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Story 8
The Romance of a Wedding

by Bill Quinn

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Laurie's cousin, Michelle, was getting married to a fellow named Peter Carson, and we had been invited both to the wedding and the reception. It was to be a gala affair. Michelle's father was very well-to-do, and the wedding was going to be large with no expense spared. That probably explains why we were invited. Michelle was somewhat younger than Laurie, and they had not been that close.

The wedding was in another city, really two day's drive from Chicago. However, Chuck, an old college friend of mine, also lived in that city. We had kept in contact through the years, and this trip would give me another opportunity to visit with him. He had asked Laurie and me to spend a few nights with him and his wife, Denise, and I was really looking forward to that. Not that I was not looking forward to the wedding. Actually, as men go, I probably enjoy weddings more than most. So it was to be a delightful trip in every way.

It was summer, of course, and we were heading south, so Laurie was dressed simply and comfortably. She was wearing a tee shirt that barely came to the waist and a pair of rather short shorts--not the kind where your cheeks hang out, but still stopping well above mid-thigh. They were not floppy by any means, but neither were they skin-tight. In my opinion, they were cut just right, and Laurie looked adorably cute in them. With a typical female attitude, however, she no doubt would have been mortified at the idea of being seen in any social setting in her current attire. This outfit was just for the road.

We had been driving for most of the day, and it was almost time to stop and get a motel. Laurie and I had had a lot of fun during the long drive. As we drove through different cities, we would scan the airwaves looking for "oldies" radio stations. When we could not find any, we played our own tapes. Occasionally, we would sing along with a familiar song. We always enjoyed singing Sonny and Cher's, "I Got You, Babe." It is quite romantic, really, especially if you know the story of Sonny and Cher. She was a young girl when she teamed up with Sonny, and they were the first boyfriend/girlfriend rock-n-roll act. They later married, but "I Got You, Babe" was in a real sense the story of their early years together.

While singing this song, Laurie and I would look and each other and point at each other to match the lyrics, but at least in our case, unlike Sonny and Cher, you could easily tell who was singing which part!

Cher:  They say we're young, and we don't know,
       Won't find out until we're grown.
Sonny: Well, I don't know if all that's true,
       'Cause you got me and, baby, I got you...babe.

Both: I got you, babe,
      I got you, babe.

Cher:  They say our love won't pay the rent;
       Before it's earned, our money's all been spent.
Sonny: I guess that's so, we don't have a lot,
       But at least I'm sure of all the things we got...babe.

Sonny: I got flowers in the spring;
       I got you to wear my ring.
Cher:  And when I'm sad, you're a clown.
       And if I get scared, you're always around.
       Don't let them say your hair's too long,
       'Cause I don't care--with you I can't go wrong.
Sonny: Then put your little hand in mine,
       There ain't no hill or mountain we can't climb...babe.

Sonny: I got you to hold my hand...
Cher:  I got you to understand...
Sonny: I got you to kiss goodnight...
Cher:  I got you to hold me tight...
Sonny: I got you to walk with me...
Cher:  I got you to talk with me...
Sonny: I got you, I won't let go...
Cher:  I got you to love me so...

Yes, just the song to play on the way to a wedding! It was all great fun. Something else is always great fun when we go for drives. I enjoy being affectionate, but Laurie is an especially affectionate wife. It is a daily experience for us, but long drives give abundant opportunity for showing affection to each other.

During the drive, Laurie often sat close to me. Sometimes I had my arm around her, and sometimes she would even put hers around me. But most often she just held my hand in both of hers as we drove, softly rubbing my hand with her soft fingers, as if savoring the pleasure of the physical contact. The thrill is still there for me when she does that. Other times, I would rest my hand on her bare leg, caressing it gently with my fingertips.

A funny thing about men, though: while this act was romantic and affectionate, and I enjoyed it as such, yet touching bare skin, especially her legs, often starts my male imagination working. Yes, as we were driving, often my thoughts progressed to more thoroughgoing activities that could take place a little later.

Where those activities might take place, of course, would be a motel room. I am not sure why, but there is just something exciting about having sex in a motel. But I knew I had my work cut out for me. When Laurie and I anticipate a night in a motel, our expectations are not always the same. Laurie is usually tired after a long drive; I am usually ready for some hot, passionate love-making. So as we got closer and closer to the time we would be stopping, I was giving more and more thought to plans and strategies of seduction.

