to change her clothes, I began to follow, intending to conduct one of my most exciting activities--watching her get dressed. But when she saw me follow, she turned and raised her eyes to mine. We both stopped, and she reached up with one hand and gently pressed it against my face. Dropping the role-playing, she said, "Oh, Terry, please, if you don't mind, could you wait out here? I know how much you like to watch, and I like it too. But tonight is supposed to be like a date. Would you do it for me...please?"

Her tone and expression melted me on the spot. She was not making a demand, and there was no confidence in her voice either. Her eyes were almost..."pleading"...could that be the right word? I could tell how much this meant to her, but she was having difficulty even asking.

I reached up and took her hand in mine. "Sure, Laurie, just like when we were dating." I gave her hand a squeeze, turned, and walked back into the living room.

Some fifteen minutes later, she came out of the bedroom. I do not know how she did it--I could not put my finger on exactly what gave the impression. But somehow I felt as if I had walked through a time portal. Her face had a radiant smile, and she looked like...a girl from an earlier era.

Even though Laurie and I were not dating then, she knew I liked the aura and music of the late Sixties, and that was the impression she wanted to create. Somehow she did it!

There were subtle changes in her...yes, maybe even in the way she walked. And her hair--what was it about her hair? It was different. When I had gotten home tonight, her hair was tied back with some sort of scarf. But now: it surely looked like a Sixties style. I think she might even have gotten it cut and styled earlier in the day. Another aspect of her plan! She had bangs on her forehead. The rest of her hair rested gently on her shoulders, and the ends were flared slightly outward. Yes, a very popular style in the Sixties.

I had never before seen the outfit she was wearing either. Apparently another part of her plan. I doubt that her attire would really be considered out-of-style today, but again, it would certainly have been popular in the Sixties. She had on a sleeveless jumper. Underneath she wore a black, long-sleeved turtleneck shirt. The jumper was plaidish in design, with a diamond-shaped pattern on top and squares on the skirt part. The predominant color was red. On the right there were two decorative, six-inch "belts," like you might see on a kilt. On the left there was a large pocket. The skirt was neither tight nor loose, but had a typical jumper cut. The length was not overly short--just one or two inches above the knees. To top off the effect, she was wearing a pair of black tights.

What a sight! I think my mouth must have dropped open and my eyes widened. Finally, I managed to get something out: "Laurie, you look so cute!"

She cocked her head just slightly, smiled, and reached out her hand. I took it, and she said, "Come on, let's go."

As we walked to the car holding hands, I could not help wondering, since I had not watched her dress, what she was wearing underneath that jumper! I must confess that during my dating years, I often wondered the same thing about the girls I dated. Such thoughts guys have! There was always a certain excitement involved in asking myself those questions and pondering the possible answers. And Laurie knew all this as well as I did. Moreover, those thoughts certainly did start the male imagination working. Laurie was also very aware of that effect. I had no doubt that this was another aspect of her plan. That was the main reason she did not want me to watch her dress. There would have been no mystery, no tantalizing mental visions of what wondrous things lie hidden just beneath the service.

Well, with such thoughts spinning around in my head, we drove to the restaurant. Fortunately, we did not have bucket seats in our car. Laurie moved over as closely to me as she could get, and I put my arm around her. Like two teenagers!

On the way to the restaurant, she revealed the next stage of her plan. She extracted another tape from her purse. She put it in the player, and one after another, my favorite songs from the Sixties came on. How long had it taken her to do all this taping? She must have been planning this date for weeks!

First, the strange electronic tones of "Magic Carpet Ride" by Steppenwolf filled the car. What a nostalgic high: to hear the throbbing, thundering sound of Sixties hard rock music again. The second song, "Somebody to Love," by Jefferson Airplane began.

When the truth is found to be lies,
And all the joy within you dies:
Don't you want somebody to love?
Don't you need somebody to love?
Wouldn't you love somebody to love?
You better find somebody to love.

