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Story 9
Mr. Ed Provides an Opportunity

by Bill Quinn

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Laurie and I were watching figure skating on television. As usual, she was sitting quite close, and I had my arm around her. However, she was doing something that she normally does not do. Periodically, she would turn her head slightly to sneak a quick look at me. I have no doubt this was to check on the degree to which I was staring at the screen.

There is something very curious about figure skating. The guys always wear long pants, generally not even skin-tight. Therefore, such attire obviously cannot interfere with skating in any way. However, the girls wear no such outfits. Almost invariably they wear very short skirts that are continually flipping up due to wind and spinning. The result, of course, is that very tight and generally colorful panties are frequently fully exposed.

Now why is there this difference in what male and female figure skaters wear? I think the answer is obvious, although it is never explicitly stated and probably not often consciously realized by anyone of either gender. However, dance is a very ancient ritual, and it seems to me that historically all forms of dance have always been fundamentally sexual in nature, somewhat akin to the mating dances of various animal species. Perhaps the analogy is crude, but it seems correct nevertheless. Dance represents one of the culturally accepted ways for a female to display her charms and desirability to the male. But this "display" is never crass, overt, or explicit (except in burlesque). Many forms of dance are dignified and artistic with fully clothed participants. Even a figure skater would not pull up her little skirt while talking to a reporter after skating. Why not? It was up plenty during the "dance"! The reason is that those flashes are intended to be fleeting--brief revelations of her sexual beauty (not a bad pun!). I think these principles are at work in all forms of dance, though obviously more in some forms than others and more dignified in some forms more than others. In the most dignified forms of dance, this revelation of a woman's sexual beauty is latent and implicit, expressed only by her elegant gown, movement, and the opportunity to hold her.

I have explained my theory to Laurie. She was a little dubious, as most girls probably would be. But I suspect that there is something going on at least subconsciously, and that is why girls dance in these ways. Few of them are probably conscious of the ancient principles at work here. It certainly has, however, kept the race propagating nicely.

Now I am definitely and a "leg man," and have always consider panties the sexiest item in a girl's arsenal of intimate apparel. Therefore, watching figure skating can be dangerous for me. I am more susceptible than most to its latent power and magic and sometimes find myself ogling the girls with a fixated stare. This is what Laurie was watching for.

Although I am sure Laurie herself is susceptible to some vague sense of attraction or mood change while watching an exceptionally suave and handsome male actor, she is of course completely astonished at the overt, riveting effect figure skating can have on me. "Honestly!" she once commented in an exasperated tone.

The danger to which I refer is subtle but nevertheless clear. A man is on very thin ice here (another pun). We are visually stimulated, that is a fact of nature, and we see sexy things virtually everyday, not just figure skating. So we must be continually on guard not to let our notice of a sexy outfit grow into some sort of desire for a specific girl, other than our wives. I read a wise piece of advice once that has helped me greatly. When I see a pretty girl wearing something sexy, I let that stimulate my desire for Laurie. This is made even easier because Laurie enjoys making herself sexually attractive to me.

Now Laurie knows all this, but she still likes to tease me about figure skating.

Later that night, I was definitely in a passionate mood. I watched Laurie undress, and as she put on her nightshirt, I made my intentions very explicit.

Her response was classic: she did not quite put her hands on her hips, but her tone was the same. "I thought you'd probably want to make love tonight. Well, forget it! I saw you watching those girls figure skating."

"But you know that just stirs up my desires for you..."

I knew Laurie really was not jealous at knowing that husbands notice when other girls look sexy. She just enjoys a little teasing. She may not have been much in the mood herself and often comes up with cute ways of saying no.

Then her tone changed, and she smiled. "I know, but not tonight."

So Laurie was firm, but once in bed, we did settle into a position with her hand resting tenderly on my shoulder. This gave me a very warm feeling. My skin tingles under her touch, and I like it so much when she is affectionate. I fell asleep with pleasant thoughts of what tomorrow night might hold. Laurie likes affection and likes to be affectionate, so perhaps she also fell asleep just luxuriating in our physical closeness.

The next day, no doubt according to Laurie's plan, I thought of sex more often than usual. But something was happening: I apparently was getting the flu. By the time I got home from school that afternoon, the symptoms were quite apparent. I was stuffed up, and my nose was running. I took some antihistamines to clear my head.

Nevertheless, that night I was fully prepared to try again. I was lying on the bed watching Laurie put on her nightshirt. She was sitting on the side of the bed, and when she got up, the bottom of her shirt somehow caught at her waist and did not fall. It was a "magic moment." On her right side, her black panties were completely exposed. They were tight, made of stretch cotton, and hugged the curve of her bottom from their waistband down to their leg band. The elastic leg band itself fit snuggling into that natural curve where her shapely thigh begins. The result was to gently cradle her beautiful derriere in the sleek, black material. The soft color of her skin made a striking and attractive contrast to the black of her panties.

