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Story 7
A Romantic Evening Leads to a Wager

by Bill Quinn

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As wagers go, this one will not go down in history with anything like the moment of Pascal's Wager. However, I think it represents one of the sexier antics that Laurie and I have tried in our marriage. Several events led up to our wager.

It started on Friday when I arrived home after my last class. I had a heavy teaching schedule this term, and Laurie and I had not had much time to spend together. Tonight, when I walked in the door, I noticed the lights were dimmed, and Laurie had really dressed up. She had on one of her most alluring evening dresses. Neither of us cared much for bared shoulders, so it had short sleeves, but it definitely had that elegant look and flowed gently as she walked.

But the real surprise was the dining room table. Laurie had put out our white tablecloth, linen napkins, and our best silverware. To top it off, she had placed two candles, slightly separated, in the center of the table. From somewhere, there was the scent of incense, maybe from the candles. Soft, romantic music was playing.

Absolutely astonished, I asked, "What's all this? Are we expecting company?"

"No, I just thought it was time for us to get romantic again. You've been working entirely too hard lately. So--a candlelight dinner tonight!" Her smile was pretty and showed real satisfaction with her idea.

I smiled too. "And afterward?" I asked, with that twinkle in my eye.

"Well," Laurie replied, "you'll just have to wait and see, won't you?" The tone of her voice was most definitely seductive.

She asked me to keep my tie on and motioned for me to take a seat at the dinning room table. When I sat down Laurie came up behind me, laying one hand on my shoulder and gently caressing my face with the other. She slowly brought that hand around and stroked my neck a few times, running her fingers into my hair. But she never spoke, and quickly walked into the kitchen.

Wow, this is something!

The meal itself was a full production. For appetizers, Laurie provided clam chowder and a dish of caviar, both known aphrodisiacs. The main course consisted of pasta with red sauce and garlic bread, accompanied by wine. For dessert, she offered one of my favorites, French silk pie.

During the meal, Laurie asked a few casual questions about how my day had gone. At one point, however, during a lull in the conversation, she looked into my eyes and reached across the table, placing her hand on mine. After a few soft caresses, she retracted it and continued eating. If she wanted an exceptionally romantic evening, she surely was creating it!

When the meal had concluded, she went into the living room and turned the music off. Then she invited me to sit down on the sofa.

"I rented a very romantic movie for us to watch tonight," Laurie said.

She came over to sit next to me, and I put my arm around her. She turned toward me and while fixing her eyes on me, slowly undid my tie and removed it. Then she unbuttoned my collar.

"There. Now you're more comfortable."

Laurie then resettled herself on the sofa and snuggled up to me as closely as she could. She pulled her legs up on to the sofa and pushed her knees against my leg. With the remote, she started the movie.

We talked very little during the movie. At one point, however, as we were shifting positions, I placed my hand on Laurie's leg and tenderly squeezed it. That gave me another surprise, but a very pleasant one. I could clearly feel a garter. Obviously, her nylons were traditional, and she was wearing her garter belt.

That produced an immediate sense of excitement in me. Boy, this was going to be some night!

As the movie ended, the hero and heroine kissed. Laurie stopped the VCR using the remote and then turned to me. She put her arms around me, I embraced her, and we too kissed.

"I love you, Laurie," I whispered.

"I love you too," she responded softly. "Come on, it's time for bed, and I still have a few more surprises for you."

"More surprises?"

"Give me one minute, and then come and see."

Laurie got up from the sofa and went into the bedroom. I waited a minute or so and then walked in myself.

Again, the room was illuminated by candle light, and in that light the bed had a soft glow to it. Then I noticed why: Laurie had gotten and new satiny bedspread.

She was standing at one end of the room watching me. I smiled at her and said, "When a man has ulterior designs on a girl, he wines and dines her first. But it seems tonight that you were the one who served me the wine."

"Well," Laurie replied with that familiar lilt in her voice, "who says the girl can't have ulterior designs?"

I walked over to her, put my arm around her shoulder, and slowly guided her back toward the bed. "Certainly not me!"

I took her shoulders in both hands and gently seated her on the side of the bed. Then I crawled up behind her and began massaging her neck and shoulders. Letting my hands drop lower, I ran them slowly down her side and then around to her breasts. Laurie brought her head back slightly, sighed, and closed her eyes.