The incredible, pounding rhythm of this song and the sheer power of lead singer Grace Slick almost overwhelmed me as usual. It had an intense, driving power, equaled by few other songs. I was almost transported back to that time. Laurie had thought of everything to make this a very special evening for me.

The hard rock continued unabated. Then the music switched to the psychedelic: "Just Dropped In To See What Condition My Condition Was In" (Kenny Rogers & The First Edition), "Pictures of Matchstick Men" (Status Quo), "Incense and Peppermints" (Strawberry Alarm Clock), and "Itchycoo Park" (Small Faces).

It was actually difficult to stop the tape when we arrived at the restaurant!

I had never been to the restaurant where Laurie had made the reservations, but she obviously had been there to check it out. Normally, I do not notice many of the domestic details that occupy the female mind, such as curtains, carpets, wallpaper, color schemes, etc. But I do like red and white checkered tablecloths. This restaurant had them, and Laurie knew they were my favorite. I also managed to notice that the lights were low and that there was a single wide-diameter candle on each table. The fragrance of incense was in the air. Even with my rather dull male mind, I could tell that this was a very romantic setting.

There was a lull in our conversation at one point while we were waiting for the food to arrive. I had both my hands on the table. Laurie looked at me, smiled, and reached across the table and placed her hand on mine. I turned my hand over, taking her fingers in mine and began gently stroking them. She tilted her head slightly and just kept looking into my eyes. It reminded me of how Meg Ryan kept looking at Tom Hanks at the end of "Sleepless in Seattle" as they walked toward the elevator. This was really a very special night for Laurie.

Our food happened to arrive while we were thus engaged with each other. The waitress must have thought we were either nuts or having an adulterous affair.

After we finished eating, I got up to visit the men's room. When I got back, I received another shock as I took in an absolutely astonishing and utterly unexpected sight. As I was still some distance away, I could see under our table. Laurie had her legs crossed, and her skirt was poised at just the right angle to expose a tiny inch of a white pantygirdle! The contrast with her black tights supercharged the scene so much that it took my breath away.

Her eyes had been locked on mine the whole time, but her face was a mask of sweet innocence. However, I was well aware that there was nothing innocent about what was going on in her mind.

No one else could see what I saw. By the time I sat down, she had uncrossed her legs and smoothed her skirt down. But it had been enough--one of those tantalizing glimpses! Like the car of a drag racer, my imagination started working at warp speed.

The pantygirdle definitely had a certain allure during the late Sixties and early Seventies. Here was another facet of Laurie's amazing plan. During those years, the "girdle glimpse" had tremendous power. Skirts were getting shorter, but girls still regularly wore pantygirdles. So it was something of a regular and quite innocent occurrence--that brief glimpse at the hem of a girl's skirt, just the bottom inch or two of those girdles. But, officially, you were not supposed to be able to see that. Therefore, it was a really big deal when you did, a sexually charged moment. While an actual view of everything would have destroyed the magic and the mystery, the sudden, unexpected, and fleeting glimpse was indeed a thrill.

So here again, Laurie was consciously re-creating a certain light, but somewhat sexy aura that pervaded the dating scene of an earlier era. Amazing attention to detail and a really profound understanding of men!

The effect this aspect of her plan had on me was enormous, even if quite predictable. From that point on, there was a sexual field in the air between us. A "field," I mean, in the physics sense--every bit as real as a crackling electric field. So in the parking lot on the way to our car, I put my arm around her waist. Laurie also put hers around mine, but in my case I had an ulterior motive: with my figures, I felt for the waistband of her girdle. Again I experienced the time displacement--that special type of "wow" thrill experienced when a guy, while doing something perfectly acceptable, happened to feel just a hint of one of those hidden mysteries that girls wore.