I watch for these moments and relish them. A small thing, really, but it keeps my interest in her at a high peak.

Laurie soon realized that the hem of her shirt had not fallen. "Oooo," she exclaimed with alarm, and quickly pulled the shirt down. Then she turned toward me and said, "Don't want to put any ideas in your head."

Was there a provocative lilt in her voice, or did she mean the comment literally?

Laurie went into the bathroom for some last minute details. When she returned to the bedroom, I asked, "Why not put those ideas in my head? Anyway, you weren't fast enough--all those sexy ideas are flooding my head right now. Let's get it on!"

I took her hand and helped her down onto the bed. Kneeling beside her, I ran my hand up her leg, caressed her panties...and the parts they covered, and then continued upward to her breasts.

Laurie reached up and tenderly touched my face but shook her head no. In a soft tone she said, "You know it never works when you've taken antihistamines."

"Oh, I don't know," I responded contemplatively. "I think there've been times it's worked. You don't want to try?"

"No, I don't think so. You'll just get all hot and bothered, probably in vein, and you shouldn't exert yourself when you have the flu. Come on, let's get under the covers and snuggle."

So that is what we did. Despite my flu, Laurie curled up very close with her arm around me.

The next night, random variables really seemed to work against me. I had checked out the new Star Trek movie, "Nemesis." Would you believe it! The advertising before the movie started was sexy in the extreme--at least to me. There were interviews with various actors and actresses from the several Star Trek television series over the years. One particularly pretty actress described what it was like to dress for the show.

"I have a beehive hairdo, go-go boots, and a miniskirt, which, let me tell you, it's pretty mini!"

To hear a girl talk sexy like that and describe sexy things really has an effect on me. But then the scene shifted to her in her uniform doing a cute pirouette and then attempting to bend over slightly. Of course, with a skirt that short, all bending must be done at the knees. To bend from the waist would be to expose a goodly portion of her panties.

To Laurie I said, "I always have found those uniforms really sexy."

She looked at me and said in a definitely ambiguous tone, "You find that outfit sexy, do you?"

"Sure. A skirt that short...you know how short skirts turn me on."

Laurie made no response, and the movie finally started.

Alas, and woe is me! All this on a night when my flu symptoms had really blossomed! This time even I knew that I would not be up to sex tonight.

Well, the days passed slowly, but finally I was symptom free and had no antihistamines in my system. And this time, random variables definitely operated in my favor! That evening we were watching an old rerun of "Mr. Ed."

A horse is a horse, of course, of course,
And no one can talk to a horse, of course,
That is, of course, unless the horse is the famous Mr. Ed.

Sort of a silly premise, but the first few seasons were pretty good. It was one of Laurie's favorite old sitcoms.

Now I have a flare for nostalgia, especially in the area of female fashion and attraction. How far we have moved from the fashions of the late fifties and early sixties can be seen in early sitcoms like "Mr. Ed." All the women in these shows wore girdles.

Perhaps that is a rather extraordinary statement to make. However, I am one of that dwindling breed of males who still find girdles sexy--pantygirdles, at least, which were the type worn by girls just before that fashion era ended. How do I know they wore them? Well, any reasonably observant male could hardly miss the fact in cafeterias and libraries. Crossed legs often revealed a very exciting "girdle-glimpse" of the bottom inch or so. Then on dates, even so innocent an act as putting your arm around your girlfriend's waist made it evident what she was wearing under skirt.

But how do I know anything about the actresses in the old sitcoms? It is obvious. During that era, the straight skirts and shift dresses were quite close-fitting at the hips. To wear these styles, women must have smooth, firm-looking hips, almost flat stomachs, and a derriere that does not jiggle and is not capable of...divided movement. These clothes were cut in such a way that if those conditions were not met, the result would be quite apparent. On the other hand, when these styles were worn with a girdle, women truly looked sleek, glamorous, and exquisitely feminine.

Carol Post on the "Mr. Ed" sitcom was certainly a case in point. No matter what she was doing around the house, she always looked like a fashion model--and she certainly had that tight, smooth, "girdled" look. I pointed this out to Laurie. During one of the scenes when Carol looked especially pretty, I said, "Wow, sexy looking wife, don't you think, Laurie?"

Laurie looked at me askance. She said nothing, but her expression seemed to imply a self-assured understanding of the weakness of men.

