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Story 6
A Romantic Getaway

by Bill Quinn

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Homecoming at the college where I teach is usually scheduled in September. Since I am not a football fan and do not generally participate in the other activities, Laurie and I try to get away for a few days during that break. This semester I did not have any Thursday classes, and classes on Friday were cancelled for Homecoming. My last class on Wednesday ended at noon. This meant we could leave on Wednesday right after class.

A few weeks earlier, Laurie had come to me and said that she thought we should not make our trip this year. We had just had a few large and unusual expenses. She brought up the subject just after I had finished paying our current bills, so our finances were very much on my mind. However, I decided that we should go. It was important for us to have this getaway. Couples need such romantic excursions to break the routine and add some spice to their marriage.

A colleague of mine has a cabin in Michigan's Upper Peninsula--a cabin right on Lake Superior. He often lets us use it when he was not going to be there. It was in a beautiful and romantic location in the North Woods. That was where Laurie and I usually went on our short vacations during Homecoming festivities.

Tuesday night we were busy packing. We always pack our swimming suits, even though it often happens that the weather does not permit any swimming in the lake. After all, this was September. Even in the middle of August, Lake Superior is cold. The locals have a joke: the U.P. has only two seasons--winter and the Fourth of July. The average snowfall per season is close to 200 inches. But we always bring the swimming suits in the hopes of at least doing a little wading.

We were in the bedroom and had just finished packing. The suitcase was still on the bed. I felt a little playful, so I assumed my most mischievous tone of voice.

"Now I want you to remember that this is a vacation. I expect to get sex every night."

At least this would let Laurie know where my mind was.

She turned to me and smiled brightly. She might have been a little surprised. One never knows. But by now, she probably has come to expect such antics from me.

"Oh, you do, huh? Well, you know what your chances are for that!"

"But isn't that what couples do on vacations?"

She turned back toward the suitcase but cocked her head slightly and looked at me out of the corner of her eye. Her expression was thoughtful. "Well, I might be a bit more liberal in granting sexual favors."

It was amazing how Laurie could take a phrase normally used in a pejorative sense and make it sound incredibly cute.

I went over to her and moved the suitcase out of the way. Then I took Laurie's hand and sat down on the side of the bed. I pulled her on my lap in a sideways sitting position and squeezed her shoulder as I put my arm around her. My other hand slipped promiscuously under her shirt, and I "let my fingers do the walking" slowly upward. I reached her breast and began gently stroking the silky material of her bra. She smiled, her head swaying just a little.

"You better be a lot more liberal, kiddo," I said.

With that she reached up and began caressing my neck and running her fingers through my hair.

"Is that so! Well, what if I decide to say no every night just to get you really hot and bothered?"

"That would be a whole lot of 'hot and bothered.' You think you could handle a man like that?"

By this time, however, I was making a serious advance, and I could feel her response. I dropped my hand down and began playing with the waistband of her pants, then slipped my hand inside and sampled the material of her panties.

With a sultry timbre in her voice, the soft words rolled off Laurie's moistened lips: "Somehow, I get the impression that you're pretty hot and bothered right now. Like you might have something...romantic in mind for tonight..." She left the statement hanging, and the effect was quite erotic. She started breathing just a bit more heavily.

I knew if we made love tonight that my chances tomorrow night when we arrived at the cabin might be pretty slim. But by now I was in the throws of passion. If Laurie says no tomorrow night, well, I'll just try again the next night! It's a good system--a sexy system, and it keeps my desires for her running high.

I pulled myself out from underneath her and laid her down on the bed. Stretching out next to her, I let my hand brush her face as I reached around, drew her gently to me and kissed her.

I began pulling up her shirt. "Yes, something very romantic..."

So we made sweet love the night before our vacation.

The next afternoon as soon as I finished my last class, we loaded everything in the car, got on the Edens, and headed north.

The trip to the cabin was wonderful. We talked about many things--light topics, really. But we also discussed some future plans. What we might like to buy for the house, things like that. We often laughed, several times we held hands, frequently I had my arm around her, and occasionally Laurie slept.

Fingertips are extremely sensitive because they have so many nerve endings. When Laurie and I hold hands, I enjoy lightly stroking her skin with my fingertips, concentrating on the feel. The physical contact was a true pleasure in our relationship.

I had brought some tapes with us that had some of my favorite rock-n-roll oldies on them, so we also played a lot of the old songs during the trip.

Laurie was wearing a new pair of very tight leggings. While they cannot compete with a skirt or dress for overall effect, they certainly are sexy. I have often pondered the relationship between those wonderful feminine curves and sexual attraction. The effect is magical, maybe mystical. When Laurie wore leggings, it was easy to study the detailed shape of the curves of her legs. The gentle rounding along her thighs--there was just something about the mathematical perfection of those curves that stimulated sexual desire. When Laurie would be wearing leggings during foreplay, and while they were still on, I loved cupping both hands around one of her legs and massaging the entire length of her leg, just to feel the shape of such an exquisite sculpture. I would be living out one of my fantasies that I frequently had while watching her earlier during that day.