This time, however, I allowed myself more liberties than I would have if I had been on a real date. So before removing my arm to open the car door for Laurie, I let my hand casually "slip" down and brush her hip. I could feel the girdle--smooth, tight, and incredibly feminine. And in my mind I pictured it!

Once we started driving home, Laurie allowed her skirt to ride up, mixing, as I had hoped, the date motif with reality. She knew perfectly well that I was able to see a little of the white, lace-trimmed, pantygirdle leg. It's a wonder we made it home without an accident. For Laurie, I'm sure it was an equally powerful experience: to know that she was able so thoroughly to fire my sexual imagination must have given her a real sense of the power of her femininity.

But she was certainly not done with her surprises yet. While we were driving, she reached into her purse and pulled out yet another tape. This time she hit me with one romantic song after another. The King began it:

Wise men say,
Only fools rush in,
But I can't help falling in love with you.

Like a river flows surely to the sea,
Darling so it goes,
Some things are meant to be.

So take my hand,
Take my whole life too,
'Cause I can't help falling in love with you.
No, I can't help falling in love with you.

Then the Association sang their biggest hit ever:

Cherish is the word that I use to describe
All the feelings that I have right in here for you inside...

Next was "Unchained Melody" by the Righteous Brothers. For those of us who are old enough, that was an incredibly romantic song for us long before the movie "Ghost" revived it.

The tape continued as Frankie Valli sang,

You're just too good to be true,
Can't take my eyes off of you,
You'd be like heaven to touch,
I want to hold you so much...

Suddenly Laurie reached up, put her arm around me, and started caressing my neck and running her fingers through my hair. I was basking in this amorous affection when she whispered, "Let's not go home just yet. You know what I'd like to do? Let's go to a taillight park."

My mouth, I know, literally dropped open. For those not from the Chicago area, I must explain. Cook County maintained a number of "Forest Preserves" in the suburbs, perhaps its answer to the Chicago Park District. After dark, the kids used these areas to park. But for reasons really known to nobody, the guys always left their parking lights on. Hence the name.

So here was another surprising aspect to her plan: Laurie wanted to park and make out! A married couple! Well, it certainly stirred some old memories in me.

I drove to the Forest Preserves on Irving Park Road. We pulled in, I shut the motor off, and left the taillights on.

"OK, bring back some memories for me--what it was like back then for you and me. And I know I wasn't the first girl you took to a taillight park. Show me that smooth technique again."

I sat there and fidgeted a bit with the steering wheel--probably much the same way I did back in those days.

With just a bit of impatience, Laurie continued, "Now don't play innocent with me. I know you used to park."

So I executed the a standard move: I turned to face her, put my right arm around her shoulder, and with my left hand reached over to caress the right side of her face. Then I gathered her hair between my fingers, and slowly pulled her toward me to kiss her. Of course, this was the point where the guy holds his breath. Will she let me kiss her?

Well, Laurie did let me kiss her, and we continued kissing like that for some time.

Then Laurie whispered to me, "You know, we really are married; you can take a few more liberties." I could sense that her breathing was just a little heavier.

OK, I thought, I know what guys used to do--I'll show you some moves!

My hand found its way to her knee. I began squeezing and gently rubbing her nylon-covered leg. Very carefully I began to bring my hand higher up under her skirt until I just barely touched the bottom of her pantygirdle. Laurie offered no resistance, but I quickly brought my hand back out (diversionary tactics), and we did some more kissing. This time, I moved from under the steering wheel, and leaned Laurie back against the passenger door. This provided a more aggressive way to kiss.

Now for the ultimate challenge: I brought my left hand down from her face to her side, giving her a hug and using the maneuver to pull her tighter to me for another kiss. But the main objective in moving my hand down was somewhat different. I moved it about just slightly as I continued kissing her. Then ever so slowly I brought my hand around the front and brushed it along her breast.

That did it. Back to the date motif, and her response was quite true-to-form.