As I eased her down onto her back, she stretched her legs out on the bed. Lying down next to her, I again took her in my arms and we kissed. Then I moved my hand down and began slowly raising her dress. When I got to the top of her nylons, I fingered the garter a little. Laurie had opened her eyes and was watching me again, a smile beginning to form on her face. She knew the effect this would have on me.

"Boy, it's been a while. I don't know if I remember how garters work."

With that, her tone changed. Her mouth turned downward just slightly, and she assumed a tone of mock annoyance. "Well, you'd better figure it out! If I have to take these nylons off myself, you're not getting anything tonight!"

I got up and leaned back on me knees to look directly down at her garter. The sight was extremely sexy: that shapely, nylon-covered leg, the soft white skin where the nylon ended, the garter itself, and the lacy garter strap continuing upward under the hem of her dress to wonders yet hidden.

But then without further ado, I said, "Oh, yes, I remember now." I slid the garter apart and then did the same on the other leg. Laurie responded by raising her knees up so I could unhook the two garters on the back of her legs. As she did this, with knees slightly apart, the hem of her dress fell further upward. As I undid the remaining garters, I could easily see all the way up her dress to her bright, silky, shiny, red panties.

Laurie was watching me intently, and I'm sure she saw me eyes refocus on those recessed treasures. I just hoped my mouth was not visibly salivating.

But the moment passed, and after I had released all four garters, she brought her legs down again. Her dress was still quite high on her legs, and I was getting very aroused. I took both hands and cupped them around one of her thighs and slowly, carefully, gently lowered her nylon. When I had gotten it down to just above her ankle, I grabbed the toe and pulled it off. Then I repeated this maneuver for the other nylon.

I know foreplay should proceed slowly, but I could see that Laurie was beginning to breathe a little heavier, and I knew that I was being propelled ahead with an ever-increasing sense of urgency. So I took her dress and as she lifted her derriere just slightly, pushed it all the way up to her waist. There they were: that incredible garter belt, gently hugging the curves of her waist, and her panties, now fully exposed. I wrapped my fingers under the waistband of the garter belt it eased it off. With that done, I placed my hand softly on the center of her panties and began tracing designs with one finger. I loved the satiny feel of the material, and I enjoyed the feel of my hand on her as I gently caressed the delicate convex curve of her body. Slowly, I worked my hand downward, letting my fingers go between her legs, still gently caressing her. Yes, Laurie was quite aroused herself. It was time to proceed.

Using both hands, I lifted her up a little and unzipped her dress. As Laurie slipped her arms out of it, I pulled it off and laid it aside. I fondled her breasts through her satiny red bra for a minute or so as Laurie slowly swayed back and forth in response. Then I reached around, unsnapped her bra, and removed it. I laid her back down and reached again for her panties...

We made sweet love, and it was a fantastic climax to a very romantic evening. As we were lying there, Laurie snuggled up close to me, and I had my arm around her. "Did you like my candle-light evening?" she asked softly.

"I liked everything about this evening, and I can never get enough of you."

I heard her giggle softly, and soon we were asleep.

That was Friday night, a very magical Friday night. But the next day was just a Saturday. There were mundane chores to do, as well as one major project that we had been planning for some time. We were going to paint the garage.

Now painting around our house is strictly Laurie's domain. I hate it, and she tends to enjoy it. So Laurie does the painting. Painting a garage, however, requires ladder work, and it was my job to hold the ladder for her while she was on it.

Laurie wore some old baggy, floppy shorts that came down to about mid-thigh. We put the ladder in place, and she climbed up and started painting. I always enjoy sexy glimpses--they keep my desire for Laurie at a very healthy level. So I could not resist looking upward and I steadied the ladder. I thought I might catch a flash of panties every now and then, but with the activity of painting, her shorts were much more revealing than I had anticipated. They were almost as good as a skirt. Depending on how she leaned back and forth and how the gentle breeze was blowing, I could see most of the lower half of her panties from, shall we say, a southern exposure.

They were plain, white panties, but they looked incredibly sexy from this angle. And of course this was not a context in which I should have been able to see them. That made it all the more exciting.

It took several hours to complete the painting, and for about half of that time, I had this tantalizing view from below.

Little wonder that sex was on my mind for most of the rest of the day! Add to this the incredible love-making of the night before, which was still very vivid in my mind, and I was all set to do it again tonight. The remainder of the day after the painting was done only added to my desire.