Leggings also afforded a very revealing look at her hips--that area from the waist to the tops of her thighs. With a rear view, her derriere is exquisitely shaped and displayed. The male eye is immediately attracted to it. With a front view, there was that small convex curve from the waist to the top of her thigh, that slight curve that always makes me want to touch it! Yes, a small curve is needed there. A perfectly flat stomach is not as sexy. I never liked the Twiggy look.

Well, I greatly admired these visions every time we stopped to stretch and I watched her walk. There surely was great wisdom in that light lyric from the Big Bopper: "A wiggle in the walk, a giggle in the talk--make the world go 'round."

Finally we arrived. As I pulled into the driveway of the cabin, we were again awed by this spectacular piece of nature. Indeed, the area was a beautifully remote, rustic location on the shores of Lake Superior. The entire region was densely forested; the various cabins and cottages along the shoreline were widely spaced. As we stood watching the lake, the waves were rolling in with small crests of one to two feet. The sound of the surf filled the area. This particular shoreline was on the open lake and faced mostly north: no land could be seen on the other side. If one left from this point and headed directly across the lake, the next stop would be Canada. We were at the top of the world, and twenty miles from the nearest town.

I unlocked the door, and we walked into the cabin. The living room windows overlooked Lake Superior. "What a beautiful view," Laurie said. "As often as I see it, I'm still impressed with nature's majesty."

The interior of the cabin was knotty pine, and the furniture was heavy, wooded Early American. The bedroom was on a half-story second floor and also overlooked the lake. It contained a massive Paul Bunyon bedroom set. All in all, man's decor, to be sure! But from previous visits, I am convinced Laurie felt very feminine in that bed.

It took us only about a half hour to settle in, but although it was fairly late in the evening, I was still hoping to get Laurie in a romantic mood--and keep her mind off of being "too tired." Lake Superior was a powerful ally. I had turned on the floodlights, and she was sitting on the sofa looking out over the lake.

Since my friend had a nice stereo system in the cabin, I had brought in the tapes with the rock-n-roll oldies. I turned on the system and put in one of the tapes that we had not yet played on our way up. There was a moment of silence, and then that marvelous music began, music that contained some of the most beautiful love poems ever written. In an instant the room was filled with a slow drumbeat, punctuated by single chords from an electric organ.

All of a sudden, we were surrounded by a world of sound. My eyes brightened as I recognized the song. "Oh, this is a good one," I said. I started walking toward Laurie in time with the music and with eyes of desire focussed on her. Then I stretched out my arms, took her hands in mine, and lifted her up from the sofa. Playfully, I started a simple dance step while leading her by her hands. Watching me and smiling broadly, Laurie easily fell into step with the music. When the first word came from the speakers, my timing was perfect: I looked Laurie right in the eye and started singing along with Tommy Roe:

Dizzy, I'm so dizzy,
My head is spinning:
Like a whirlpool, it never ends.
And it's you, girl, making it spin--
You're making me dizzy.

The first time that I saw you, girl,
I knew that I just had to make you mine...

We danced to a few more songs but then decided it was time to call it a night. When Laurie sat down on the side of the massive bed to begin undressing, I hopped on behind her. With my one finger, I began twirling her hair and tickling her ear.

"You're still making me dizzy..."

She smiled and flopped down backwards onto the bed. "Yeah, I know..." Her voice faded away. Her tone was sweet, appreciative, and consoling. But I could tell she was really tired. "You make me a little dizzy, too. But not dizzy enough right now. I'm just too tired tonight."

But then she reached up and touched my nose with one finger, and a somewhat weak, but playful lilt returned to her voice. "And anyway, what kind of a precedent would it set if I allowed you to have sex two nights in a row?"

"Oh, but it wouldn't be a precedent, just a variable pattern...sometimes two nights in a row, sometimes wait three nights...You know, that sort of thing." I did not think this point would carry much weight, and I was right.

The tenderness returned. "No, not tonight. We'll curl up together and listen to the surf, and when you dream, 'dream a little dream of me.'"

I did not think that further playful attempts would change her mind tonight. So I ran my hand through her hair once and got up to begin undressing.