She grabbed my wrist with mock severity. "Terry! Do you try that with the other girls you date?" Of course, that is one of those impossible female questions. Either answer, yes or no, would get you in deep trouble. So like most guys, I said nothing. Then Laurie smiled and said, "But I liked it. Do it some more." I willingly obeyed as we began kissing again. With my right hand I cradled her head and continually ran my fingers through her hair; with my left hand I stroked and caressed her breasts.

By now, however, all of this was really beginning to effect me, and my movements came with increasing ardor. I was getting excited, and Laurie could sense it. Soon, then, she pulled her head back a little. Smiling, she gently ran her fingers down the side of my face. "Maybe we should go home now."

I returned her smile, pulled myself away from her, and slid back under the steering wheel. I was still breathing a little heavily. As we drove off, Laurie brought out a fourth tape from her purse. She put it in the player but did not start it. Her demeanor seemed to have changed. She moved slowly in marked contrast with the highly energetic activity we had just concluded. There was a certain aura--a deep, tender warmth about her. She slid over close to me, and I again put my arm around her. She laid her head on my shoulder, and rested her hand on my leg. I was very conscience of that tingling sensation.

After a minute or two, she reached out and started the tape.

I flinched suddenly, and I'm sure my face flushed. My concentration immediately refocused entirely on the music that had just begun. As the words began to unfold, tears came to my eyes. Laurie had picked up her head and was watching me. Her eyes seemed to be speaking to me in the words of the song. It was our song. We had played it on our wedding day.

You ask how much I need you...
Must I explain?
I need you, oh, my darling
Like roses need rain.
You ask how long I'll love you,
I'll tell you true:
Until the twelfth of never
I'll still be loving you.

Hold me close;
Never let me go.
Hold me close;
Melt my heart like April snow.

I'll love you 'till the blue bells forget to bloom.
I'll love you 'till the clover has lost its perfume.
I'll love you 'till the poets run out of rhyme.

Oh, until the twelfth of never,
And that's a long, long time.
Until the twelfth of never,
And that's a long, long time.

An atmosphere filled the car that we had not experienced for a long time. Laurie stopped the tape, and we just drove on without saying a word. She laid her head back on my shoulder and pressed against me as tightly as she could.

Soon we reached home. When we walked up to the door, I hesitated momentarily before unlocking it. I took Laurie by the shoulders and turned her to face me. Then I cupped both of my hands around her face. We looked at each other for just a second. Then I pulled her gently forward and kissed her.

Softly I said, "I always kissed a girl goodnight after a date." I caressed her face with one finger while she was still watching me. Her smile was unforgettable. I almost thought I could see a tear in her eye.

The moment passed. I unlocked the door, and we went in. The spell was temporarily broken as we scurried around doing those last chores before bed. I was in a hurry, of course, to get into the bedroom and anxious to see how it would all end. Laurie, too, seemed to be moving around with a heightened sense of urgency.

When we finally got into the bedroom, I sat down on the side of the bed, and Laurie came over and stood next to me.

"Well, that was quite a date. But you know, all night I had this desire just to eeeease your skirt up and see what you had on underneath. I know it's some kind of girdle."

As I spoke, my arm magically floated out and took the hem of her jumper, slowly pulling it up.

Laurie jumped right back into the playful motif. With an expression of indignation, she twisted away to wrench her skirt from my hand.

In feigned anger she said, "Well, I'm not the kind of girl who lets her boyfriend pull her skirt up!"

"But I'm not giving you a choice." At that point I jumped up suddenly and tackled her on the bed. We rolled around with wild abandon. I was trying to get hold of her skirt, and she was trying to push my hands away and hold it down at the same time. At this point Laurie was starting to giggle. I attempted to grab her arms and we wrestled some more, each of us trying to get hold of the other's arms to pin them down. She fought like a little vixen, but by now we were both laughing hysterically. Her legs were flying all which ways, and her girdle was not much hidden any more, although our wrestling was so energetic that I could not really get a concentrated look: just a continuous series of tantalizing flashes of white. Finally, I managed to get her turned over on her stomach. Pinning her shoulders with one hand, I reached down for her skirt with the other. She had mostly stopped struggling now--in order, I am sure, to let me act out my "fantasy." She had her arms raised somewhat, and she rested her head on them as she lay there.