When we finally finished the garage, it was somewhat late. So when Laurie changed from her dirty work clothes, she simply put on her nightshirt. It was "oversized" compared to a man's tee shirt, but it was still very short, with obvious consequences as Laurie moved about the house and especially when she bent over. Later in the evening, we relaxed on the sofa and watched some television. As Laurie snuggled close to me, there was a scandalous amount of leg showing. None of this did anything to divert my mind in other directions.

But that presented a problem. Laurie hardly ever allows sex two nights in a row. My desire, you see, has not had time to build up to a suitable pitch. So I knew the odds were against me tonight, but I was determined to put forth maximum effort.

Without being asked, I volunteered to help with the evening dishes. That often is a very effective means of foreplay. Plus tonight it gave me the added advantage of being close to Laurie so I could watch her in that nightshirt.

Laurie and I are regularly affectionate, but tonight I tried to be especially attentive. Finally, it was time to go to bed.

When we got into the bedroom, Laurie sat down on the side of the bed and let out a long sigh, apparently pleased with the day's work. I hopped on the bed behind her, and began giving her a tender massage. No doubt her arms could use it. She leaned her head back and smiled with delight. Then I gave her shoulders one final squeeze and ran my hands slowing down her arms, conscience of the pleasurable feel of her soft skin on my hands. I wrapped my arms around her in a hug, carefully brushing her breasts ever so lightly in the process. Leaning closely to her ear, I whispered, "You know, you really got me excited today. Holding that ladder for you like that, and with those baggy pants you wore, I could see your panties when I looked up."

Her tender responses to my affection were now replaced with one of those, "I-should-have-known..." smiles and she said, "Here I thought you were watching out for my safety, and now I find out what you were really watching."

"Oh, I was watching out for your best interests, all right, but I think I was also watching some of your best features." Not my best pun ever, but maybe Laurie will like it.

"All you were thinking about was sex." She shook her head, laughing a little. "Men!" she added with dismay.

"No, that wasn't all I was thinking about, but it's all I'm thinking about right now."

"Oh, yeah? Well, forget it!" She paused, and then added sweetly, "I'm still savoring the afterglow of last night."

"I am too, and it makes me want more."

Laurie smiled as she turned her head toward me. "I know, and I'm glad," she said with great sympathy. "But not tonight."

However, I was going to press every argument I could think of. "But Laurie, all those sexy glimpses! We should take advantage of all this passion I've built up today."

"Well, you'll just have to hold those visions for another time. You can think about panty leg bands as you fall asleep."

"I saw a lot more than leg bands."

"Oh?" Her tone changed just for a moment. There was surprise, maybe a little embarrassment, as if she had inadvertently been indiscrete in public. But the moment passed quickly. She reached out and tenderly caressed my face once with her hand. Then she became more matter-of-fact. "Well, it's nice to know that I can turn you on even in sloppy old work clothes."

She paused again, and then added with a tone of finality in her voice, "But no, absolutely not. We're not going to have sex two nights in a row."

So I had tried my best, but it was not to be. Laurie and I crawled under the covers, and as usual we both snuggled up together. Laurie turned on her side facing away from me and drawing up her knees, moved as close to me as she could get. On nights when Laurie says no, cuddling is even more exciting than it usually is. I turned on my side facing her and put my arm around her, lovingly squeezing her shoulder a few times. It often strikes me just how much I enjoy holding her.

But I didn't fall asleep. I lay there thinking about Laurie's policy of not making love two nights in a row. It was then that an idea hit me. Maybe there was a way. Maybe there was a way of getting a real bonanza!

Laurie had recently mentioned that we both seemed to have put on a little weight. She said that we should probably both lose about 10 pounds.

So I shook her gently. "Hey, Laurie," I said, with some note of excitement in my voice. "I've got an idea. You said we should both lose 10 pounds. Let's make a bet and have a contest. The goal will be to lose the 10 pounds in two weeks."

She picked up her head slightly, turned, and looked at me askance. "What have you got in mind?" There was definitely a rather cute sense of suspicion in her tone.

"Well, what do you think a man with my active libido would have in mind? If I win, I get to make love to you five nights in a row--Monday through Friday. And each day when I get home, you will be wearing a skirt or dress coming no lower than just above the knees. Underneath you will have on traditional nylons with your garter belt."

"Oh no you don't! Everyone knows a man can lose weight faster than a woman. Nothing doing!"

