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Story 5
A Visit to the Doctor's Office

by Bill Quinn

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A visit to the doctor's office: when Laurie and I left the house, that was certainly not on our agenda.

We had decided to do some shopping at the mall, well, really mostly window shopping. We also decided to take the dogs along. We had a full-size van, and the day was definitely cool enough to leave the dogs in the van with no danger. It was an overcast day, somewhat windy, with temperatures in the low 60s.

Laurie was wearing a very cute pleated skirt with white cotton knee socks. We both had light jackets, but while walking around inside the mall, we were carrying them.

After window shopping a number of stores, we sat down on one of the benches in the atrium. I put my arm around Laurie's shoulders and she rested her hand on my leg. While discussing whether or not to buy an item we had seen, I massaged her shoulder a bit, consciously pausing briefly to feel her bra strap. After a bit, I moved my hand slightly to stroke her neck softly, running my fingers into her hair. Her fingers were lightly tracing small patterns on my leg. We were not sitting that close to each other, and of course we were in public. All of this light attention to each other was simply an appropriately casual display of affection, but to us it was very tender. We liked being affectionate with one another. An observer might think we were still dating.

As we sat there and talked, Laurie nonchalantly crossed her legs. The skirt she was wearing was not overly short, but as she sat there, it was resting an inch or two above her knee.

As looked at her legs, I could not help but admire the sight. For a leg man like myself, just seeing her in a cute skirt, seeing her legs, whether in nylons or knee socks, was very pleasing. Attire like this simply exuded femininity, something pants can never do, no matter how tight. And even though a dress or a skirt might be well within the dictates of modesty, they also somehow create an aura of sexuality. Implicit, of course, not explicit, but an aura nevertheless surrounding the girl, making her in the mind's eye a very real object of both love and physical desire.

Well, the moment had a satisfying glow of happiness for both of us. For those ten minutes, I luxuriated in the shear pleasure of sitting on the bench with Laurie, being close to her and holding her.

When we went back out to the van, we decided to take the dogs for a walk in a wooded area behind the mall. Laurie took our Shelty, and I took our Alaskan Malamute. Walking along the trail on this overcast day reminded me that winter was not far away.

But then with no real warning, a gust of wind came down the trail in just the right way to catch Laurie's skirt and blow it up. The scene was somewhat like the famous Marilyn Monroe picture where the wind from the grate blows her skirt up. I have always thought that was the sexiest photograph she ever made. But there was a small difference here: with a leash in one hand, Laurie had only her other hand to try to push her skirt back down as it billowed outward.

She let out a soft but very surprised "ooooo," but then after a few seconds managed to get it back down and turn somewhat to lessen the effect of the wind. But it had been just long enough, and I was looking in just the right direction at just the right time to get a spectacular flash of bare legs and white panties.

For me, what an unexpected thrill! What a vision! I can hardly find words to describe it.

Of course, after a number of years of marriage, there was nothing about Laurie that I had not thoroughly and repeatedly explored. However, little things like this can really keep a man's desire aimed in the right direction: his own wife. There is just something incredibly sexy about the wind flipping her skirt up. Perhaps it has to do with how unexpected it is. Perhaps it has to do with it being outside--skirts should not be up outside. Perhaps it has to do with how quickly it's over and modesty restored--just a short flash. Perhaps it has to do with stealing an improper look--improper, at least, at this time and place. Perhaps it is the content of the vision itself and its effect on a man with a healthy libido: panties, the hidden treasure. Anyway, whatever the reasons, I hope this thrill never dies for me. It keeps the electricity in our marriage snapping and crackling.

The wind died down some, and we continued walking. Then all of a sudden something else unexpected happened. But this time it was not pleasant. Laurie let out a rather loud "Oww!" and immediately picked her foot up off the ground. There was an old board there, and she had stepped on a nail, a rusty old nail.

I came right over and took the leash from her. She hobbled over to a large, fallen tree and sat down on the stump. In order to examine her foot, she crossed her legs like a man sometimes does, placing her ankle on her knee. Rather unladylike in a skirt, but then we were alone. I hurried around to her side to look at the damage done to her foot.

Laurie took off her shoe. There was a little blood on the white sock, but not much. When she took off the sock, we looked at the puncture wound. Fortunately, it was quite shallow.

"Does it hurt much?" I asked.

"No, not too much. It just broke the skin really. But look at that nail," she added, pointing toward the scene of the crime. "That nail's all rusty."