Her skirt had fallen back into place, but with her arms raised as a headrest, the effect on her jumper was no surprise: it was not quite long enough to completely cover her pantygirdle. The white lacy leg band was visible below her hemline. I admired the sight for a few moments.

Laurie turned her head back to look at me with one of her amused smirks.

But before she said anything, I pulled her skirt up over her bottom. Then, at last, I got my first, full and unobstructed look at her pantygirdle. It was one of those styles called "light control," designed primarily to keep pantyhose or tights from sagging at the knees. I admired its glistening white material, its satiny texture, its sleek and sexy look as it both shaped and yet conformed to every feminine curve. I imagined that its tightness over that part of her body, like tight shorts on a man, gave small reminders throughout the day of her physical sexuality. My breathing grew a bit heavier as I concentrated on this spectacular sight.

But Laurie's demeanor had now changed. She looked me in the eye and with a seductive voice asked, "Yeah, well, now that you got your little thrill, what are you going to do with me?"

I let my one hand roam over the entire surface of her girdle: over her bottom and down along her legs. Then I reached as far down on her leg as I could and ran my hand up the inside of her tightly held thigh in one long caress. With that, she sighed very softly.

But now I was ready to move on to other things. I just wanted her too much tonight for any long, drawn-out foreplay. So I helped her to her feet, and sat back down on the bed watching her. She straightened out her jumper and shook her head once to bring some order to her hair.

The atmosphere had definitely changed again. Our eyes were locked together, somewhat like we were earlier in the evening. Then there was another subtle shift: I saw Laurie start breathing a little heavier, and although she had a straight face, the expression in her eyes got more intense as she stared deeply into mine.

While still sitting on the side of the bed, I reached out and took her hand in mine. But when I began gently rubbing her fingers, she brought up her other hand as if in slow motion and raised one finger, silently asking me to wait. She withdrew her hand from mine and backed up slowly to the end of the dresser. With our eyes still locked together, she slowly slid downward, bending at the knees, to pick something up. Her smooth, graceful movement exuded feminine charm.

Her knees were pointed in my direction, a few inches apart. She had made no overt attempt to hold them tightly together, but neither had she spread them to create some crude, explicit display. That was not how allurement works, and Laurie knew this. The downward movement was intimate but yet somehow so natural. What made it incredibly powerful, though, was that during the whole time, she never diverted her eyes from mine. For the briefest moment my eyes left hers and darted downward to her knees: my timing perfect, the quick supercharged look up her skirt, and the clear flash of white. The effect on me was like a bolt of lightning. But I did not stare--I could not stare. The power of her eyes drew mine back to hers almost immediately. She had never taken her eyes off mine while I had looked down. My desires were now running wild within me, and my heart was beating furiously. But outwardly, I was completely still. With her eyes still locked on mine, Laurie began to rise, moving with a slow, calm, deliberateness. Her movements were so perfect...almost as if they had been choreographed.

To my shock, what she had picked up was a portable cassette tape player.

A cassette player, and another tape! The last ingredient of her masterful plan. She placed the player on the dresser, started the tape, and again turned toward me.

Her eyes were once more fixed on mine, and there was a deep fire that burned within them. The song began. Laurie lowered her head just slightly and started walking slowly toward the bed as that lusty voice on the tape began, "Kick off your shoes and sit right down..." Outwardly, her face was expressionless, but it projected an intense passion. Her eyes never wavered as they held mine transfixed. She reached the side of the bed just as Rod Stewart reached the line, "Tonight's the night..."


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