A few minutes later we snuggled up close to each other. She was facing away from me but had pushed tightly against me in a fetal position. Facing her, I also was on my side. I always enjoy holding Laurie in bed, but on nights when she says no, I think I enjoy it even more. The desire, the passion, has not been spent, you see. The senses are still a bit heightened. I am more conscious of holding her; touching her is more intense. The electricity still snaps somewhat, and the field diminishes only slowly. Well, tonight, I had my arm around her. I squeezed her affectionately, as I moved my hand a little on her shoulder. Again, I enjoyed the sensation of my fingertips in contact with her soft skin. Once or twice, I ran my hand gently, but innocently, down her side, smoothing her nightshirt and conscious of feeling her pantylines underneath. But tonight I too was tired, and soon those thoughts began to fade. Listening to the sound of the surf on the rocks outside the cabin, we both quickly drifted off to sleep.

Fortunately, the sun was shining brightly the next day, and by the early afternoon the temperature threatened to reach 70, somewhat unusual for September in this area. I decided it was now or never for that swim, and I did not want to miss the opportunity of seeing Laurie in her bathing suit.

"How about that swim now? I think this might be our only chance."

She seemed a little dubious, but we went into the bedroom to change.

I watched as Laurie undressed completely and put on her bathing suit. It was a two-piece model, but conservatively cut. The design was a pretty floral print. She finished by pulling on a shirt and loosely fitting pants.

We had to walk a couple hundred yards to get to a point on the beach where there was some sand. Not surprisingly, no one else was there. I ogled her again as she shed her outer clothes. As she pulled her shirt off over her head, I watched as her breasts came into view. Then she pushed down her pants and stepped out of them. She had on her swimsuit, of course, but that did not diminish the excitement of watching this whole event. It was sexual, and there was no doubt about that.

Funny thing about bathing suits: most girls probably would have done the very same thing that Laurie just did, even if there were a lot of people on the beach. But would they do it if instead of a bathing suit they had on a real bra and panties? Of course not. But what is the difference? Exactly the same areas covered, and exactly the same areas exposed, more or less. Well, there is a difference, but only in degree, not kind. The explanation has something to do with what society considers standard, customary, and acceptable versus what it considers inappropriate. But yet, sex is very definitely in the air on the beaches. There is little doubt about that. Consider the fame of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

So coed swimming is one of those activities sanctioned by society, at least today's society, in which guys and girls dress in such a way as to attract each other--an acceptable, public place to show off sex appeal. Not quite like a mating dance in the animal kingdom, but similar.

But this also means that there is a danger. Some swimsuit designs today cover very little--and I mean VERY little. I fear that this has the effect of desensitizing people, especially men, to what could otherwise be very sensuously revealed and enjoyed in a private and intimate setting within marriage.

But I digress again. Philosophizing was not really on my mind right now. I got my clothes off, and taking Laurie by the hand, made a mad dash into the lake.

The effect literally shocked the entire nervous system. Boy, that water was cold! We only got in knee deep, and after about five minutes of sloshing about, we made a hasty retreat back to the sandy beach. But at least we could say that we had gotten into Lake Superior.

And now it was time for another type of playful activity that I had been planning. We spread out a blanket and lay down next to each other to watch the waves roll in.

The temperature, however, was not quite what it should be to enjoy a prolonged stay on the beach. Soon Laurie sat up.

"You know, maybe it's too cold to stay here much longer," she said to me.

In response, I sat up too and put my arm around her shoulder. She still had on only her bathing suit. With one hand, I began to play with her ear, and with the other gave her breast a light caress. Laurie began to form a knowing smile and turned her head in my direction. I dropped my hand to her leg and lightly stroked the insides of her thighs.

With this she closed her eyes, leaned back against my arm a bit, and sighed. "Hmmmm...What are you trying to do to me..." she asked softly.

"You know," I whispered, "I think we need some activity to warm us up. You get my drift?"

Laurie opened her eyes and looked a little aghast. "Here on the beach? Someone might see!"

"There's no one here. Who can see?" I touched her waistband and ran my hand slowly downward across the satiny material of her bathing suit toward even more erogenous zones.

Her tone had seemed to speak sweetly of a rapidly melting resolve, and her breathing became a bit more intense.

"What do you think?" I asked.

But then, with some effort, I think, Laurie said, "No, we're not going to make love out here in the open."

I sighed and I retracted my roving hand. But I still had my arm around her shoulder. I drew her to me in a one-armed hug and gently squeezed her shoulder.

"Well, I didn't think you'd say yes. But the daring thought of shamelessly having sex here on the beach really turned me on. And seeing you like this, clad in what amounts to nothing more than panties and a bra, I was helplessly driven by wild passions!"

"Well, why don't you 'helpfully' help me up now so we can both regain control of these wild passions that are raging within us."

I got up, took her hand in mine, and lifted her up. We both put our clothes back on. Then, quite out of the blue, Laurie gave me one of her pretty smiles and walked over to me. She put her hand affectionately on my back, rubbing gently.

"You're really my kind of guy, Terry, you know that?"

I put my arm around her waist and we walked back to the cabin.