We pulled into a motel around eight o'clock. After turning on the air conditioner and unpacking a few things, we deciding to shower in the morning. Soon we both got ready for bed. Laurie changed into her nightshirt; I usually sleep in shorts and my regular tee shirt. But this is when I got the first negative indication. Laurie pulled back the covers and then just flopped down on the bed with an audible sigh, implying that she was prostrate with exhaustion.

It was an ominous sign all right, but it did little to divert my thoughts from sex: as she fell on the bed and lay there, she paid little attention to the random position assumed by that nightshirt she was wearing. It flipped up just enough to show a small triangle of black panties.

Now that might have had little effect on some men. But little glimpses like that are what fire my imagination and inflame my desires. So I hopped on the bed beside her. Reaching over, I cradled her face in my hand, inclined it toward me, and kissed her gently.

"You're sweet," Laurie responded.

Then I reached down and traced around the perimeter of that little panty triangle. "You know what I'm thinking would really top off a great day?"

Laurie gave me one of those "knowledge-of-men" smiles while looking me straight in the eye. "Yeah, I know what you're thinking, but it's been too long a day."

"Yeah, and I've been thinking about it most of the day. You know it's always sexier in a motel. And look..." I pulled up my tee shirt a bit. "You have on black panties, and I have on black shorts. We're a matched, dynamic duo. We really need to make love in a situation like this."

Laurie started laughing. "That's the lamest reason you've ever come up with!"

I chuckled a little too. "Probably, but I couldn't think of anything else, and I'm really hot for you tonight."

Humorously feigning sympathy, she said, "I know it's difficult to be in a motel room with such a sexy creature like me." Then, more matter-of-factly, she added, "But this girl is going to keep her virtue tonight and say no. Come on, lay down here and I'll caress you to sleep."

Laurie can come up with the cutest ways of turning me down!

When I lay back down, she gave me several warm caresses. That makes a big difference. I enjoy holding Laurie, and I really enjoy her holding me. That is true all the time, but it becomes especially important on a night like this. How difficult it must be for a husband when his wife says no and then ignores him.

The next morning we both showered and were on the road again quite early. We arrived at my friend's house about five o'clock. I hadn't seen Chuck for a few years, and it was really great to be with him again.

Laurie and I were shown to our room, and we both changed into more presentable clothes. The four of us then went out to dinner.

Laurie was wearing a skirt and blouse. The skirt was pleated, a style I especially liked, and the hem stopped just above the knees. She really looked pretty in spite of the fact that we had been driving all day.

Talking about old times, Chuck and I monopolized the conversation during most of the dinner. The girls were only half listening, but at one point Chuck got a prankish look on his face and started talking about old girlfriends that he and I had dated our junior year at college. Instantly, Laurie and Denise riveted their attention on every word. It was really funny.

Back in our room later that evening, I thought that this would be the night. Laurie often says no just be build me up for the next night, although it is never a sure thing. I watched her undress with obvious intensity. First, the skirt: she unbuttoned it at the waist, slid it down, and stepped out of it. Then she sat down on the bed and removed her pantyhose. Next she took off her blouse. My arousal was already quite strong as I starting to undress. At this point, Laurie got up, dressed in nothing but her bra and panties, walked to the suitcase, bent over, and began rummaging through it for her nightshirt. I sat down on my side of the bed with eyes transfixed on the intensely sexual sight before me.

Laurie found her nightshirt, and walked back to the bed. I followed every move she made. While still standing and partially facing me, she took down her bra straps, pulled the bra down off of her breasts, turned it around, and unhooked it. She tossed it aside and with bare breasts fully exposed, put on her night shirt.

It was at that moment that Laurie looked up and saw me watching her. I think she noticed only now what all this had done to me.

"I see that look in your eye," she said as she pulled the covers down.

"There's a lot more stirred up than just my eyes."

She crawled onto the bed, and I reached for her to take her into my arms. It was evident that she had anticipated this, because she was instantly there to embrace me. We kissed, but then she backed away slightly. For a moment, she stared off into space with a look of deep concentration, as if carefully weighing many factors. But I knew it was all an act--she had already made up her mind.