"When was the last time you had a tetanus shot?"

"Too long. At least ten years."

"Well," I said, "you'd better get one now. We can go to that walk-in clinic on Diversey."

She let out a long sigh of dread and disgust. She put her sock and shoe back on, and we walked back to the van, fortunately without further incident. I had both dogs.

As we drove to the clinic, Laurie was silent. She was obviously brooding over what was about to happen. When we arrived, we were told the wait would be about ten or fifteen minutes.

Laurie was not particularly brave when it came to doctor visits. There were many unpleasant and embarrassing procedures that could be performed on one's person during those visits. She tended to dwell on these unpleasant thoughts while waiting to be admitted, tormenting herself with mental images of what she might soon have to do or what might soon be done to her. She had confessed all this to me in the past, so I had a pretty good idea what was going through her mind at this moment. The expression on her face did not reflect serenity.

"I don't like this," she whispered.

"Be glad your not here for a Pap smear," I replied, trying to encourage her.

"I still don't like it. They'll probably want to give me that shot in my fanny."

But then despite her doom-and-gloom mood, a thought of a different kind occurred to her, for the moment dispelling her depressing reverie. She cocked her head slightly a gave me one of her wry smiles. "Should be a big thrill for you, though." After a brief pause she giggled and said, "Maybe you better not stand up right away if the nurse is still in the room."

"Laurie!" I said with astonishment in my voice. "Where are your thoughts?"

"The same place yours usually are." Then the frown came back. "But I'd still prefer the shot in my arm. You can see my rump any time you want at home."

"Ah, but it's quite different when in a...'public' context, shall we say. Much sexier when at an unusual time or in an unusual setting--when I normally can't expect sexy vistas like that. Anyway, be brave. You wouldn't want me to have to hold you over my knee in order for the nurse to give you the shot."

"I hate this waiting. Sitting here waiting makes it all the worse. Knowing what's going to happen."

"Well, I'm sure it'll be the nurse who gives you the shot. At least you won't have to bare your bottom for the doctor."

Finally, we were called into the exam room. Laurie sat on the exam table while the nurse took her blood pressure. The look on Laurie's face left me in no doubt that she was still fretting over what was to come.

The doctor made his entrance. Laurie explained what had happened and told him when she had gotten her last tetanus shot. The doctor ordered the nurse to give her a booster and left the room. Well, that was one positive note for Laurie.

The nurse left the room briefly and returned with the hypodermic needle. Then she turned and looked at me. "Perhaps would like to wait outside while your wife gets her shot?"

With just a hint of annoyance, Laurie was the one to respond. "He's my husband. You think he'll see something he never saw before? Besides he wouldn't leave anyway."

At this point I chimed in and added, "We believe in the idea of a family doctor and we go to a doctor together, as a family."

The nurse made no comment on this philosophy. Instead, now resigned to my presence, she simply turned to Laurie.

But it was Laurie who took the initiative: "Can I get this in my arm?"

"Oh, no. These shots work much better in your bottom. It would really hurt in your arm, especially for a woman without the amount of muscle a man has."

Laurie had a scowl on her face, but the nurse took her by the hand and helped her off the table.

"Now dear, face the table. Pull up your skirt and drop your panties."

Sometimes the female of the species seems to be utterly naive about how sexy something they say so innocently can sound. But the nurse's command hit me with devastating force. Since it put my mind into such high gear on the subject of sex, I thought I would have some fun.

"Oh, that won't work," I said. "She always says no when I tell her to do that."

I saw a slight change of expression on the nurse's face and heard what probably was as close to a giggle as she was capable of producing after all her years of nursing. Well, I was pleased that I had not lost my ability to make people laugh. Laurie, however, just turned her head toward me. She had blushed slightly, and her expression shot a few daggers my way. I think she was a little embarrassed.

But the moment passed. Laurie was now obviously nervous about the shot. The procedure the nurse had had in mind should not have been difficult. Laurie should have reached up under her skirt and pulled down her panties first, then flipped her skirt up. Instead, she pulled her skirt up and leaned over the table. Almost immediately, she realized the problem, but the nurse came to her rescue: "Just hold your skirt up, dear. I'll take care of your panties."

More naivete.

Laurie was by now quite embarrassed, but not because of me. When the nurse had asked earlier whether I wanted to leave, she had things just backwards. Laurie was not embarrassed to bare her bottom to me but to the nurse!