"All right, we'll make it three weeks. Are you afraid of a challenge when the stakes are this high?" I asked, chuckling somewhat.

Now she sat up in bed and faced me directly with that cute scowl on her face. "And just what do I get if I win? And don't tell me sex with you five nights in a row!"

"I'll take you out to dinner for five nights a row."

"No, no, that's too easy for you. Here's what you'll do: within one week's time, you will take me out to a fancy restaurant of my choosing three times and fix me breakfast in bed three times."

"But that's six goodies; I only win five."

"But look at those five 'goodies,' as you call them. Every man's dream-come-true: having your way every night with a beautiful and vivacious female! You'll be spoiled for a month of Sundays!" She paused. "What's the matter," she added with a smirk, "'are you afraid of a challenge when the stakes are this high'?"

"You drive a hard bargain, but you're on, kiddo."

Maybe she wasn't expecting me to give in so easily. All of sudden she looked worried. "I don't know, though. Sex five nights in a row? That just seems..."

She paused and was trying to think fast, but before she could finish, I quickly interjected, "But you're not planning to lose, are you?"

That did it. A look of determination swept over her face. "All right! You're on!"

And thus began our wager.

We both began in earnest. No between-meal snacks. Little or no desserts at meals. Rigid adherence to exercise schedules. I was watching the scale closely, and after a few days noticed that I had dropped two or three pounds. I caught Laurie on the scale once and saw her shake her head and tighten her lips. I could see she was not happy. That scene repeated itself a few days later, and I started to believe that I would have an easy victory. "And to the victor, the spoils," I thought. I began fantasizing about those five wonderful nights.

But after about two weeks, I started to get worried. Apparently, I had reached some sort of plateau. My weight had remained constant for the last few days, and I was still three pounds short. Had I eased up on my eating or exercise regimen? Laurie, on the other hand, hand been looking pleased with herself the last day or so.

My ecstatic visions of five blissful nights of mad, passionate love-making were receding, and it occurred to me that I might soon have to look up the techniques for making scrambled eggs.

The morning of the day of reckoning came. I had hardly eaten at all the previous night, and Laurie had seemed particularly amused at that. But this morning I was still one pound short. Then Laurie got on the scale. To keep the measurements accurate, both the initial weighings three weeks ago and these weighings were in robes only.

Laurie had lost 10 pounds right on the button!

She looked up at me wistfully: "Since we were married, I've always dreamed of you making me breakfast in bed." She laughed and stepped off the scale, giving me a loving push and a smug grin: "I win!"

"You win," I sighed, "but I was really looking forward to getting sex five nights in a row."

Laurie reached up and touched my face and smiled. "I guess you'll just have to rely on your own seductive skills," she said provocatively.

That evening Laurie chose a very fancy restaurant. Since this was the first night of her "prize," I had been wondering whether she would decide that sex was off limits for the next six days. I did not have to wait long to find out.

We got into bed that night without me making any advances. We had just pulled the covers up, and I was still on my back. Laurie turned on her side to face me. She moved quite close, and I turned to face her. After putting one hand under her pillow to raise her head just a little, she gave me one of her sweetest smiles. Time seemed to stand still as we looked into each other's eyes.

It occurred to me again in that moment what a romantic thing it is just to sleep together, sex or no sex. How often we fail to take pleasure in that!

Then Laurie reached out and gently stroked my face and ear. I smiled back. Reaching out for her, I ran my fingers through her hair and cradled her head in my hand. Slowly I drew her to me and we kissed. It was a passionate kiss. When we separated, Laurie kept watching me. The look of desire was in her eyes.

"You remember that old Glenn Miller song?" Laurie asked in a sultry voice.

Yes, I did indeed remember. I moved toward her and took her in my arms. We made passionate love.

The next morning, we both awoke about the same time. We were facing each other, and Laurie smiled and said, "I just love the morning after. Passion creates a sweet memory--did you ever notice that?"

I smiled back, touched her face gently and said simply, "I have."

We enjoyed that brief moment, but time moves on. Laurie got out of bed and headed for the bathroom. I propped my head up to watch her, and as she was walking toward the bedroom door, I asked, mostly with tongue-in-cheek, "I wonder if you'll be 'in the mood' every night this week."

She cocked her head slightly as she looked back at me. "Well," Laurie replied, "you can always try your luck and see what happens." I am sure she had a twinkle in her eye.


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