"No...not tonight." She spoke the words as if finally drawing the correct conclusion. "The mood is not quite right." Then she looked back at me. "Don't worry, I'll be able to calm that passionate beast inside you," she added with a smile.

I resigned myself to lying down. Laurie snuggled close, wrapping both her arm and leg around me. With a soothing light touch, she moved her hand back and forth on my chest.

I looked at the ceiling and wondered: "The mood is not quite right," she had said. What did she mean by that? Well, I had an idea, and I would find out quite soon whether I was right.

The wedding was scheduled for four o'clock. After spending the morning and early afternoon with Chuck and Denise, we went upstairs, showered and began dressing. Returning from the bathroom, Laurie took off her robe and put on panties and a bra. I was watching intently. She knew I liked to watch her dress, and she knew that it was often a sensual experience for me. This was especially true when she was putting on her finest clothes for a special evening out. And there was another factor at work today: since Laurie had said no the two previous nights, my desire for her was very high, and so she looked super-sexy. The whole scene was intensely stimulating.

She sat down on the bed and went through that delightful procedure of putting on her pantyhose--delightful from my point of view, I mean. The pair tonight was sheer from toe to waistband. When that task was finally completed, she just sat there for a moment on the bed, as if recuperating her strength after such an arduous workout.

But then she looked up at me and with a teasing smile said, "You get an extra thrill tonight. With the cut of my dress, I really need to wear a girdle for it to look right and hang right. It's a little tight in the hips."

Yes, that would indeed be an extra thrill. Apparently many, both men and women, fail to find anything sexy about a girdle. I am not in that group. Some years ago, a woman named "Suzanne" posted an article on some Web page entitled, "The Romance and Glamour of Girdles." I agree with many of the points she made. Although Laurie does not often wear one, she has found its occasional use a very effective tool for increasing my passion.

After making that provocative statement about an extra thrill, Laurie got up from the bed and went over to our suitcase, still dressed only in bra and pantyhose, with her panties clearly visible through the sheer material. She found the girdle and straightened up. Stepping into it, she easily slid it into place. It was a simple, casual movement, but it projected a sense of intimacy to me that I find truly exciting. I focussed on the girdle's journey upward as it slipped smoothly over every feminine curve, gently shaping them but at the same time assuming their delicate contours.

Really stiff, "firm-control" girdles are not as sexy and the lighter varieties. Laurie does not have any of those firm-control models--she has no need for them! Today, she wore a white, light-control pantygirdle that came about to mid-thigh. The dainty lace trim around the leg bands added to its sexy look in a soft, feminine way.

Thus attired, Laurie walked to the closet where her dress was hanging.

As I watched this breath-taking vision of sexuality, I remembered something a lady friend had once said to Laurie early in our marriage about getting dressed to go out: "I often wonder how couples actually get to go out. There are so many opportunities to stop in mid-dress and touch each other." Indeed, I could feel my arousal, and it was only with extreme effort that I did not start "touching" Laurie right now!

Laurie first pulled up a half-slip and then stepped into her dress. She asked me to zip it up for her. After doing that, I had this overwhelming urge just to hold her. Still standing behind her, I took her arms in my hands and gently drew her toward me. She turned her head as I did so, and I kissed her softly on the lips.

"You're so romantic," she said, smiling.

I wanted to say something about the hot passion I felt right now, but could not think of a clever way to put it into words.

Laurie turned around to face me, backed up, and asked, "Well, how do I look?"

I had to walk a fine line here. Female guests at a wedding are always careful not to wear anything that would divert undo attention to them and away from the bride. Laurie believed in this custom, but in my eyes right now she looked absolutely stunning. Her dress was a light, pale blue and had a scallop lace neckline, suitably modest for the occasion. I thought the cap sleeves were especially pretty. It was tight in the waist and hips and then had a straight cut to the hem, which came to the middle of the knees. Laurie was a picture of feminine elegance.

I smiled and just shook my head, indicating a complete loss for words. But I had to come up with something, lame as it might be. I said, "Laurie, I can hardly keep my hands off you. You'll be the prettiest wife at the wedding."