Anyway, she was not suffering physically during this visit, so I allowed myself the enjoyment of this heavenly sight. Laurie had her skirt up over her derriere and was leaning over the exam table. Her panties, still in place, were the clear focus of the scene.

Panties: in my opinion, the sexiest item in the delightful array of her intimate apparel. Even the word sounds sexy. Today she had on white panties made of that new microfiber material. Nylon/Lycra spandex. Light, silky, soft, but tightly conforming to every enticing curve of her derriere. Full-cut panties, extending from her waist, gently hugging her shapely bottom, and then curving inward. The white material actually glistened. I also admired the shine of the somewhat thin but tight waistband and elastic leg bands--shiny solid bands with no lace. I had to consciously suppress an almost overpowering desire to jump up and take those gracious, panty-covered orbs into my hands.

Of course, I had known since that morning what Laurie was wearing underneath her skirt. But here in this unusual setting, with her leaning provocatively over that table with her skirt up, the vision was electrifying. I gazed upon this stunning view with eyes transfixed and with an appreciation much as one might experience when viewing a famous painting from a master artist.

Although time seemed to stop for me, the moment soon passed. The nurse took the waistband of her panties and lowered them just enough to give her a clear shot with the needle.

"Ouch," Laurie ejaculated as she flinched just slightly.

Finished, the nurse backed away. Laurie stood up straight, put everything back into place, and smoothed her skirt back down. She then rubbed her bottom just a little with her hand.

Laurie had been right about me not getting up immediately! She turned toward me, caught my eyes, and then with a slight smirk lowered her own eyes downward to the general area where I was having a problem.

The nurse said to Laurie, "That's all, honey," then turned and left the room.

I got up and went over to Laurie. I put my arm around her, squeezing her shoulder lightly and kissing her on the cheek. We left the office and walked back to the van holding hands.

"Boy, I'm glad that's over," she said with a sigh of relief.

I held the door for her as she got in the van, and we drove home.

That night we walked into the bedroom together. After all those spectacular visions earlier in the day, I was in a particularly amorous mood. So without any preamble, I blurted out the following command:

"OK, lie down on the bed, pull up your skirt, and drop your panties."

Laurie turned toward me, and her expression went from an initial look of astonishment to a scowl similar to the one she gave me in the doctor's office.

"Wow, that was impressive! What subtlety in your technique! Well, fella, you said it for yourself in the doctor's office. 'She always says no,'" Laurie repeated in a mocking pose and with a tone of voice that mimicked me disparagingly. "So there you have it," she said, looking me straight in the eye. "The answer is NO!"

I knew she really was not angry. She enjoyed playing with me.

I put a dumbfounded expression on my face. "But after all those sexy views in the doctor's office--I've had sex on my mind ever since! We ought to take advantage of this. My passions have been running wild all evening."

"Well, too bad! Just hold those visions for another time. No sex tonight."

When Laurie says no, she generally does not make a promise for some future night. In order to build the proper anticipation in me, she must maintain the mystery. Never make sex a sure thing. There is more exciting tension in that next sexual advance when you do not know whether it will be successful. Most of the time I do try again the next night, and Laurie might even say yes.

On the other hand, is Laurie's no always her final answer? Sometimes both of us enjoy a little playful attempt on my part to change her mind. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. But tonight I was going to try. It was my turn to play.

Laurie took off her shoes and put them in the closet. I walked over to her, took her hand, and led her back toward the bed.

"We'll just see about that," I said.

Sitting down on the side of the bed, I gently pulled her to me and sat her down sideways on my lap. I reached one arm around her far shoulder and began playing with her ear as I leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek. With my other hand, I reached up under her skirt and provocatively caressed the inside of her thigh. Then I pulled my hand out and began drawing light circles on her breast. Laurie had closed her eyes and was swaying slightly.

I stopped, slipped my arm under her knees and picked her up. Then I turned around and laid her down on the bed. Focusing my eyes on her knees, I took the hem of her skirt and pushed it up a few inches.

Laurie looked up at me and in a sultry, seductive tone asked, "Now that you have me in this compromising position, what are you going to do with me?"

"What about this skirt and those panties?"

She sighed. "You can have your way with me. Isn't it a girl's prerogative to change her mind?"

As I started to undress her, I was indeed glad for that prerogative.

When we finally settled down to sleep, Laurie snuggled up close to me. I put my arm around her, and petted her lightly.

We both loved this light affection that we shared every night, not just after making love. Holding her...a gentle kiss...and then sleep.


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