As I had expected, it was a good thing we had gotten our swim in when we did. Later that afternoon, the weather began deteriorating rapidly. The forecast said that the temperature would be steadily dropping over the next few days. Already there had been a dramatic change. The sky became overcast, the winds picked up, and it started to get cold. The locals have another joke: if you don't like the weather up here, wait five minutes. It'll change.

That evening, we were going to drive to a restaurant for dinner. Watching Laurie dress was always one of my great pleasures in our marriage! But tonight she was really making a sensuous production out of it, letting her fingers linger on her flesh as she adjusted her breasts inside her lacy white bra and then again as she was pulling up her thigh-high stockings and smoothing them out over her outstretched legs. My mouth was getting dry, and I felt sure that she was doing this on purpose, trying, rather successfully, to build up my desire--maybe for later tonight. Well, I thought, it was about time!

After finishing with her stockings, Laurie stood up from the side of the bed. She was still dressed in nothing but thigh highs, panties, and bra, and I was still standing there a bit mesmerized. She casually turned to face me and asked me to hand her a blouse that she had earlier placed on a nearby chair. What a sight! A good thing I already had on my pants, or the reaction she was having on me would have been very apparent to her with even the most cursory glance in my direction.

Her whole demeanor was matter-of-fact, but there she was, just standing there--this intensely sexual image. In my thinking, its effect was magnified by its very casualness. Laurie knew exactly the effect such casual intimacy had on me. I just stood there for a moment, unable to take my eyes off of her, soaking up this vision of Venus.

But I did somehow manage to hand her the blouse, barely diverting my eyes from her. Then I watched her pull on a rather tight-fitting, straight skirt.

We went to the restaurant and had a delightful dinner, but really, I could think of little else than how much I wanted her tonight.

When we got back to the cabin it was quite cold, and I managed to get a fire going in the huge stone fireplace. It glowed and crackled. The wind was really howling outside now, and we could hear the surf crash on the rocky shore. In the floodlights, we could see that the waves near the shore were cresting at six to eight feet. I found a few blankets and laid them in front of the fireplace, then sat down and invited Laurie to come over next to me.

"What a great place, Terry. I'm so glad we came. Romantic dinners. Romantic nights by the fire. Howling wind. Raging water. I wish this could last forever."

I pulled her close to me and hugged her. We sat there for a while just listening to the fire, the wind, and the waves.

Then I gently eased her down into a prone position on the blanket. I looked deeply into her eyes, caressed her forehead, and then rested my hand lightly on her face. "I really feel in the mood. How about you?"

"What girl could resist in a setting like this? Take me--I'm yours!"

I interpreted her words perhaps more literally than she had expected. I wrapped one arm around her, reached under her knees with my other arm, and picked her up. Her expression showed a little surprise, but it almost immediately was transformed into a delightful smile. She wrapped her arm around my neck and then reached up and gently touched my face with her other hand. I carried her up to the bedroom and laid her on that massive bed.

I climbed up next to her, leaned over, took both my hands and ran them slowly up her leg and under her skirt. Then I removed my hands and straightened out her skirt. I reached out to her face and lightly traced her lips with my finger, then leaned back and with both hands started to raise her skirt. Slowly. Yes, I knew it would have to come off eventually--and in the other direction. But I always enjoyed living out this fantasy of pulling up her skirt. Our foreplay frequently consisted of this move. With painstaking slowness, I revealed more and more of her shapely legs, passed the top of her nylons, exposing soft, cream-colored skin. Then came the part I was so anxiously anticipating. As Laurie lifted up slightly to aid in my efforts, I pushed her skirt up to reveal her panties: just the white point at first, then the leg bands, and finally the full view. Laurie had closed her eyes. I stopped, unbuttoned her skirt and pulled it off of her.

The blouse was next. Slowly, one button at a time, I exposed more and more of her bra. She sat up a little, and I slipped off her blouse. Then she rolled onto her side, and I began caressing her breasts through the satiny material of her bra. I enjoyed teasing her breasts with a sexy bra still on. These things should never be rushed. But soon I found my way around to her back and the bra was off.

As Laurie turned to face me, we embraced and kissed.

Yes, in this setting, it was a beautiful and romantic night of passionate love, as the wind and surf outside seemed to carry us to a spectacular climax. Our own private version of Lou Christie's "Rhapsody in the Rain."

The next day was a very happy and satisfying day. But all vacations must come to an end, and this one had been one of our best. The following morning we left for Chicago and home.

As we were getting ready to leave, I was thinking ahead. Even though I may get a bit tired on the trip, long drives always have the tendency to put me in a very amorous mood that night. Maybe it has to do with so little to distract my mind from Laurie sitting right next to me.

So what will Laurie say tonight?

You're probably right.


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