Her bright smile beamed with pleasure, and she held out her hand for me to take. Holding her hand in mine, we headed downstairs.

During the drive to the church, Laurie said, "I just love weddings."

"I do too. Always enjoy going to a wedding."

Laurie moved over as close to me as she could get, and I put my arm around her. I enjoyed the feel of my hand on her shoulder.

The church was as magnificent as it was huge. When we walked in, many people were already there. Since the two sides seemed to be pretty evenly filled, we were to be seated where we belonged on the left side as friends of the bride. The usher offered his right arm to Laurie, and I followed slightly behind. All very formal.

The decorations and floral arrangements were awesome. The center aisle had the usual canvas, and satin pew ribbons added a touch of elegance to the massive wood pews. The grand pipe organ was one of the most majestic I have ever seen. The organist was playing softly as the guests were seated. This was going to be one spectacular wedding.

As we sat down, I was thinking: legally, of course, only one line from the entire ceremony was really necessary to become married: "By the power vested in me by the state of whatever, I now pronounce you man and wife." But what a great loss it would be to reduce it all to that. A wedding ceremony is a truly beautiful and romantic occasion. There is probably no event in one's life more lovely.

It was time to begin.

The head usher escorted the groom's mother to the first pew on the right side; his father following closely behind. The usher soon returned and seated the bride's mother in the first pew on the left side. The minister, the groom, and his best man took their places at the front of the church. At this point, the organist switched to a processional. In pairs, the ushers and bridesmaids marched slowly up the aisle. When they reached the front, they separated and arranged themselves in lines on either side of the church, the ushers on the right and the bridesmaids on the left. Michelle had no fewer than eight bridesmaids. While they perform no essential duties during the wedding ceremony, their charm and beauty add to the splendor of the service. The Maid of Honor followed in the procession by herself.

A brief pause in the music followed. Then, somewhat louder, the organist began the traditional "Bridal Chorus" from Wagner's Lohengrin. As if on command, the entire assembly rose and turned toward the back of the church. Michelle, escorted by her father, began her slow, rhythmic march to the front of the church and her waiting groom.

As we turned toward to the back of the church, Laurie reached for my hand. She squeezed it tightly, and we held hands as we watched. I knew Laurie was almost bursting with excitement.

Michelle looked absolutely beautiful in her wedding dress. It was bright, satiny white, the emblem of purity. Exquisite lace covered the modest neckline and bodice. The dress fit tightly in the waist and then flowed into a wide, elegant skirt that just touched the floor as she walked. But what really made this dress special in my opinion was the sleeves. It had short sleeves that were only slightly padded. The puffy sleeves came down just to her elbows. Normally, gloves are worn with short sleeves. However, Michelle had decided to break with this tradition, and her slender, bare arms made her seem especially delicate and beautiful. The train was relatively small for the size of the wedding, and she wore a modest headpiece with a traditional veil, symbolizing youth. She also wore a very thin necklace with a tiny cross that rested a few inches below the neckline. To complete the image, she carried a small, white New Testament instead of a bouquet. Indeed, Michelle was one of the prettiest brides I have every seen.

The ceremony was very formal, dignified, and traditional. "Who gives this woman to this man?" the minister asked. Michelle's father responded, "I do," and then took his seat next to his wife. The minister gave a short homily on the sanctity of marriage. The vows were exchanged. I was most impressed that they included the traditional promise from Michelle to "love, honor, and obey." Very biblical. The minister then had the couple kneel and offered a beautiful prayer for their blessing. They rose and he said his one legally important line. Then turning to Peter, he added, "You may now kiss the bride."

Turning to face Michelle, Peter gently lifted her veil. They embraced and kissed. The minister had them turn to face the congregation and announced, "I present to you Mr. and Mrs. Peter Carson."

At that instant, the organist began the triumphal "Wedding March" from Mendelssohn's A Midsummer Night's Dream. He must have pulled out all the stops of that magnificent pipe organ. You could literally feel the music, and it sent chills down your spine.

On the first note, the recessional began. The organist played it much more sprightly than he had the "Bridal Chorus." First, the bride and groom marched to the back of the church. Then the lines of ushers and bridesmaids moved toward the center aisle, paired up, and followed after the bride and groom. The precision of the choreography was a thing of beauty.