In the episode we were watching, Carol had bought some expensive dinner gown on approval, and she wanted Wilbur to let her purchase it. She sat down next to him on the sofa, snuggled up to him, and put her arm around him. "OK," Wilbur said, "what did you buy today? A new dress?" She escalated her attentions and began tickling his ear. "An expensive necklace?" Then she leaned over and kissed him romantically on the lips. Now really worried, Wilbur asked, "A mink coat?"

I found this whole scene sweetly romantic. Turning toward Laurie I asked, "Now why don't you ever try to get your way like that?"

I could see Laurie smile as she sat up and put her arm around me. In a seductive tone she said, "Oh, I can do better than that..." She went through the same moves that Carol Post had made, but then added, "They couldn't show her doing this..." Laurie began near the knee on the inside of my leg and slowly ran her fingers up the length of my thigh and began gently caressing my...well, need I go into to detail? She was watching me with that coy smile on her face. Then in a tone of demure confidence she asked, "Well, do I get me way tonight?"

I thought I would play a little game. "But you haven't told me what you want."

"Wait here," she said. "I've got another hint."

She left the room. When she came back a few minutes later, I am sure that my eyes literally popped open!

"I actually called a few stores and tried to find a Star Trek costume. Nobody had one, so this is the best I could do."

Laurie had on a red tee shirt that had about the same length as the miniskirt uniform. Around her waist, she wore a belt. She was also wearing black tights and patent-leather black boots that came almost to the knees. She held up one arm over her head and did the cutest pirouette, just like that Star Trek actress had done.

I always find Laurie sexy. Every day, I look for those little things that trigger my physical arousal and my desire for her. I think it keeps our marriage exciting, and it keeps my mind looking forward to the next time I make love to her. But not infrequently, Laurie will do something very special--like tonight. Standing there in her "uniform," she became the center of the universe to me, a gigantic black hole that irresistibly pulled my entire being into her. My mind was aflame with passion, a very base drive just to take her and make love to her.

Continuing, she added, "They had a 'French maid' costume that had some features I thought would appeal to you, but I wanted it to be Star Trek."

I smiled, chuckled, and shook my head. I could hardly believe this. What an incredible girl I married! To go to all this trouble...for me...

"Is that your new sleeping apparel?"

"Well, the shirt is..." Then in a tone dripping with mock innocence, she added, "I'm afraid you'll have to help me off with the other items."

Then Laurie came over and sat down sideways on my lap with her legs stretched out along the sofa and her arm around my shoulders. She looked deeply into my eyes. I took her in my arms and we kissed. Then with one hand I began caressing her legs. I love the smooth, silky texture of those tights. I ran my hand upward along her thigh and under her tee shirt, appreciatively tracing the gentle curve of her hip that began at the leg band of unseen panties, shrouded as a mystery yet to be unveiled. That is precisely why the touch was so intensely exciting. I continued to play under her shirt while we kissed again. Gently I squeezed and fondled her derriere.

After a few minutes Laurie said in a decidedly sultry voice, "You wait right there while I finish up a few chores."

She got up and went over to where we kept the water bowl for our dogs. Then with her back toward me, she bent down from the waist to pick up the bowl. The little vixen! She knew very well what would happen and the electrifying effect it would have on me. Her tights were almost opaque, but Laurie no doubt had on black panties because their absolutely black silhouette was clearly visible under the tights. I marveled at the incredible vista before me: two black, shapely, nylon-covered legs with just a hint of the red tee shirt hem almost up to her waist.

Laurie straightened up and quickly pulled down the shirt. "Oh," she said with a tone of surprise in her voice. "That's not the way to do this in a miniskirt."

Right. As if she had not known that before she bent over! But I not only found the maneuver sexy, but just hearing Laurie say words like "miniskirt" was exciting in itself.

She went to the kitchen and filled the bowl with clean water. When she put it back down, she made sure she was facing me. This time she bent at the knees. Because of all the black, there was not much to see, and her knees were not really spread that far apart--but just enough for me to see her inner thighs.

Many of my male fantasies had just been brought to life before my eyes by my loving wife. How cute Laurie was, and how much she enjoyed being sexy for me! I once read a discussion in one of the women's magazines about how a wife can put on a striptease for her husband. While that could be exciting, I think Laurie's antics tonight were more tantalizing. The unexpected sexy flashes during normal routine, those casual "accidents," are very exciting indeed. They stimulate the imagination and build the desire for more. Yes, I enjoy watching Laurie undress for bed, but that is the final step which is best enjoyed after a slowly but steadily building desire.

Laurie stood up and again straightened out her "uniform." After turning out the kitchen light, she walked back over to me. For a moment Laurie just stood there looking at me. Then she simply held out one hand for me to take. I reached out, and hand-in-hand we walked into the bedroom.


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