I turned to Laurie and she had tears in her eyes.

The reception was held immediately after the ceremony in one of the city's most regal ballrooms. The receiving line was very formal, and Michelle introduced us to Peter. When we were all seated, the best man filled Michelle's glass and then Peter's with champagne and proposed a toast to the newlyweds. A sumptuous, catered meal followed and culminated with the cutting of the massive wedding cake.

While we were eating the cake, I noticed Laurie looking up at me with a soft glow in her eyes. Reaching across the table and placing her hand on mine she asked, "Do you remember our wedding?"

I fixed my eyes on hers and took her hand in both of mine, gently stroking it with my finger. "Like it was yesterday, Laurie."

Then I added, "Laurie..." I paused. "Knowing me like you do now, would you do it again? I mean marry me?"

She smiled so sweetly, and I could see that her eyes were moist. "I would marry you again in a heartbeat, in a heartbeat. I love you, Terry," she whispered.

My eyes were getting a little moist too, but before I could reply, we were distracted by the band members taking their places on the stage. Laurie and I both turned to watch. They started playing that beautifully romantic Elvis Presley song, "Can't Help Falling in Love." It was a tender, instrumental rendition, slow and melodic.

Following tradition, Peter got up, took Michelle's hand, and led her to the center of the dance floor. All eyes were fixed on them as they lovingly embraced and began to dance. After a few minutes, Michelle's father started dancing with his daughter, and other couples began making their way to the floor.

The band was still playing the same song as I got up from the table. Taking Laurie's hand to lead her onto the dance floor, I whispered the line, "...for I can't help falling in love with you." I think she was struggling to hold back the tears.

We made our way out on the floor. I took Laurie in my arms, and she nestled herself against me, resting her head on my shoulder. As we danced, I breathed deeply of the sweet scent of her hair.

It was a memorable and romantic evening.

When we got back to Chuck's house and into our bedroom, Laurie closed the door and walked over to me. She took the lapels of my suit in her hands and with passion burning in her eyes drew me toward the bed.

I remembered a line from an Agatha Christie mystery: With a quick deft movement, he gathered her into his arms and his lips fastened on hers in an ardent kiss.

Laurie responded with an impassioned embrace that radiated her intense desire for me.

As our lips parted, I stepped back and looked at Laurie. I let me eyes roam the full length of her figure, as my desire was slowing building. Her exquisite evening dress superbly highlighted her stunning figure. Her breasts, the tight waist, the perfectly smooth and outlined hips, the slight looseness at the hem, skirting legs that glistened with nylon: an arousing image that projected an intoxicating femininity.

With the faintest of smiles I said, "You were planning for this tonight." My tone implied both a question and what I knew to be the answer.

"Anticipation is half the fun," Laurie replied. The low, sultry timbre of her voice betrayed the emotional depth just below the surface.

"And tonight is the other half of that fun?"

"Tonight is definitely the other half of that fun." She paused, then raised her hand up and gently caressed my face. "Weddings are so romantic. And making love is in the air. Everyone knows what the newlyweds are going to do tonight. I think that must make everyone want to go home and do it. Don't you think so?" The seductive tone was unmistakable.

"The wedding, the food, the dancing--they did it for me," I replied.

I put my hands on her shoulders and was about to draw her to me again, but she put her hand on my chest to stop me.

"Unzip me," she said, turning around.

I slowly lowered the zipper. When I had gotten it down to her waist, I slipped my hands inside her dress and reached around to gently fondle each of her breasts. I caressed them delicately through lacy material of her bra, feeling her strong arousal.

Laurie moaned softly with obvious pleasure, but then stepped away. She turned to face me and reached up under her dress to remove her slip. Then, although she probably could have stepped out of the dress, she began raising it up to take it off over her head, knowing the effect it would have on me. The dress seemed to be moving in tantalizing slow motion: first to the height of a miniskirt, then exposing the leg bands of her pantygirdle, then the whole girdle, her bare midriff, her waiting breasts...and then it was off.

I took her hand and eased her down onto the bed. Crawling up beside her, I took the waistband of her pantygirdle and...

On this "enchanted evening," we celebrated again, with renewed wonder...the marriage act.


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